VOLUME 16, ISSUE 5Welcome Back to Work!JULY 2020one Atlas.ATLAS INSURANCE AGENCYThrough the course of June and July, we have slowly transitioned staffback into the office under our three-part return to work plan. We werehappy to welcome them back As a small token of appreciation for our staff'shard work, we welcomed staff back with a small office care package! In addition,we also had KC Waffle Dogs and regular hot hogs on the neighbor islands as aspecial lunch treat for everyone! Remember a few years back we had a visit fromthe Waffle Dog? This year he didn’t return, but the waffle dog was still delicious! :)201 Merchant StreetSuite 1100Honolulu, HI 96813808-533-3222Inside this issue:Welcome Back toWork!1-3Thank you, DB!3Sign Waving4Congrats &Welcome!5New Business—Agents5Atlas Core Values6Atlas Gives Back!7We have also implemented a variety of CDC compliant safety measures includingdaily temperature checks, a health questionnaire form, formal training on the newoffice procedures and policies, free voluntary Covid-19 Antibody testing, installedadditional 1.5 foot tall plexiglass barriers between cubicles, distributed Atlasbranded cloth face masks, a germ utility hook, floor markers, sanitation supplies,and increased virtual meeting capacities. While the faces and upbeat atmosphereremain the same, we are adjusting to the new norm with the new safety measures toensure the health and well being of our staff as you can see in the pictures! Welcomeback everyone!Submit your articles, picturesor suggestions to:[email protected]’ Mission:We are a local company thatdoes what is right for ourHawaii. It’s not just a placewhere we do business it’s our home.Atlas’ Vision:To build on the cornerstones ofintegrity, transparency,relationships andbroker expertise.Waffle dogs on Oahu .While in Hilo .Yum!

ATLAS I NSURANCE AGEN CYWelcome Back to Work!, Cont.PAGE 2

ATLAS I NSURANCE AGEN CYPAGE 3Welcome Back to Work!, Cont.Thank you, DB!Thank you to DB Insurance their generosity and dropping off bentos for an agency appreciation lunch! MusubiCafe Iyasume was a nice treat for the whole office to enjoy!

ATLAS I NSURANCE AGEN CYPAGE 4Sign Waving!Atlas joined Island Insurance in showing our support with sign-waving along S. King/Punchbowl/S. Beretaniafor Mayoral Candidate, Keith Amemiya! For those that do not know, Keith was previously in our IslandHoldings family, and the Chairman of Atlas Insurance Agency. We definitely miss seeing his happy face in theoffice, but we are surely happy to show our support out there and our masks and smiles!Group photo courtesy of: Amemiya for Mayor

PAGE 5ATLAS I NSURANCE AGEN CYCongrats Allison!Let’s congratulate Allison Horimoto as she has been promoted as an Officer as anAssistant VP! Allison has been with Atlas Insurance since 2013. Allison began as anOperations Account Manager and was quickly promoted to Unit Manager –Operations. She managed one of the largest groups with 17 direct reports whilealso overseeing our BSG group. With her oversight, she was able to put together atraining program for our BSG group which now processes all mortgage requeststhat come through Personal Lines. Allison’s leadership during COVID-19 hasassisted the Personal Lines group to continue to provide outstanding customerservice to our external clients and our Independent Agents. The Personal Linesgroup continues to write new business and they are currently meeting their newbusiness goals. Overall, Allison is professional, has integrity, and cares for her staffand Atlas Insurance. Through Allison’s monthly meetings with each team member, she assists and guides eachindividual to reach their goals. Her constant communication with her team has improved their technicalknowledge while ensuring each individual is engaged.Congrats, Keane!Let’s also congratulate Keane Muranaka as he has been promoted as an Officer aswell as an Assistant VP! Keane Muranaka has been employed with Atlas Insurancesince 2008. Since joining Atlas Insurance, he has made a strong contribution toour company and its employees. He has been a true advocate for our clients andhas provided support to the various departments with his claim’s managementexperience. Keane has always supported Atlas’ initiatives and participated inmany projects and activities. He is always there for Atlas during critical timesand is always committed to helping anyone within our agency. Overall, Keane isa true professional inside and outside of Atlas Insurance, continues to strive ontaking the firm to a higher level, volunteers for community and special events,displays his knowledge as a consultant and is a leader within our Client ConsultingServices unit.Welcome, Cale!Please welcome our newest intern Cale Guillermo. Cale attends the Universityof Hawaii at Manoa Shidler College of Business who is majoring in BusinessAdministration – Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Management. He will befocusing on a few key training and development projects as well as assisting withsome of our marketing efforts. Cale brings video production experience fromthe University of Hawaii, Leeward Community College and Aiea High school.Please welcome Cale to the Atlas Ohana!

ATLAS I NSURANCE AGEN CYPAGE 6Atlas Core Values—Kakou & LokahiThis month, a few employees (and an Agent) of the Hilo and Kona offices really stood out in showing theircore values of Kakou and Lokahi. Like the Oahu office, we had ordered the face shields/barriers as well forHilo & Kona but for them, they had to manage the set-up and installation themselves. Specifically wanted tomention Ardis Aburamen, Loxley Hainrrik, Lisha Nakamura, Becki Rodgers and Lina Weinstock.Let’s start with the superwomen of the Hilo office. Little did we know, the delivery person could NOT bringup the barriers to the second floor. With no complaints and just taking it upon themselves, Lisha and Loxleyhad to lug up the barriers with the awkwardness of a covering of a large wood crate that was 82 lbs. on theirown up the stairs! Not to mention, Lisha brought in a drill to work on getting the large wood casing undone.Once that was complete, Ardis later jumped in to help put it together! Thank you for all working together andbeing positive about it at the same time, we appreciate that hard work!And then at the Kona office, we have Becki who is another superwoman and had to bring her tools to open thewood crate as well. Thank you for the time you took to set it up along with Lina! There is another part onorder that needs to come in and will require minor assembling but one of our Agents, Eugene Tagawa is thereand ready and willing to jump in and assist with assembling!We really appreciate everyone helping and working as a team together with this heavy lifting, speaking Kakouand working with Lokahi!

PAGE 7ATLAS I NSURANCE AGEN CYAtlas gives back!The Atlas Insurance Agency Foundation continuously gives back throughout the year with corporatesponsorships or straight donations to organizations/non-profits. Please don’t forget that the Foundation willmatch your personal donation to a 501C3 1.00 to the 1.00, up to 500 per employee. Here is a bigwhopping donation that we processed this past month! More to come! 30,000New Business—AgentsPersonalCommercialMatt ArineRick Sakata