Transmission Line Dehydrator300 L 30 hPaManualDate: 02/16LL DOC302-R5

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LL DOC0302-R5ContentsPage1.Specifications. 52.General notes . 63.Short description. 74.Preparatory work and operation . 95.USB interface. 115.1Driver installation. 115.2Terminal program. 126.Initialization . 137.Mode of operation. 138.Maintenance . 149.8.1Removal of top part. 148.2Removal of pump and membrane exchange . 158.3Exchange of filters. 178.4Spare Parts . 19Firmware. 2010. Description of the device control electronics . 2010.1 Regeneration. 2110.2 Pressure control circuit. 2210.3 Humidity monitoring . 2310.4 Operational hours meter . 2310.5 Fault detection. 2410.6 Control panel. 2511. Menu functions: . 2611.1 Basic functions . 2611.2 Show parameters . 2612. List of all commands sorted by function . 2712.1 Control commands: . 2712.2 Display commands:. 2812.3 Input commands:. 3013. 16-bit software switch . 3214. Schaltpläne . 3315. Revision history . 35FM GerätebauPage 3 of 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R5IllustrationsFigure 1 – Front view . 4Figure 2 – Operating elements . 8Figure 3 - Mounting. 9Figure 4 – Power supply . 10Figure 5 – Pin assignment of connector . 10Figure 6 – Terminal settings . 12Figure 7 - Air flow chart. 13Figure 8 – Control panel . 25Figure 9 – Circuit diagram 230 VAC . 33Figure 10 – Circuit diagram 24 60 VDC. 34Figure 1 – Front viewFriedl & MüllerGerätebau GmbH Karl-Benz-Str. 1485221 DachauTelefon 0 81 31 / 31 33 2-0 Telefax 0 81 31 / 1 55 45http://www.friedl-mueller.dee-mail: [email protected]Änderungen vorbehalten - Specifications subject to changeFM GerätebauSeite 4 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R51.SpecificationsEffective air outputca. 300 l/hStart-up pressure20 hPa 10% *Shut-off pressure30 hPa 10% *Alarm pressure10 hPa 1 hPaOver pressureSafety valveopens at ca. 30 hPa *Ambient temperature- 25 C to 50 CAmbient humidity83 % at ambienttemperature of 23 CDew point reduction --35 K in relation toambient temperatureDesiccantMolecular sievePower supply**230 V AC/50 Hz 10%230 V AC/60 Hz 10%115 V AC/60 Hz 10%48 - 72 VDCSignal connectione.g. with 24 V externalvoltagePower consumption at230 V/50 Hz ca. 160 VAFuse protection3.0 A automatAir supplyAir outlet for½“ hoseDimensions (h x w x d)133/440/245 mmWeightca. 10 kgMounting optionsMounted in ETSI-/19”-rack,floor- or wall-mounting* Other pressures on request** Dpending on the veresionFM GerätebauSeite 5 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R52. General notesThis manual refers to DC- and AC-devices. This manual does not contain order details, with theexception of part numbers in the section "Maintenance".Important! Please make sure:Caution! Draw the main plug before opening the case!Even when the device is switched off, some of the components remain live!When work on the boards is carried out, the precautions for the work onESD must be taken!FM GerätebauSeite 6 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R53.Short descriptionThe dehydrator supplies dry air. This dry air is filled into transmission lines such as waveguides of radiolink systems to prevent the occurrence of humidity and condensation. The dehydrator is designed forinstallation in ETSI standard cabinets, in 19” racks, and for wall or floor mounting. It requires a heightclearance of 3 units.After connecting the mains voltage (4), the dehydrator is switched on with the power switch (11) and agreen LED (10) signals operational readiness.During the first filling operation the dehydrator keeps working until a pressure of 30 hPa is reached in theconnected feeder lines. If the air pressure drops to about 20 hPa, the pump switches on again until thepressure returns to 30 hPa.As protection against overpressure in the connected waveguide system (e.g. heat caused by solarradiation or faults in the pressure regulator), a relief valve is installed in the dehydrator. This valve opensat an overpressure of about 40 hPa and ventilates until normal pressure is restored in the waveguide orcoax cable system.The valve relief setting is fixed at the factory. Never change the setting of theoverpressure valve!A pressure sensor in the dehydrator system automatically controls within preset limits the correct airpressure inside the waveguide. An external air distribution may be connected by hose to the ½ “ air outlet(each outlet with shut-off valve) to supply several antennas. A number of air distributors may becascaded, if this is required.The cartridge that will be checked by a humidity sensor is fitted with an internal heating element, which issurrounded by the desiccant. The cartridge will be regenerated cyclically.The compressor inside the dehydrator draws air in, which passes through the solenoid valve into thedrying cartridge. The desiccant inside the drying cartridge removes moisture from the air. The desiccantinside the drying cartridge removes moisture from the air. A humidity sensor monitors the desiccant(molecular sieve). If the preset humidity setting is exceeded, the pumping process will be interrupted andthis will be indicated by the generation of an error. The duration of the regeneration depends on theoperational time of the pump. Accordingly, the tightness and the volume of the connected line systemhave an influence the regeneration.Regeneration is done: after 168 operating hours (1 week) after a certain working time of the compressor, adjustable between 1 and 1500 minutes after exceeding the humidity limit (maximal humidity - 10 %) after one week (168 hours) manually via the keypad via the USB interfaceFM GerätebauSeite 7 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R513211546108971231Figure 2 – Operating elementsItem123NameMounting bracket for 19” rack, ETSI rack and wall mountingSignaling interface Sub-D-15 pole (jack)USB interface4Power supply connection, optional power connector for115/230 VAC or high current connector Sub-D-3 Pin for DC5678910111213Automatic cut-outAir outlet for ½“ hose (inside diameter Ø 13 mm)Signaling (LED flashes when output is off)LCD display to show functional state (operational status)Menu keysLED display to show line fault and operationPower switchSwitch for switching signal output offAir distributor (optional)FM GerätebauSeite 8 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R54. Preparatory work and operationThe dehydrator is to be installed using the mounting brackets provided, either in a 19” rack or a ETSIcabinet. Ground mounting using universal mounting brackets is also possible.Attention when operating device initially or resumption of operation after alonger period of time:After 3 weeks time and date must be set again!ETSIBodenbefestigungbottom attachment19"Figure 3 - MountingThe power cable for mains voltage (115VAC 60Hz, 230VAC 50Hz, 230VAC 60Hz) is to be plugged intothe front panel, using, depending on the device type, a power connector, or for 24 V respectively 40-70 Vdirect current a D-Sub high-current type.Signaling is by 15 pin D-Sub connector (included in the supply).115 V - 230 VAC24 V and 40 V to 70 VDCFM GerätebauSeite 9 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R5Figure 4 – Power supply40 - 70 V DC highcurrent D-SubconnectorA1 A224 V DC highcurrent D-SubconnectorA2 A3 - -15 Pin D-SubSignaling / telecontrolconnector3 2 1Figure 5 – Pin assignment of connectorPin (D-Sub)SignalPin N5OPEN13OPEN6OPEN14OPEN7OPEN15OPEN8OPENFloating relay (change-over) contactIn quiescent state (device switch off or alarm) the COM port is interconnected to NC. COM and NO areopened. In operation (no alarm) COM and NC are opened, and COM is connected to NO.FM GerätebauSeite 10 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R55. USB interface5.1 Driver installationDownload the driver „CP210x VCP *.exe“ from the btouart/Pages/usb-to-uart-bridge.aspx Virtual Com Port (VCP) Download . tab"Tools".Follow the steps below to install the driver:Make sure that the USB cable is not connected to the dehydrator.1. Start driver installation.The driver is extracted in the defaultdirectory.2. Accept license agreement3. Click on "Finish".Restart the PC after installing the driver.After restart connect the USB cable to the dehydrator.Windows now detects and installs the USB device as a standard serial interface (COMx).FM GerätebauSeite 11 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R55.2 Terminal programThe terminal program settings explained below focus on HyperTerminal (up to Windows XP included bydefault). Other terminal programs are suitable as well.Command sequences can be automatized via a "text file" (sample file is included). For Windows XP HyperTerminal follow the steps below:Select "Transfer Send text file". Pop up window opens. Select the file that you want to transfer andclick "Open".Note!HyperTerminal is not scriptable. Therefore the text file transfer must be timed properly (do not changethe order of commands in the sample script / for terminal settings see "ASCII Setup" below). Use asuitable terminal program (see link above) to run scripts.The serial interface enables the system to be used linked to a computer using a suitable terminalprogram (e.g. HyperTerminal). The settings are 19200 bit/s and 8N1 (standard). Connection is astandard cable USB type A to USB type B.The following settings refer to HyperTerminal and may differ when using another terminal program.Set "File Properties Settings ASCII Setup" as shown below:Figure 6 – Terminal settingsFM GerätebauSeite 12 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R56.InitializationThe section helps you to understand the internal processes on device switch-on respectively to analyzeerrors.On device switch-onthe processor starts.ports, timer and ADC initialize.all LEDs switch on.initialize RTC, sensors, LCD display, serial interface and I²C LED 2 switches off.current on pump, ventiles and heating system is measured.lower LED 1 switches off.the initial screen is displayed.the main loop starts.7.Mode of operationModels with automatic regenerationA compressor takes the air through a filter. This air is compressed by the compressor via a solenoidvalve and through a dry cartridge that has an integrated heating system, on through a non-return valvethat has a diverting throttling system via another solenoid valve and then passes the pressure sensor onits way to the safety valve.The ventilation electronics controls the running of the program. After a pumping time, that has beenspecified by parameters, has expired, the solenoid valve switches the dry air supply from the activecartridge to a parallel drying cartridge. The air-drying required for the operation is now passed throughthe second cartridge. The heating is activated in the first cartridge. This vaporizes the humidity. Tosupport this process, the compressor pumps additional air through the heated cartridge in order to expelthe water vapor. Cartridges dried using this method are then available for use with the dry air supply. Thedrying of the cartridge is carried out cyclically in a logical sequence, however after 1 week at the latest.Figure 7 - Air flow chartFM GerätebauSeite 13 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R58. MaintenanceFM dehydrators contain only high quality components and operate largely maintenance-free.The desiccant does not require any exchange, since it is continuously and automatically regenerated.The pump membrane has a life expectancy of 10,000 h assuming a 100% duty cycle. The pumpmembrane must be exchanged after reaching this operating time (see 8.2 Removal of pump andmembrane exchange).The filters must also be changed after reaching this operating time (see 8.3 Filter exchange).Extreme environmental influences may demand an earlier exchange.Follow the steps below to exchange the drying cartridge:Warning: Withdraw main plug!8.1 Removal of top partI.Remove screws 6 xI.Remove connector (black) of 24 Vpower supplyFM GerätebauSeite 14 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R5II.Release hose connection:Press blue ring and loosen hose.8.2 Removal of pump and membrane exchangeII.Loosen hose connectionIII. Remove pump connectorIV. Remove 4 nuts, remove pumpV. Unscrew pump coverVI. Pump cover from belowFM GerätebauSeite 15 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R5VII. Pump without coverAdmission valveMounting screwMembraneVIII. Complete membrane set withadmission valve and mountingscrewIX. Individual parts of membrane setMind the locking device plug.X.Pump cover with ventile supportXI. Ventile support with outlet valveFM GerätebauSeite 16 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R58.3 Exchange of filtersXII. Loosen screwXIII. Remove holder upwardsXIV. Renew filterXV. Loosen screwsFM GerätebauSeite 17 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R5XVI. Remove holder with humditysensor upwardsXVII. Replace filterFM GerätebauSeite 18 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R5Note:After maintenance, the corresponding meter has to be restarted with the command "set rate" andthe desired number of hours until the next maintenance.8.4 Spare PartsPos01PartLL 0011040203040506LL 000780LL 000781LL 000313LL 000201LL 000202FM GerätebauNameSpare parts kit for maintenanceafter10,000 h operating timefor 300 l deviceconsisting of:Membrane setOutlet valveFilterScrews DIN 7380 A2 M5 x 10Screws DIN 7380 A2 M4 x 6Seite 19 von 36PieceRemark1 piece1 piece1 piece2 pieces4 pieces6 pieces08.02.16

LL DOC0302-R59.FirmwareIf the dehydrator is connected to the terminal on switch-on, and at the same time, the escape key on thedevice is pressed, the following menu is displayed:Bootloader Menu 1.Firmware update2.Main program Firmware updateEnter "1". The text "Send binary data" is displayed.Select "Transfer Send file".Select "Xmodem" protocol.Use "Browse" to select the binary file for the firmare update.Click on "Send". Note: Make sure to conclude all steps within 30 seconds after accessing the firmwareupdate, otherwise the update will be canceled.Enter "2" to start the main program.If the firmware update is interrupted with a error message (error number is displayed in the terminalprogram), you can try to start the firmware update again. If this is unsuccessful, the mainboard must besent to FM for reprogramming.After a successful firmware update "Restart System" is displayed.Either disconnect the terminal connection or enter "2" in the bootloader menu. Now restart the dehydratorby switching it on and off.Error descriptionNumber:Type of error:123File write or delete failed„Command Sequence error“ delete failed flash memory„Command Sequence error“ file write failedFlash memory567Incorrect data package receivedIncorrect ones complement - XMODEM transfer errorChecksum errorXMODEM transfer errorTerminal settings: see USB interface, page 11.10. Description of the device control electronicsThe device control monitors the ventilation of the aerial system with dry air. It regulates the pressureinside the waveguide at a pre-determined pressure interval. The automatic control system is comprisedof the processor, a pressure sensor, the waveguide system, a pump, and up to three solenoid valves.Furthermore, the dew point (optional) in the pressurized air system and the internal equipmenttemperature are monitored. The dew point can be displayed (this can be configurated via a softwareswitch, see page 32). If the dew point display is suppressed, there will only be a warning if the relevantlimit is exceeded.FM GerätebauSeite 20 von 3608.02.16

LL DOC0302-R5The controller can be set to dry the air with two cartridges. These are us