GOLD Series Shade SystemsOwner’s ManualPLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS PRIOR TO INSTALLATION. THIS MANUAL INCLUDESIMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR MCD GOLD SERIES SHADES.Table of ContentsDesign Features/General Information.1Installation Instructions.4.Gold Series Duo/Solo Manual Shades.5Gold Series Duo/Solo Powered Shades-Switch Controlled.7Gold Series Duo/Solo Powered Shades-Remote Controlled.102-Channel Remote.1114-Channel Remote.12Care and Cleaning.14Troubleshooting.15Limited Warranty and Technical Support.17Design Features/General InformationThe GOLD Series Shade Systems are advanced, patent-pending window shade innovationsdesigned to provide Solar Protection and/or 100% Light Blocking capabilities. The GOLD Series Duo models provide both, and the GOLD Series Solo models provide one or the other. Both areattractive, compact, durable, and user-friendly systems. Features/Benefits Include: Exceptional Heat/UV Reduction Complete Nighttime Privacy Improved Interior Décor Eliminates need for Window Awnings Excellent Daytime Privacy Superior Outward Visibility High-Tech, Reflective Window Appearance Choice of Vinyl ColorsThis new, unique system is easy to operate, easy to clean, and eliminates the maintenance and durabilityproblems associated with conventional pleated shades. MCD shades take the place of curtains, expensiveVienna and Silhouette shades, power visors, Venetian blinds, conventional roller shades, and other datedshade applications.MCD GOLD Series Owner’s Manual

With the GOLD Series Shade System,your coach will benefit from superiorheat/UV blocking on EVERY window,and have a cleaner, less cluttered outsideappearance with improved outwardvisibility.The GOLD Series Duo Shade Systemassembly is comprised of two rollershades; one with the exclusive MCDClearView Solar Screen material andthe other with a 100% light blockingmaterial. The 100% light blocking shadematerial also serves as the interiorwindow covering and is available ina variety of colors and patterns in ourattractive and durable vinyl material. TheGOLD Series Duo Shade System isavailable in a choice of manual, switchelectric, and remote electric models aswell as combinations thereof, such asa manual solar day shade combinedwith an electric, remote-controlled lightblocking night shade.The GOLD Series Solo Shade Systemis available as described above, but withonly one roller shade as a day shadeutilizing the MCD ClearView SolarScreen material OR as a night shade withone of our 100% light blocking materials.The manual shade utilizes a high-qualityspring roller encased in an aluminumtube. The shade can simply be loweredby hand to virtually any position, theneasily retracted with a touch-n-releasemovement. MCD’s unique GlideRiseIV technology allows for a controlledassent speed and MCD’s Auto Stop will stop the shade at a predeterminedset point every time it’s raised. Thispredetermined set point can easily bechanged if desired.Page - 2 -The electric powered versions of theshades utilize MCD’s state of the art 12vDC tubular motors which fit inside MCD’saluminum roller tube. You can chooseeither switch control or the advancedremote control system of operation. Theupper and lower set-limits are set quicklyand precisely utilizing MCD’s exclusivebuilt-in electronic set-limit capability onboth the switch controlled and remotecontrolled motors for unparalleled shadefit in each particular coach.The remote controlled power motorshave integrated receivers and can beeasily programmed to operate not onlyindependently, but in multiple groupingsas well, such as in a passenger-sideonly mode or in an all-together mode.The remote controlled motors alsohave the added flexibility of allowingone shade to be controlled by multipleremote controllers as well as one remotecontroller being able to control manydifferent shades.MCD’s switch controlled power motorsare also available in a Safety Leadingdual-range model for windshields. Thedual-range motors feature two sets ofupper and lower set-limits; one set oflimits with the vehicle ignition on and oneset of limits with the vehicle ignition off.A typical example of ignition-on limitswould be from 0” down from the top toaround 15” down from the top. Thisallows the user to safely lower the shadeto any position within this range, whilethe ignition is on, and provides for a fullwidth sun visor. The ignition-off limitswould be from 0” down from the top, toflush with the dash. When the ignition ison, the user can operate the windshieldshade anywhere within the full range ofmotion for the shade. This safety featureprevents the shade from being loweredMCD GOLD Series Owners Manual

into the driver’s line of sight whileoperating the vehicle.The windshield shade system is adual-range switch motor, powered andoperated by switch controls installed inthe cockpit area. The solar day shadeshould be wired to be operated by boththe driver and the passenger, but the lightblocking night shade should only be ableto be operated by the driver. Using ourdual-range switch motors, either shadecould be utilized as a visor in a partiallydown position while driving. The solarscreen could be used to reduce glare,MCD GOLD Series Owners Manualwhile the light-blocking night shade couldbe used as a full side-to-side visor fortotal glare blockage.All shades throughout the coach canbe ordered as manual, switch electricpower, remote electric power, or evena combination (i.e. manual/powered).If remote electric power operation isspecified, those shades can be operatedby remote controllers located in theapplicable window area, as well as beingable to be controlled by one or moremaster remote controller units locatedthroughout the coach for convenience.Page - 3 -

Installation InstructionsThe GOLD Series Day/Night Shade System hasbeen designed with ease of installation in mind. Theassembly is mounted on special dual brackets and heldtogether as an assembly with the use of a mountingtrack across the top. After installing the appropriatenumber of mounting clips into the valance, wall, orceiling, the entire assembly simply snaps into place. Allshade assemblies (manual, powered, or combination)use the same physical mounting procedures.Before you begin the installation, please verify the following:1. The valance and/or side boards, if applicable, are at least 2” deep.2. The width of the shade is greater than the window and less than the window valance/side board.3. You have the correct number of mounting clips and screws to complete the installation.- Finished shade assembly size:- 29” or smaller 2 clips- 30” to 60” 3 clips- 61” and larger 4 clips- Full width windshield shades require 6 clips.NOTE: Installation screws are not provideddue to variations in requirements. MCDrecommends using #8 pan head sheetmetal screws. The most common length is1” but may vary due to the needs of yourparticular installation.4. If the shades are motorized, an adequate 12-volt DC power source must be available and be safely routedto the motor wires. If a source of power is not readily available, you may choose to install a small 12-volt DCsealed battery and charger to operate the shades, or a 120 VAC to 12 VDC converter can be used.Installation ProceduresNOTE: For best results, all clips should1. If the shade assembly is powered, refer to the proper sectionbe solidly mounted. When mounting toof this manual for wiring procedures prior to continuing. Oncean uneven or padded surface, it may bethe 12-volt power wires are available, continue the installationnecessary to utilize solid spacers to ensurestarting with Step #2.firm, dependable and level mounting.2. For full width windshield shade installations, install two clipsat each end of the shade assembly separated by no more than 1”. This ensures that if an end clip shouldsomehow fail due to improper installation, then the second clip will help prevent the windshield shade fromfalling. The remaining two clips should be evenly spaced across the middle. Mounting clip tabs should belocated toward the windshield of the coach.3. For window shade installations, begin installation by NOTE: In most GOLD Series installations,mounting the clips to the top of the valance, cupboard bottom, the ClearView solar material should beor headliner. For best results, the shade should be located located closest to the glass. The nightas close to the glass as possible (usually 3/8” away from the material should be toward the inside of thewindow frame) while still allowing for unobstructed operation of coach.the shade throughout its entire range of travel. (Example: theshade should be mounted close to the glass, but not so close that it hangs up on the screen or window framelatches when lowered.)Page - 4 -MCD GOLD Series Owners Manual

The outermost clips should be mounted within 2” from the end of the shade assembly. Mounting clip tabsshould be located toward the inside of the coach for all house shades.4. Center the shade assembly, check for proper orientation, and attach to the mounting clips. The shadeassembly is mounted to the clips by placing the outside edge of the assembly rail into the clips and rotatingthe shade toward the clip tabs to firmly and solidly snap the mounting rail into place. Use the tip of a flat-bladescrewdriver to press the track into the clip, if needed.5. Check the following to ensure proper operation of the shade:a. The shade must be level. Solid spacers of the appropriate thickness and placed under the mounting clipsmay be necessary. See the Note next to #1 above for additional suggestions.b. Proper operation requires clearance around all sides of the shade in the upper position. It should not berubbing on anything when it is in the upper position.c. The shade should not bind on anything throughout its entire range of travel.d. The shade assembly should be evenly spaced left to right, and/or mounted so that it covers as much of theglass as possible when lowered.Operating Instructions for GOLD Series Adjustable Speed and AutoStop FeaturesMCD’s new GlideRise technology is a major advancement in manual, spring rolleroperated window shades. They utilize a very high quality spring roller system andauto-stopping mechanism encased in an aluminum tube. GlideRise represents amajor step forward in quality and innovation. Shades are easily lowered by hand tovirtually any position and retracted with a pull-to-release movement. MCD’s uniquetechnology allows for a controlled and user-adjustable ascent speed and MCD’sAutoStop will stop the shade at a predetermined – and also user-adjustable – setpoint every time it’s raised. The shade ascent speed and stop point can both be easilychanged if desired.If necessary, the shade spring tension (Speed) and shade stop position are adjustedvery easily before installation by simply turning the appropriate adjustment screwat the ends of each shade with a flat bladed screwdriver. The shade spring tensionadjustment is always black in color and the AutoStop stop position is always white.Speed (black) andAutoStop (white)Adjustment SlotsEvery shade is delivered already tensioned (Speed) and set to stop at the appropriateupper position (AutoStop).MCD GOLD Series Owners ManualPage - 5 -

Note: It should not be necessary to adjust your GOLD Series shade. The following adjustmentinstructions are provided for you to fine tune your shade if needed. Please note that the stop pointadjustment and speed adjustment below must be made with your shade assembly removed fromthe mounted position. We suggest you make any needed adjustments before you install yourshade into the mounting clips since you will have to use a flat-blade screwdriver in the adjustmentslots located at each end of the bracket which will NOT be accessible when the shade is installed.GOLD Series AutoStop AdjustmentTo adjust the point at which your shade will stop when raised,first identify the AutoStop slot – it may be on either end of theshade you want to adjust, depending upon shade configuration.It will be white in color.Measure the drop of the top of your valance and then measurefrom the top of the shade track to the bottom of the hem rail andadjust your AutoStop accordingly.With a flat-blade screwdriver, push in to the adjuster slot torelease the lock mechanism, then turn the screw head thedirection you want the shade to go. With the AutoStop on theleft bracket side, turn the screw head clockwise to lower the setpoint, and turn the screw head counter-clockwise to raise the setpoint. Reverse this procedure if your shade’s AutoStop is onthe opposite bracket side.GOLD Series AutoStop AdjustmentGOLD Series Speed AdjustmentTo adjust the speed at which your shade rises, locate the blackadjuster. Use a flat-blade screwdriver and push in the adjusterslot to release the lock mechanism, then turn the screw headclockwise (looking at the end of the bracket) to increase thespring tension and ascent speed. Push in and turn it counterclockwise to decrease the speed.Test your shade after each 1-2 adjuster revolutions by loweringand raising the shade as normal. Be sure to hold assembly asclose to the bracket ends as possible. The shade will not operatecorrectly if held in the center.Your shades were already set to the ideal speed at the factory,so they shouldn’t require any adjustment. But, fine increases ordecreases are easily made before mounting your shade.GOLD Series Speed AdjustmentPage - 6 -Caution: Over tensioning may cause the shade to “stick” at itsupper limit. If you have to “break loose” the shade to lower it,the tension is too high. Release tension until the shade can beeasily lowered without having to break it loose, yet allowing it tofully retract.MCD GOLD Series Owners Manual

GOLD Series Duo/Solo Powered Shades - Switch ControlledAutomatic Safety Retraction FeatureMCD Switch controlled motors for windshield applications are designed to automatically retract the day ornight shade into the full up position in the unlikely event a motor fails. This feature is designed to prevent eitherwindshield shade from unrolling and blocking the drivers vision while on the road.If the Automatic Safety Retraction Feature (ASRF) is activated, please call MCD for further instructions. Thiscan not be serviced in the field. Do not attempt to adjust the shade or it may be damaged and void yourwarranty. Call MCD for further instructions on how to proceed.Operating Instructions for Dual-Range Switch MotorTo use the Dual-Range switch operated shade, simply press the Up or Down button for the appropriate shade.The switch-operated shades require the switch to be held until the shade either reaches its limit or the desiredintermediate position. (The shade can be stopped at any point by simply releasing the switch).If the ignition is on, the shade can only operate within the “Ignition On” range of set-limits. With the ignition off,the shade can operate within the entire range of set-limits.If you turn the ignition on prior to raising the shade from the lowest full range limit, the shade will still move inthe up direction, but cannot be lowered below the “Ignition On” upper set-limit once it has been raised abovethis point.Shade Motor Description and Wiring Requirements:Technical Parameters:Power Supply: 12 VDC, 800mALift Capacity: 11 lb / 5 kgThe switch-controlled motors have built-in electronics to memorize the upper and lower set-limits for theshades after the initial setting in “Ignition On” mode and “Ignition Off” mode. The connections to the motor areshown below:Switch Control Motor: The motor connections determine motor running direction. Utilize a DPDT momentaryOn-Off-On switch.NOTE: The MCD Dual-Range Motor is designed for Windshield use. If using it for any other window where thesafety function is not necessary, simply ignore the brown ignition wire and coil it up out of the way.MCD GOLD Series Owners ManualPage - 7 -

Setting Limits for Dual-Range Switch MotorPlease read all steps first before beginning!1.Locate the learning wires coming from the motor for which you are se ng the limits. These two wires areapproximately five inches long and hang from the bo om of the motor. The wires are usually grey in colorand should not be connected to any other wires (power source, etc.)Brown Igni on WirePower WiresLearning Wires2.Plug the Learning Key into the learning wires. (There is no posi ve or nega ve direction to the learningwires; just hook it up to the supplied Learning Key, or if no Learning Key is available, the 2 learning wires canbe shorted together momentarily, instead of each Learning Key bu on press.)3. You must set both the upper and lower limits with the “Ignition On” and again with the “Ignition Off”. The circuitry3. YOU MUST SET THE LIMITS IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER:remembers each sequence separately. You must first set the limits with the ignition on."Igni on ON" LOWER Set-Limit"Igni onON"UPPERSet-LimitDepending on what height your shade is currentlyat, youcanpush eitherthe Up or Down side of the rocker switch onyour dash to start programing the day or nightshade. IfOFF"yourLOWERshade isSet-Limitdown low near the dash, start by pushing the up"Igni onside of the rocker switch. If the shade is up highnear theassembly,the down side. Continue with the example in"Igni onOFF"UPPER pushSet-Limitstep four.PagePage- 8 -- 8 -MCD American Duo MCD/ American- OwnerísManual OwnersGOLDSoloSeriesManual

Setting Limits for Dual-Range Switch Motor (cont.)“Ignition On”Lower Limit“Ignition Off”Lower Limit“Ignition On”Upper Limit“Ignition Off”Upper LimitNOTE: If the shade is already at its lowerset-limit, the shade will not move and themotor should ‘chirp’ within about 5seconds. Once the motor chirps, releaseboth bu ons and it is now in Set-LimitLearning Mode.4.Turn the igni on on. Press and hold the Learning Key bu on.While holding the button, press and hold the Down switch.The motor will move in the down direction; con nue holdingboth the bu on and the switch un l the motor chirps andthe shade stops. Once the motor chirps and the shade stops,release both bu ons. The motor is now in the Set-LimitLearning Mode.5.Press and hold the switch in the down direction. Release the switch once the shade reaches the approximatedesired "Igni on On" lower limit. This set-limit should be set at a height that allows the shade to be used as asun visor, but still safely allows a clear view of the road. (Youcan fine tune the set-limit by following the NOTE to theNOTE: Fine tune the set-limit byright.) Once you are sa sfied with the "Igni on On" lower“bumping” the shade lower. Each quicklimit, reverse the direction of the switch to the up direc of the Down switch will move theThe motor will chirp, locking the lower "Igni on On" set-limitshade down about 1/16”.into the motor's memory, and will then begin moving in theup direc on.Once you release the down switch the6.Con nue holding the switch in the up direc on. Release theswitch once the shade reaches the approximate desiredupper limit. Once you are sa sfied with the upper limit,reverse the direc on of the switch to the down posi on. Themotor will chirp, locking in the upper limit.MCDAmericanDuo/ AmericanSolo - Owner’s Manual OwnersMCDGOLDSeriesManualfirst me, it is no longer possible to movedown con nuously while in the Set-LimitLearning Mode without restar ng theprocedure. You can only ìbumpî adjustthe shade down.Page- 9--9 Page

7.Both the upper and the lower "Ignition On" set-limits are now set. You MUST now se