FLYP Forward March 20191 of l editor preview.jsp?age.You are receiving this email because you have expressed an interest in the Division of Library and InformationServices.You may unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive our emails.FLYP ForwardMarch 2019Volume 11, Issue 9Newsletter TopicsCheck This Out!Space PlaceSocial MediaConnec onsManga CaféBook Reviews fromthe FieldFLYPQuick LinksFLYP MaterialsFlorida ElectronicLibraryCheck This Out!Equal Access to AllEmily Hart is the Equal Access to All Coordinator for the Bureau ofLibrary Development. She works with the federal E‐Rate program,which provides funding to public libraries to offset informa ontechnology fees. She also supports the state's public librarians intheir work with Underserved Popula ons, which include seniorci zens, the blind and visually‐impaired, and patrons in rural andsmall communi es. For more informa on, contact Emily at850.245.6633 or [email protected] MemoryFlorida LibraryWebinarsWebinars03/07/19ALSC webinar‐EarlyChildhood Exper seBeyond Libraryland:Early Childhood3 p.m. ‐ 4 p.m.EasternHumans in Space Youth Art CompeonIf your patrons are between 10‐18 years old, they can help shapeideas for the future of space explora on with the interna onalHumans In Space Youth Art Compe on.Create artwork that is musical, literary, visual or video that expressesideas and inspira on for living, working and doing science on theMoon. What will it look like, sound like, and feel like? Winningartwork will be displayed through a worldwide tour. The first placevisual and literary artworks will receive 250 US, and the first placevideo and musical artworks will receive 500 US. Submissions aredue April 30, 2019, 12:59 US Eastern.03/19/10Panhandle LibraryAccess Network (PLAN)Youth Interest Group10:00 a.m. ‐ 11:00 a.m.Eastern02/21/19Library of Michigan: Ina Galaxy Far, Far Away:Fact, Fic on & folklorefor SRP 2019 Programs2:00 p.m. ‐ 3:00 p.m.Eastern03/28/19ComiCons, Makersand More: Large ScaleLibrary Programming2 p.m. ‐ 3 p.m.EasternHanging of the Hands for Children's WeekChildren's hand art will be displayed throughout the CapitolRotundra as a reminder to legislators and advocates that we musttake care of our children. The Hanging of the Hands will be displayedSunday, March 24 ‐ Friday, March 28, 2019. If you have children atyour library that wish to par cipate, contact your local Hanging ofthe Hands Coordinator before March 10, 2019.Space PlaceArticle Subheading03/27/192/18/2019, 12:27 PM

FLYP Forward March 20192 of l editor preview.jsp?age.School Library Journal:Middle Grade MagicVirtual Summit10:00 a.m. ‐ 4:00 p.m.EasternMarch 2019Celebration DatesandPromotionalEventsThe links below willshow you how to bringthese promo ons toyour library. Don'tforget to share yourac vi es with others.NASA @ MY LIBRARYThe NASA @ My Library workshop was entertaining and educa onal atthe same me. The a endees were able to par cipate in a number ofspace related ac vi es.Starnet houses the ac vi es thatwere shown during the workshop.Once you are at the website, clickon the "Check It Out" bar. You willbe able to find ac vity guides fordifferent ideas that coordinate with"A Universe of Stories" summer program.Try some out and let us know what youthink.Women's HistoryMonthIrish‐AmericanHeritage Month03/02/19Read Across AmericaDay03/05/19Mardi Gras03/11/19Johnny Appleseed Day03/17/19St. Patrick's Day03/18/19First Walk in SpaceLibrary SpotlightArticle SubheadingJefferson County Glow Party by Courtney NicolouJanuary 12, 2019 we had our first Glow Party at the Jefferson CountyPublic Library. Glow par es have a simple premise with fantas cresults: if you black out a room and fill it with glow in the dark props,UV lights, and dance music, children will have an excellent me! Thiswas true for us and we plan to recreate it for future events.The idea for our Glow Party was born from one of ourstory me patrons' favorite ac vi es: bubbles. At theend of every story me, to signal to our children whoare diligently working on their cra s that story me isconcluding, we play a "bubbles" song on the speakerand library assistant Terez, who is 6'5, walks aroundthe room with a bubble machine. The bubbles raindown and the children dance, chase bubbles, and laugh together. It'sbecome an ac vity that they look forward to each week. No cing howmuch they enjoy this weekly ac vity, Terez had the idea to have aparty exclusively dedicated to bubbles and dancing.We regularly hold Saturday events, including "Maker Spaces withTerez." The children in our community love Mr. Terez and his ac vi esare well a ended. We planned this event for aSaturday as well and adver sed with flyers andseveral Facebook posts. To set up for the event, weremoved as much as furniture from our communityroom as we could and blacked it out using blackbutcher paper on the doors and under thewindows. Next we decorated the floor with glow‐in‐the‐dark tape. Terez spelled "Glow Hard or GoHome" on the wall. He had about twenty glow‐in‐thedark balloonsinflated to decorate the ceiling and four UV lamps angled at theceiling, walls, and floor throughout the room. Lastly, we made a dancemusic playlist and set up a large bubble machine.The day of the party we hadapproximately thirty a endees,decked out in UV reac ve clothes,glasses, and earrings! We passedout glow s cks and blow upmicrophones for lip syncing to themusic. They were eager to get intothe room and once inside they2/18/2019, 12:27 PM

FLYP Forward March 20193 of l editor preview.jsp?age.immediately danced, sang, laughed, and ba ed at the glow‐in‐thedarkballoons. Parents enjoyed taking pictures of their children in the UVligh ng with the glow‐in‐the‐dark props. We served pizza and Spritewith tonic water ice cubes and dry ice. It had an amazing effect thatthe children marveled at. To top it off, Terez's sister created glow‐in‐the‐dark cupcakes! We consider this event a success and we are goingto replicate it for our summer reading kick‐off party with a spin toencompass this year theme. We're calling it a "Galaxy Glow Party!"For more informa on contact Courtney Nicolou [email protected] or 850‐342‐0205.Social Media ConnectionsManga CaféArticle SubheadingAnashin. Wai ng for Spring. (2017‐present.) New York: KodanshaComics.Mitsuki is a very shy first‐year high school student.Determined to be braver and make friends nowthat she's in high school, her plans go awry whenthe four most popular boys in her school stop bythe café where she works. An unlikely friendshipdevelops, but Mitsuki's feelings for Towa graduallyshi towards romance. The four boys are on thebasketball team, which means they are forbiddenfrom da ng. What's a shy girl like Mitsuki going todo? The drama heats up when her childhood friend Aya returns fromAmerica and declares his love for her. Drawn into the spotlight byspending me with the "four heavenly kings" of Seiryo High School,Mitsuki has to navigate jealous girls, new friendships, rumors and newexperiences.This is a sweet, gentle romance story with a secondary focus onbasketball and friendship. Slowly paced, Wai ng for Spring is acharacter‐driven narra ve. The boys provide a healthy dose of comicrelief, and Mitsuki's best girl friends are off‐the‐wall characters whoget into various hijinks throughout the series. The artwork is veryexpressive, allowing readers to intuit much about the characters andtheir feelings.Lack of language, violence and sexual content make this a solid choicefor younger readers looking for a safe romance. Recommended forlarger collec ons and libraries needing more tween romance manga.Shannon Schreur‐Kleinsschreur‐[email protected] Coral‐Lee County Public LibraryLee County Library SystemBook Reviews From the FieldMcClafferty, Carla Killough. Buried Lives: The Enslaved Peopleof George Washington's Mounty Vernon. (2018.) New York:Holiday House.Buried Lives: The Enslaved People of George Washington's MountVernon is an excellent account of the daily lives of slaves at GeorgeWashington's farm in Virginia. The author has gone to great lengths tointerview dozens of living rela ves and experts, and she has donecountless hours of research. Although there were at mes nearly 5002/18/2019, 12:27 PM

FLYP Forward March 20194 of l editor preview.jsp?age.slaves at Washington's farm, the author has focused on five slaves.These selected slaves are brought back to life through in‐depth detailsfrom le ers and diaries kept by George Washington, fellow soldiers,diplomats, and dozens of handwri en le ers of visitors to MountVernon.The format is very accessible since the first five chapters are devotedto separate slaves. Each chapter could actually be a small book all byitself, and it seems as if this book was des ned to be in a schoollibrary. It is ideal for students to divide up the chapters and study anindividual slave. Each slave's story overlaps since they worked andlived together, and the author does occasionally repeat facts so thateach chapter could stand alone. It is well wri en, unbiased, andconsiderate.In the sixth chapter, McClafferty delves further into Washington'sstruggle with slave ownership. The seventh chapter focuses on theslaves' fates a er the death of the first President and the final chapteris devoted to the history of the graveyards and historical buildings ofMount Vernon.Students in middle school and high school would greatly benefit fromthis work. The author has included images of handwri en le ers, oilpain ngs, diagrams and sketches. Each chapter is made moreaccessible through these ar facts. Buried Lives should be included inevery academic library, and it is an excellent glimpse into our na on'spast.Jennifer [email protected] Public LibraryDurst, Sara Beth. Fire & Heist. (2018.) New York: CrownPublishing.Sixteen‐year‐old Sky Hawkins is surrounded by her three olderbrothers: Charlie, the twins Liam and Tuck, and one very reservedfather. Her mother, however, vanished a er trying to pull off adrama c heist that no one in her family knew about, except maybeher husband. The only thing they know for sure is that her mom hadhelp, but from whom or where? Now Sky and her family are le todeal with the loss of status in the small Wyvern society of Aspen,Colorado. Not only did Sky lose her mother, but also her boyfriendRyan and all of their high‐standing Wyvern friends. Sky finds herselfrelying on a quiet human, Gabriela, when she decides to track downher mother. Sky is determined to save her family's fortune and pull offher first heist to reclaim her family's status in Wyvern society.Sara Beth Durst's Fire & Heist is an excellent introduc on into the Sci‐Fi world of dragons and shi ers. This novel is perfect for lower YAreaders and an easy read for upper YA.Amy [email protected] Catharine Young BranchBroward County LibrariesDemetrios, Heather. Dear Heartbreak. (2018.) New York: HenryHolt and Co.Heartbreak. Everyone has experienced this in their lives at one me oranother. In this collec on, teens from around the world write le ersto "Heartbreak" about their experiences with things like: chea ng,break‐ups, loneliness and backstabbing betrayal. YA authors cometogether to respond to these young teens about the dark side of love.With no sugarcoated fairy‐tale responses and straight hold answers,authors share their stories and give advice to teens.Due to the language and content, I would recommend this for ages 16and up.Alyssa Purdy‐[email protected] County Public LibraryHeartland Library Coopera ve2/18/2019, 12:27 PM

FLYP Forward March 20195 of l editor preview.jsp?age.Sanderson, Brandon. Skyward: Claim the Stars. (2018.) New York:Delacorte Random House Children's Books.The humans living on Detritus, a planet protected by an orbit filledwith several thick and rela vely impenetrable layers of space junk,have been under‐siege for genera ons by the Krell, an alien speciesseemingly determined to destroy them. Spensa is hell‐bent on provingherself by becoming a hero‐pilot like her father. He died in a definingba le, labeled a coward for a empted deser on during the fight, andcondemning his family with the same label. Even though the Air Forceleadership blacklists her from flight school, Spensa fights against allthe odds in her mission of redemp on to become a pilot. Spensa'sbravery, the support of her closest friend, and a chance discovery allcome together to reveal the truth of her father's last moments.Spensa's fight for survival will determine the future of humanciviliza on on the planet. Will she have what it takes to save herpeople and reclaim her family's glory?Skyward: Claim the Stars is a story about Spensa's coming of age,tes ng boundaries, limits, and skill while nego a ng her place in theworld. It is the first volume in a new young adult science fic on seriesby acclaimed author Brandon Sanderson. The novel contains lengthyba le scenes depic ng death and destruc on, but the imagery is nottoo graphic. This story is best suited for the tween age group whomight enjoy a story featuring a strong‐willed character unwilling to bedefined by other people's expecta ons. The conclusion will leaveyoung readers an cipa ng Sanderson's next installment in the seriesto learn what becomes of Spensa and Detritus' fate.Athanasia Fitosfi[email protected] ah Branch LibraryMiami‐Dade Public Library SystemBeaty, Andrea. Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters. (2018.)New York: Amulet Books.What a lovely li le book! Rosie Revere (Engineer) and her friends IdaTwist (Scien st) and Iggy Peck (Architect) are known as theQues oneers. The friends help do their part by assis ng Rosie's AuntRose and her group of gal pals, the Raucous Riveters. TheQues oneers work on inven ng a machine that helps one of theRiveters par cipate in an art show and be able to paint with her twowrist casts. Through experimenta on, pluck and ingenuity, Rosie andher friends and neighbors come up with a unique solu on.This series is full of wonderful lessons about helping each other,especially for youngsters who are filled with ques ons and the desireto create as well. Bonus points for STEM‐related themes. Grade 2 andup.Kelly [email protected] County Library System ‐ BookmobileFlorida Library Youth ProgramFLYP Forward provides informa on about the Florida Library YouthProgram and Florida's public libraries.This project was funded under the provisions of the Library Servicesand Technology Act from the Ins tute of Museum and LibraryServices. Florida's LSTA program is administered by the Department ofState's Division of Library and Informa on Services.Division of Library and Information Services, R.A. Gray Building,500 S. Bronough Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399SafeUnsubscribe {recipient's email}Forward email Update Profile About our service providerSent by [email protected] in collaboration with2/18/2019, 12:27 PM

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