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PrefaceAdhesives are indispensable. They are required pling agents, and other key ingredients. Specialin myriad products-aircraft and abrasives, cars attention is given to such flourishing categoriesand cartons, shoes and safety glass, tape and as acrylics, anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, polytires. This Third Edition of Handbook of Ad- urethanes, epoxy resins, polyvinyl acetate, highhesives, like the 1962 and 1977 editions, seeks temperature adhesives, hot melts, silicones, andto provide the knowledge needed for optimum silanes.The last 14 chapters, on adherends and bondselection, preparation, and utilization of adhesives and sealants. The information is detailed ing technology, involve the auto industry, airand explicit, with several hundred illustrative craft, electronics, the bonding of wood,formulations.textiles, rubber and plastics, construction, abExpert information has been supplied in 47 rasives, pressure-sensitives, nonwovens, andchapters written by 70 industry specialists, pro- sealants. Mechanical handling of two-compofessors, and consultants. Five chapters on fun- nent systems is examined. The concludingdamentals provide the theoretical and economic chapter highlights the exciting progress that isunderpinnings-why adhesives work, how they being made in the use of robotics to apply adare selected, how the surface is prepared, how hesives, techniques already far advanced in authey are applied, how they are set, how the tomotive assembly.cured joint is tested. The economic importanceTo Jerry Miron and Arnold Brief of Skeistof the adhesive-using industries is spelled out, Incorporated, my long time consulting associwith specifics on the role of adhesives in con- ates, I express my gratitude and appreciationstruction, packaging, autos, aircraft/aerospace, for their invaluable support.textiles, footwear, abrasives, electronics, andin the home. The next 28 chapters cover theIRVING SKEISTadhesive materials-thermosetting, thermoplastic, elastomeric, natural polymers, couWhippany, New Jerseyvii

ContentsPreface/viiSection A. Fundamentals / ]1- Introduction to Adhesives-Irving Skeistand Jerry Miron / 32- The Role of Adhesives in theEconomy-Arnold Brief / 213- Fundamentals of Adhesion-A. N. Gentand G. R. Hamed / 394- Surface Preparation for AdhesiveBonding-C. Lynn Mahoney / 745- Adhesive Selection and ScreeningTesting-James T. Rice / 94Section B. Adhesive Materials / 1216- Animal Glue-Robert L. Brandis /'" 1237- Casein and Mixed Protein AdhesivesCarolyn N. Bye / 1358- Starch Based Adhesives-Leo Krugerand Norman Lacourse / 1539- Natural Rubber Adhesives-K. F.Gazeley and W. C. Wake / 16710- Butyl Rubber and Polyisobutylene-J. J.Higgins, Frank C. Jagisch, and N. E.Stucker / 18511- Nitrile Rubber Adhesives-Donald E.Mackey and Charles E. Weil / 20612- Styrene Butadiene Rubber AdhesivesC. A. Midgley and J. B. Rea / 22713- Thermoplastic Rubber (A-B-A BlockCopolymers) in Adhesives-J. T.Harlan, L. A. Petershagen, E. E. Ewins,Jr. and G. A. Davies / 23914- Carboxylic Polymers in Adhesives-C.D. Weber, L. A. Fox and M. E. Gross/ 27015- Neoprene (Polychloroprene)-BasedSolvent and Latex Adhesives-SandraK. Guggenberger / 28416- Polysulfide Sealants and AdhesivesJulian R. Panek / 30717- Phenolic Resin Adhesives-Frederick L.Tobiason / 31618- Amino Resin Adhesives-Ivor H.Updegraff / 34119- Epoxy Resin Adhesives-Allan R.Meath / 34720- Polyurethane- and Isocyanate-BasedAdhesives-C. S. Schollenberger /35921- Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsions forAdhesives-Harold L. Jaffe, FranklinM. Rosenblum and Wiley Daniels /38122- Polyvinyl Alcohol for AdhesivesHarold L. Jaffe and Franklin M.Rosenblum / 40123- Polyolefin and Ethylene Copolymerbased Hot Melt Adhesives-Ernest F.Eastman and Lawrence Fullhart, Jr. /40824- Polyvinyl Acetal Adhesives-P. H.Farmer and B. A. Jemmott / 42325- Acrylic Adhesives-David R. Gehman/ 43726- Anaerobic Adhesives-John M. Rooneyand Bernard M. Malofsky / 45127- Cyanoacrylate Adhesives-H. W.Coover, D. W. Dreifus, and J. T.O'Connor / 46328- Polyester and Polyamide HighPerformance Hot Melt AdhesivesConrad Rossitto / 478ix

x CONTENTS29· High Temperature Organic AdhesivesPaul M. Hergenrother / 49930· Silicone Adhesive Sealants andAbhesives-John W. Dean / 52231· Organofunctional Silane CouplingAgents-James G. Marsden / 53632· Non-Silane Coupling Agents-Harry S.Katz / 54933· Resins for Elastomer-Based AdhesivesJohn S. Autenrieth and Kendall F. Foley/ 556Section C. Adherends and BondingTechnology / 57134· Bonding Plastics-Richard T. Thompson/ 57335· Bonding Textiles to Rubber-Thomas S.Solomon / 58336· Wood Adhesion-Lawrence Gollob andJ. D. Wellons / 59837· Sealants and Caulks-Joseph W. Prane,Michael Elias and Russell Redman /61138· Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives for Tapesand Labels-Samuel C. Temin / 64139· Bonded Abrasives-William F. Zimmer,Jr. / 66440· Coated Abrasives-Anthony C. Gaeta/ 67141· Adhesives for Building ConstructionRobert S. Miller / 67842· Adhesives in the Electrical IndustryLeonard S. Buchoff / 69843· Conductive Adhesives-Justin C. Bolger/ 70544· Structural Adhesives in the AerospaceIndustry-Robert E. Politi / 71345· Adhesives in the Automobile IndustryGerald L. Schneberger / 72946· Meter, Mix and Dispensing Equipment:Basic Designs-Harold W. Koehler /73647· Robotic Dispensing of Sealants andAdhesives-Herb Turner / 743Index/757