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3IntroductionEffective prevention and control of communicable diseases in hotels can help safeguard the healthof guests and employees. These guidelines are intended to provide practical information on thepreventive measures of communicable diseases for hotels.Communications guidelinesGeneral Direct all inquiries by the media and other third parties to Corporate Communications [email protected] or (973) 753-6590.The General Manager is the hotel’s primary contact point person to handle all guest andcorporate calls regarding the virus; team members should be instructed to forward allrelated inquiries to the GM.Consistent with standard privacy practices regarding guest information, do not releasedetails or information concerning any confirmed or suspected infected guest.Provide regular updates to team members regarding the situation. Ensure that all teammembers are aware of heighted cleaning and sanitation requirements and theimportance of reporting any observed health concerns.The GM should regularly check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dex.html) and World Health Organization(WHO) ronavirus-2019) websitesavailable to obtain and print out any current or updated fact sheets or bulletins to post inbreak rooms and other areas for team members to view.For Guests If you receive a request to post any public notice concerning COVID-19/NovelCoronavirus, check with your District Leader/RVP/WH&R Legal team before posting. Onlydesignated government or municipal authorities should be requesting posting of publicnotices. In addition, do not post any internal communications unless directed to do so bythe WH&R Managed Operations team. Do not issue or comment on official travel/travel recommendations for certaincities/regions/countries. Do not raise the issue with guests proactively. If guests ask questions regarding the virus,please reply according to the FAQs below. No guests may be refused entrance into the hotel based on an assumption or suspicionthat they may have the virus or that they have traveled from somewhere where the virusis widespread. Encourage guests displaying any symptoms to seek medical attention andcall the ERS hotline at (410) 858-4142 to be advised of next steps and whether to contactlocal health authorities.Frequently Asked Questions by Guests Q: Is it safe to stay in the hotel? A: We are committed to complying with recommended health and hygiene standards.We’ve been closely monitoring the situation and reviewing our corresponding health andepidemic prevention measures as the situation evolves, including implementing allestablished guidelines provided by the CDC and the WHO. Q: Have there been any infections confirmed in your hotel among guests/employees?A: If the answer is NO: There is no guest or employee infection case confirmed in ourhotel.If the answer is YES: The local health authority has confirmed [if 1 – an isolated case; ifmore than 1 – the occurrence] of the virus. Please be assured that we have followed therecommended guidelines regarding disinfecting and cleaning the hotel.

4 Q: What measures is your hotel taking to ensure the safety of guests?A: Our team members have been educated on the latest policies, procedures andpreventive measures to minimize the risk of infection distributed by the CDC and WHO,as well as the actions to take in the event of a reported occurrence at the hotel. Keypersonnel in our hotel have also undergone training to provide immediate assistance thatmay be required. Q: I have to cancel my room reservation because of the outbreak. How will your hotelhandle it?A: Our hotel has set cancellation policies to allow guests the maximum flexibility possible.The cancellation policy for your stay depends on the rate that you booked. According tothe Wyndham Hotels & Resorts cancellation fee waiver update, we will accommodaterequests for changes due to travelers from Greater China, South Korea or Italy with noextra charges. As the current situation develops, we may update our cancellation policies. Q: I have to cancel my group or banquet reservation because of the outbreak. How willyour hotel handle it?A: We will continue to follow the cancellation policies and procedures as outlined in eachgroup or corporate transient contract. According to our cancellation fee waiver update, wewill accommodate requests for changes due to travelers from Great China, South Koreaor Italy with no extra charges. As the current situation develops, we may update ourcancellation policies. If you need to change your group or banquet reservation to adifferent time period, we will be willing to work with you as our hotel availability permits.Notes to General Managers:Additionally, in Go Leads we have added a Lost Business Reason called “Coronavirus” totrack group cancellations.(The following guide provided by the American Hotel & Lodging Association providesinformation about how to approach cancellation requests for group /goldman shapiro coronavirus and force majeure 0.pdf) Q: I am a reporter from XXX media. I want to know about this case in your hotel.A: Please provide the name of your media outlet and your contact, and I will contact ourCommunications Team to communicate with you as soon as possible.For Team MembersWhether you choose to communicate with team members verbally or in writing, you shouldcommunicate the following: The CDC recommends that everyone pay close attention to personal hygiene andprotection during the cold and flu season. If you have symptoms like a cold, cough or fever, please see a medical provider,and report your physical condition to your manager and to your human resourcesdepartment as soon as possible. Pay attention to any official notices issued by the CDC and WHO and makereasonable arrangements for personal travel and activities. Make reasonable use of social media and follow social media guidelines. Do notspread panic information or rumors. In case of inquiries from guests or media, please immediately forward the inquiryto the General Manager.

5General InformationSymptomsCoronaviruses usually cause mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illnesses, like thecommon cold. Most people get infected with these viruses at some point in their lives. Theseillnesses usually only last for a short amount of time. Symptoms may include: Runny nose Headache Cough Sore throat Fever A general feeling of being unwellCoronaviruses can sometimes cause lower respiratory tract illnesses, such as pneumonia orbronchitis. This is more common in people with cardiopulmonary disease, people withweakened immune systems, infants and older adults.Safety precautions Encourage any guests with symptoms to seek medical attention immediately. Recommend that any ill guest contact their personal physician or local healthdepartment. Make sure that you have contact information for local healthcareproviders readily available for guests that may not be from the area. If necessary, contact emergency services. Do not attempt to transport an ill guestto a healthcare provider or any other location. If a guest who is confirmed or suspected to be infected checks out of the hotel,electronically key or double lock and ensure the room is thoroughly cleaned. If an ill guest is transported off property, but the room remains occupied by thosetraveling with the guest, recommend that the remaining guests contact theirpersonal physician immediately, or refer them to the local health department Keep a record of all steps taken by the crisis management team for further actionand follow up. Evaluate and plan for potential business interruptions.Disinfection and decontaminationDuring periods of heightened risks for spread of infection, increase the frequency of cleaningcommon surfaces in the hotel. Surfaces should be decontaminated with an approximate dilution of1-1/2 cups of bleach per gallon of water, or by utilizing an over-the-counter disinfectant.Recommended Ecolab products: Venus Multi-Quat All Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant Neutral Multi-Quat Cleaner & Disinfectant Ecolab Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner & DisinfectantUniversal PrecautionsUniversal precautions are simple infection control measures that reduce the risk of transmission ofpathogens through exposure to potentially infected material. Under the “universal precaution”principle, potentially infected material from all persons should be considered as infected regardless ofthe known or supposed status of the person.Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Exposure to potentially infected material can be minimized through the use of PPE as barriersagainst potentially infected material. These include surgical gloves and masks, tongs and sharpsdisposal containers.

6Changes to Operating ProceduresAny changes to operating procedures will be communicated to you by the CorporateCommunications team, your RVP’s or by the Business Continuity & Safety team.For additional information regarding Coronavirus, please contact Michelle Hamamouche [email protected] or by calling (317) 219-9726.

7Hotel Checklist for Minimizing COVID-19 RiskTaskTask DescriptionNo.Before Known Exposure at Hotel1.2.3.4.Yes NoN/AComments/Action ItemShare all general communications withteam members, including those regardinghow illness is spread and how to helpprevent it, and any steps to follow shouldyou suspect a guest or team member hascontracted the virus.Implement procedures for team membersand guests to reduce risk of dissemination(e.g., hand sanitizers in public areas,additional cleaning of surfaces).Ensure that you have adequate personalprotective equipment (PPE) on hand. Thisincludes surgical masks, surgical/latexgloves and hand sanitizers.Share information during daily meetings andpost updated procedures around back offices.Housekeeping should utilizeenhanced cleaning techniques inguestroom and common areas, includingwiping down all surfaces/touch points, andthose areas that may often be overlooked,e.g., elevators buttons, pens at front desk,door knobs, surfaces. Within MyPortal,Touch points refers to lamps, lampshades,on/off switches, closet door handles, hangers,drawer pulls, coffee makers, remote controls,etc.Surgical/latex gloves are highly recommendedby the CDC and here and select Best Practices/Tipsfor specific cleaning and treatmentinstructions for specific areas of yourhotel. We will continue to alert you ofupdates to this section. should utilize enhancedsanitizing of frequently used guestamenities (key cards, breakfast displayunits and serving utencils, complimentaryservices e.g. fresh fruit, water), businesscenter and fitness center equipment.Any team member exhibiting signs ofillness should be asked to visit a healthclinic to be seen by a medicalprofessional. Ask the team member tostay in contact with you to report whetheror not they are suspected of having theCoronavirus.If a guest exhibits symptoms, recommendthat he or she seek medical attention.Contact local health authorities so youcan be advised in the event of a positivetest and then take measures to helpprotect other guests.Ensure all team members are aware ofthe Emergency Reporting Service at (410)858-4142. Should there be a suspectedcase of the virus, call the ERS to advise ofthe situation and please inform yourDistrict Vice President as soon aspossible.Direct all inquiries by the media and otherthird parties to our communications team.Please call any suspected cases into the ERSat (410) 858-4142 so that key stakeholdersare advised of the situation.Employees should follow up with HR beforereturning to work. GM should work closelywith HR on a steady [email protected](973) 753-6590

8TaskNo.Task DescriptionYes NoN/AComments/Action ItemAfter Notified of Exposure at Hotel1. immediately calls the EmergencyReporting Service at (410) 858-4142 toadvise of suspected / confirmed case.Any guests with confirmed COVID-19infections should be asked to check out ofthe hotel to receive medical care, inaccordance with guidance of the localhealth authorities. Any team member withconfirmed COVID-19 should be asked toseek medical attention in accordance withguidance of local health authorities andshould remain in quarantine until therecommended waiting period has ended.If a case is confirmed in the hotel, GMinforms team members of the situationand mitigation measures to be adopted.GM should provide regular updates to theteam and corporate on the situation.Housekeeping should continue utilizingenhanced cleaning techniques in commonareas, including wiping down allsurfaces/touch points, and those areasthat may often be overlooked, e.g., pens atfront desk, door knobs,surfaces.Housekeeping should perform a deepcleaning of the impacted room as well asthe common areas of the hotel. If possible,remove the impacted room from inventoryfor 48 hours and thoroughly clean theroom twice before returning to inventory.For these rooms, in addition to the normalcleaning, launder or replace all bedding inimpacted rooms (including the pillows andbed covering), spray curtains, upholsteredchairs and/or soft surfaces and carpetingwith disinfectant.Deep clean and santization of frequentlyused guest ameneities (key cards,breakfast display units and servingutencils, complimentary services e.g. freshfruit, water), including business center andfitness center areas and equipment.ERS will loop in the Safety & Security team aswell as Legal, and conference in local healthdepartment (during hours of operation) orassign team member to follow up.Touch points refers to lamps, lampshades,on/off switches, closet door handles, hangers,drawer pulls, coffee makers, remote controls,etc.Refer to and print the Housekeeping Checklistlocated at the end of this document and sharewith team members as needed.Bedding refers to pillows, duvets, duvetcovers, decorative pillows, etc.Consider temporarily closing of businesscenter and fitness center.Have breakfast area attendant frequentlywipe down and sanitize breakfast bararea, including wiping down servingequipment and untencils.Monitor breakfast areas andconsider providing pre-packaged items forthe duration of the outreak (yogurts, fruit,etc.) or potential closure.Determine whether a notification isneeded for all hotel guests.Coordinate with Communicationsteam to [email protected] tocoordinate.

9TaskTask DescriptionNo.After Exposure Risk at Hotel has Passed1.2.3.Yes No N/AComments/Action ItemProvide notification of return to normalhotel/business reporting systems.Send notification [email protected] and share lessons learnedfor improved prevention and response,and to facilitate adoption of improvedpractices.Review the checklist to consider anyneed for improvements.Share [email protected] [email protected]

10Disinfecting Checklist for HousekeepersAnyone entering a room that has been directly exposed to COVID-19 shouldensure that they are following general protective measures. This includeswearing protective gloves during the cleaning process.Enhanced cleaning practices should be followed for the impacted room. Careshould be taken to ensure the room is fully cleaned.In addition to the enhanced cleaning practices, sheets, duvet or comforter, pillows, dustruffle and any decorative pillows should be removed and placed in a plastic bag. Theseitems should be laundered or replaced.All hard surfaces should be wiped down with disinfectant wipes and / or approveddisinfectant cleaner* with a towel including, but not limited to, the desk, dresser,dresser knobs, on/off light switches and on/off buttons on lamps. Please pay particularattention to items that are frequently used by guests including the television remotecontrol, pens, room service menus, etc.NOTE: Once you spray and / or wipe down the surfaces DO NOT attempt to drythe surface. Drying the surface will negatively impact the disinfectant. Productsshould be allowed to achieve the contact time listed below.Any upholstered items that cannot be readily removed (chairs, curtains, etc.) should besprayed with disinfectant spray. NOTE: Be sure to read the labels to ensure you areusing a disinfectant spray for soft surfaces. Check the spray on a less visible area ofthe item to ensure that there is no staining and/or discoloration. Disinfectant spraysshould not be confused with sanitizing sprays.The room should be closed for 24 hours following the first cleaning and then a secondwipe down and disinfectant cleaning should occur. The room should not be rented until24 hours after the second cleaning.*Approved list of cleanersProduct (Ecolab)Product NumberContact Time14 Plus Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner61009205 minutes20 Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner610046010 minutesA-456 II Disinfectant Cleaner (QC)616693110 minutesKeystone Bleach Disinfectant Cleaner61018361 minutesMulti-Purpose Disinfecting Wipes610185810 minutesNeutral Disinfectant Cleaner610125/611454110 minutesOasis 499 HBV Disinfectant610028110 minutesKeystone Peroxide Disinfectant & Glass Cleaner RTU61009235 minutesPeroxide Multi Surface Cleaner Disinfectant6100693/611791/61007925 minutes7B Disinfectant Cleaner Ready to Use614355610 minutesPureForce Food Contact Quat Sanitizer800001310 minutesPureForce Multi-Purpose Neutral Ph Germicidal Detergent800006610 minutes