ACRYLX WHIRLPOOL BATHINSTALLATION ANDOWNER’S MANUALTO BE REMOVED FOR USE BY THE OCCUPANTNote: Read all instructions before proceeding with installation.All specifications are 1/4’’ (5 mm) and are subject to change without notice.

TABLE OF CONTENTSPRODUCT REGISTRATION INFORMATION4INTRODUCTION5IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS6-7PRE-INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTSInspection Before InstallationBefore You Start8-989INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTSPre-Planning Access, Plumbing & Electrical InstallationFraming & Installation Types10-111010-11INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSFraming & Installation ProceduresElectrical ConnectionsFinal System Test & Clean-Up12-161313-1415OPERATION INSTRUCTIONSYour whirlpool bathtub — what it is and how it works.Before Your First Use161616MAINTENANCE AND CARETub CareCleaning Procedures for Gelcoat Surfaces17-181718WATER QUALITYChemical & Water Quality19-2019-20TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE21REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST22REPLACEMENT PARTS ORDER FORM23AQUATIC LIMITED WARRANTY25

AcrylX Whirlpool Bath Owner's Manual & Installation GuideAQUATICProduct Registration InformationYour product warranty is registered and confirmed with Aquatic through the Serial Number on your unit.You do not need to contact Aquatic to confirm registration. Please fill out the information below andreference when contacting the distributor to expedite warranty claims.OWNER INFORMATION:Model NameSerial NumberPurchase DateModel & Serial Number LocationDistributorThe tub model and serial numbers arelocated above the pump area on thebackside of the bathtub. An access panelshould be placed by the installer at thislocation.Customer Service: 800.945.2726www.aquaticbath.com4Aquatic

AcrylX Whirlpool Bath Owner's Manual & Installation GuidePlease read and follow all of the instructions contained in this Owner’s Manual before installing, operating ormaintaining your whirlpool. In addition, you should continually refer to these instructions during the life of yourwhirlpool. Failure to comply with these instructions may invalidate your warranty. If you have any questionsconcerning installation, operation, maintenance or any other aspect of your whirlpool, please contact:AQUATIC CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER: (800) 945-2726(The Troubleshooting Guide on page 21 may be helpful in answering some of your questions.)NOTE:The installation and service of your whirlpool should beperformed ONLY by a qualified electrician and plumber.IMPORTANT!This product MUST BE WATER-TESTED and inspected prior to installationor warranty will be voided. Neither Aquatic nor the distributor will be responsible forremoval or reinstallation costs should replacement of the bath be necessary.PLEASE CHECK ENTIRE UNIT FOR ANY DAMAGE.If it appears damaged, contact your Aquatic Distributor immediately.Aquatic warranty does not cover damage that occurs in transit.Aquatic5

AcrylX Whirlpool Bath Owner's Manual & Installation GuideIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSWARNING: When using this unit, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following:READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS: WARNING: Risk of lethal electric shock. To reduce risk of electric shock, connect only to circuits protected by aGround-Fault Circuit-Interrupter (GFCI) or Residual Current Device (RCD). DANGER: To reduce the risk of injury, do not permit children to use this unit unless they are closely supervised atall times. Use this unit only for its intended use as described in this manual. Do not use additional attachments and/orequipment not recommended by the manufacturer. Never drop or insert any object into any opening. Do not operate this unit without the guard over the suction fitting. The unit must be connected only to a supply circuit that is protectedby a Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter (GFCI). Such a GFCI should beprovided by the installer and should be tested on a routine basis. Totest the GFCI, push the test button. The GFCI should interrupt power.Push the reset button. Power should be restored. If the GFCI fails tooperate in this manner, there is a ground current flowing, indicating thepossibility of an electric shock. Do not use this unit. Disconnect the unitand have the problem corrected by a qualified service representativebefore using. This product is intended for indoor use only. Installing this unit outdoorscould cause personal injury and will void your warranty.SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.Pump/motor:A separate 120-volt, 60-Hz, AC-only,15-ampere circuit, protected by aGround-Fault Circuit-Interrupter (GFCI)(GFCI) is required.WARNINGYour safety and the safety ofothers are very important.We have provided many importantsafety messages in this manual andon your appliance. Always readand obey all safety messages.This is the safety alertsymbol. This symbolalerts you to potentialhazards that can kill orhurt you and others.All safety messages will follow thesafety alert symbol and either theword “DANGER” or “WARNING.”These words mean:Electrical Shock HazardPlug into a grounded 3-prongoutlet.DANGERYou can be killed or seriouslyinjured if you don’t immediatelyfollow instructions.Do not remove ground prong.Do not use an adapter.Do not use an extension cord.Failure to follow theseinstructions can result indeath, fire, or electrical shock.6WARNINGAll safety messages will tell youwhat the potential hazard is, tell youhow to reduce the chance of injury,and tell you what can happen if theinstructions are not followed.Aquatic

AcrylX Whirlpool Bath Owner's Manual & Installation GuideIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSBefore taking your first whirlpool bath, be sure you have performed the “test run.” [See OPERATIONINSTRUCTIONS on page 16.] Be sure that you are familiar with all the controls and switches and that the unit isoperating properly.1. The water in a whirlpool should never exceed 40º C (104º F). Water temperature between 38º C (100º F) and40º C (104º F) are considered safe for a healthy adult. Bathing time should be limited to approximately 30 minutes,followed by a shower to cool down. Longer exposure may result in hyperthermia. The symptoms of this condition arenausea, dizziness and fainting, which can be fatal. Lower water temperatures are recommended for extended use(exceeding 10-15 minutes) and for young children.2. If you will not be operating the whirlpool system during your bath, you may fill the bathtub to any comfortable level.However, if you will operate the system, you must fill the bathtub as described in the section entitled OPERATIONINSTRUCTIONS on page 16. This will assure proper operation of the system and keep the jets from spraying wateroutside the bathtub.3. A few important bathing “DONT’S”DO NOT operate the whirlpool system if: The bathtub isn’t filled to required levels above jets. You’re pregnant (until you’ve consulted your doctor). You’re taking medications or drugs that may make you drowsy. You’re drinking any form of alcohol. You’ve just had a meal. Wait for 30 minutes after eating. There is a child in the bathtub who may be left unattended at any time. Never allow small children to remainunattended in any bathtub. There are any small objects in the bathtub. The jet action can move small objects at high speeds, causingpossible injury. The safety suction cover is not in place. The suction cover is the large fitting with a pattern of holes on its face,mounted on the bathtub’s side wall. See Figure 1. You’re smoking. The heat of burning tobacco can damage the bathtub surface. Keep tobacco products andashtrays away from the bathtub. You have problems with your immunity system (until you have consulted your doctor). Never operate electrical appliances (television, hair dryer, radio, telephone, etc.) inside or within five feet (5') ofthe bath. You are using additional attachments and/or equipment notrecommended by the manufacturer. You have a medical history of heart disease, low or high blood pressure,circulatory system problems, or diabetes, consult with a physician beforeusing a whirlpool. You are under the influence of drugs, anticoagulants, stimulants,antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, hypnotics, narcotics, ortranquilizers.Figure 1Aquatic7

AcrylX Whirlpool Bath Owner's Manual & Installation GuidePRE-INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTSTOOLS REQUIRED FOR INSTALLATION: (NOT INCLUDED)Drill3/16"Drill BitTape MeasurePencilPhillips Screw Bit#10 x 1 ½" self –tappingwasher head screwOR 1 ½" Galvanized roofing nailSafety GlassesHammerLevelINSPECTION BEFORE INSTALLATION1. Inspect the Aquatic jetted bath to ensure it is the correct model number, size, color, and has all features, options andaccessories originally ordered.2. If damage or shortage has occurred, notify your distributor, freight carrier, or Aquatic Customer Service Center at(800) 945-2726.NOTICE: Under no circumstances should a damaged or defective bath be installed without prior factory approval.Neither Aquatic nor the distributor will be responsible for removal or reinstallation costs should replacement of the bathbe necessary.3. Whirlpool is factory-assembled, complete with motor, pump, controls and plumbing. DO NOT lift or support unitusing plumbing lines or any part of circulation system. DO NOT relocate or otherwise modify any part of thefactory-installed circulation system, as this may affect the performance or safe operation of the whirlpool and willVOID ALL WARRANTIES.4. For an Aquatic jetted tub supplied with a motor that has an integral pneumatic on/off switch - Make certain theair tube that is connected to the motor is also connected to the on/off button nipple under the deck in order for thesystem to function.5. Inspect whirlpool unit and circulation system carefully before installing. Water test the unit before installation. If anydamages or defects are observed, DO NOT INSTALL. Repack unit and notify distributor immediately.6. This unit has been factory-tested prior to shipment for leakage and proper operation of the system. However, in transitand handling, the half-unions on the suction and discharge ends of the pump may become loose. Make sure theseare hand-tight.8Aquatic

AcrylX Whirlpool Bath Owner's Manual & Installation GuideBEFORE YOU STARTIMPORTANT: Observe all governing codes and ordinances.1. Proper installation is your responsibility. Have a qualified technician install this bath.2. Installation using a Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter (GFCI) is required. [See ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONSon page 13.]3. It is your responsibility: To contact a qualified electrical installer. To assure that electrical installation is adequate and in conformance with National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA70 - latest edition.Copies of this standard may be obtained from:National Fire Protection AssociationOne Batterymarch ParkQuincy, Massachusetts 02169(617) 770-3000Aquatic9

AcrylX Whirlpool Bath Owner's Manual & Installation GuideINSTALLATION REQUIREMENTSPRE-PLANNING ACCESS, PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION1. Ensure that the floor is level and can support a load of 50 lbs. per square foot. (If floor is not level, shims may beneeded to levelthe bath.)ELECTRICALINSTALLATION:2. Plan installation to permit access for servicing. A minimum access panel of 14" x 18" must be provided to access thepump or other equipment should service be needed at a later date.3. Rough-in should be kept to a minimum until the unit is on the job site. Measurements may vary plus zero and minus3/8" ( 0, -3/8") from original specifications.4. Sufficient clearance must be provided for access to service connections (motor, pump, and heater.)a) Alcove Installation (with optional skirt panel): Access is provided by removing the skirt panel. To permit removal ofskirt panel, allow at least 6" (150) clearance at both ends of tub: vanity, toilet, etc, must not obstruct skirt removal.b) Island or Pier Installations: Provide access panel at motor end. [See FRAMING & INSTALLATION TYPES onpage 11.]c) Sunken Installations: Provide access panel in floor or in ceiling below.5. Drain/waste pipe stub must be located in wall or floor to match location of drain, waste and overflow kit tee fitting.Provide a 6" (150) x 12" (300) box-out in sub-floor or slab.6. When fittings (spout, handles, valves, etc.) are to be mounted on the unit, be certain that the hot and cold watercopper supply lines are located where there is ample room for mounting before setting the unit in place.7. Bathtub must be installed indoors only. Do not install outdoors or warranty will be voided.WARNING – When using electrical products, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following:a) DANGER - Risk of Electrical Shock. Connect only a separate circuit protected by a Ground-FaultCircuit-Interrupter (GFCI).b) Connection - Electrical hook-up must be performed by a licensed electrician in accordance with local,state and national electrical codes.c) Access Panel Required - For build-in custom units, provide an access panel for servicing electrical components.[See FRAMING & INSTALLATION TYPES on page 11.]FRAMING & INSTALLATION TYPES1. Protect interior of tub throughout installation process.2. Framing and supports will vary according to the model and type of installation selected.100% SiliconeSealantTileTubWall StudTile100% SiliconeSealant1" x 3" LedgerIsland Drop-In10Tile BedWood ShimWood ShimTile BedTile bedWall StudTileTubTubAlcove-Integral Tiling FlangeAlcove-Integral Skirted ModelsAquatic

AcrylX Whirlpool Bath Owner's Manual & Installation GuideLEGENDAW Overall WidthLDLedger DepthIDInner DepthFRAMING & INSTALLATION TYPESALCOVESLedger HeightDeck HeightInner WidthISLANDSLDRectangular ModelsLHIDIWDHABAWLHDHIWAS DESIREDAAS DESIREDACCESS PANEL ONPUMP ENDCBACCESS PANEL ONPUMP ENDCCorner ModelsControl PanelNotchIWAWLDLHDHDHIDACCESS PANEL ONPUMP ENDACCESS PANEL ONPUMP ENDNote: For SkirtInstallation disregardfront framingCCOval ModelsASDESIREDAS DESIREDDHDHASDESIREDAS DESIREDACCESS PANEL ONPUMP ENDACCESS PANEL ONPUMP quaticMINORAXISCIntegrally SkirtedModelsDECK CUTOUT - A paper template willbe enclosed with all oval models. Forthe deck cutout, scribe on the deck twocenter lines (a major and minor axis).Next, match the center lines and tracethe ellipse. Repeat this step three moretimes. Once the tracing is complete, cutout the ellipse. The dimensions shouldbe exactly 2" (50) smaller than the unit.A - 6" x 12" (150 x 305) Box-outsB - Leveled Supports1" x 3" (25 x 75) LedgersC - 14" x 18" (305 x 460)minimum accessBLHAWC11

AcrylX Whirlpool Bath Owner's Manual & Installation GuideINSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSWARNING - When using electrical products, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following:DANGER - RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. Connect only to a circuit protected by a Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter (GFCI).(For built-in and custom units.) Install to permit access for servicing.1. Install outlet(s) as shown. The outlet must be a minimum of 6" above the floor and be accessible throughthe access panel. [See ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS on page 15.]2. Place the bath in the location for installation. Check that the bath is level(length and width). A carpenter’s level is recommended. If necessary, placeshims under support legs. Make measurements for framework construction.Remove bath from location.3. Construct framework. Ensure that construction and construction materials complywith applicable code requirements for the installation site. All framing must be square, level and designed to providestructural support.WARNINGInstallation RecommendationUse two or more people to moveand install jetted bath. Failure to doso can result in back or other injury. Do not allow tub rim to support any of the bath weight.4. An access panel, 14" x 18" minimum, must be provided to allow access to the pump, electrical connections, andother accessories.5. Lift unit by the rim and place in alcove of framework. If necessary, shim feet until unit just rests on leveled edges orframework. Secure the unit by fastening the bottom feet to the subfloor with any construction adhesive.6. The rim of the bath is not designed to support weight. If finished material is to overlap or contact the bath, the addedweight must be fully self-supporting.7. Most (not all) Aquatic integrally skirted whirlpools have color matching removable panels for alcove and cornerinstallations. All integrally skirted units MUST BE INSTALLED BEFORE the finished floor and wall materials are installed.To remove skirt panel: Simply pry loose at the top corners and pull outward (away from frame).To reinstall skirt panel: Simply set panel in frame (bottom side first) and push forward. Lightly depress the tabs onthe top of the panel while pushing forward until the panel snaps into its frame.12Aquatic

AcrylX Whirlpool Bath Owner's Manual & Installation GuideINSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSELECTRICAL CONNECTIONSREAD AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONSAll local state and national electrical codes must be observed by a licensed electrician in connecting powerto the Aquatic whirlpool.Imprortant Safety InstructionsWARNING - When using electrical products, basic precautions should always be observed, including the following:1. READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS.2. Circuit - A separate circuit (not to supply any other electrical devices) is required as follows: Each electroniccomponent (pump and heater) must be connected to a separate 120 VAC 15 AMP circuit.3. GFCI - A Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter (GFCI) must be installed in the circuits which bring power to the whirlpool; donot omit. To test the GFCI, push the test button. The GFCI should interrupt power. Push the reset button. Power shouldbe restored. If the GFCI fails to operate in this manner, there is a ground current flowing, indicating the possibility ofan electric shock. Do not use this unit. Disconnect the unit and have the problem corrected by a licensed electricianbefore using.4. Grounding - Motors have a three prong electrical plug. A ground should be run from J-box receptacle to electricalhouse panel per code.5. Bonding - A pressure wire connector is provided on the exterior of some motors and heaters (optional) within thisunit to permit connection of a No. 8 AWG solid copper bonding conductor between all electrical equipment, asneeded to comply with local requirements. Double plastic insulated motors have no pressure wire connector as itis not needed.6. Wall Switch - A remote wall switch is required by many state codes. It must not be within 5 ft (1.5m) reach of abather while standing in the tub and it must be mounted at a height to be out of the reach of small children. Notfurther than 10 ft (3.0m) away. Verify this requirement with your local State and/or Municipality.7. Integral On/Off Switch - For an Aquatic whirlpool supplied with a motor that has an integral on/off switch - Makecertain the air tube that is connected to the motor is also connected to the on/off button nipple under the deck inorder for the system to function.Aquatic13

AcrylX Whirlpool Bath Owner's Manual & Installation GuideINSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSELECTRICAL CONNECTIONSDuraCore Whirlpool Bath Component BreakdownElectrical Requirements:120VAC, 15 Amp GFCI outletAquatic14

AcrylX Whirlpool Bath Owner's Manual & Installation GuideINSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSFINAL SYSTEM TEST & CLEAN-UPSystem TestTo test system, follow these steps in order listed:1. Fill clean tub with water to a point no less than 3" (75) above the highest jet.2. To test the Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter (GFCI), push the test button. The GFCI should interrupt power. Push thereset button. Power should be resorted. If the GFCI fails to operate in this manner, there is a ground current flowing,indicating the possibility of an electric shock. Do not use this unit. Disconnect the unit and have the problem correctedby a licensed electrician before using.3. Turn on integral on/off switch.4. Push on/off button on the whirlpool.5. Allow system to run a full 10 minutes.6. Th