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Table of ContentsI. MFR Claims Website – 2II. Inputting a Claim . 3III. Pre-Petition Claim Form . 4IV. Submitting the Claim . 10V. Adding Documents . 12VI. View Submitted Claim(s) . 15VII. Reports. 18VIII. Bulk Claims. 19IX. Bulk Documents . 21X. Release Manager . 22XI. Web Services . 23XII. Instructions . 241

I. MFR Claims Website – www.mfrclaims.comClick on the APG tile to access the APG TrustThe Initial screen is the reporting page. See section VII. Reports for more details on thereporting options. Please note that the menu options are split between pre-petition andTDP.2

II. Inputting a ClaimClick on the Claim Form icon to enter a new claim.3

III. TDP Claim FormPlease refer to the posted Claim Form /Instructions for any questions on a specific fieldon the APG TDP claim form. You may move from section to section by clicking on the'Go to Section' list or by using the scroll bar on the right side of the screen. You will seethat required fields are indicated in orange.4

You will see that required fields are indicated in orange. At any time, you can click onthe 'Verify Claim' button and if any required fields are missing a popup will notify you ofthe missing fields.Clicking on the text will take you to the exact field that is missing.5

Please note that if the Review Type USG/APG is selected, the only sections that will beenabled/displayed are the ones required for that review type.Exposure Records - At minimum of 1 exposure record is required for Expedited andIndividual Review claims. You must first indicate the Type of exposure record you wishto add to the claim. There are 3 choices.1) Approved Jobsite - these are the jobsites found on the Approved Jobsite list. If selectedyou can the query the site you wish to select in the Jobsite field below. Click on theJobsite you want after typing in some key words. The site, city and state will be filled in.6

2) Other APG Exposure - these is the process to send APG exposures that are notincluded on the Approved Jobsite list. Please note that for this selection you MUSTprovide additional documentation of APG exposure.3) For SOE Only - This type of exposure is used to provided evidence of 5 years ofexposure (if the disease category requires it).7

The Industry field is a drop down selection. Please pick the appropriate Industry. Theoccupation field is a searchable field. Type in a key word and select the result.After completing the remaining fields, you must click on the add record button to savethe exposure record. Please note that you do NOT need to save the claim beforeadding/modifying exposure records. This add button acts as a way to keep the exposurerecords until you are ready to submit the claim.8

After clicking on the add button, you can add additional exposure records or modify onesalready added by clicking on the exposure on the left side of the screen. The exposuredata will be populated in the appropriate field and you will see that there buttons belowhave been changed to Update or Delete the record. Clicking on the Cancel button prior toclicking on the Update record button will discard any changes made to the record.9

IV. Submitting the ClaimClick on the Submit Claim button when you are ready to create the claim. Note: if anyrequired fields are missing you will receive the popup as if you clicked the Verify Claimbutton.After submitting the claim, a unique claim number will be displayed (Injured Party ID).You will see a message that the claim was successfully created. Additionally, you will beable to: 1) make any corrections or modifications (edit) to the claim; 2) attach documents.10

The claim is now in an ‘Edit’ mode and changes can be made. The Submit button haschanged to an Update button. If any changes are made to the claim, please click on the'Update Claim' button to save themAfter the claim has been created, you can edit the claim or add any required documents.Click on the Review tab to get to the place to upload documents. The Review screen willbe discuss in further detail in the View Claims section of this document.11

V. Adding DocumentsClick on the Add Document button to bring up the Upload Document dialogue window.Clicking on the 'Browse' button will bring up a dialog box to choose the file. Please notethat only .pdf or .tiff files are allowed. Select the file to be uploaded and click on theOpen button.12

After selecting the file, you must pick a file type description from the first drop-downbox, that best describes the nature of the document. You may also type in commentsabout the document in the Notes field for each document you upload.Click on the Upload button when you are ready to attach the document(s) to the claim.Please note that you must repeat this process for each document you wish to attach.13

After attaching the document(s) you will see them in the list under Documents. Clickingon the document will open it in your browser.14

VI. View Submitted Claim(s)Click on the View Claim icon and enter search criteria (You can search for an InjuredParty ID, SSN, Claim Status, Disease, or Injured Party Name).After clicking the search button you will see the list of claims that match your criteria.Click on the claim that you want to view. You will see the list of claims that match thesearch criteria. Note that you may sort the list by clicking on the Column header.15

After you have entered or viewed a claim, if you click on the View Claims icon, you willget the Quick View Claims form. This allows you to stay on a tab and query otherclaims. After clicking on the Search button, if there are records returned, you can click onthem and the claim will open in the Claim Form. You can return to the full-screen ViewClaims by clicking on the Full View Claims link under the Search box.You may make changes to the claim up until the time it has been reviewed (or is underreview). After the claim has been reviewed and notified of deficiencies (if any), you willsee the remaining deficiencies under the Deficiency section.16

You can cure the deficiency(s) by adding a document to the claim. In addition, you mayattach a correspondence document by clicking on the Create Document button. This willopen a window where you can type a message and the message will get saved andattached as a document on the claim.17

VII. ReportsClick on the Reports icon to get to the report page. On this page you will see a reviewstatus summary of all your claims filed with the Trust. On the claim summary screen, youcan mouse over the (i) icon for a more detailed explanation of the Review Status.Clicking on the line will open a screen to the right with the claim details. Clicking on therow will open the claim in the claim form.In addition, you can run other reports using the drop down menu. On the menu bar arevarious options (save as PDF/Excel) after the report has completed.18

VIII. Bulk ClaimsClick on the Bulk Claims icon to access the page to upload claims using the bulk loadprocess. Please see the instructions on the APG site for more details about the bulkupload process and files. Note: The Bulk Exposure load works in the same way as thebulk claim process.Click on the Browse button to select the excel file with the claims. Once selected click onthe Upload button to send the file to MFR and create the claims.19

Once you click on the Upload button, you will see an importing claims progress iconuntil the file has been processed.You will receive a summary of the bulk load after the file has been processed. Thenumber of successfully created claims will be indicated in green. If there were any issueswith a claim, you will see the records in the Error section, along with the SSN and thereason for the error.20

IX. Bulk DocumentsClick on the Bulk Documents icon to get to the Bulk Document page.Click on the Select Files button and choose the files you would like to send to MFR.Click the Open button after you have completed your selection.21

X. Release ManagerClick on the Release Manager icon to get to the outstanding releases for your firm. Pleasenote that this page contains claims where a release/offer has been generated, but MFR hasnot received the returned executed release.Click on the green button to download a copy of any outstanding release.22

XI. Web ServicesClick on the Web Services icon to get to Web Services.To use web services: please contact: [email protected]

XII. InstructionsClick on the Instructions icon to get to the instruction page.The instruction page is not specific to any one client. You can scroll through the page andfind more details about functionality of the MFR Website.24