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Increase YourProductivityA variety of accessories are available to help maximize safe productivity while operatingGenie equipment. It pays to understand what’s available so you can set yourself apart.In fact, you count on a selection of practical, adaptable accessories because they arecritical – sometimes required – on certain jobsites. Consider what Genie has to offer.*Lift Tools Material Carrier

Boom Lift AccessoriesGenie Boom Lift AccessoriesOur commitment doesn’t end when you purchase a boom. We offer accessoriesthat add to the quality you receive when you choose Genie.Tech Pro LinkAuxiliary RailAllows users to monitor a machine’s gauges, includingengine temperature, oil pressure, fuel levels and batteryvoltage, calibrate the machine, make speedadjustments during pre-operation inspection, getservice alerts and reminders, track maintenanceintervals, receive fault code information and so muchmore – all from the palm of your technician’s hand.The auxiliary top rail platform accessory is anadditional railing system that can be quickly and easilymounted on the outside of a Genie boom’s standardplatform rails.Available on:Genie Articulating Boom Lifts:Z -30/20N, Z-34/22 DC&IC, Z-40/23N, Z-45/25 DC&RT,Available on:Compatible for use with the CAN-enabled controlsystems on mid-sized Genie S telescopicXtra Capacity (XC ) boomsZ-45 XC , Z-60/37 DC & FE, Z-62/40, Z-80/60,ZX -135/70Genie Telescopic Boom Lifts:S -40/45 XC, S-60/65 XC, S-80/85 XC, SX -105 XC,Part number: 1276686GTSX-125 XC, SX-135 XCPart numbers: 121266GT - 6 ft (1.8 m) platform w/ swing gate 121267GT - 8 ft (2.4 m) platform w/ swing gate

Boom Lift AccessoriesPlatform Control Box CoverLight PackageThis accessory helps prevent loose debris from getting into thecontrol box.For low light work areas or working at night, this accessoryconsists of two chassis-mounted drive lights and twoplatform mounted work lights to illuminate the work area.Available on:Available on:Genie Articulating Booms: Z -30/20, Z-34/22, Z-40/23, Z-45/25,Z-45 XC , Z-60/37 DC & FE, Z-62/40, Z-80/60, ZX -135/70 Genie Telescopic Boom Lifts: S -40/45 XC, S-60 XC, S-65 XC,S-80 XC, S-85 XC, SX -135 XCPart number: 102854GT*Standard feature on the SX-105 XC and SX-125 XC.Genie Articulating Boom Lifts: Z-30/20N, Z-33/18,Z-34/22 DC&IC, Z-40/23N, Z-45/25 DC&RT, Z-60/37 DC &FE, Z-62/40, Z-80/60, ZX-135/70Genie Telescopic Boom Lifts:S-40/45 XC, S-60/65 XC, S-80/85 XC, SX-105 XC*,SX-125 XC*, SX-135 XC, SX-150, SX-180Part number: 1274228GT*Standard feature on the SX-105 XC and SX-125 XC.

Boom Lift AccessoriesPanel CradlePipe CradleFor use lifting drywall, glass panes, plywood and othermaterial that comes in panels up to 250 lb (113.4 kg). Thepanel cradle allows operators to place materials outside ofthe platform for access at height. Includes the two cradleswith hardware, two foam cushions and a load retaining strap.The combined weight of attachment, panels, occupants andtools must not exceed the platform rated capacity.Designed, tested and approved by Genie, pipe cradlesreduce the risk of fatigue by providing a secure way tolift pipes when working from an S- or Z- boom lift.Genie pipe cradles deliver stability and rigidity with arobust design which transfers the load away from theguard rails and onto the platform deck. The pipecradle assembly mounts easily to the platformguardrails with U-bolts and rests on the floor of theplatform when installed.Available on:Available on:Genie Articulating Boom Lifts: Z -45 XC , Z-45/25 DC,Z-60/37 DC & FE, Z-62/40, Z-80/60, ZX -135/70 Genie Telescopic Boom Lifts: S -40/45 XC, S-60/65 XC,S-80/85 XC, SX -105 XC, SX-125 XC, SX-135 XCPart number: 77683GT - available on all S and Z boom lifts exceptfor the Z-40, Z-34/22, and Z-20/8.Genie Articulating Boom Lifts: Z-45 XC, Z-45/25 DC(6 ft wide platform only), Z-60/37 DC & FE, Z-62/40,Z-80/60, ZX-135/70Genie Telescopic Booms: S-40/45 XC, S-60/65 XC,S-80/85 XC, SX-105 XC, SX-125 XC, SX-135 XC,SX-150, SX-180Part number: 56572GT - available on all S and Z boom lifts

Boom Lift AccessoriesAs Genie protective solutions continue to evolve, Genie Lift Guard products are a generationof accessories that can, in some circumstances, provide additional operator protection whileworking at height. Genie Lift Guard secondary guarding accessories are simple to use, andwhen used in conjunction with operator training required by industry standards worldwide, canenhance safe work practices on aerial jobsites.Contact AlarmFall Arrest BarEngineered as an electronic secondaryguarding system, the Genie LiftGuard Contact Alarm System isdesigned to stop boom functions andalert ground personnel when anoperator makes contact with theactivation cable. This new feature isconfigured as a standard accessory onnew Genie Z (articulated) and S (telescopic) boom lifts,and it is retrofitable on booms dating back to 2006.For use on 6-ft (1.8 m) or 8-ft (2.4 m)platforms, the Genie Fall Arrest Bar hasa sliding track, which is designed toallow the operator to be anchored with afall arrest lanyard while providing themthe ability to move freely on an adjacentstructure while outside of the platform.Attaches quickly and easily for fastsetup and removal. Track assemblyde-rates the maximum platform capacityby 50 lb (22.68 kg).Now standard on:Available on:All S and Z booms6-ft (1.8 m) or 8-ft (2.4 m) platforms(cannot be used with Panel Cradle)Part numbers: Operator ProtectiveStructure (OPS)For use on 6-ft (1.8 m) or 8-ft (2.4 m)platforms, bolting directly to theplatform, this secondary guarding devicehelps provide additional protection tothe operator from overhead obstacleson a work site. The Genie OPS is madeof high strength tubular steel and allowsfor excellent visibility and work range.Available on:Genie Articulating Boom Lifts: Z-45 XC Z-45/25 DC, Z-60/37 DC & FE, Z-62/40,Z-80/60, ZX -135/70Genie Telescopic Boom Lifts: S-40/45 XC,1279134GT - 6 ft (1.8 m) - 8 ft (2.4 m)Part numbers:platform ALC1000 1256377GT - 8 ft (2.4 m) Word decalSX-125 XC, SX-135 XC, SX-150,1279135GT - 6 ft (1.8 m) - 8 ft (2.4 m) 1256378GT - 6 ft (1.8 m) Word decalSX -180 1261018GT - 8 ft (2.4 m) French decalPart number: 1261019GT - 6 ft (1.8 m) French decal platform NON-ALC1000*Most models are backwards compatible.Please check your parts manual.S-60/65 XC, S-80/85 XC, SX-105 XC,219158GT

Boom Lift AccessoriesThree options to choose from — full-height aluminum, half-height aluminum and aremovable screen, these contemporary mesh accessories are engineered to help operatorskeep jobsite materials and tools from falling out of boom platforms working at height.Full Mesh PlatformHalf Mesh PlatformScreen Mesh PlatformCovers all four sides of the platform,from the floor to the top rail, withoutobstructing the lanyard attachmentpoints on the rail.A full toe board and half meshguard to help keep materials andtools from falling out. A swing gateallows operators to enter and exitthe platform without having toduck under a sliding midrail. Thiscan make a big differenceespecially with tools or materials inhand. Available on a 4-ft (1.2 m),6-ft (1.8 m) or 8-ft (2.4 m) platform.This accessory is designed toencapsulate the boom platform, fullycovering the bottom, sides, door andcontrol panel. This accessory isspecifically designed so nothingdropped inside the platform can fall out.Part numbers: 1286622GT - 6 ft (1.8 m) full mesh,side gate 1283049GT - 8 ft (2.4 m) full mesh,side gate 1290895GT - 6 ft (1.8 m) full mesh,front gate 1290896GT - 8 ft (2.4 m) full mesh,front gateAvailable only on 8-ft (2.4 m) platformPart number: 1286301GTPart numbers: 1290893GT - 6 ft (1.8 m) half meshwith front gate 1290894GT - 8 ft (2.4 m) half meshwith front gate

Boom Lift AccessoriesTool TrayAircraft Protection PackageDesigned to help eliminate clutter and potential trippinghazards by providing operators and workers with aconvenient place to store their tools, fasteners and smallmaterials in the platform.To protect an aircraft or other sensitive work surfaces fromdamage, this package allows the boom platform to get upclose with its foam-padded auxiliary rails, located top andsides, plus padded proximity-sensing rail underneath. If thisrail makes surface contact, all motion functions stop.Part number: 9599-SGTAvailable on the following booms with select platforms*:Genie Articulating Boom Lifts: Z-30/20N (non-RJ model),Z-34/22N & IC, Z-45/25 DC,BE & RT, Z-45 XC,Z-60/37 DC & FE, Z-62/40, Z-80/60Genie Telescopic Boom Lifts:S-40/45 XC, S-65 XC, S-85 XC, SX-105 XC, SX-125 XC,SX-135 XC* Platform size limitations based on model

Boom Lift AccessoriesGenie Lift Tools accessories are productivity tools designed to make operators moreefficient when working at height. These accessories also promote best practices for safeuse and increased performance while operating Genie booms.Expo InstallerAccess Deck - BoomsAn indoor-use only aftermarket accessory, availablethrough Genie Genuine Parts, designed for 6-ft (1.8 m)and 8-ft (2.4 m) articulating and telescopic boomplatforms. Allows for precise, easy placement of signs,banners and hanging decor. Designed to makeoperators more efficient when working at height.Provides operators with an approved secondary surfaceto work from, elevating them 22 in (0.56 m) above theplatform floor. Attached to the platform midrail, thisadditional access enables operators to get into restrictedspaces to increase productivity.Available on:Available on:Genie Articulating Boom Lifts: Z -45/25J, Z-45/25J RT,Z-45/25 RT, Z-45 XC , Z-51/30J RT, Z-60/37 DC & FE,Z-62/40Can be installed on the midrail on 8-ft (2.44 m) Genieboom platforms and has a 300 lb (136 kg) capacityGenie Telescopic Boom Lifts: S -40/45 XC, S-60/65 XC Part numbers: 1285719GT - 6-ft (1.8 m) KIT ANSI/CSA, Word Decals 1290034GT - 6-ft (1.8 m) KIT CSA, French Decals 1288801GT - 8-ft (2.4 m) KIT ANSI/CSA, Word Decals 1290036GT - 8-ft (2.4 m) KIT CSA, French DecalsKit number:1291798GT

Scissor Lift AccessoriesGenie Scissor Lift AccessoriesCustomize your scissor lift for specific jobsite needs.Lift Tools Material CarrierLift Guard Contact AlarmIdeal for use in applications that require lifting materialsto height, such as tilt-up construction, post-framebuilding construction, fire suppression installation, HVACinstallation, rooftop contracting and facility maintenance.This accessory is suitable for a multitude of materialtypes, including lumber, pipe, HVAC materials, sidingand plate material.An electronic secondary guarding solution designed toactivate when an obstruction makes contact with anactivation whisker mounted to the lift’s platformguardrails, alerting operators, occupants and groundpersonnel to a potential hazard. The Genie Lift GuardContact Alarm option for slab scissors will include twoactivation whiskers — one mounted on the front of theplatform and one mounted on the rear.Available on:GS -2669 DC, GS-2669 RT, GS-3369 DC, GS-3369 RT,GS-4069 DC, GS-4069 RT, GS-3390, GS-4390, GS-5390 Part numbers: 1288736GT KIT - GS-1530 1289420GT KIT - GS-2046 1288737GT KIT - GS-1930 1289421GT KIT - GS-2646Kit number: 1288738GT KIT - GS-2032 1289422GT KIT - GS-3246 1289293GT KIT - GS-2632 1289295GT KIT - GS-40471288239GT 1289294GT KIT - GS-3232

Scissor Lift AccessoriesPipe CradlePanel CarrierReduce the risk of fatigue by providing a secure way tolift pipes when working from a scissor lift. Genie pipecradles deliver stability and rigidity with a robust designwhich transfers the load away from the guard rails andonto the platform deck.The panel carrier allows operators to place materialsoutside of the platform for access at height. Thecombined weight of attachment, panels, occupants andtools must not exceed the platform rated capacity.Available on:GS -2046 RT, GS-2646 RTPart number: 72906GT - (GS-2046, GS-2646, GS-3246)Available on:GS-2046 and GS-2646Part number: 1251827GT - (parts differ from boom panel cradle)

Te l e h a n d l e r A c c e s s o r i e sGenie Telehandler AccessoriesGet more and do more without having to buy additional machinery. Just add one, two ormore of the available accessories for your Genie telehandler to get more productivity froma single unit. Accessories add job flexibility and improve efficiency.Fire ExtinguisherFlashing BeaconRear Proximity AlarmAn extra safety feature available for yourGenie TelehandlerOrange flashing lights warnworkers when the scissor lift is inmotion or operationUses sensors to identify any potentialobstacles within close radius to theback of a machine and alerts theoperator via visual and audio warnings.Available on:GTH -5519, GTH-636, GTH-844,GTH-1056, GTH-1256 and GTH-1544Part numbers: 123563GTAvailable on:GTH-5519, GTH-636, GTH-844,GTH-1056, GTH-1256 and GTH-1544Part number: 58.1701.4047GTAvailable on:GTH-5519, GTH-636, GTH-844,GTH-1056, GTH-1256 and GTH-1544Part numbers: 1257987GT - Sensor 1257988GT - Display 1275497GT - Kit

Te l e h a n d l e r A c c e s s o r i e sOil Pan HeaterFor use in cold weather conditions, the Oil Pan Heateraids in machine start up by keeping the engine oilwarmed while the machine is not in use.Available on:GTH -5519Part numbers: 123518GT - Deutz/Perkins 128274GT - Deutz, 120V, 150WEngine Block HeaterFor use in cold weather conditions the Engine BlockHeater aids in machine start up by heating the enginecoolant while the machine is not in use.Available on:GTH-636, GTH-844, GTH-1056, GTH-1256 and GTH-1544Hydraulic Quick- Attach CouplerWith hydraulically activated retention pins, the HydraulicQuick-Attach Coupler allows the operator to fully couple orde-couple an attachment from inside the cab withoutneeding to manually remove or install the lower retention pin.Available on:GTH-5519, GTH-1256 and GTH-1544

Te l e h a n d l e r A c c e s s o r i e sRoad LightsRoad lights include turn indicators and headlights, onereverse light and two rear lights for stop, turn and tail lightfunctions.Available on:GTH -5519, GTH-636, GTH-844, GTH-1056, GTH-1256and GTH-1544Part numbers: 1264489GT KIT - GTH-636 215416GT KIT - GTH-1056 215637GT KIT - GTH-844Aftermarket kit: 58.1701.4046GTWork LightsIncrease productivity in low-light conditions with anoptional work light, which functions as a headlight and arear cab-mounted work light for visibility whenmaneuvering the machine into place.Available on:GTH-5519, GTH-636, GTH-844, GTH-1056, GTH-1256and GTH-1544Part numbers: 108332GT 121801GTAftermarket kit: 58.1701.4044GT

Aerial Work Platforms AccessoriesGenie Aerial Work Platform AccessoriesGenie aerial work platforms are easy to use and cost effective, making them the firstchoice for a wide range of applications. Each model offers a variety of accessories tocustomize your machine.Fluorescent Tube CaddyDual Bike HooksWork Station TrayA convenient way to store multiplefluorescent lights in one locationA convenient way to lift bicyclesup to or down from high displaysor warehouse shelving- no needfor the operator to lift, maneuver orhold the bicycle in the platform.Designed to help eliminate clutterand potential tripping hazards byproviding operators and workerswith a convenient place to storetheir tools, fasteners and smallmaterials in the platform.Available on:AWP -20S, AWP-25S, AWP-30S,AWP-36S, AWP-40S, AWP-20S DC,AWP-25S DC, AWP-30S DC,IWP -20S, IWP-25S, IWP-30S,GR -12, GR-15, GR-20, GRC -12 Part number: 37626GT* Not available with EE Certification** Not available on fiberglass platformAvailable on:QS Models Part numbers: 145310GT - Symbol Decals 145309GT - Word Decals*Not available with rear parcel trayAvailable on:AWP-20S, AWP-25S, AWP-30S,AWP-36S, AWP-40S, AWP-20S DC,AWP-25S DC, AWP-30S DC, IWP-20S,IWP-25S, IWP-30SPart number: 69877GT* Not available on fiberglass platform** Not available on narrow or ultranarrow platforms

Aerial Work Platforms AccessoriesOutreach PackageSuper StraddleProvides over 2 ft (61 cm) ofadditional horizontal reach. Ideal formaneuvering up and over shelves,machinery and equipmentProvides up to 4 ft (1.22 m) of verticalclearance over fixed obstacles.Available on Genie IWP -20S onlyPart number: 124868GT* Not available for CSAAvailable on:AWP -20S, AWP-25S, AWP-30S,AWP-36S, AWP-40S Part numbers: 29444GT - Decal Kit 62938GT - Genie Super Straddle* Not available with air motor optionOperational Warning Light andDescent Alarm PackageThe flashing light alerts operators whenthe machine is descendingAvailable on:AWP-20S, AWP-25S, AWP-30S,AWP-36S, AWP-40S, AWP-20S DC,AWP-25S DC, AWP-30S DC, IWP-20S,IWP-25S, IWP-30S

Genie Material Lift AccessoriesThese versatile lifts offer a large selection of accessories providing the opportunity tocreate just the lift you need.Platform Cradle Package20 lb (9 kg) CO2 tankAluminum LadderAvailable as an accessory to handleoddly-shaped itemsThe one size fits all bottle mountingbracket accepts any common CO2bottle size. This extra 20 lb (9 kg) CO2tank is available as an accessory.Attaching the sturdy aluminum ladderaccessory makes your Genie lift acombination lift truck and stepladderfor increased access to lifting andinstallation tasksAvailable on: GH 3.8 and GH 5.6Available on: GH 3.8 and GH 5.6Part number: 20200GTPart number: 2176GTAvailable on:Standard and Straddle based modelsof GL -4, GL-8, GL-10, GL-12Part number: 37172GTCaptive StabilizerFlat ForksWith patented “locking sytem” providesadditional lateral support for heavy loads.Widen from 16 to 31 in (41 to 79 cm) toprovide proper support, allow you to easilylift your load off of flat surfaces.Available on:SLA -5, SLA-10, SLA-15, SLA-20, SLA-25,SLC -12 (standard on SLC-18 and SLC-24) Part number: 37481GT - SLA setAvailable on:SLA-5, SLA-10, SLA-15Part number: 32566-SGT

Material Lift AccessoriesBoom Option - GL Standard ForksAdjustable ForksCapable of lifting up to 500 lb (227 kg)at 14 in (36 cm) and up to 300 lb(136 kg) at 20 in (51 cm) of reach.Accommodate various loads forversatile lifting. Get an additional 21 in(53 cm) of lift by turning over andre-pinning the forksWiden from 11.5 to 30 in (28 to 76 cm)to accommodate diverse loads.Available on:GL-4, GL-8, GL-10, GL-12Part number: 37086GTAvailable on:Available on:SLA -5, SLA-10, SLA-15, SLA-20,SLA-25, SLC -12, SLC-18, SLC-24 SLA-5, SLA-10, SLA-15, SLA-20,SLA-25, SLC-12, SLC-18, SLC-24Part number: 107161GTPart number: 32906GTBoom OptionLoad PlatformFork ExtensionsTransforms your lift into a mobile,vertical crane or hoist to positiontooling fixtures, circuit breakers,engines and more.Fits over the forks to handle