Section 1TECHNOLOGY PLAN SUMMARY SHEETDEARBORN PUBLIC SCHOOLSDistrict Code: 82030Administrative Service Center18700 AudetteDearborn, Michigan 48124-4295Wayne CountyJuly 1, 2012 through June 30, 2015Brian J. Whiston, SuperintendentPhone (313) 827-3021Fax(313) 827-3137E-mail [email protected] Plan Contact:Troy PattersonTechnology Coordinator, Media Services,18700 AudetteDearborn, Michigan 48124Phone (313) 827-3075Fax(313) 827-3136E-mail [email protected] County Regional Educational Service AgencyURL for Technology Plan:http://www.dearbornschools.orgCreation Date: June 2009Updated: May, 2012Start of Plan: July 1, 2012Valid Through: June 30, 2015Page 1 of 68

ContentsCONTENTS . 2SECTION 2 - INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL . 4OUR MISSION . 4INTRODUCTION . 4DISTRICT PROFILE . 4SCHOOL INFORMATION . 5VISION AND GOALS : SECTION 3 . 6OUR VISION . 6OUR OBJECTIVES. 7OUR BELIEFS . 8GOALS . 12SECTION 3 - TECHNOLOGY VISION AND GOALS . 12I. CURRICULUM . 15A. CURRICULUM INTEGRATION- SECTION 4 . 15B. STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT- SECTION 5 . 17C. TECHNOLOGY DELIVERY-SECTION 6 . 20D. PARENTAL COMMUNICATIONS & COMMUNITY RELATIONS-SECTION 7. 21Student Connect . 21iBlog Classroom Websites . 22iLearn Online Classrooms & Instruction . 21Zangle Parent Connect . 22The home connection aspect of Zangle, the district student recordkeeping software program, has been fullyimplemented throughout the district. There are continuing efforts to advertise the service and to expandand enhance parents’ understanding and use of the report system. . 22E. COLLABORATION-SECTION 8 . 22F. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT-SECTION 9 . 23G. SUPPORTING RESOURCES-SECTION 10 . 28District Support Resources . 29Human Resources-Instructional . 29Human Resources-Administrative . 29Policies and Manuals . 29Acceptable Use Policy for Information Systems and Internet Safety . 29SOFTWARE . 29Automated Library Circulation System (Destiny) . 29III. INFRASTRUCTURE, HARDWARE, TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND SOFTWARE . 30H. Infrastructure Needs/Technical Specifications and Design-SECTION 11. 30III. INFRASTRUCTURE, HARDWARE, TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND SOFTWARE . 51I. Increase Access-SECTION 12 . 51Page 2 of 68

IV. FUNDING AND BUDGET . 53J. Proposed Budget and Timetable-SECTION 13 . 53K. Coordination of Funding Resources-SECTION 14 . 59L. Evaluation-SECTION 15. 59BUILDING TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY COMMITTEES . 59V. MONITORING AND EVALUATION . 60PURPOSE; SCOPE . 60No Expectation of Privacy; Monitoring . 61Protection, Safety, Security of Minors, CIPA Regulations; Review, Deletion & Disclosure of E-Mail; RemoteAccess. 61Passwords; User Responsibilities . 62Prohibited Uses; Filtering; Enforcement . 62No Warranty; No Liability; Release . 64Modification of Guideline . 64Purpose; Scope . 64No Expectation of Privacy; Monitoring . 65Protection, Safety, Security; Review, Deletion and Disclosure of E-Mail; Remote Access. 65Passwords; User Responsibilities . 66Prohibited Uses; Filtering; Enforcement . 66No Warranty; No Liability; Release . 68Modification of Guideline . 68Page 3 of 68

Section 2 - Introductory MaterialOur MissionThe Mission of the Dearborn Public Schools, in partnership with families and the community, is toprovide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment in which each student is educated to highacademic standards to realize his or her full potential.IntroductionDISTRICT PROFILEThe City of Dearborn, with a population of 98,153 (2010 U.S. Census), is an urban city located directlywest of Detroit in Wayne County, Michigan. It is the headquarters of the Ford Motor Company.Dearborn is the home of many immigrants; 25.6% of the citizens were born in country other than theUnited States of America. Additionally, 42.5% speak a language other than English at home.The School District of the City of Dearborn has a K-12 student population of 18,993 (Fall, 2011). Itincludes one preschool, seventeen elementary schools, one P – 3 building, one Intermediate (grades 4– 8) building, two K – 8 buildings, four middle schools, three high schools, the Dearborn Center forMath Science and Technology (DCMST), the Berry Career Center and the Dearborn Magnet School. Itservices students in the city of Dearborn and a portion of the city of Dearborn Heights.The district ranks fifth in total student population (trailing only Detroit, Utica, Grand Rapids andPlymouth-Canton) and yet has one of the highest (39%) limited English proficient (LEP) and immigrantstudent population in the state. The number of students participating in the free and reduced lunchprogram district-wide is at 72%. This is an increase from 42% just three years ago.Statistics generated by U.S. Census Bureau indicate that 29.7% of the population of Dearborn is under18 years old. Dearborn is an attractive city. While the overall population of Michigan declined .6%between the 2000-2010 census, Dearborn's population increased during the same time (.4%). Theneed for the Dearborn Public Schools to teach technology literacy skills to an increasing studentpopulation is apparent.Other SEMCOG-generated statistics indicate that in the United States 2010 Census, only 30.5% of theadult population in the Dearborn Community achieved a bachelor's degree or higher level ofeducation. This is another indicator of the need for a strong and comprehensive technology plan andtechnology literacy program for all Dearborn students.Page 4 of 68

SCHOOL INFORMATIONFigures are based on the September, 2011 Official State CountSchoolLevelStudentsTeachersTitle IBeckerK-526818YesBryant Middle School6-873944YesK50113NoDearborn High School9-12175699YesDuVall ElementaryK-525919NoEdsel Ford High School9-12147789YesHenry Ford ElementaryK-580643YesHenry Ford Early College9-132178YesWilliam Ford ElementaryK-561741YesFordson High School9-122358125YesGeer Park ElementaryK-532421YesHaigh ElementaryK-547030YesHoward ElementaryK-538925YesHowe SchoolK-1216520YesLindbergh ElementaryK-532721NoLong ElementaryK-519814YesLowrey ElementaryK-575142YesLowrey Middle School6-854240YesMaples ElementaryK-559936YesCotter PreschoolPage 5 of 68

SchoolLevelStudentsTeachersTitle IMcColloughK-545633YesMcDonald ElementaryK-536928YesMiller ElementaryK-558939YesNowlin ElementaryK-519520YesOakman ElementaryK-528518YesRiver Oaks ElementaryK-533222YesSalina ElementaryK-349240YesSalina Intermediate4-850137YesSmith Middle School6-860345YesSnow ElementaryK-541733YesStout Middle School6-868445YesUnis Middle School6-860330YesWhitmore-Bolles ElementaryK-537335YesWoodworth Middle School6-876148Yes179151159TotalsVision and Goals : Section 3Our Vision We see a school community that supports and builds on the strengths of each student; usesinnovative instructional practices; inspires students to think critically, globally andcreatively; and fosters collaboration with its stakeholders.Page 6 of 68

We see an educational partnership in which school staffs, families, and members of thecommunity share the responsibility of educating each student in an atmosphere of trust andmutual respect. We see a continually improving teaching and learning environment that uses appropriateassessments, technology and best practices as the basis for developing and implementingsound educational programs and instructional practices. We see a school community that respects government mandates and insists its studentsmeet or exceed those mandated expectations. We see a school community that respects our similarities and differences and celebrates ourdiversity. We see a school community whose members model the Core Values of Honesty,Responsibility, Respect for Self and Others, Integrity, Courtesy, and Citizenship.Our ObjectivesDearborn Public Schools is committed to objectives that identify how the school staff andcommunity will help our students realize our Vision and Mission and become productive membersof the community. All of our students will demonstrate mastery of the skills and knowledge needed to meet orexceed all measures of assessment whether mandated by law, used by the district orrequired for post-secondary education.All students will model of the Core Values in the conduct of their daily lives.Page 7 of 68

All students and families will benefit from a strong partnership between the city and schools byworking together to increase student achievement, educational enrichment, and recreationalopportunities. All students will engage in educational experiences to develop and demonstrate strong skills incritical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration with others.Our BeliefsDearborn Public Schools is committed to a set of beliefs and expectations for quality teaching andlearning that will ensure a successful realization of our Vision, Mission, and Objectives.We believe that each student Shall learn based on his or her different needs, wants, styles, and visions for success. Shall have appropriate opportunities and choices to learn through effective educationalprogramming. Shall learn from educators, families, and the community to respect the similarities anddifferences and celebrate the diversity that exists within the greater community. Shall practice good citizenship. Shall receive active academic and emotional support from his or her family, school staff, andthe community in order to be an effective, caring citizen.We believe that Dearborn Public Schools Page 8 of 68

Shall provide our students with schools that meet or exceed state and federal mandates andaccreditation standards. Shall have well-maintained instructional facilities that support our students' learning needs. Shall ensure sound financial and fiscal planning for educational needs. Shall provide a safe, nurturing learning environment.We believe Dearborn Public Schools graduates and staff members Shall proficiently use critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Shall be proficient in the use of current technologies. Shall effectively use interpersonal communication skills. Shall model the Core Values. Shall participate as contributing members of their community. Shall plan and implement lifelong learning experiences.Our Core ValuesDearborn Public Schools, in partnership with the larger Dearborn community, created a set of CoreValues that continue to guide our community.Page 9 of 68

Our Core Values Honesty – To demonstrate honesty, we must Be truthful. Keep our promises.Respect for Self and Others – To demonstrate respect for self and others, we must Treat all people fairly. Exhibit good behavior. Be courteous and polite. Demonstrate kindness toward others. Acknowledge the rights of others.Responsibility – To demonstrate responsibility, we must Be reliable. Make informed decisions. Think before we act. Be accountable for our actions. Admit mistakes and plan corrections.Integrity – To exhibit integrity, we must Be trustworthy. Keep our promises. Know and do the right thing. Do our own work. Make the right choice even when not popular.Page 10 of 68

Courtesy – To exhibit courtesy, we must Treat others as we wish to be treated.Citizenship – To exhibit good citizenship, we must Respect the principles on which our country is founded. Respect authority/obey the law. Be an informed voter. Volunteer within our community. Be environmentally responsible.Our Guiding Principles We make all decisions based on the best interests of our students, remembering that theyare people, not abstract numbers in programs, projects, and test results. We are committed to ensuring that our graduates are prepared to contribute effectively andsucceed in a global society and in their personal lives by providing the best educationalexperiences for each child. We believe that it is a priority to provide an educational structure that best promotes thecontinual development of its children by encouraging creativity and the expression of ideas. We create an interesting, motivating, and nurturing learning environment for each child. We are committed to using effective strategies to promote lifelong learning.Page 11 of 68

We believe that all members of a community have a vested interest in each child. We inspire one another.GoalsSECTION 3 - TECHNOLOGY VISION AND GOALSThe ultimate mission of the Dearborn Public Schools is to educate all students to high academicstandards within a safe, stimulating environment and ensure they are prepared to become productivecitizens. To accomplish this it is imperative to teach all students the skills they need to succeed.Because technology plays such a major role in contemporary society, it is important that all studentsacquire skills and knowledge that allow them to become technologically literate. To achieve this, andto be in compliance with the Dearborn Public Schools Strategic Plan 2008-2013 Goal # 4. “We believeDearborn Public Schools graduates and staff members shall be proficient in the use of currenttechnologies.”Dearborn Public Schools Strategic PlanGoal One – Student AchievementThe District shall strengthen and support effective instruction at every level and in every disciplineto realize the full potential of each student, by meeting or exceeding state and federal mandates.Recommendation:Deploy appropriate technology applications for all students.Action Steps1. Identify best practice teaching, learning, and assessment technology applications.Page 12 of 68

2. Evaluate the impact of such applications on student learning and achievement.3. Ensure alignment of the applications with state and federal mandates regarding studenttechnology literacy.4. Provide