Welcome toPayLink DirectEnroll today to offer your customers interest-free VSCs ataffordable monthly payments.PayLink Direct specializes in providing interest free financing for the purchase of vehicle servicecontracts and other F&I products when purchased outside of the auto loans. With PayLink Direct,all of your customers that purchase a vehicle with cash, outside financing or limited financing, canbenefit from our 0% interest monthly payment option.Enclosed you will find an overview of our Payment Plan Program:– VSC Process– Funds Flow– DealershipAgreement– ACH Direct Deposit Funding FormSet up your account today!Please complete the enclosed Dealer Agreement and submitfor PayLink Direct enrollment.Program:1 of 5phone: 888.294.1331fax: 312.564.3218email: [email protected]% Interest. 100% Partner.

VSC ProcessSell more service contracts to more of your customers with flexible financing solutions from PayLink Direct.With PayLink Direct, the VSC seller receives payments up front, generating cash flow that can be reinvestedback into your business.How it works:1. Sell contract and collect down payment from consumer. (Dealer retains down payment minimum of5% of the purchase price).2. Select payment terms in accordance with PayLink Direct’s payment requirements.Payment Requirements. Select payment term based on the customer’s coverage term.Maximum approved payment term is half the coverage term, not to exceed 24 payments.Coverage Term (Months)1224364860 Maximum ApprovedPayments6121824243. Complete Payment Plan Agreement and submit to PayLink. (Be sure to print a copy of thePayment Plan Agreement for your customer and retain a signed copy for your records). For contracts completed using F&I Admin, the Payment Plan Agreement is electronicallysubmitted to PayLink Direct.4. Get Paid! Customer pays the remaining balance to PayLink Direct in equal monthly paymentsbased on Payment Term selected. PayLink Direct will remit payment to the Administrator andadvance amounts to your dealership according to the Dealer Agreement.Managing your PayLink Account: Fast Funding Options. To expedite dealer funding, complete the enclosed ACH direct depositfunding form. PayLink makes it easy to receive ACH direct deposit funding by initiating funds intoyour account, never out. Online Access. View your customer’s payment and account information 24/7 with PayLink Direct’sfree online system. Contact PayLink Direct at [email protected] to request a login andpassword after you’ve sold your first account.Program: GSAN 20190% Interest. 100% Partner.

PayLink Direct Funds FlowFunding & CancellationVSC term: 36 monthPayment Plan: 18 installmentsContract Sale Example(example numbers for illustrative purpose only)Sales Price 2000Down Payment(Retained by Dealer)- 200PayLink Direct Receivable18 installments - 100/Mon. 1800PayLink Direct FeeDiscount AmountAmount FundedAdvance by PayLink 1610 710Administrator Funding(example numbers for illustrative purpose only)2AdministratorFunding 900Dealer Funding 710Paylink Fee 190VSC term: 36 monthPayment Plan: 18 installmentsConsumer Cancels91.7%PayLink Direct Receivable. 1800.00Customer Paid toPayLink Direct- 200.00Waived PayLink Direct Fee- 123.50Balance Due to PayLink Direct 1476.50Program: GSAN 2019Paylink DirectReceivable 1800 900Contract Cancellation ExampleRefund % (33/36)Dealer Retains 200 Down Payment- 190Dealer FundingPayments Made pre-cancelDealer Sells 2,000Contract to ConsumerDealerRefunds any balance toConsumerAdministrator 651.20 due toPaylink Direct 825.30 due toPaylink Direct0% Interest. 100% Partner.

Dealer AgreementDealer Information SheetPlease submit your completed Dealer Agreement (pages 1 through 6) as follows for enrollment with PayLink ership InformationFull Name of Dealership:Type of Legal Entity:Name of Principle Owner:Years in Business:Dealership Street Address:State of age Type:Federal TaxID:Dealer Number:F & I Manager Name:Phone:Email:Office Manager Name:Phone:Email:Phone:Email:Phone:Email:Agent InformationName:Agency (IfApplicable):E-Contracting / Technology Partner (If Applicable)Name:Reinsurance Company Information (If Applicable)Name:Additional Account Information(Optional):PayLink Direct AdminUse:Program: GSAN 20191 of 60% Interest. 100% Partner.

Dealer AgreementDEALERSHIPAGREEMENTThis Dealership Agreement (this “Agreement”) is made and entered into on , by and between.(“Seller”) and PayLink Payment Plans, LLC, dbaPayLink Direct a Delaware limited liability company (“PayLink Direct”).Seller sells service contracts (“Contracts”) as an agent for a third party provider or administrator (the “Administrator”). The Contractsprovide for the payment or reimbursement of costs for the repair and replacement of certain parts and service for vehicles owned or leased bypurchasers of Contracts (“Purchasers”). Obligations of Administrator under the Contracts are secured by an insurance policy (the “Policy”) froman insurance company or other party (“Insurer”). The Policy insures the performance or payment by the obligor under a Contract should theobligor be unable to perform or pay.Administrator (i) desires to provide a payment plan program for Purchasers to pay the aggregate sales price of a Contract on aninstallment basis (the “Payment Plan Program”), and (ii) pursuant to a separate agreement between Administrator and Seller (“Admin-SellerAgreement”), Administrator charges Seller a cost (“such cost being referred to herein as the “Seller Cost”) and allows the Seller to charge amark-up over the Seller Cost in connection with each Contract sold, which mark-up is not fully earned until completion of the Contractcoverage term (the “Seller Mark-up”). The retail price for each Contract sold to a Purchaser shall be referred to herein as the “Sales Price”.PayLink Direct administers, services and maintains installment payment plan programs.Seller desires to participate in the Payment Plan Program and PayLink Direct is willing to permit the Seller to participate in thePayment Plan Program and provide installment payment arrangements for Purchasers of Contracts under the terms and conditions set forthherein.NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of whichare hereby acknowledged, the parties hereto agree as follows:A.Accounts and Documentation.1.2.3.All forms and agreements in connection with Contracts offered pursuant to the Payment Plan Program shall be supplied orapproved by PayLink Direct. Seller shall not use any form that has not been supplied or approved by PayLink Direct.For each account, Seller shall deliver to PayLink Direct electronic copies of the originals of Purchaser’s payment plan agreementas well as any other documents required by PayLink Direct. Seller shall maintain duplicate originals of all documents inconnection with each account and shall immediately deliver such duplicate originals to PayLink Direct following PayLink Direct’srequest. Electronic files must be delivered in conformity with this Agreement and PayLink Direct’s standard operatingprocedures.PayLink Direct may refuse to accept any account for any reason, as determined by PayLink Direct in its sole discretion.B.Discount Amount. PayLink Direct shall receive the applicable fee for the Payment Plan Program services, as determined by PayLinkDirect from time to time (the “Discount Amount”).C.Payments to Seller. Following receipt by PayLink Direct of an executed copy of the required documents with respect to a Contract thatis included in the Payment Plan Program and acceptance by PayLink Direct of such documents and the account with respect to suchContract, PayLink Direct shall pay to Seller (i) the Seller Mark-up due Seller with respect to such Contract pursuant to the Admin-SellerAgreement, less (ii) any down payment received by Seller with respect to such Contract at the time of sale (“Down Payment”), less (iii)the Discount Amount, on or about the tenth business day of the month following the month in which Purchaser makes the secondinstallment due under the Payment Plan Program, and less (iv) 100.00, an amount established by Administrator in its discretion toaccount for Seller’s deferred obligations under this Agreement and which will be funded by PayLink Direct to Administrator to maintainfor such obligations (the “Administrator Reserve”). PayLink Direct may elect to change the timing of the above payment to Seller uponwritten notice. PayLink Direct may elect to withhold payment at any time that PayLink Direct determines, in its sole discretion, thatSeller cannot or will not perform Seller’s obligations hereunder.D.Refund Following Cancellation. If PayLink Direct or Purchaser request to cancel a Contract, Seller shall refund to PayLink Direct thefollowing amount: (i) the Sales Price less Down Payment, plus (ii) any late payment charges, nsf charges, and bank payment chargebackrelated charges due to PayLink Direct, less (iii) any payments received by PayLink Direct from Purchaser, less (iv) any amounts received byPayLink Direct from Administrator with respect to the canceled Contract within 60 days following the effective date of the cancellation ofthe Contract. PayLink Direct may offset any unpaid refund amount from any amounts due to Seller by PayLink Direct. PayLink Direct shall,if it believes receipt of a refund to be uncertain, retain any funds due Seller until PayLink Direct deems itself certain to receive a refund orthe amount financed has been paid in full.Program: GSAN 20192 of 60% Interest. 100% Partner.

Dealer AgreementE.Collateral. As security for the payment of refunds and other amounts due to PayLink Direct from Seller, Seller assigns and conveys toPayLink Direct the right to receive any and all payments due from Administrator to Seller with respect to all Contracts sold by Seller thatare administered by Administrator. If PayLink Direct is not in receipt of a refund or other amount due from Seller within 60 daysfollowing the date any Contract is canceled or such payment is otherwise due, Seller hereby authorizes Administrator, upon notice fromPayLink Direct, to remit such amount directly to PayLink Direct out of any funds due from Administrator to Seller.F.Covenants of Seller. Seller shall: all Payment Plan Program policies and procedures with respect to all Contracts included in the Payment Plan Program.Properly use and complete the forms with respect to the Payment Plan Program and any revisions or amendments thereto.Ensure that Purchasers are not offered different pricing on Contracts based on their decision to pay a lump sum for theContract versus participating in the Payment Plan Program.Upon execution of a Contract, retain a minimum Down Payment of 5% of the purchase price for such Contract, as suchpercentage may be modified by PayLink Direct from time to time. The remaining amount financed by PayLink Direct must beequal to or greater than the sum of all amounts to be paid to Seller and Administrator in connection with such Contract plusthe Discount Amount.Only offer Contracts that (i) have a term of 12 months or more and (ii) are purchased with respect to a new or used automobileor truck.Ensure that activities related to the solicitation and creation of all accounts and Contracts of Purchasers, and any other relatedactivities, are conducted in accordance with all applicable laws.Ensure that all agreements, forms, disclosures, instruments, notices and other documents entered into, with or provided toPurchasers comply with all applicable laws and contain all notices, requirements, and other disclosures required by anyapplicable law (regardless of whether or not any such documents are provided by PayLink Direct to Seller).Be solely responsible for compliance with the Federal Electronic Funds Transfer Act, Federal Reserve Regulation E and anysimilar local or state laws (collectively, the “EFT Laws”) with respect to the transfer of funds between Purchaser andAdministrator, Seller or PayLink Direct by pre-authorized draft or direct debit. With respect to any pre-authorized draft ordirect debit, Seller shall cause the Purchaser to authorize such pre-authorized draft or direct debit in accordance with EFT Laws.Upon PayLink Direct’s request, Seller shall promptly provide copies to PayLink Direct of all records evidencing suchauthorizations. If this subsection constitutes a delegation of duties required by any EFT Law by PayLink Direct to Seller, Sellerhereby accepts such delegation and agrees to be fully responsible for the performance of all such duties, as if it were primarilyresponsible under EFT Law.Ensure that all Contracts are genuine in all respects.Ensure that all Contracts represent undisputed bona fide transactions completed in accordance with the terms and conditionsof the Payment Plan Program and the documents relating thereto.Ensure that there are no set offs, counterclaims or disputes existing or asserted with respect to any Contract and Seller has notmade any agreement with any Purchaser for any discount or deduction with respect to any Contract.Ensure that no Contract is subject to any prior assignment by Seller, claim, lien or security interest against Seller and Seller willnot make any assignment thereof or create any security interest therein, nor permit the same to become subject to anyattachment, levy, garnishment, or other judicial process.G.Term/Termination. This Agreement shall commence as of the date above and continue until terminated by either party for any reasonupon 30 days’ prior written notice to the other party.H.Indemnity. Seller hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold PayLink Direct and its owners, directors, managers, employees andagents harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, costs, liabilities, claims or other charges,absolute or contingent, matured or unmatured, known or unknown and any and all expenses incurred (including but not limited to,legal fees) by such party in connection with or arising out of (i) Seller’s breach of the Agreement or breach or alleged breach of theContract, (ii) any act or omission of Seller in connection with any Contract, (iii) any action, suit or proceeding by a third party relating tothe subject matter of this Agreement or (iv) any cancellation of any Contract by Purchaser, Seller, Administrator or PayLink Direct.I.Governing Law/Interpretation. This Agreement shall be construed in conformity with the laws of the State of Illinois without regard tochoice of law or conflict of law rules. The parties hereto irrevocably agree that all actions or proceedings in any way, manner or respect,arising out of or from or related to this Agreement, shall be litigated only in courts having situs within Cook County, Illinois. Each partyhereby consents and submits to the jurisdiction of any local, state or federal court located within Cook County, Illinois and waives anyright it may have to transfer the venue of any such litigation. It is the intent of the parties that this Agreement be deemed to have beenprepared by all of the parties and that no party shall be entitled to the benefit of any favorable interpretation or construction of anyterm or provision hereof under any rule or law.Program: GSAN 20193 of 60% Interest. 100% Partner.

Dealer AgreementJ.Protection of Confidential Information. Each party recognizes that the other party has and will continue to develop certain trade secrets,know-how, records, manuals, correspondence, documents, financial and sales information, reports, customer lists, policies, procedures,proposals, marketing plans, ideas, concepts, services and any other proprietary information which is confidential (collectively“Confidential Information”). Each party agrees that, upon the termination of this Agreement, such party will immediately deliver to theother all papers, books, manuals, lists, correspondence, documents and materials relating to the other party’s Confidential Information,together with all copies and embodiments of all of the foregoing including, without limitation, electronically stored records, databases,programs, computer disks and computer software. Each party further agrees that such party will not at any time reveal any ConfidentialInformation of the other party to any other person or otherwise use the Confidential Information of the other party for any purpose otherthan as specifically set forth herein. It is understood that Confidential Information does not include any information that is publiclyavailable.K.Severability. Whenever possible, each provision hereof shall be interpreted in such manner as to be effective and valid under applicablelaw; but if any provision hereof or the application thereof to any party or circumstance is prohibited by or invalid under applicable law,such provision shall be effective only to the minimal extent of such prohibition or invalidity, without invalidating the remainder of suchprovisions or the remaining provisions hereof or the application of such provisions to other parties or circumstances.L.Successors. This Agreement and all of the terms and provisions hereof shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the parties,their respective legal representatives, heirs, successors or assigns.M. Entire Agreement. This Agreement contains the entire understanding among the parties and supersedes any prior understandings and/orwritten or oral agreements among them respecting the within subject matter. There are no representations, agreements, arrangements,or understandings, oral or written, between or among the parties hereto relating to the subject matter hereof that are not fully expressedherein.N.Prevailing Party Costs. The prevailing parties in any litigation in connection with this Agreement shall be entitled to recover from the nonprevailing party all costs and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ and paralegals’ fees and costs incurred by suchparty in connection with any such litigation.O.Notices. Any notices, offers, acceptances and other communications required hereunder shall be in writing and deemed to have beengiven and received (i) when personally delivered, (ii) one day after being sent by a nationally recognized overnight courier withguaranteed next day delivery or (iii) 3 days after being mailed by United States certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid,to the parties at their respective addresses as set forth below.P.Assignment. No party may assign its rights or delegate any duties under this Agreement without the express prior written consent of theother parties. PayLink Direct and its permitted assignees may pledge its contract rights hereunder and any collateral documentationarising therefrom, including the assigning of Accounts to anyone that provides financing to PayLink Direct.Q.Pronouns and Headings. As used herein, all pronouns shall include the masculine, feminine, neuter, singular and plural thereof whereverthe context and facts require such construction. The headings, titles, and subtitles herein are inserted for convenience of reference onlyand are to be ignored in any construction of the provisions hereof.R.Survival of Rights. Except to the extent provided to the contrary in this Agreement, no termination (regardless of cause or procedure) ofthis Agreement shall in any way affect or impair the power, obligation, duties, rights and liabilities of Seller or PayLink Direct relating to (i)any transaction or event occurring prior to such termination, (ii) any Contract existing as of the date of termination of this Agreement or(iii) any of the undertakings, agreements, covenants, warranties and representations of Seller or PayLink Direct with respect to (i) and (ii)above. All such under