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Room Alert 4ETable of ContentsIntroduction To Room Alert 4E .3Room Alert 4E Package Contents.4The Room Alert 4E ID Box .4Front .4Back .5How To Install Your Room Alert 4E .7Step 1: Connect Your Room Alert 4E Hardware.7Step 2: Open And View Your Room Alert 4E In Your Web Browser .7With The Built-In Web Interface .7With Device ManageR For Advanced Functionality.8Step 3: Install Additional Components .8Connect Included External Sensor(s).8Connect Compatible Components .9How To Use Room Alert 4E’s Web Interface .10Status .10Current Sensor Status Bar .11Sensor Display Area .12Settings.14Network.15SMTP Email.18Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) .20Sensors .23Ping Options.29Alarm Options .30Security .32Advanced .34AVTECH Software, Inc.1

Room Alert 4EHelp .39About.40Updating & Troubleshooting Your Room Alert 4E .41How To Download Firmware & Software Updates From .41How To Update Room Alert 4E’s Firmware .41How To Discover Room Alert 4E When Your Network Blocks UDP Broadcasts .42How To Reset Room Alert 4E To Factory Defaults .42Introduction To AVTECH’s Device ManageR .44Appendix: Sensor & Product OptionsAVTECH.comProtect Your Facility Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!2AVTECH Software, Inc.

Room Alert 4EIntroduction To Room Alert 4EThe Room Alert 4E monitor is AVTECH’s compact hardware solution for Temperature &Facilities Environment Monitoring. Made Easy.The Room Alert 4E has one (1) internal temperature sensor and four (4) external ports: two (2)external digital, one (1) external switch and one (1) custom Light Tower & Relay Switch Sensorport.Install your unit with minimal planning and less hassle. Get up and running in minutes with easy “Plug and Play” setup. Mount Room Alert 4E on a rack, on a wall, ceiling or table top.Get access from anywhere over the web. Configure, monitor and operate Room Alert 4E with its easy-to-use built-in web interface. Significantly expand its functionality with AVTECH’s Device ManageR, the powerfulsoftware bundled FREE with all Room Alert monitors. Have the flexibility to monitor with any SNMP-enabled 3rd-party monitoring application.Know immediately when physical conditions change. Set alert thresholds for the built-in and bundled Digital Temperature sensor from -40 to185 F (-40 to 85 C). Alert multiple contacts on your team when thresholds are exceeded. Receive alert notifications by email, email-to-SMS and more on your computer or mobilephone.Expand your options as your needs evolve. Extend your reach by adding an external digital sensor up to 100 feet away and an externalswitch sensor up to 900! Generate clear visible and audible signals by adding a Light Tower. Automatically turn on/off electrical devices, such as air conditioners or generators, by addinga Relay Switch Sensor. Explore your options further with your AVTECH Product Specialist.AVTECH Software, Inc.3

Room Alert 4ERoom Alert 4E Package ContentsThe standard Room Alert 4E package includes: One (1) Room Alert 4E ID Box One (1) External Digital Temperature Sensor One (1) 10' Ethernet Cable One (1) Room Alert 4E User’s Guide & Reference Manual (You’re reading it now.) One (1) Package Of Literature & Additional InformationThe Room Alert 4E ID BoxFrontPower t(1)ResetCustomButton Light Tower/RelayPortFrontPower PortA standard power port connects Room Alert 4E toan electrical outlet with AVTECH’s InternationalPower Adapter.4AVTECH Software, Inc.

Room Alert 4ENOTELook for the AVTECH logo. Using another power adapter coulddamage the Room Alert 4E’s circuit board. If you need one, purchaseit online at AVTECH has an international poweradapter with a compatible plug style for each and every country.Ethernet PortAn RJ-45 port connects Room Alert 4E to your networkvia an RJ-45 network cable.Digital Sensor PortsTwo (2) standard RJ-11 jacks connect any AVTECHdigital sensor to your Room Alert 4E via a standard RJ11 (straight through) telephone cord.Switch Sensor ChannelA pair of dry contacts connects Room Alert 4E to anyAVTECH switch sensor via standard speaker wire orlow-voltage 2-wire cable.BackReset ButtonA small push button resets Room Alert 4E to factorydefault settings.AVTECH Software, Inc.5

Room Alert 4ECustom Light Tower & Relay Switch Sensor PortThe custom port allows you to directly connect a LightTower or Relay Switch Sensor to the Room Alert 4E.NOTEFor more information about AVTECH sensors and accessories,please refer to the Appendix at the back of this manual or visit theSensors and Accessories sections of Room Alert 32W Layout6AVTECH Software, Inc.

Room Alert 4EHow To Install Your Room Alert 4EAStep 1: Connect Your Room Alert 4E HardwareA. Connect to your network first. Connect one end of a standard Ethernet cableto the Room Alert 4E’s Ethernet port. Connect the other end to a network jack.BB. Then connect to a power source. Plug one end of AVTECH’s International Power Adapter into the Room Alert 4E’spower port. Plug the other end into a surge-protected power source.Your Room Alert 4E is now powered and discoverable on your network!NOTEUse only AVTECH’s International Power Adapter. Others coulddamage the Room Alert 4E and void your warranty. If you don’thave one, please visit our online store at 2: Open And View Your Room Alert 4E In Your Web BrowserWith The Built-In Web Interface Enter your Room Alert 4E’s IP address in your web browser’s address bar to accessthe interface.AVTECH Software, Inc.7

Room Alert 4EORWith Device ManageR For Advanced Functionality Download and install AVTECH’s Device ManageR via your customer account Launch it in your web browser at http://localhost:8080.Step 3: Install Additional ComponentsConnect Included External Sensor(s)AVTECH’s external Digital Temperature Sensor, shown here, comes standard with the RoomAlert 4E package.Digital Temperature SensorPlease install according to the Installation Note included with it.8AVTECH Software, Inc.

Room Alert 4EConnect Compatible ComponentsIf you purchased additional components that are compatible, install them according to theInstallation Notes included with them.NOTEPlease refer to Status, Settings, and Alarm Options in thismanual for instructions on viewing and configuring your Temperature & HumiditySensorAir FlowSensorCurrent LoopTemperature & AnalogSensorSample Of Sensors Available For Room AlertAVTECH Software, Inc.9

Room Alert 4EHow To Use Room Alert 4E’s Web InterfaceYou may configure your Room Alert 4E through its built-in web interface. To access theinterface, you may either: Select your Room Alert 4E in Device ManageR and click the “Open Web” button.or Type the IP address of your Room Alert 4E monitor directly into the address bar ofyour web browser.Your Room Alert 4E’s web interface has 4 tabs: Status Settings Help AboutStatusTo view your Room Alert 4E’s current sensor status, click Status in the navigation bar at thetop of your screen.10AVTECH Software, Inc.

Room Alert 4ECurrent Sensor Status BarBelow the Status tab is the Current Sensor Status Bar, where you may view basic informationabout your Room Alert 4E and make temporary adjustments to the sensor display. You may find your Room Alert 4E’s name, current date & time, and MAC address here. To determine if your Room Alert 4E’s firmware is current, you may click RoomAlert 4E vX.X.X at the right.TIPYour Room Alert 4E must be connected to the internet to checkfirmware versions. To temporarily modify the refresh interval of the Status screen while viewing, whichis 60 seconds (i.e., every 1 minute) by default, you may enter a value in seconds inthe “Update Every” field. Click outside the field to temporarily commit the change. To temporarily toggle the temperature scale between Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius (C),click Fahrenheit or Celsius.NOTERefer to the Advanced section in this manual for instructions onsetting the default status page refresh rate and temperaturescale for Room Alert 4E.AVTECH Software, Inc.11

Room Alert 4ESensor Display AreaIn the main viewing pane of the Status tab is the “Sensor Display Area.” Here you may view thecurrent readings for your sensors, which are displayed in a grid on the screen as follows:Light TowerorRelay SwitchSensor(when enabled inSettings)Channel 1Channel 2Channel 3Channel ernalDigitalSensorExternalSwitchSensorPings(when configured in Settings)Below the channels, you see the status icons and the labels for your sensors, which you mayconfigure in Settings Sensors.Status IconsGreen circle with “ ” mark . Sensor is in a clear state.Grey circle . Sensor has no alarm threshold set.Red circle with “X” mark . Sensor is in an alarm state.12AVTECH Software, Inc.

Room Alert 4EDisplay All Sensors / Connected SensorsIf you have no external digital sensor connected, you may temporarily hide Channels 2 and 3:1. To hide the disconnected digital sensor, click Connected Sensors in the CurrentSensors Status Bar as shown here.2. To toggle the view back to all 4 sensor channels, click All Sensors.AVTECH Software, Inc.13

Room Alert 4ESettingsTo access your Room Alert 4E’s settings, click Settings in the navigation bar at the top of yourscreen.TIPYou’ll see a prompt for your username and password wheneveryou click Settings. If you have not set up log in credentials foryour Room Alert 4E, simply click OK without entering anything.14AVTECH Software, Inc.

Room Alert 4ENetworkNavigate to Settings Network to open the Network Settings screen.Device NameTo rename your Room Alert 4E:1. Select the automatically-assigned name in “Device Name” and enter a new one of up to15 alphanumeric characters.2. Click Accept Changes at the bottom of your screen to temporarily save your settings.You may now navigate to another screen; however, if you close the web interface beforethe next step, you will lose your changes.3. Click Save Settings in the navigation bar to the left of your screen. Your Room Alertwill automatically reboot and commit your changes.IP Address Configuration—DHCPTo obtain an IP address automatically using DHCP:1. Select Obtain IP Address Automatically.2. Typically, leave “Auto Configuration Methods” at the default, with “BOOTP,” “DHCP”and “AutoIP” enabled.3. Click Accept Changes at the bottom of your screen to temporarily save your settings.You may now navigate to another screen; however, if you close the web interface beforethe next step, you will lose your changes.AVTECH Software, Inc.15

Room Alert 4E4. Click Save Settings in the navigation bar to the left of your screen. Your Room Alertwill automatically reboot and commit your changes.IP Address Configuration—Static IPTo assign a static IP address:1. Select Use The Following IP Configuration.2. In “IP Address,” enter the new static IP address.3. In “Subnet Mask,” enter the subnet mask.4. In “Default Gateway,” enter the gateway IP address.5. In “DNS Server IP,” enter the DNS server IP address.6. Click Accept Changes at the bottom of your screen to temporarily save your settings.You may now navigate to another screen; however, if you close the web interface beforethe next step, you will lose your changes.7. Click Save Settings in the navigation bar to the left of your screen. Your Room Alertwill automatically reboot and commit your changes.TIPIMPORTANT: Make sure that you do not use an IP address thatis already assigned to another device. Also, set the IP addresswithin your current subnet range; otherwise, you may not beable to discover your Room Alert 4E.Ethernet ConfigurationTypically, you may leave the “Ethernet Configuration” section at the defaults, which are shownbelow, for immediate use of Room Alert 4E.16AVTECH Software, Inc.

Room Alert 4EHowever, if you connect your Room Alert 4E to a managed switch that controls your networktraffic, you may need to change these settings:1. In “MTU Size,” you may leave the default, 1024, or enter a value as low as 512.2. You may uncheck “Auto Negotiate” and choose: For “Speed,” 100 Mbps or 10 Mbps. For “Duplex,” “Full” or “Half.”3. In “Gratuitous ARP Broadcasts,” you may leave the checkbox at the default (enabled) oruncheck the box to disable.4. Click Accept Changes at the bottom of your screen to temporarily save your settings.You may now navigate to another screen; however, if you close the web interfac