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Table of contentsWelcome to the 2021 U.S. Benefits Guide . 3What’s staying the same in 2021 . 4What’s new in 2021 . 4What you should know about Consumer-Driven Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts. 5Important items to consider . 6Medical Plan Options . 7Comparing your Medical Plan Options . 92021 Medical Rates . 10TRICARE Supplemental Plan . 11Combining Essential or Select Medical Plans with a compatible HSA for complete benefits . 12Opening and Using your Health Savings Account (HSA) . 13Wellness Incentives. 14Dental Coverage Options . 152021 Dental Rates . 16Vision Coverage Options . 172021 Vision Rates . 18Flexible Spending Accounts . 19Commuter Benefits Accounts . 20Basic Life and Disability Insurance . 20Supplemental Life and Disability Insurance Premiums. 21Member Benefits beyond Health Insurance . 24Your CGI Wealth Benefits . 26Benefit Contribution Limits . 27CGI Benefits Contact Information . 28About this Guide . 31Required Notices . 31CGI Benefits Guide 2021 CGIUS Password: usbenefits2021 2020 CGI GROUP INC.2CGI INTERNAL

Welcome to the 2021 U.S. Benefits GuideCGI’s comprehensive benefits program is designed to ensure that you have benefitchoices across a wide range of areas, including health care, wealth management,income protection and a variety of voluntary lifestyle benefits. Each year, openenrollment provides an opportunity for you to carefully consider your options and makesmart decisions for you and your family. This guide presents your benefits for thecoming year.The 2021 U.S. Benefits site, (username: CGIUS; ID: usbenefits2021), is your sourcefor more detailed information and serves as your gateway into CGI’s Open EnrollmentElection Tool. Open enrollment begins on Monday, November 2 and ends at 11:59p.m. PT on Friday, November 13. Benefits elections made during the openenrollment period will become effective Wednesday, January 1, 2021. Payrolldeduction changes will occur in your first paycheck following January 1, 2021.If you have questions about your benefits or the open enrollment process, please visitthe U.S. Benefits site or visit the HR Service Center to open a case. We are committedto responding to your questions to ensure that you have the information you need tomake informed benefits choices.CGI 2021 U.S.Benefits EnrollmentMembers currently enrolled in CGI’smedical, dental or vision plan whodo not log in to the enrollment toolto select new coverage options for2021 will have their current planelections automatically rolled overfor the 2021 plan year.This includes current HealthSavings Account (HSA) payrolldeduction contributions.Active enrollment for FlexibleSpending Accounts (FSA) isrequired – Members must renewtheir FSA elections. The HealthCare FSA, the Limited PurposeFSA and the Dependent Care FSAwill not automatically roll over for2021.Eligible U.S. CGI members whowish to make changes to theirbenefits elections for 2021 must login to CGI’s Open EnrollmentElection Tool between November 2and November 13 to select 2021coverage.Regular full-time and regular part-time CGImembers scheduled to work 20 or more hoursper week.Enrollment Checklist Review the information on theU.S. Benefits site. Model the cost of your benefitson ALEX. Attend an informationalwebinar—ask questions. Consult with your family. Make your decisions and enroll!CGI Benefits Guide 2021 CGIUS Password: usbenefits2021 2020 CGI GROUP INC.3CGI INTERNAL

November 2ndBeginning Monday, November 2, you can access the Open Enrollment ElectionTool* when you are connected to the CGI network. You can access the tool viathe U.S. Benefits site (username: CGIUS; password: usbenefits2021). Members mustmake elections by 11:59 p.m. PT on Friday, November 13, 2020.*OPEN ENROLLMENT LINK - REMOTE ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS:Non-Federal Remote Access: Log into Unified Access Connect, Unified Access Lite, Unified Access RNASor Cisco RNAS using your remote access (2FA) credentials. Then log into the enrollment tool using yourEnterprise Portal credentials.Federal Remote Access (Non-SCA Members Only): Log in to the CGI Federal VPN( ) using your CGI Federal credentials (typically, first initial last name ).Select the enrollment tool from the list. You then will be asked for your Enterprise Portal credentials( firstname . lastname ) to use the tool.Note: If you are unable to access the Federal VPN, please email [email protected] If you are unableto log in to the tool after connecting to the Federal VPN, please call 1-888-571-7211.What’s staying the same in 2021In 2021, Cigna will continue to serve as CGI’s group health care provider, with two medical plan options. Here is an overview ofwhat is staying the same and what is new this year: Select and Essential Cigna group health plans Dental vendor (Delta Dental of Virginia) and Vision vendors (United Healthcare and VSP), with the same dental and vision plans Health Savings Account vendor (Optum Bank), with same CGI contributions (up to an annual max of 500 individual/ 1,000family) Healthy Babies maternity program, which supports expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy and shortly after birth Wellness Incentives, which allows members to earn up to 400 throughout the year for various wellness activities A preventive care drug list, which allows the plan to cover certain classes of prescription drugs for diabetes, hypertension,asthma, depression and cholesterol management are covered at 100 percent without regard to the deductibleWhat’s new in 2021 Additional Family Supports through Bright Horizons Discounted and priority access to daycare, free Sittercity membershipto search vetted caregivers with the ability to set up virtual or in-person learning pods; discounts to tutoring services and collegeprep test providers. New Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) and Disability Carrier - MetLife Members will be able to obtainsupplemental coverage through MetLife at reduced rates. Discounted Home and Auto Insurance - MetLife Members will be able to obtain discounted home and auto insurancecoverage through MetLife. Look for more information coming soon on how to take advantage of these savings.CGI Benefits Guide 2021 CGIUS Password: usbenefits2021 2020 CGI GROUP INC.4CGI INTERNAL

What you should know about Consumer-Driven Health Plans andHealth Savings AccountsWhat is a Consumer-Driven Health Plan?CGI offers a consumer-driven health plan or CDHP. A CDHP is a health insuranceoption that features a high-deductible plan coupled with a Health Savings Account(HSA), which allows members to pay out-of-pocket expenses from a tax-advantagedsavings account.What does a high-deductible plan mean? Your deductible and out-of-pocket costs may be higher than traditional co-payinsurance plan options, but your premium is generally lower. You take responsibility for covering your health care expenses until your calendaryear deductible is met. Your insurance is valid and insurance network discounts areeffective immediately, even before your deductible is met, but you are responsiblefor paying the out-of-pocket expenses upfront. Preventive in-network services are covered 100 percent immediately, even beforeyour deductible is met. Once you meet your annual deductible, future health care costs covered by the planare paid for by the plan for the remainder of the year. In some instances, coinsurance may apply.What is a Health Savings Account? A Health Savings Account, or HSA, is a member-owned bank account with fundsused for payment of medical expenses. Employers and employees (CGI members)can contribute to an HSA and funds remain with the member, even if that memberchanges employers.HSA ContributionsFor 2021, CGI will fund members’HSA with up to 500 for individualcoverage or up to 1,000 for familycoverage. Equal disbursementsthroughout the 2021 calendar yearwill be made by CGI into your HSAwith Optum Bank.All contributions and earnings onyour HSA contributions are taxfree. You can pay for out-of-pocketmedical expenses on a tax-freebasis with your HSA.Prescription OptionsIf you need a maintenancemedication on a regular basis, youcan use the mail-order prescriptionprogram available through Cigna,or purchase a 90-day supply at aretail pharmacy. Log in to myCignato see which option works best foryou. When you have qualifying medical or prescription drug expenses, including thosethat apply to your annual deductible, you can choose to pay for them using themoney in your HSA. Or, you can save the money for a future need – even intoretirement. It’s your choice.How does a Health Savings Account work?You own the HSA: The money deposited into your HSA is yours to keep. There is no annual “use it or lose it” rule, as with medical flexible spending accounts. If you leave CGI or change health plans, you can take your HSA with you.You won’t pay federal income taxes on: Deposits you or others make to your HSA. Money you spend from your HSA on qualified medical expenses. Interest earned on the HSA.CGI Benefits Guide 2021 CGIUS Password: usbenefits2021 2020 CGI GROUP INC.5CGI INTERNAL

Prescription DrugsThe federal regulations governing CDHPs do not permit these plans to offer a traditional prescription drug co-payment option.Instead, prescription purchases are treated the same way as other medical expenses, subject to the plan’s annual deductible andco-insurance.Important items to consider when deciding which benefits choicesare right for you in 2021, remember:Important SurchargesTobacco user surcharge Tobacco users will be charged an additional 50 a month for CGI medical plan coverage. You must nothave used tobacco products in the last six months to qualify for the non-tobacco user rate. This surcharge applies to members only(not spouses, domestic partners and/or dependents).If you are a tobacco or nicotine user there are alternatives to avoid the surcharge. Free and confidential smoking cessationservices are available to you through your insurance program (Cigna or BCBS of Alabama) at any time of the year. If you completea smoking cessation program you can have the monthly smoker surcharge removed.Working spouse surcharge If your spouse or domestic partner is employed and able to obtain medical plan coverage throughhis or her employer, you will be charged an additional 100 a month if you choose to cover him or her under CGI’s medical plan.If your spouse or domestic partner experiences a qualifying life event (loss of a job, etc.) during the plan year, this surcharge maybe removed and/or reinstated at any time.Coverage EligibilityRegular full-time and regular part-time CGI members scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week are eligible to enroll in our U.S.benefits plans. You also may enroll your eligible dependents, including your spouse or domestic partner, a dependent child up toage 26 and a handicapped adult-dependent child. Proof of eligibility may be required. You must ensure that any individual youenroll in a CGI plan remains eligible under the plan at all times.If you do not provide sufficient evidence when and if requested, coverage for a dependent may be terminated – even if he or shesatisfies the definition of eligibility. Also, any misrepresentations or inaccurate information you provide could result in loss ofcoverage. If you cover an individual who is not eligible, you may be required to reimburse the plan for any expenses it has incurredby the ineligible individual. Other actions may also be taken. Therefore, it is important to notify CGI immediately when someoneyou covered as a dependent is no longer eligible.When a dependent no longer meets eligibility requirements, you must open and complete a case in the HR Service Center within31 days of the event. Failure to notify CGI promptly may result in the unavailability of COBRA continuation coverage.Enrolling a Domestic PartnerWhen you are eligible for CGI benefits, you may add a qualified same- or opposite-sex domestic partner and a domestic partner’schild or children to your CGI medical, dental, or vision coverage. You must meet the requirements and return a notarized copy ofthe CGI Domestic Partner Affidavit, along with the requested supporting documentation and tax certification, every year. Requestthe form by opening a case on the HR Service Center and assigning it to the Benefits – U.S. provider group. You have 31 daysCGI Benefits Guide 2021 CGIUS Password: usbenefits2021 2020 CGI GROUP INC.6CGI INTERNAL

after the enrollment deadline to provide the affidavit and documentation. Domestic Partner coverage cannot be activated withoutnotarized and verifiable documentation.IRS regulations require CGI to report the value of benefits for covering a domestic partner as taxable income on your W-2 form.Medical and dental coverage for a domestic partner is paid through normal pre-tax payroll deductions and is reported on yourpaycheck as taxable income at 100 percent of the cost. The annual taxable income can impact the amount of income tax you mustpay. Be sure to review your options carefully because your elections cannot be changed during the year without a change-in-statusevent.If your domestic partner qualifies as your tax dependent for health coverage purposes, you can avoid having the value of yourdomestic partner’s health coverage treated as taxable income. To avoid taxation, you must complete and return the Certification ofTax Treatment of Domestic Partner, indicating that your domestic partner qualifies as your federal tax dependent for healthcoverage purposes. Because the determination of whether a person is a tax dependent for health coverage purposes relies onfacts solely within your knowledge, CGI cannot make this determination for you. You will be required to complete a Certificationeach year at open enrollment. For any year in which CGI does not receive a Certification from you, CGI will assume that yourdomestic partner does not qualify as your federal tax dependent for health coveragepurposes for that year.Making changes during the yearConsider your benefits elections carefully before making your choices because federalregulations allow changes during the year only in certain circumstances (e.g., within 30days of the birth of a child, marriage, divorce, etc.).Medical Plan OptionsCGI offers two medical plan options through Cigna that varyin cost and annual deductible. Both plans are HSAcompatible.Both plan options (1) feature a deductible you must meet before the plan begins to paybenefits, (2) pay higher benefits for in-network services and (3) cover all qualified, innetwork preventive care (e.g., annual physicals, immunizations and age-appropriatescreenings) at 100 percent, with no co-insurance or deductible requirement. The twoplans are: Select Plan/Health Savings Account (Select/HSA): This option has lowerdeductible costs and higher payroll premium deduction costs than the Essentialplan. CGI contributes tax-free money to eligible HSA holders to help pay health careexpenses. Essential Plan/Health Savings Account (Essential/HSA): This option has higherdeductible costs and lower payroll premium deduction costs than the Select plan.CGI contributes tax-free money to eligible HSA holders to help pay health careexpenses.Your Health SavingsAccount (HSA)During the 2021 calendar year,CGI will fund members’ HSA up to 500 for those with individualcoverage or 1,000 for those withfamily coverage, to help withannual out-of-pocket expenses.Deposits are made each payperiod throughout the calendaryear. CGI contributions can bemade only if you open andmaintain an account at OptumBank. CGI’s biweekly contributionscannot be made retroactively, sobe sure your account is open andready to receive deposits on Jan.1, 2021.Optum Bank is a financialinstitution leader specializing inHSAs and other financial solutionsfor health care. If you are acontinuing participant and alreadyhave established an account atOptum Bank, you do not need totake any action.CGI Benefits Guide 2021 CGIUS Password: usbenefits2021 2020 CGI GROUP INC.7CGI INTERNAL

Prescription Drug PlanBoth medical plans include prescription drug benefits through Cigna. HSA-compatible health plans require the cost of theprescription to apply toward the same deductible as all other medical expenses—meaning you pay 100 percent of the negotiatedcost of yo