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ContentsNordstrom Iron Plug ValvesAdvantages of Nordstrom Iron Plug ValvesPascal’s LawPlug Valve PatternsSuper Nordstrom Two-Bolt Cover-Type Iron ValveSuper Nordstrom Regular Pattern Iron Plug ValveNordstrom Bolted Gland-Type Iron Plug ValvesDynamic Balance Plug ValvesNordstrom Screwed Gland-Type Iron Plug ValvesDimensional TablesConformance to Standard SpecificationsGas Safety Control Valves Approvedby Factory Mutual LaboratoriesActuators for Nordstrom, Super Nordstromand Dynamic Balance ValvesLocking Devices For Wrench-Operated ValvesGearingSealant FittingsIntegral Locking System ValvesWrenchesSquare AdaptersDrilling Templates, Flange Dimensionsand Bolting DataCap Screws and StudsRecommended Pressure/Temperature Ratingsand Hydrostatic Shell Test PressuresTest TimesTypical Materials of Construction468891011121314-3536Glossary of Terms Usedon Valve Dimension TablesCWP (Cold Working Pressure) is the maximumservice pressure permitted in the ambient temperature range -20 F to 100 F (-29 C to 38 C). CWP isexpressed in psig (pounds per square inch gage).DN (Diameter Nominale), an indication of nominaldiameter.Test The Hydrostatic Shell Test Pressure. Seechart on page 42.37Upper dimensions and weights are in inches andpounds.3738-394040404142Lower dimensions and weights are in millimetersand kilograms.43-4445464647About This CatalogEvery attempt has been made to assure that the datain this catalog is as accurate as possible. Flowservereserves the right to make product modificationsthat contradict the contents of this catalog withoutnotification to its holders. Flowserve cannot be heldresponsible for any data found to be inaccurate orincomplete.Other Valve and Valve-RelatedPublicationsNordstrom Multiport Valves (NVABR1022)Nordstrom Poly-Gas Polyethylene Valves(NVABR1006)Nordstrom Steel Plug Valves (NVABR1004)Nordstrom Sealant and Sealant Equipment(NVABR1014)Nordstrom Valves For Water and WastewaterService (NVABR1005)Nordstrom Poly-Chem Valves (NVABR1007)Nordstrom Poly-Water Valves (NVABR1008)Valve Figure Number ExplanationValve figure numbers ending in a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 indicate wrench-operated valves. Valve figure numbersending in 1 indicate compression style ends. Valvefigure numbers ending in 2 or 4 indicate threadedends. Valve figure numbers ending in 3 or 5 indicateflanged ends. Valve figure numbers ending in a 9 indicate flangedends with worm gear operator.

flowserve.comValve Figure Number IndexFigure NumberPageFigure NumberPageFigure NumberPage1141518918116916, 1711515214201485251421226528148925, 2714312, 13269291585301491430523158930, 1443718518825332419136Valve Working Pressure IndexWorking PressuresType of OperationPatternNominal SizePage No.120 CWP (8.3 bar)Worm GearVenturi30 & 36 (DN 750 & 900)17150 CWP (10.3 bar)Worm GearVenturi14–24 (DN 350–600)17WrenchShort (Gate Length)1/2–5 (DN 15–125)12WrenchShort (Gate Length)6–10 (DN 150–250)13Straightway Valves200 CWP (13.8 bar)300 CWP (20.7 bar)400 CWP (27.6 bar)Worm GearShort (Gate Length)6–12 (DN 150–300)14Wrench & Worm GearShort (Gate Length)6–10 (DN 150–250)18Worm GearVenturi6–12 (DN 150–300)16WrenchRegular1/2–4 (DN 15–100)15Worm GearRegular4–12 (DN 100–300)22WrenchRegular4–8 (DN 100–200)21WrenchCompression Ends6 (DN 150)36WrenchGrooved Ends2–4 (DN 50–100)37Worm GearVenturi16–24 (DN 400–600)27WrenchShort1 & 2 (DN 25 & 50)20WrenchShort2–4 (DN 50–100)23WrenchVenturi6–8 (DN 150–200)25Worm GearVenturi6–12 (DN 150–300)25WrenchRegular4 & 6 (DN 100 & 150)28Worm GearRegular6–12 (DN 150–300)29Worm GearVenturi16–24 (DN 400–600)32WrenchRegular1/2–4 (DN 15–100)24500 CWP (34.5 bar)WrenchVenturi6 & 8 (DN 150 & 200)30Worm GearVenturi6–12 (DN 150–300)30800 CWP (55.2 bar)WrenchRegular3/4–4 (DN 20–100)33200 CWP (13.8 bar)Wrench—1–4 (DN 25–100)341/2–4 (DN 15–100)39Steam Jacketed ValvesSpecial Order ValvesFM ValvescWrenchRegularWARNING: Numerous products described in this catalog and manufactured before January 1, 1986 wereequipped with packings and/or gaskets that contained asbestos. When servicing, disassembling ordisposing of these products, avoid breathing the asbestos fibers or dust. Respirators should be worn toavoid breathing the abestos fibers or dust.

Nordstrom Iron Plug ValvesOver the past 70 years, an estimated 70,000,000Nordstrom valves have been installed in just aboutevery type of commercial service imaginable. Manyof these valves — still in service today — areconsiderably older than the persons currentlyoperating them.This widespread acceptance and long-time usage isa tribute to the versatility, proven performance andrugged durability of the Nordstrom valve design.It also demonstrates the effectiveness of the manyimprovements that have resulted from Nordstrom’scontinuing advances in valve design, materialsapplication engineering and production technology,all of which have upgraded valve performance whilemaintaining competitive pricing. Obviously, a greatmany users agree that the Nordstrom iron plugvalve is one of the best values on the market today!A Technology LeaderAt Nordstrom, high technological effort has been— and continues to be — dedicated to providingone of the valve industry’s most outstandingresearch, development and test capabilities, as wellas advanced manufacturing systems.Nordstrom’s broadening investment in productresearch and development activities, computeraided design systems, experimental and qualification testing facilities, new production techniques,and state-of-the-art equipment and plant facilitieshas resulted in greater efficiencies and cost savingsin the design and production of Nordstrom plugvalves.These ongoing efforts have continued to keepFlowserve Nordstrom Valves at the forefront ofplug valve technology, while assuring Nordstrom’sleadership role in today’s plug valve marketplace.

flowserve.comAdvanced Manufacturing SystemsNordstrom iron plug valves are manufactured at SulphurSprings, Texas. Here, Nordstrom engineers, quality assurance inspectors and other valve production experts areinvolved in the manufacturing process from start to finishto assure high standards of excellence.Nordstrom’s manufacturing technology leadership isparticularly evident where state-of-the-art productionequipment and processes have been implemented in theproduction of smaller Nordstrom iron plug valves. Thismanufacturing capability is rivaled by few (if any) othervalve manufacturers today.Once a valve body has been machined it is matched with itsown individually mated plug. The plug is then coated witha low-coefficient friction coating. The valve componentsare moved to the final assembly area where each valvecover bolt is individually hand-torqued to exacting torquespecifications. Each and every valve must undergo andpass rigorous hydrostatic testing. Finally, the valve receivesits red coating - the color that has identified a genuineFlowserve Nordstrom Iron plug valve for decades.Customer ServiceThe Nordstrom plug valve customer sales andservice organization, trained to assist with thevalve specifications and applications, is one of thelargest in the industry — and, we believe, the mostexperienced and technically qualified.And they work with one of the valve industry’slargest stocking distributor organizations — over500 strategically located branch stores throughoutthe United States alone!Internationally, our own customer sales and servicerepresentatives are augmented by internationalsales agents, who represent Nordstrom plug valveproducts in principal cities throughout the world.In the development of advanced materials andprocesses; in the creation of soundly engineeredand innovative designs; in rigorous proof of performance testing; in advanced, cost-effective production facilities; in the breadth of proven productlines; in the scope of customer sales and servicecapabilities — these are the areas of performancethat demonstrate the strengths and resources ofNordstrom Valves.

Advantages of Nordstrom Iron Plug ValvesFlowserve Nordstrom valves are made in a varietyof patterns that assure maximum economy andefficiency for the full range of valve services. GrayIron Nordstrom valves are suitable for air conditioningand heating services, oil and gas applications, watertreatment installations — wherever there is a need forrugged, dependable quarter-turn plug valves!Valve Seat Never ExposedThe vital seating surfaces are self-protecting and selfcleaning. Any abrasive ingredient that touches the plug in aclosed position is wiped off when the plug turns back to theopen position.Positive Quarter-turn OperationOperating Nordstrom valves is sure, quick and easy.Positive quarter-turn rotary action opens and closes thevalve. There are no enlarged pockets or recesses to collectsediment, scale deposits or other foreign matter that mightinterfere with valve action.No Part Vibration When ThrottlingBecause of their positive seating principle androtary action, Nordstrom valves are not affectedby vibration of loose parts. Nordstrom plug valveshave been used successfully for many years incontinuous throttling services to reduce pressuresand control the rate of flow.Instant Seat ReplacementThe plug in a Nordstrom valve can momentarily bejacked from its seat by a few turns of the lubricantscrew or by injection of sealant from a lubricantgun. This plug-jacking assures that even after longperiods of disuse, the plug can be operated easily,and the valve will seal drop-tight.Push-Button Seat ReplacementYou can renew the seat in a Nordstrom valve inseconds — all from outside — by quick, inexpensive sealant injection. See the Nordstrom Sealantand Sealant Equipment catalog.Drop-Tight SeatingThere’s no equal to the Nordstrom valve’s tightshutoff when used with a regular program of sealantreplacement in critical services.

flowserve.comMost Compact SizesNordstrom valves have no projecting yokes or bonnets,no exposed threads to corrode, no underhanging bodyto waste vital space. This allows for the most efficientand economical design in the construction of manifolds,pumping stations, etc.No Seat LeakageProper performance of a tapered-plug valve requirescorrect plug adjustment. Every Nordstrom valveis factory-adjusted to specific settings — andassembly assures that this correct adjustment willbe retained for drop-tight sealing.Gray IronThe gray iron in Nordstrom valve castingsis a high-tensile-strength flake-graphite castiron produced in electric induction furnaces.Its composition and microstructure are closelycontrolled so that it consistently exhibits a tensilestrength exceeding the minimum required for ClassB (31,000 psi) of ASTM Specification A 126-GrayIron Castings for Valves, Flanges and Pipe Fittings.Conformance to all other requirements of the specification is assured through established quality controlprocedures. Nordstrom high-strength gray iron valves areof the “all-iron” type and contain no non-ferrous metals intheir construction.

Pascal’s LawThe Basic Principle of the Nordstrom ValvePascal’s Principle: Nordstrom Valves make use of the scientific principle known as Pascal’s Law. This law statesthat “a unit pressure applied to the fluid contained in a sealed vessel is transmitted uniformly to all areas of theconfining surfaces of the fluid with undiminished force, thus multiplying the force many times, depending on thearea of the interior of the vessel.”Sealant systems are incorporated in metal-seated plug valves as an integral part of the valve, and sealant isrequired to ensure proper valve performance.Shown is a demonstration of Pascal’s Law. A given force of50 lb. lifts 1,250 lb. over an enlarged area of 25 to 1 ratio.50 lb.SealantScrew1250 lb.1 in2Piston Area25 in2Piston AreaThis superimposed drawing of a Nordstrom plug valveshows application of Pascal’s Law. The sealant screw, whenturned, exerts powerful hydraulic force, which will slightlyraise the plug from its seat if necessary.The sealant fitting or screw, inserted in top ofthe plug, performs the same operation, pressurebeing transmitted through the sealant grooves.The sealant grooves connect in the plug and body,forming a transmission line to the bottom chamber.The plug is always sealed against line pressure.Plug Valve PatternsNordstrom plug valves are available with threaded, flanged,compression and grooved ends to meet the needs of yourpiping systems. Valves are wrench- or gear-operated, aslisted in the detailed specification pages.Nordstrom valves come in a variety of engineered patternsto assure maximum efficiency and economy for the fullrange of valve services. These include Regular, Short andVenturi patterns, as shown below. Regular Pattern, which providesthe largest port opening in atrapezoidal configuration.Short Pattern, which incorporatesthe largest practical port areaconsistent with matching gatevalve face-to-face dimensions.Venturi Pattern, which has asmaller port than either the regularor short patterns. Venturi patternprovides optimized approach anddischarge angles, plus smoothflow contours to provide minimumpressure drop.

flowserve.comSuper Nordstrom Two-Bolt Cover-Type Iron ValveA low-cost iron body plug valve with all thebenefits of Nordstrom Valve designs1It’s true! All of these time-proven quality features are available to the gas industry in the low-cost Super Nordstromplug valve.External leakage is eliminated through the provenNordstrom designs without the use of costly accessories toprotect exposed, threaded stems.24All valves may be operated by a standard two-inch squarewrench with the use of an adapter that clearly indicatesvalve open and closed positions above ground.35These valves incorporate all of the well-knownfeatures of conventional Nordstrom valvesincluding quarter-turn operation; a thermally8bonded, low-friction plug coating for lowoperating torque; and sealant jacking to9ensure positive operation and drop-tightclosure.1. Sealant Injection Fitting provides forsimple, quick injection of sealant in10Super Nordstrom valves for instant seatreplacement. The fitting also serves asa compression screw when sealant isused in stick form; can be removed, with caution, underpressure.2. Weatherseal eliminates the trash pocket between thecover and stem to provide optimum environmentalcorrosion protection.3. Offset Cover is flush with body to eliminate potentialleak paths; cover bolts are recessed to allow easywrench operation. Cover and bolts provide greaterresistance against external corrosion.4. Stem Seal limits plug lift and provides added protectionagainst external leakage.5. Cover Seal Gasket is independent of plug positioningmechanism and provides maximum protection againstexternal leakage.6. Double Ball Checks (not shown) maintain sealantpressure in the enclosed grooving system in the plugand body and prevent back pressure on the sealantchamber.7117. SealdportTM Grooving System is carefullydesigned to give complete distribution of pressurized sealant to seating surfaces; surroundsthe body port for complete sealing.8. Statically Balanced Plug The spring (belowplug) and loaded reinforced TFE washer (aboveplug) assure proper plug positioning, “alwaysturn” capability and predictable torque.9. Tapered Iron Plug is coated with a material thathas an exceptionally low friction coefficient,is permanently bonded to metal surface andprovides permanent separation of metal plugand body. The coating is inert to most liquidsand gases.10. Iron Body11. Internal Stops eliminate trash pockets aroundthe cover and stem to provide maximum environmental corrosion protection.

Super Nordstrom Regular Pattern Iron Plug Valvespring has also been incorporated into the valves toprovide lower and predictable operating torques. Theside mounted sealant injection fitting provides effectiveplug jacking and does not get in the way of mounting anactuator.The figures 114 & 115 have been redesigned to incorporate the Super Nordstrom design for lower cost andmore efficient valves.The A114 & A115 Super Nordstrom valves now haveactuator mounting pads for ease of converting to anactuated valve. They also have an integral stop andlocking device already assembled to the valve.External leakage is eliminated through the redesignedcover that also eliminates debris trap around the stemthat can retain moisture and cause corrosion. A balanceThese valves incorporate all the well known features ofconventional Nordstrom valves including quarter turnoperation; a thermally bonded, low-friction plug coatingfor low operating torque; and sealant jacking to ensurepositive operation and drop-tight closure.1. Integral Stop and Locking Device – Samereliable and easy-to-use design as two-boltcover valves.2. Actuator Mounting Pads – Allows forconvenient field attachment of operator/actuator mounting brackets thus eliminatingthe need for expensive saddle-type bracketsor violating the integrity of the cover bolts.123. Redesigned Cover – Eliminates debris traparound stem that can retain moisture andcause corrosion.4. Side-Mounted Sealant Injection Fitting –Improved sealant injection system allowingsealant injection under plug for effectiveplug jacking.35. Balance Spring – Mechanically balancedproviding lower and predictable operatingtorques.5410

flowserve.comNordstrom Bolted Gland-Type Iron Plug ValvesIn bolted gland-type valves, illustrated below, controlledplug motion is provided by flexing of the gland itself.The bolted-type gland valves can be adjusted, ifneeded, but normally require little attention forleak-free, easy-turning valve performance.The tapered plug is lapped individuallywith its matching body, providing perfectseating contact. The sealant channels inthe plug and body seats provide lubrication, which, together with the positiverotary action of the tapered-plug valve,protect the seating surfaces againstcorrosion, erosion and accumulation ofsolid deposits. This valve is designedwith a heavy-wall body, which isconstructed beyond its requirementsas a pressure vessel so that itsmaximum rated working pressure canwithstand the higher-than-line sealantpressure and expected line stresses.7111892431051. Wrench Square2. Fixed Adjustment Gland3. O-rings4. F lexible Metal SealingDiaphragm and Gasket121365. Heavy-Wall Body6. Plug7. S ealant Fitting (combination Sealant Screw and GunFitting)8. Gland Cap Screw9. Cover Cap Screw10. Cover11. S ealant Check Valve (Double Ball-Check preventsescape of sealant)12. Sealant Grooves (provides Sealdport sealant system)13. Sealant Chamber (provides plug “jacking” force)11

Dynamic Balance Plug Valves192387Principal Features 4561. Stem Head – is obround with twowrench flats that align the wrenchin the direction of the port opening,thus becoming an easily visibleposition indicator. Square adaptersare available to allow operationalflexibility where space is limited.2. Stem – treated with low-frictionPTFE coating to reduce overallvalve torque. Wrench-operatedvalve stems are made of 400 seriesstainless steel for corrosionprotection (i.e., tough offshoreapplications).3. Stem Packing – specially designed by FlowserveNordstrom Valves, manufacturedfrom a combination of graphite andTFE, the stem packing is pressureenergized (no external adjustmentsnecessary) and is inert to a widerange of fluids and gases.124. Plug-Balancing Spring – isdesigned to preload the plug toprevent vibration and thermalcycling from wedging the plug intothe taper regardless of installedposition.5. Plug – is coated with permanentlybonded, low-friction coating.6. Bottom Balance Hole (not shown)– is an integral part of the DynamicBalance system which maintainspressure equalization between theplug port and the bottom of theplug.7. Balance Hole with Ball Check (notshown) – ensures that pressureabove the plug is the same as orgreater than in the plug port.8. Sealant Injection Fitting – permitsrestoration of damaged seats anddrop-tight shutoff on hard-to-holdfluids.9. Weathersea