San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP 23)San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP 23)Block NumberThe description listed in this guide is what was noted on the original envelopes. The labeling includedbusiness names and description of residences. A series of the block numbers contained no description.Block scriptionU.S.E. Service Station Members OnlyResidenceResidenceResidencePier 31, Railroad Crossing – Sante FeCoca-Cola FactoryResidenceResidenceGolden Gate Salami Co.Harbor CafeteriaResidenceResidence, Marin DeliDeMartini’s Cookies, Veedol Lubrication [Gas Station]Burgermeister, Convey & Son’s Meats, Golden Gate Ice Cream, Ammla, Salvation Army,Jack’s Waterfront HangoutGrand Eastern Market, The Place, Liquor Store, Sueko, Roofing Tar & Gravel ShinglesResidenceResidence1

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP l PropertyNational Ice andResidenceResidence, Speedy’s New Union Grocery, 20 Wash DryResidence, R. Iacopi & Co. [Grocery]ResidenceResidence, Grocery, [Overexposure]CommercialDe Soto, B&H Motors, A. Paldini Inc.Hotel/Club Golden Eagle, Groceries/Liquor, ResidenceResidence, El Patio Restaurant, Roma Café & Restaurant, Vanessi’sParking Lot, Star Laundry, Flying A Service Parking [Gas Station], Louis CharcoalBroiler, Burp Hollow, Capri Pizza, San Francisco Sausage Co., Columbus Brand, TheCabana Cocktails, The Offbeat Room, Shanghai Lil, Restaurant, Jazz Workshop, Lupo,OlympiaDel Vecchio’s, Riposo Club Good Food, Wilshire House, Residence, Car Wash [Dead EndAlley], Lotus Cakes, Poletti Sausage Co., American Salt Co., “Gay 90’s “The Goman’sPresent Naughty Nineties”, Homestead Ravioli Co., Cannery, Loomis Armored CarService Inc., Cavour HotelThe Euclid Candy Co, Homestead Ravioli Co., Cannery, American Salt Co.Monte Carlo, Pacific Automotive Service, Unidentified Commercial BuildingHotel Evans, V. Bian Chi Body Work, Bissinger & Co., Mobil LubricationAcme Paper Co., “Liquor to take out”, Western Terminal Co., Wellman Coffee, SpokaneCaféScott Café, Corn Products Sales Co, Dextrose the Food Energy Sugar, Macaroni Co., BestRate Painting Co., Commercial Paper CorporationHarry E. Kidd Potato & Onion Warehouse, Schnitzer Trucking Co., Gane Bros. & LaneInc. Bookbinders Supply & Machinery, A. Levy & J. Zentner Co., Washington Broom Co.2

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP annucci Co. Wholesale Grocers, Columbia Fruit & Produce Co., Commercial SeedCleaning Co., Golden Gate Box FactoryPacific Coast Oyster Company, Colyear Motor Sales co., Parking Lot, Robert M. KasperInteriors, Robert Robson, ErnstDerek M. Fairman, Richard Lawson, Scalamandre Silks Inc., Parking “Attractive MonthlyRates”, Grocery Beer Wine Ice Cream, Decorative Imports, R.E.L., Pacific Overseas Inc.,Four Mo Wine Vinegar, Imports, Panco Printers, Gallo Italian Dry Salami, BreakfastHot Lunches, Knap & Tubbs Inc., Decorators Design ExchangeMontgomery/JacksonChevron Chinatown Service, McKales, Purple Onion, Colombo & Sons, J.H. Thorpe &Co. Inc., Seaside Lee & Lee [Gas Station], Pacific Printing Ink Co., Nanking NoodleFactoryKowloon Cantonese Cuisine, Texaco [Gas Station], Columbus Tower, Puccinelli BailBonds, Palm Hotel, International Pool Room, Alamo Hotel, Agenzia Fugazi, GuerriniAccordion Manufacturers, Now Piano BarParking Lot, Greeff, Bali’s, Residence – Apts. “Opus One” 738 Montgomery, S. BrownCo., Berinoffs, Kneedler-Fauchere Singer 451 Jackson Square, Paul Schagen, S. Harris &Co. Fabrics, Executive Suites, Commercial 700 Washington, Piro’s, Canessa Printing Co.,“Birthplace of Free masonry in California” California Historical SignAlving R. Campbell Co. Inc Cargo Handling Equipment, A. Giurlani & Bro. Importers,S&L Produce, Downtown Airfreight TerminalA. Levy & J. Zentner Co., Jim's Produce, J.J. Pera & Co., F.B. Russi & Co., United SeedCo., Oregon Café, Broome’s Coffee Shop, Ghiselli Bros., City Fruit & Produce Co, PardiniProduce Co., Mercantile Lunch Italian Food, Golden Gate Produce, M. Siri & Co., GalliFruit Co., Joe Balestrieri & Co. Bering Sea Codfish Co., Salvage Factors, Green Bros. &Co.Brice Brothers Produce, Lee Ray Tarentino, Jones Stevedoring Co., Scatena Galli FruitCo., Olcese Produce Co.CW Smith Copper Works, State of California Department of Employment, Lifton Inc.Weyle Zuckerman Produce, Geertz Printing Co., Omega Food Products, Lund Litho PlateCo., Roy’s Cafeteria, Esquin Imports, Convery & Sons MeatsHalf Moon Fruit & Produce Co., Tochini Dianda, Garden Produce, Splendid Produce,Standard Produce, Standard Garage, Jacobs Malcomb & Burtt, Handlick Paper Box Comp.,Golden Gate Salami Co., American Poultry Co.Globe Produce, Stanley Produce, Farmer Johns, Elite Produce, Comagno-General PoultryCo., Sunrise Produce Co., Allied ProduceSunset Produce Co. Banana Dept., Comac, James Soares Furniture, Anderson Sheet MetalWorks, SF Frani & Co. Leather, Optimo Cigars, Alroy Packing Co., Granucci & Sons,3

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP 2223224225227228229230231232233234Sunset Produce Co., Mezzetta & Co, Marshall’s Coffee Ship, California Produce, Pietro 31[Cocktails?], Frank P. DowDelicatessen Supply co., Jack’s Waterfront Hangout, Dobie’s Navigation EngineeringSchool, 401 Club, Consolidated Fisheries, Rainbow Club, Jones-Thierbach Co., SupplyComp.“Booksale”, Commercial Building, Tadich Grill, Western California Fish Co., Johnson Mat& Electrotype Co., California Meat Co., Niantic, Passport Photos, New Sonoma Creamery,Abbett Electronic, Le BoeufBail Bonds, YenYen Café, A. Boyd Puccinelli, Parking Lot, The Iron Pot Florence Rest.,Commercial Building, Big Ben Fish Grotto, Zappetini Travel AgencyJohnny Bisso Bail Bonds, Sun Quong Fat Co., You Sun Laundry, Robert Gordon Scott, RdMaloney’s, PK Grocery, Kearny Coffee Shop, George’s Sandwich Shop, Sam’s Cleaners,Citraro Bail Bonds, Kearny Coffee Shop, Service Men’s Mutual Association, Bank ofCanton, Stevenson’s Lunch, The Anchor [Cocktails], The Office [Cocktails], RelianceInsurance Co.The Brewery/Steam Beer, Crocker Bank, Sharkey’s, Quicksilver, Roy’s Coffee Shop,Tony’sDean’s Smoke ShopChevron Gas Station, Commercial Artish-Aniot Beohem, O’Brien Spotorino Michel Inc.,Swallow Printing, McClintock Stern Co., Commercial Engineering, Elliot’s AddressingMachine, Nielson Fine Foods, California Safe & Lock Co., United Stamp & Die Co.,Grove & Co., United Coffee Corporation,Boron [Gas Station], Stover & Wilson, Scotty’s Service, Frazer & Hanson, “For Sale”Barrash & Douglas, Schow Gallis Co., Torre & Co., American Poultry Co. Warehouse,Modern Lithographers Inc. Traders Distributing, West Coast Ship Channellers, Moreggia,Mazor Eggs, Linderman Garage, Smith Lynden Co., Davis & SonG.L. Mezzetta & Co. Specialty Food Packers, Pedley Knowles & Co., JC ProcessChemical Co.Alameda Café, Bay Hotel, Ed Ebise, Charcoal B-B-Q, Carpenter, The Harbor Coffee Shop,General Export Co., Emergency Hospital, Cavern Liquors, Albion Hotel, Joe HarrisUniforms, Industrial Supply, Bashow Co., The Loop, Pacific Hotel, Scandinavian SailorsHome, Steve’s Scientific Aviary, Rio Grande Parking, Mack’s Cigars & Candy, SignalGas, Plymouth Cordage Co. Parking Lot, Waterfront – Liquor for take-out, SurplusSalvage, Puro Filter Co. (truck), Warehouse Union, Stapleton Sales, Terra-MarineShipping Co., Mohawk CaféGRA, Hirschler Building, New Port Café, David Gusmans – Jazz Showcase, Fosters, HotelTerminal, Bay Hotel, Dennis Printing Co., Drumm Street Garage, Rogers Jewelry Co.,Thrifty Cleaners, Weinstein co., The Roxy, Shoe Shine, Schrimer Steve Doring Co.2412424

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP 01302303304417 A417 B418 A419435436436 B436 C436 D436 E436 F438 A438 B439 A440 A440 B441 A441 B442 A443Commercial PropertyResidenceResidenceResidence5

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP 23)443 A445446447 A453459460 A462 A463463 A464 A465 A466 A467 A471472473474476478479480481482486486 A488 A488 07508509510511512513514515516ResidenceResidence – Apts.Residence – Garden EntranceRod Daley Men’s Shop, American Trust Company – Marina Office, Barber Shop, Wines –Liquors, Cover Girl, Don’sPresidio – Burgers & Waffles, Smiths 5 & 10, Norman Cleaners, Harry Wallach –Prescription PharmacyLeon’s Fine Tailoring, Optometrists – Jonas/Mye, Marina Pet HospitalLombard Hotel, Marina Pet HospitalBel Aire Motel (2 envelopes)Residence (2 envelopes)Residence (2 envelopes)6

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP idence (2 envelopes)Residence (2 envelopes)Residence (2 envelopes)ResidenceResidence, Galileo Market, Adam’s TailorSherman Market, Dressing Room, (49 Van Ness – Muni Bus), Master Cleaners, BrowniesWaffle ShopResidenceResidence, Mohawk Gas Station, Baby News – The Hermans PublishersResidence, Tryford, Dondere’s, King’s LaundryResidence, Marina GarageHouse of FurnitureResidenceResidence, Sultan’s Variety, 76 Garage [Gas Station], Union Hardware, MetropolitanRavioli Factory, Pardini’s TV, Arden Ice Cream, Thrift Way, Lewis 5-10-25 Store,Tony’s MarketResidence, Frederickson’s Hardware, Dianne, Chandler’s, The Corner PharmacyResidence, Carlson Roofing Co., Kelley Brothers Market, Rio Grande Filbert GarageResidenceMilady’s Cleaners, ResidenceResidenceResidence, Bill’s Smoke Shop, Records, Gelay GroceryResidence, Gene’s Printing Shop, Laundry Hand Washed, Ice Cream, New Rainbow,Janet’s DelicatessenResidence, Metro Theater, Complete Home Furnishings, Wood Wizard UnfinishedFurnitureResidence, Golden Gate Market, Abballo-Burns Plumbing – Heating, Cleaning Laundry,Club Catering Co., Marina Steam Bathes, Deluxe HardwareResidence, Venetian Blinds, Royal Theater, ABC Drug Co., Harbor View Meat Market,Green Street Delicatessen – Market, Optimo Cigars, Bank of America, M & S CleanersResidenceFrancis A. Russel Realtor, ResidenceResidence, Green Cornet Florists, Gene’s Café, Good Food, Landucci Hardware, SeaboardSupply Co., LaunderetteResidenceResidenceResidence, Hostess denceResidenceResidence7

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP 630631632633634ResidenceResidence, Liquor StoreResidence, French Laundry, Litlleman, Borden’s Ice Cream, Del Monte Cleaners, Baxter’sCleanersResidence, Romey’s, Polk Street Store, Tunnel Smoke Shop Babe Zanca Service Garage,Flying A Service [Gas Station]Residence (2 envelopes)Residence (2 envelopes)Residence (2 envelopes)Residence (2 envelopes)Residence (2 envelopes)Shell [Gas Station] (2 envelopes)Residence (2 envelopes)Residence (2 envelopes)Standard [Gas Station] (2 envelopes)8

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP 27928929930931932934937940943944949952956 A959966967968969970971972973981Union 76ResidenceOnorato & Co. – Fish Poultry, First Western Bank, Kay FurnitureResidenceResidenceRichfield [Gas Station]ResidenceGolden Gate City ResidenceResidenceResidenceResidence9

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP sidenceResidenceResidence, EM Paint, Superior Plumbing & Hardware, Veteran Deluxe CleanersResidence, Chevron Gas StationResidence, Chevron Gas Station, Alta Napa Wine Co., Grand Electric Co.Residence, Trusitty’s ServiceResidenceResidence, Marin DellResidence, Apts.Residence, McKales [Gas Station], General Food MarketResidence, Boyd’s Cleaners, August E. KernResidence, New Saratoga Market, Friedlander the Plumber, MarketResidence, N&N Garage, Sing Lee Laundry, Presidio Heights Market, Colonial Food StoreResidence, Better Bi Market, Locust Clean, Lincoln MercuryResidence, French Laundry, Tailor’sResidence, Elaine Cleaners, FloristResidenceResidenceResidenceResidenceEd Luhrs Auto Service, Residence, Standard Gas StationCal Mart, The Junior Boot Shop, Sis Teen, Tip-Top Cleaners, Hick’ry Pit BBQ, Van Sut’sIce Cream, Holiday House, Cal’s Restaurant, Flamingo Liquors, The Roserie Florist,Laurel Super Mart, Feed Bag, Rexall Drugs, California Service Medical CenterResidence, Roselli Presents Nightly Nini Delgado at the Piano, General tian Church Disciples of Christ, Real Estate InsuranceWeaver & Son Moving, Medical Dental Building, Shumate’s10

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP 3051306130713091310ResidenceResidenceResidence, E. Sugarman Inc., Mobil GasCalifornia Pacific Drive In, Teller Parking, Fireside, ResidenceResidence, Romanoff Realty, Liquors [market], InsuranceResidence, Geary Parker GroceryResidence, Meaders Cleaners, Hayward Catering Co., Ricci RealtyResidence, Harris Roofing Co., City Wide Real Estate, Brown Buick Co., StadtnerLighting Fixtures, Trade Winds – CocktailsResidence, Bridge TheaterResidence, De Soto Plymouth, Krieger & Son’sResidence, Apts., Richfield “Billboard”, Krieger & Sons Used Cars, Firestone [GasStation]ResidenceRobert Hall Clothes, Bekins GarageDrugs Prescription – Medico DentalMedical Offices –2350 Geary, Dental GroupThe Barn Smoke ShopMcKale’s, Cala Foods, BakeryResidenceResidenceResidence, O.K. LiquorsResidenceResidenceResidenceStandard [Gas Station]“It hasta be Shasta” Bill Board, Shell [Gas Station]ResidenceResidence, Parkview Crockery ence11

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP esidenceResidenceResidenceJay Klein Meats Poultry, esidenceResidenceResidenceResidence, Household Linen Service, Roxie’s Beauty ResidenceResidenceResidenceResidence12

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP , Cash Auto PartsResidence, Lyle Ewing Realty, Carl Smith Property ManagementResidenceResidence, Parks Appliance ce, Hasenberg Real Estate, CommercialResidenceResidenceFosters, ResidenceResidence “Elect Milton Marks Assemblyman” Campaign SignArmstrong’s Carpet Linoleum, Lincoln MarketResidenceResidenceResidenceResidenceBen Johnson’s Motors, Pat O’Sheas, ResidenceResidenceOffice Services Unlimited, Modern Carpet Cleaners, Community Mattress Co.ResidencePeter Shell Radio & TV, “Office Space Available”ResidenceGeary Motors, MotelMcKales [Gas Station], Diamond TiresResidenceResidenceSan Francisco Ballet, Alexandria HallResidenceDavis & Dunn Sales Rentals, Geary Blvd. French Laundry, Maria’s, Grant RealtyHersch’s, Crocker Anglo Bank, ResidenceHouse of Flowers, Shell [Gas Station]Trad’r Sam, Hollywood Food Center, Richmond Radio & TelephoneResidenceResidenceUS Post Office, ResidenceResidence, Lincoln Park Pharmacy, Tee Off [Restaurant], Flying A Service [Gas Station],19th Hole, David’s Beauty SalonMcKales, Texaco [Gas Station], Cleaners13

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP nceResidenceResidence, Carl’s Service ChevronResidenceResidenceResidenceResidence, Apts.Residence, Mobil [Gas Station]Standard Hardwood Floors, John’s PizzeriaGalvez Wine Co., Solso Studio Photography, Cliff’s Coffee ShopResidenceResidence, Hardware Store, Chiropodist, Tom TannehillRexall Drugs, ResidenceResidenceGaylord Cleaners, ResidenceResidence, Campaign Sign “Elect McAteer State Senator”Ernest Hanson Painting Decorating, Gene Massa’s Cocktails Italian Dinners, Rexall Drugs14

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP enceResidence, Fifth Avenue CleanersResidenceResidence, Dutch Hill ce, Maxine’s BeautyResidenceResidence, LaunderwellJack’s Hand Laundry, Mildred PhotographyHeine’s Hardware, Reed’s LiquorsResidenceResidence, Royal Merchandise CompanyLambert’s Furniture, enceResidencePlayland – De Luxe Coffee Shop, Playland ArcadeResidenceResidenceResidence, [Market]Residence15

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP 652165316541655165716581659ResidenceThortons Jewelry, Sonia’s Beauty esidenceResidenceResidenceResidenceMobil ceResidence16

San Francisco History Center / San Francisco Assessor’s Office Negative Collection (SFP 1167216