RP009-15April 15, 2015REQUEST FOR PROPOSALRP009-15The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners is soliciting competitive sealed proposals from qualified service providers forthe Implementation of the FileNet System Upgrade Project for the Department of Information Technology Services.Proposals must be returned in a sealed container marked on the outside with the Request for Proposal number and CompanyName. Proposals will be received until 2:50 P.M. local time on Monday, June 1, 2015 at the Gwinnett County FinancialServices - Purchasing Division – 2nd Floor, 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046. Any proposal received afterthis date and time will not be accepted. Proposals will be publicly opened and only names of submitting firms will be read at3:00 P.M. A list of firms submitting proposals will be available the following business day on our pre-proposal conference is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on Monday, May 18, 2015 at the Gwinnett County PurchasingOffice, 75 Langley Drive. All service providers are urged to attend. Questions regarding proposals should be directed toAnn Porter, Purchasing Manager at [email protected] no later than Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.Proposals are legal and binding upon the bidder when submitted. One unbound original and six copies should besubmitted.Successful service providers will be required to meet insurance requirements. The Insurance Company should be authorizedto do business in Georgia by the Georgia Insurance Department, and must have an A.M. Best rating of A-5 or higher.Gwinnett County does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission or access to its programs or activities. Anyrequests for reasonable accommodations required by individuals to fully participate in any open meeting, program or activityof Gwinnett County Government should be directed to Michael Plonowski, Gwinnett County Justice and AdministrationCenter, 770-822-8015. The written proposal documents supersede any verbal or written prior communications between theparties. Selection criteria are outlined in the request for proposal documents. Gwinnett County reserves the right to rejectany or all proposals to waive technicalities, and to make an award deemed in its best interest. Award notification will beposted after award on the County website, and companies submitting a proposal will be notifiedvia email.We look forward to your proposal and appreciate your interest in Gwinnett County.Ann PorterPurchasing ManagerThe following forms should be returned as part of your proposal package: References, Page 16Subcontractors List, Page 32Contractor Affidavit, Page 33Ethics Affidavit, Page 34Proposal Pricing Schedule, Appendix A 35-38Signature Page, Page 39

RP009-15ContentsContents .2General Information .4Current FileNet P8 Environment 4Intent .8Scope of Services.9RFP Response Proposal Format and Content . 10Miscellaneous Information . 11Proposal Format and Content – Detailed Information . 12Introduction and Executive Summary 12Experience and Qualifications. 12Implementation Section One . 12System High Availability Architecture (Section Two) . . 14Project Management . 15References . 16Proposed Project Plan . . .17Incomplete Projects . 17Cost Proposal Description . .17Warranty . .17Completion Criteria . 17Compensation . . 18Confidientiality and Background Checks . 19RFP Selection Process and Evaluation Factors .19Insurance Requirements 21General Conditions . 23Sample Contract . 29Subcontractors List . .32Contractor's Affidavit . . .33Ethics Affidavit . 34Appendix A – Proposal Pricing Schedule. 35Appendix B- Proposed High Availability . .40Appendix C- BOC Agenda Workflow. . .41Appendix D- County Administrator Workflow .422ECM FileNet Upgrade RFP

RP009-15Request for ProposalImplementation of the FileNet System UpgradeProjectForGwinnett County, GARequested ByGwinnett County Board of CommissionersFor TheDepartment of Information TechnologyServices/Other Operating Departments3ECM FileNet Upgrade RFP

RP009-15General Information SectionGeneral Information:Department BackgroundThe Gwinnett County Department of Information Technology Services (DoITS) provides Enterprise Content Management(ECM) services to all departments within the County and is seeking to upgrade the current FileNet ECM System to thelatest version including all existing data, modifications, and functionalities. This Request for Proposal (RFP) describes thecurrent FileNet environment that the County desires to upgrade along with associated documents and index values. TheCounty also seeks to implement improved functionality and efficiencies as provided by the latest FileNet software version.Current FileNet P8 Environment:The Gwinnett County FileNet P8 environment uses the IBM-FileNet Workplace application (a J2EE-based application) asthe main portal for accessing both content and workflow items of Board of Commissioners, County Administrator and TaxCommissioner (BOC/CA/TCO). Additionally, Workplace has been customized and integrated with third party applicationssuch as Aderant Total Office, Juvenile JCATS, FairFax Quick Modules and SAP system. More information on theseintegrations is provided within this document.Each security group is assigned an Access Role within Workplace and authenticated through Active Directory. SearchTemplates and Document Entry Templates are utilized for retrieval and archival of documents through out of the box,OOTB, via web interface. For some departments the documents are processed through ACSAP - SAP archive link. The“My Workplace” page displays secured Public Inbox Port lets for each public queue assigned to the particular group.The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners (BOC) Agenda, BOC Rezoning forms and County Admin forms useeForms and the Tax workflow uses the standard Approval HTML step processor interface as the primary interface forinteracting with workflow items. The email notification setup is configured to receive emails at various milestonesthroughout the workflow. The HR and BOC agenda print functions generate PDF versions of the Documents and Agendaitems. There are a number of web-based reports.The County utilizes Kofax Capture Professional version 10 which processes paper pages and photographs, and digital filesand related content. Paper pages and photographs are scanned and digitized. Digital files are imported in the originalformat from a network or local folder.The Gwinnett County FileNet system utilizes File Storage Services for storing the data on the local drive on the server/sand Oracle Database for metadata. The Microsoft SQL Server database is used for custom reporting purposes and forlooking up data across eforms.The current environment consists of five separate Object Stores that assist in defining security for documents. The mainobject store includes over 50 document classes that are used county-wide and by specific departments only. The otherObject Stores include over 30 different document classes combined. Index values for these document classes are singleand multiple choice, date format, string format and alphanumeric. On a daily basis, we currently average:- Document access: approximately 1000 users- Workflow access: approximately 400 users-SAP access: approximately 270 usersDocument Ingestion: As of January 2015, our FileNet system contained an approximate total of 5,582,368.00 documents. On average, approximately 120,000 new documents are added each month. As of November 2014, our FileNet system contained approximately 190 document classes.Gwinnett County’s Existing FileNet System Includes:4ECM FileNet Upgrade RFP

RP009-15ServerCurrent Patch levelsApplication EngineP8AE-3.5.1-18PE Client (AE)P8PE-3.5.2-002.003Process EngineP8PE-3.5.2-002.003FileNet Process EngineContent EngineP8CE-,38FileNet Content EngineeForm (ae)P8eF-3.5.1-14FileNet eFormsProcess AnalyzerP8PA-3.5.1-001FileNet Process AnalyzerProcess SimulatorP8PS 3.5.2-002FileNet Process SimulatorACSAP 2.1 Patch 2ACSAP ConnectorMSSQLServer 2000Secondary storageOracle9. DatabaseACSAP R/3ConnectorJ2EEFileNet Application EngineOracle 4.0.4GA/Apache 2.0.5JAVA 1.2The County’s current FileNet P8 environment includes the following:1.5Custom Workflows and eforms:a.Agenda (BOC) (see Appendix C)b.County Administrator (CA) (see Appendix D)c.InvoiceInvoice workflow for the storage of images and link to SAP system for viewing.d.Tax Commissioner (CAR)Used to scan and route customer correspondence and customer service requests to responsible staff.e.DWR Request (Single queue)Archival of DWR refund request and linking to SAP for viewing.f.Backflow RequestThe archival of Backflow prevention documents and linking to SAP for viewing.g.Travel RequestTravel documents are archived and linked to SAP for viewing.h.Rezoning (BOC)ECM FileNet Upgrade RFP

RP009-15i.Print (BOC/HR)j.Admin Reports2.Reports (Custom)3.eForms4.Document Management configuration5.API or Application links:6.a.Aderant: Client Profiles - http://www.aderant.comIntegrated Law Case Management platform that delivers calendaring, email, contact, document, and caseinformation management. Currently, FileNet has an API established for Client Profiles to archive documents andretrieve.b.Canyon Solutions: Juvenile JCATS -, FileNet has an API established for JCATS to archive documents and retrieve.c.Citizen Self Service Integration: Transfer photos posted on the web server to FileNet. Note: In the future wewould like to link the photo to CRM.Custom IntegrationFairFax Quick Modules Remittance System - http://www.ffximg.coma.7.Allows the Tax Commissioners office to scan and process mail more efficiently. The system images alldocuments for archival into FileNet and creates output files for upload into Thomson Reuters (formerly known asManatron).ACSAP Integration ECC6 EHP6 – Currently there are a number of integration links between SAP and FileNet. Each allowsdocuments to be stored in FileNet. Integration with SAP should allow for inbound or outbound linking andretrieval.i. Invoices: This integration allows for the archiving of Invoice images into FileNet and linking fromSAP to FileNet for viewing from SAP.ii. DWR Request: This integration allows for the archiving of refund request documents into FileNet andlinking from SAP to FileNet for viewing from SAP.iii. Backflow request: This integration allows for the archiving of backflow prevention related documentsinto FileNet and linking from SAP to FileNet for viewing from SAP.iv. Travel request: This integration allows for the archiving of travel request and related documents intoFileNet and linking from SAP to FileNet for viewing from SAP.v. Fire Department Certificates: The integration allows the certificate information, index values, to bepassed from the FileNet scanning into the SAP system.b.6SAP CRM 7.0 EHP2 - Currently this is a custom application, Citizen Self Service (CSS) that allows citizens toupload photos to our public website. The photos are then moved and stored in FileNet P8.8.Security9.Document entry templatesECM FileNet Upgrade RFP

RP009-1510. Searches11. Open Records Request; Customized function.12. HR Print function; customized function.13. Kofax – Enterprise scanning softwareHardware / Servers / DesktopsThe current FileNet hardware environment consists of eight servers, one for each module. The FileNet P8 ECM system isaccessed by desktop and notebook computers from County offices and from outside using Gwinnett County’s VPN.Additionally, Gwinnett County employees can access FileNet via the County intranet interface. The enterprise networkuses Hewlett Packard NC7782 Gigabit Server AdapterCurrent FileNet Server Hardware Architecture is listed below:O/S: Windows 2003 Server Standard -32Bit with SP2Enterprise Edition – SP1Hardware:HP ProLiant DL380 G8Dual 6-Core processors16GB memoryO/S Drive: C:\ 2x146GB (RAID 1) O/S and ApplicationData Drive: D:\ 3x300GB (RAID 5) DataScanner Standards:Currently Gwinnett County has multiple scanners in use: Fujitsu 6130, Fujitsu 6130z, Fujitsu 6140 and Fujitsu 7160. All scansoftware must be ISIS and Twain driver compatible.Desktop StandardsWindows 7 SP1 IE8Dell OptiPlex computers, most contain 4 GB of memory with a 500gb hard drive with a 256mb atiradeon graphics card.Virtual Server ArchitectureCurrent Environment is:VM ClusterCurrently running vSphere 5.0U1. We will be upgrading to 5.1 in the next couple of months.18 host server (roughly 192 cores and 2.3TB of RAM)A typical guest server build:Windows Std 2008 or 2012 Server R2 64BitMem: 8GB7Processors: 2 Dual-CoreECM FileNet Upgrade RFP

RP009-15C: 80GBD: Data drive if requiredStorage:IBM Storewize V7000 storage arraysBrocade DCX 8GB Fiber Switch (2 for redundancy)Software Recently Purchased For The Upgrade:Description (For High Available System)IBM Case Foundation Add-On Authorized User Value Unit License SW Subscription &Support 12 MonthsIBM Case Foundation Add-On Authorized User Value Unit Annual SW Subscription &Support RenewalIBM FileNet Content Manager Authorized User Value Unit License SW Subscription &Support 12 MonthsIBM FileNet Content Manager Authorized User Value Unit Annual SW Subscription &Support RenewalIBM FileNet Print Printer Annual SW Subscription & Support RenewalIBM FileNet Print Fonts Printer Annual SW Subscription & Support Renewal E052LLL 1IBM FileNet Print Fonts Printer License SW Subscription & Support 12 MonthsIBM FileNet Print Printer License SW Subscription & Support 12 Months D04GDLL 2IBM Content Collector for SAP Applications Authorized User Value Unit License SWSubscription & Support 12 MonthsIBM Content Collector for SAP Applications Authorized User Value Unit Annual SWSubscription & Support RenewalIBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Processor Value Unit (PVU)License SW Subscription & Support 12 MonthsIBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Processor Value Unit (PVU)Annual SW Subscription & Support Renewal (This is for High Availability)Part 5WJLL2,800E025SLL2,800IntentGwinnett County is seeking competitive sealed proposals from qualified service providers to provide all necessary servicesand any additional software not listed in the General Information section for the following project sections associated withthe implementation, configuration, and migration of the latest release of the FileNet System. Interested service provider(s)could consider proposing on Section 1 or Section 2 individually or both. If proposing on both sections, indicate if theCounty could receive additional pricing incentives. However, Gwinnett County reserves the right to award this contractin its best interest.Section 1: This section includes latest software release implementation which must include; installation of FileNet 5.Xsoftware (most recent version), configuration, migration of all system data including workflows, meta-data, custom code,eforms, reports, links and documents in the current FileNet environment at Gwinnett County. If the implementationrequires changes to the current Gwinnett County FileNet environment prior to migration to the latest version, the Countyrequires the service provider to provide support as needed for the current modified environment during the implementation.The County desires a high availability implementation. Please see software listed as reference in the General Informationsection under “Current FileNet P8 Environment” page 4.Section 2: As stated earlier, Gwinnett County desires for the FileNet System to be Highly Available. One critical aspect ofproviding highly available system is to ensure the hardware infrastructure is designed to support system high availability.The scope of Section 2 includes the following:1.8A comprehensive review and evaluation of the hardware design provided in Appendix B that outlines theserver hardware and high availability solution for the future FileNet System. The proposed design andassociated specifications utilizes the County hardware/OS standard of AIX running on pSeries equipmentfor Enterprise Business Solutions. The review must include application performance, high availabilityECM FileNet Upgrade RFP

RP009-15and ability to support future growth. The response should include a brief explanation of the analysisapproach, review feedback, and improvement recommendations.2.The County is requesting that an alternative hardware architecture/design be proposed that may not be asoutlined in the earlier section and as provided in Appendix B, the County standard of AIX/pSeries andOracle for Enterprise Business Solutions. The proposed solution must consider the need for applicationhigh availability, performance and the potential for application/hardware expansion. The responseshould include system diagram, an explanation of benefits, potential risks, and complexity.Proposer should clearly express their intent to propose on Section 1 & 2 or just Section 1 or just Section 2 in the introduction letterof the proposal. Proposers may wish to augment their capabilities by leveraging sub-contractors in responding to this RFP. In thiscase, the Proposer is considered the pri