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Table of ContentsSMA Solar Technology AGTable of Contents12Information on this Document. .Target Group .Symbols in the Document.Typographical Elements in the Document .Designations in the Document .Additional Information.777788Product Overview . and Start. 123.13.24Signing Up for Sunny Design. 12Starting Sunny Design . 12User Interface . Description. 9Project Overview . 10System Requirements. 11Personal Home Page After Login. 13Project Pages. 14Project Tree . 15General Operation . 175.1My Sunny Design . and Managing Own PV Modules.Entering Prices for PV Modules .Entering Prices for Inverters .Creating and Managing Your Own Locations .Own Load mporting Own Consumption Data.Importing Consumption Data from Sunny Portal .Creating Consumption Data Manually .Deleting Own Load Profile .22242424Creating and Managing Your Own Charging Stations .Creating and Managing Your Own Electric Vehicles .Deleting User-Defined E-Mobility Templates .Managing Own Customer Data .Creating and Managing Own Cost Items and Templates .Creating and Managing User-Defined Tariffs.252525252626Changing the Sunny Design and Sunny Portal Password.Requesting Password.Importing Data from Sunny Design Desktop Version from Software Version 2 .Upload SMA 360 Documents .Transferring Missing PV module data .Exporting Time Series .Reporting Errors and Problems .Entering Activation Code .Downloading the User Manual .Editing Customer Data -25User Manual

SMA Solar Technology AGTable of Contents5.12 Exiting Sunny Design. 306Projects . 316.16.2Quick Planning and Detailed Planning . 31Project Management . Creating New Projects.Managing Existing Projects .Opening an Existing Project .Duplicating Projects.Working with Templates .Renaming Projects .Comparing Projects.Exporting Projects.Deleting Projects.Procedure for Designing Projects. 346. a PV System with Total Power Feed-in to Grid .Designing PV Systems with Self-Consumption Option .Design an Off-Grid System.Designing PV Hybrid Systems .Designing Energy Systems.Special Battery Applications 31323232333334343535363637Optimizing Self-Consumption through Storage of PV Energy. 37Activating Peak Load Shaving. 37Defining Battery Charge Time Window . 37Defining E-Mobility for Projects with Self-Consumption Option .Defining E-Mobility for Known Vehicles.Defining E-Mobility for Unknown Consumption Behavior . Driving Profile .Defining Time Windows .Defining Absences .Adding and Managing Charging Stations .Adding and Managing Electric Vehicles.Defining Statistical Charging Station Usage .Project Design . 426. Project Data .Configuring the System.Visual Roof Planning .Defining Load Profiles .Configuring Gensets (PV Hybrid System).Defining Scenarios .Energy System 5PV System . ManualStructure of Energy System Page .Configuring Grid Components.Configuring Energy System Components.Configuring Loads.Configuring the PV System .Configuring Off-Grid Systems with System Assistant .Configuring PV Hybrid Systems with System Assistant .Viewing Design Suggestions .Setting Criterion for Sorting the Design Suggestions .5658595960Configuring Battery Systems.Configuring Gensets (Off-Grid System).Cable Sizing.Determining Self-Consumption .Planning the Energy Management.