OWNER'S MANUALP/N P374-22001 For AllProgrammableDigital Thermostat6:03Su68AmOCCUPIED 174oCOOL68HEAT oTOTALINE7 Day programmablePre-ProgrammedOccupied ComfortUnoccupied EnergySavingsAuto ChangeoverEasy To Read DisplayThermoglow Backlight* Multi-Stage, One for All3 Security LevelsMeets California Title 24with most Air Conditioning & Heating Systems including: 1 or 2 Stage* UseElectric Cooling & Gas Heating, Heat Pump, Electric or Hydronic Heat.TOTALINECommercial Systems & ServicesCarrier Corporation 05/02

Table Of ContentsFRONT PANELDISPLAYQUICK START Set the clock and goBASIC OPERATIONPROGRAMMING Occupied / UnoccupiedADVANCED SETUPABOUT ADVANCED OPERATIONWARRANTY23568121620CAUTIONFollow Installation Instructions before proceeding.SET THERMOSTAT TO MODE “OFF” PRIOR TOCHANGING SETTINGS IN SETUP OR RESTORINGFACTORY DEFAULTS.Commercial Systems & ServicesCarrier Corporation 05/02P/N P374-2200Page 1

Front PanelBacklit LCD Display6:03Su68AmOCCUPIED 174Warmer or ButtonoCOOL68HEAT oCooler or - ButtonTOTALINEOverride ButtonHeat or Cool IndicatorRed Heat, Green ge 270AmFanHOLIDAYoCOOL67HolidayHEAT oProgramSet ClockOverridePROGRAMSET CLOCK

Display62i2 :00819788Am ProgramOn SetupPm StopStart LockedSuMTuWThFSa unoccupied123Service Filter110AUTOOFFFan On88oCOOLOverride88HEAT o4151431Mode IndicatorsSelects the operation mode of the equipment.HEAT - indicates the heat mode.COOL - indicates the air conditioning mode.AUTO - indicates the system will automaticallychangeover between heat and cool modesas the temperature varies.OFF - indicates the entire system is turned off.PROGRAM ON - indicates the stored programis enabled to run. Page 6.2Clock with Day of the WeekIndicates the current time and day. This clock isalso used to program the timer periods. Page 5.3Room Temperature DisplayIndicates the current room temperature.4Desired Set TemperatureIndicates desired room temperature(s). Page 7.Page 3

Display5Override IndicationIndicates the current program is currently beingoverridden for up to 4 hours. Page 7,16.6Occupied or Unoccupied IndicationIndicates the program number: Occupied 1,2,3,or Unoccupied. Page 8-11.7Setup IndicationIndicates the thermostat is in the programmingmode. Page 12.8Fan Operation IndicationFan On - indicates constant, continuous fanoperation.When Fan On is not lit - indicates the fan willonly operate when necessary to heat orto cool. Page 12.9Locked IndicationLocked appears after the right combination ofbuttons are pressed, rendering the buttonsinoperative. Page 18.10Start / Stop IndicationStart or Stop appears when programmingtimer functions. Page 9.Page 4

Quick Start Set the Clock and GoSET CLOCKPress the SET CLOCKbutton.:12:00AmSetupiDuring Setup & Programming:Pressing the Mode buttonselects different flashing items.(Represented in dark black)Pressing the Up and Downbuttons will modify the flashingselection.PressMODESetupTo adjust theclock or Day use2Mbuttons.Press the SET CLOCKbutton as above toreturn to normaloperation.SET CLOCKThis thermostat is preprogrammed from thefactory to operate 1 or 2 Stage equipment withoutthe need for further programming. To optimize theinstallation of this thermostat follow the instructionsin the Advanced Setup section.* The thermostat is not preprogrammed from thefactory to operate electric heat or heat pump systems.To control these systems, follow the steps in theAdvanced Setup section, pages 12 & 13.Page 5

Basic OperationSelect ModeThe HEAT setting indicates thetemperature the room has toreach before the furnace willturn on to heat the room.The COOL setting indicates thetemperature the room has toreach before the air conditionerwill turn on to cool the room.AUTO will automatically selectheat or cool based on roomtemperature demand.Program On will activate thestored timer operation.(Occupied orUnoccupied Periods)OFF indicates both heatingand air conditioningsystems are turned 00MOFFPmPmPmProgram OnPmPmPage 6Occupied 16972HEAT oPressMODEoCOOLPressMODE72oCOOL69HEAT o73PressMODEoCOOL70HEAT oPressMODE

Basic OperationSelect Desired Temperature:12:00M70AUTOPm72oIn any mode, adjust thedesired Set TemperaturewithCOOL69HEAT obuttons.Pressing the up/down buttons in Auto mode will adjust both the heat and coolset temperatures simultaneously.Pressing the up/down buttons in Heat or Cool modes will adjust only theheat or cool set 5oCOOL55HEAT oOccupied 174During programmed, unoccupied periodsa press of the Override button will forcethe thermostat into Occupied 1 comfortsettings, temporarily, for 30 minutes.Pressing the override button when thecountdown timer is less than 30, willreset the timer to 30 minutes. If the timerdisplays 30 minutes, the next press willzero out the override timer, returningto unoccupied.When in Override, the Override icon andthe Occupied 1 icon appear on the display.Pm65PmMPressOVERRIDEoCOOLThe time of day clock alternates with thetime remaining in override.Override72HEAT oDuring Override, the setpoints areadjustable, provided the keypad is notlocked.Page 7

ProgrammingOccupied & Unoccupied PeriodsPressPROGRAMPress the PROGRAM button to enter time period programming.occupied 1Select the maximum # ofoccupied periods to beused on any one day.Typically 1.(1,2 or 3)Press74occupied 1Adjust the coolingsetpoint for occupied 1.MODECOOL(35 - 99 )Pressoccupied 1Adjust the heatingsetpoint for occupied 1.74MODECOOL72HEAT(35 - 99 )unoccupied85PressMODECOOLAdjust the coolingsetpoint for unoccupiedperiods.(35 - 99 )PressMODEContinuedPage 8

ProgrammingOccupied & Unoccupied PeriodsunoccupiedAdjust the heating setpoint for unoccupiedperiods.65HEAT(35 - 99)PressMODEMoccupied 1Select the day forOccupied 1.(M - Su)PressMODE7:00Adjust the start timefor occupied 1.AmStartMoccupied 1PressMODE6:00Adjust the stop timefor occupied 1.Pm StopMoccupied 1PressMODEOnMSelect Occupied 1 to runon this day (On), or not torun this day (Off).occupied 1ONPressOffMODEContinuedPage 9

ProgrammingOccupied & Unoccupied PeriodsThe copy command becomes available after the maximum # ofoccupied periods are programed in a day. This example uses 1as the maximum occupied periods ever programed in one day.YesSelect Yes or No to copythe previous day’sprogram to this day.NoTuNoCoIf Yes is selected:PySelecting Yes, then pressing mode will copy theprevious day’s program and then will ask thesame copy question again. If yes is selectedeach time, this routine will repeat until Saturdayis copied to Sunday. After Saturday is copiedto Sunday, the copy command is unavailable.PressMODETuIf No is selected:PressMODEoccupied 1Select the dayfor occupied 1.(Tu - M)PressMODE9:00Adjust the start timefor occupied 1.Am StartOccupied 1TuPressMODE5:00Adjust the stop timefor occupied 1.TuPm StopOccupied 1PressMODEContinuedPage 10

ProgrammingOccupied & Unoccupied PeriodsOnTuSelect Occupied 1 to runon this day (On), or not torun this day (Off).Occupied 1OFFOffPressMODENoYesSelect Yes or No to copythe previous day’sprogram to this day.NoIf Yes is selected:PressMODEWCoPySelecting Yes, then pressing mode will copy theprevious day’s program and then will ask thesame copy question again. If yes is selectedeach time, this routine will repeat until Saturdayis copied to Sunday. After Saturday is copiedto Sunday, the copy command is unavailable.If No is selected:PressMODEIf no is selected, as in previous steps flashing prompts for input will appear forstart and stop times for Occupied 1. If more than one occupied period wasselected in step 1 on page 8, then cool/heat setpoints, and start/stop timesfor additional occupied periods will be prompted.PROGRAMMING NOTESIf only 1 Occupied period is selected in step 1 on page 8, Occupied 2 & 3 programming steps areskipped. Further, if only 2 occupieds are selected, Occupied 3 programming steps are skipped.Heat & Cool setpoints for Occupied 1 are the same for every day of the week. Heat & Cool setpointsfor Occupied 2 & 3 can be adjusted differently for each day of the week, if desired.If the start time is set later in the day than the stop time, the program will run from the start time tomidnight and from midnight to the stop time on the same day. For example: 9:00pm start, 8:00am stop,on Monday. In this example the program will run from 12:00am Monday to 8:00am Monday and againfrom 9:00pm Monday to 12:00pm Monday.The Unoccupied settings take effect at all times when: (1) the program is on and (2) the current time isoutside a preset occupied period. For this reason start and stop times aren’t necessary for unoccupied.If the same start and stop times are programmed in for an occupied period, then it will run 24 hours.If one occupied period starts and stops within another occupied period the lower occupied # haspriority. For example: If Occupied 3 is programmed to be “on” 24 hours, and Occupied 2 isprogrammed to run that day, then Occupied 2 settings will take over from occupied 3 betweenOccupied 2 start and stop times.Page 11

Advanced SetupNOTE: Each step # is located atthe top right corner of thedisplay for easy reference.Steps 1 & 2 are accessedby pressing Set Clock.Press the Mode button.While holding the Mode,press the Program buttonto enter Setup screens.MODEPROGRAMhpoeh2SetupSelect Heat Pumpoperation (ON) or,Gas/Electricoperation (OFF)OFFBSetupSelect reversingvalve type, O or B.Step 4 only appearsif step 3 is ON.OONSetupSelect Electric Heat ONor OFF. Step 5 onlyappears if step 3 is OFF.OFFOFF88Adjust the deadbandfrom 1 - 6 uedPage 12PressMODE

Advanced Setup81fAdjust the minimumdifference betweencooling & heatingsetpoints.(0 - 6 )726LISetupCOOLHEATPressMODESetupSelect the cycles perhour limit.d cycles per hourlimit defeated.d1 d defeat 5 min.Compressor lockout.(d, d1, 2 - 6)OnCyONOffPressMODESetupSelect the display backlight always On, or Offafter 8 seconds.89PressMODE0PressOVERRIDEReset the Service Filtercounter to 0, to removethe icon from the display.Setupi0Service FilterPressMODEAdjust the number ofhours the blower willrun before the ServiceFilter icon appears onthe display. 0 off.500SetupiiService FilterPress(0 - 1950)MODEContinuedPage 13

Advanced SetupF08065SetupCSelect thermostatoperation in degreesFahrenheit or Centigrade.FSelect the security level:0 no security in effect1 setpoint range limited2 1 program on all times3 2 prohibits setpointchangesAdjust the maximumallowable heat setpointwhen security is in effect.(Step 14 only appearsif step 13 is not 0).Sechi(35 - 99)loAdjust the minimumallowable cool setpointwhen security is in effect.(Step 15 only appearsif step 13 is not 0).(35 - ressMODEI4HEATPressMODEI5COOLPressMODEPress the Mode button. While holding theMode, press the Program button to enterSetup screens. If no buttons are press-ed, the display will leave the setupscreens after 60 seconds.Page 14PROGRAM

Advanced SetupAdvanced Setup TableStep #123456789101112131415DescriptionRangeTime of day clock setDay of the weekHeat PumpReversing Valve PolarityElectric HeatDeadband or Temperature swingForced minimum difference heat/coolCycles per hourThermoglow backlightReset Service Filter IconService Filter run time setFahrenheit or CentigradeSecurity LevelsMaximum allowable Heat setpointMinimum allowable Cool setpointPage 1524 hourSun - SatOff / OnO/BOff / On1-60-6d, d1, 2 - 6Off / On-0 - 1950F/C0-435 - 9935 - 99Factory Default12:00 AmMondayOffOOff226On-0F48065

About Advanced Features & OperationCLOCK BACKUP - In the event of a power loss, the thermostatinternal clock will continue to keep proper time for aminimum of 48 hours without external power or batteries.2 STAGE OPERATION - The 2nd Stage of heat or cool isturned on when (1) the 1st Stage has been on for aminimum of two minutes, and (2) the temperature spreadfrom the setpoint is equal to or greater than: the setpointplus the deadband, plus 2 degrees.CoolingHeating2 degrees2nd Stageturn on1st Stageturn onDeadBandHeatSetpointDeadBandCoolSetpoint2 degrees1st Stageturn on2nd Stageturn onMINIMUM HEAT/COOL SETPOINT DIFFERENCE - The Heatand Cool setpoints will not be allowed to come any closerto each other than the value set in Advanced Setup step# 7, on page 13. This minimum difference is enforcedduring Auto changeover and Program On operation.OVERRIDE - As explained on page 7, pressing the Overridebutton during a programmed, Unoccupied period will forcethe thermostat into Occupied 1, temporarily, for 30 minutes.If the Override button is pressed during an Occupiedperiod, the thermostat will be forced into Unoccupied andthe occupied # (1,2 or 3), it was forced out of will beturned off, only for that day.During Override periods the setpoints may be adjusted,but they will not be remembered after Override ends.Page 16

About Advanced Features & OperationENERGY SAVING SMART FAN - If Fan On is selected,the fan will run continuously at all times,except in Off,and will only run if there is a heating or cooling demandin Unoccupied periods.EMERGENCY HEAT - To turn on Emergency Heat press in theFan button. While holding the Fan button press the Upbutton. The Cool setpoint display will read ‘EH’.I2:00MoPress forEmergency Heat73Ameh74HEATFANDuring Emergency Heat the thermostat will turnon the fan and the 2nd stage of heat, when there is ademand for heat, locking out the 1st stage compressor.Exiting Emergency Heat is the same as entering. DuringEmergency Heat only OFF and HEAT are available.Note: Emergency Heat is only available when thethermostat is controlling a heat pump.Page 17

About Advanced Features & OperationELECTRIC HEAT - Selecting Electric Heat on, page 13,step 6, will cause the thermostat to turn on the fanimmediately any time there is a heat demand. Since allgas furnaces control the fan, this feature should be offunless the heater is only electric.KEYPAD LOCK - To prevent unauthorized use of the thermostat,the front panel buttons may be disabled. To disable, or‘lock’ the keypad, press and hold in the Mode button.While holding the Mode button in, press the Up and Downbuttons in together. The Locked icon will appear on thedisplay.I2:00WePress all 3 forKeypad LockoutMODE83PmLockedunoccupied85COOL55HEATTo unlock the buttons, again press and hold the Modebutton. While holding the Mode button in, press the Upand Down buttons in together. The Locked icon willdisappear from the display.Page 18

About Advanced Features & OperationDUAL SETPOINT BEHAVIOR - The adjustable setpoint rangeis: 35 - 99 degrees in Fahrenheit and 7 - 35 degrees inCentigrade. When in the modes Heat or Cool, thisadjustable range is unhampered.When adjusting any Auto mode, including programmingOccupied and Unoccupied periods, the thermostat will notallow the Heat setpoint to get closer to the Cool setpointthan the value programmed as the minimum difference instep 7, page 13.When entering the Auto mode from Cool, the Heat andCool setpoints will remain spread apart by the amountthat they were adjusted, prior to entering Auto.For example: If the Cool setpoint was set to 80 whilein the Cool mode and the Heat setpoint was adjusted to70 while in the Heat mode, upon entering the Auto modethe Heat and Cool setpoints would be 80 and 70. Bothsetpoints would then move up and down together, (in thisexample spread by 10 degrees), by pressing the up ordown buttons.To move the Heat and Cool setpoints closer together,enter the Cool or Heat mode by pressing the Mode button,then adjust the setpoint(s) closer together. Heat is limitedto how close it can come to Cool by step 7, page 13.The above applies if the Security level does not equal 4.FACTORY DEFAULTS - If, for any reason it is desirable toreturn all stored settings back to the factory defaultsettings, press the Mode button. While holding the Modebutton in, press the Fan button for 5 sec. All icons willappear. Press and hold in the Fan button until Fdappears. This resets all factory settings. To return tonormal operation, press the Mode button twice more.Page 19

WarrantyOne-Year Warranty - This Product is warranted to be free from defects in material andworkmanship. If it appears within one year from the date of original installation, whether or notactual use begins on that date, that the product does not meet this warranty, a new orremanufactured part, at the manufacturer’s sole option, to replace any defective part will beprovided without charge for the part itself; PROVIDED the defective part is returned to thedistributor through a qualified servicing dealer.THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT INCLUDE LABOR OR OTHER COSTS incurred for diagnosing,repairing, removing, installing, shipping, servicing or handling of either defective parts orreplacement parts. Such costs may be covered by a separate warranty provided by the installer.THIS WARRANTY APPLIES ONLY TO PRODUCTS IN THEIR ORIGINAL INSTALLATIONLOCATION AND BECOMES VOID UPON REINSTALLATION.LIMITATIONS OF WARRANTIES – ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES (INCLUDING IMPLIEDWARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY) AREHEREBY LIMITED IN DURATION TOT THE PERIOD FOR WHICH THE LIMITED WARRANTYIS GIVEN. SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIEDWARRANTY LASTS, SO THE ABOVE MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. THE EXPRESSEDWARRANTIES MADE IN THIS WARRANTY ARE EXCLUSIVE AND MANY NOT BE ALTERED,ENLARGED, OR CHANGED BY ANY DISTRIBUTOR, DEALER, OR OTHER PERSONWHATSOEVER.ALL WORK UNDER THE TERMS OF THIS WARRANTY SHALL BE PERFORMED DURINGNORMAL WORKING HOURS. AL REPLACEMENT PARTS, WHETHER NEW ORREMANUFACTURED, ASSUME AS THEIR WARRANTY PERIOD ONLY THE REMAININGTIME PERIOD OF THIS WARRANTY.THE MANUFACTURER WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR:1. Normal maintenance as outlined in the installation and servicing instructions or ownersmanual including filter cleaning and/or replacement and lubrication.2. Damage or repairs required as a consequence of faulty installation, misapplication, abuse,improper servicing, unauthorized alteration or improper operation.3. Failure to start due to voltage conditions, blown fuses, open circuit breakers or otherdamages due to the inadequacy or interruption of electrical service.4. Damage as a result of floods, winds, fires, lightning, accidents, corrosive environments orother conditions beyond the control of the Manufacturer.5. Parts not supplied or designated by the Manufacturer, or damages resulting from their use.6. Manufacturer products installed outside the continental U.S.A., Alaska, Hawaii, andCanada.7. Electricity or fuel costs or increases in electricity or fuel costs from any reason whatsoeverincluding additional or unusual use of supplemental electric heat.8. ANY SPECIAL INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL PROPERTY OR COMMERCIALDAMAGE OF ANY NATURE WHATSOEVER. Some states do not allow the exclusion ofincidental or consequential damages, so the above may not apply to you.This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may varyform state to state.Page 23