Content Management inSuccessFactors Learning

The Current reality and Challenges1. Creation: Creating eLearning content can be a lengthy process, involving the collaboration of multipletools and experts. Because a content issue can occur at any point in the process, it can be difficult topinpoint.2. Administration: It’s easy to underestimate the difficulty of e-learning content management.Unfortunately, many of the problems become clear when you find yourself manually confirmingAICC/SCORM compliance, troubleshooting end-user environment variables, and dealing with nontracking types of content, such as Word documents, PowerPoints, and PDFs.3. Integrations: Organizations using SuccessFactors often face a challenge with content integrations withtheir LMS. This includes integration issues resulting into repetitive testing cycles and longer time todeploy.4. Security: Do you know for sure that your confidential material is secure? If unauthorized outside usersaccess your content, they can burn through purchased licenses of third-party courses and even add ordelete unauthorized material.5. Governance

Typical Content Issues Icontent Integration 3rd Party Integrations Integration with Document ManagementSystems(EDMS) Reverse Proxy/Proxlet Tracking Completions Performance Issues Compatibility across devices General erroneous content code/format

Content Types SCORM 1.2 SCORM 2004 2nd Edition SCORM 2004 4th Edition TinCan (xAPI) Flash/HTML 5 AICC Documents/PDFs URLs Videos Assessments

Content Storage and Hosting: It is important tohave a clear strategy where content will sitIcontent Premium v/s Self Managed Folder StructureInternally Hosted Local Drives Document Management SystemsThird Party Hosted

Content ArchivingIcontent Archiving Strategy iContent Storage Strategy

ContentIntegration: MOOCsProvide Access to High Quality,Inexpensive, Scalable ExternalContent Sources lynda.comUdacityCourseraHarvard ManageMentorOpenSesameedXopenHP

Content Integration – Third PartiesDocumentManagement Systems ConnectorsThird Party Minimal v/s Partialv/s CompleteIntegration With SSO/withoutSSO Mark Complete onlaunch v/s Markwhen complete

Content Troubleshooting Understanding the Landscape and ContentEcosystem. Understanding Content Standards. Standard checklists and Guides Deep technical understanding on identifyingroot causes. Document: Create Your Own PersonalizedList Of Common Issues And Responses

Content Governance Creation – Instructional DesignStorageManagementSupportTroubleshooting

Content VendorManagementVendor Selection Knowledge of SuccessFactors Ability to test across browsers and devicesVendor Flexibility Ability to create content using variety oftools and formats Blended Learning methods Awareness of Latest and upcomingtechnologiesVendor Support Support structure for troubleshooting

Content and Engagement – Gamification, VR, AR andBeyond.Microlearning Engagement Bite-sized content, delivered on our platform and wrapped with the latestin engagement, behavioral science and motivation.Personalized and adaptive Taking the data about actual knowledge levels, engagement and actualperformance, drive different microlearning to each employee, choosingthe best personalized learning path for them.

Mobile Learning Content Design and Planning Functionality Efficiency Screen Size Offline Video vs Audio Image: JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif), PNG (.png) Audio: MP3 (.mp3), MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4a) Video: MPEG-4 (.mp4) Content Testing SAP SuccessFactors Learn Test App (for iPad only) Comprehensive Testing – SF App and Browser Screen Resolution – Content renders differently in android and iOS Variable Orientation Testing and Support Browser and App iOS and Android

Mobile Learning Industry Standards Use Supported iOS Rich Media MIME Types Don’t Use Unsupported iOS Technologies Best Practices Do not use content that requires opening an additional pop-upwindow for SSO. Do not use pop-ups. Do not use spaces within URLs intended to be displayed onmobile operating systems. When entering a URL into a field, besure there are no spaces before the URL. When links are followed, ensure that destination URLs aredisplayed in the current window. Do not open links in new tabsor windows, as you might for a typical desktop browser. Testing and Support Browser and App iOS and Android

User GeneratedContent – The Futureof Learning* It Improves Engagement User generated contentlets you capture informallearning User generated contentimproves organisationalknowledge

To support Content testing, we have recentlylaunched a content testing platform which providescontent vendors access to a SuccessFactors instanceresulting in a better-quality deliverable.

Content Testing: A Sticking PointA Typical Content Development Process:Content vendors develop the content and then send tothe customerCustomer uploads the content and conducts testingCustomer invariably faces integration issues whichresults into a back and forth with the content vendorincluding debates on whethercontent is compliant or the LMS has issues making itvery difficult to pin point the issueThis processusually takesup 3-4 weeksfor anycontent thatfaces an issue.

TalenTeam Content Management PlatformContent vendors get access to:SuccessFactors instance with User, Adminand Mobile accessTalenTeam Content support teamJAM Community to collaborate with othercontent vendors and resourcesChecklists for content testingSuccessFactors content creationguidelinesOwn Domain and Catalog to ensurecontent is secure and not accessible byothersJob Aids and Guides to useSuccessFactors application

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