Installation GuideStorEdge Solution withBackupFor North AmericaVersion 1.6

2 Revision HistoryRevision HistoryVersion 1.6 (Feb. 2019)Added Proposition 65 warning (for California).Version 1.5 (Feb. 2019)Addition of appendix: External Rapid Shutdown on page 145Power optimizer clearance - no clearance is required on the mounting bracketsideAddition of new appendix: Powering the LG Chem Battery Off and On on page149.Addition of reference to troubleshooting undetected devices application noteTorque for grounding using the equipment grounding bus-bar: 3.4 N*M/30 lb-inUpdate of product namesAddition of possibility to use compatible connectors from third-partymanufacturersRecommendation to mount the power optimizer in a location protected fromdirect sunlightUpdated warning about sealing unused power optimizer input connectorsMax distance between the battery and inverter is 70 ft / 20mRemoval of StorEdge Connection Unit ReplacementAddition of caution - installation in saline environmentUpdate regarding use of extension cables in power optimizer installationguidelinesRemoval of recommendation to connect the battery and set DIP switch whenthe battery is on the floor, for easier accessAddition of low battery SOE troubleshootingAddition of important safety feature: restart behavior functionalityAddition of link to the Designer web pageAddition of battery charge/ discharge self-test and troubleshootingStorEdge Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

Revision History3Version 1.4 (Nov. 2018)Changed the LG battery powering off sequence.Version 1.3 (Oct. 2017)In Power Optimizer Installation chapter:Added warning about grounding the power optimizer metallic enclosureAdded: circuit conductors must be sized according to NEC 690.9 whencombining stringsRemoved reference to racking models and their grounding methodsRemoved mentioning of trackerIn inverter Installation chapter:Added a caution about not altering the StorEdge Connection Unitenclosure: SolarEdge does not permit opening or puncturing theStorEdge Connection Unit in any location other than the pre-defineddrill guide locations, or otherwise altering the construction of theenclosure, as this may compromise safety and will void the warranty.Connection to/from the Connection Unit:450V DC to BAT connector (DC- and DC connections) corrected in theconnection diagramAdded a diagram of LG battery connection to inverter with 3 DIPswitchesIn Configuration Menu Options:Power Control section:Removed Phase Balance link and infoAdded a note about compliance with UL 1741 Supplement A.Added link to P(Q) diagram application noteMaintenance section:Added links to application notes (Upgrading the inverter usingSD card; Isolation fault troubleshooting; Arc fault detection)Removed Optimizer ConfIn System Configuration chapter:StorEdge Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

4 Revision HistoryThe communication board firmware (CPU) version must be 3.xxxx andlater on all SolarEdge inverters at the same siteScreens changed when configuring LG batteryStorEdge Control instructions and menu updatedConnection Unit replacement - removedUpdated linksTechnical specification - updatedStorEdge Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

Disclaimers5DisclaimersImportant NoticeCopyright SolarEdge Inc. All rights reserved.No part of this document may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system ortransmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photographic,magnetic or otherwise, without the prior written permission of SolarEdge Inc.The material furnished in this document is believed to be accurate and reliable.However, SolarEdge assumes no responsibility for the use of this material. SolarEdgereserves the right to make changes to the material at any time and without notice. Youmay refer to the SolarEdge web site ( for the most updatedversion.All company and brand products and service names are trademarks or registeredtrademarks of their respective holders.Patent marking notice: see general terms and conditions of delivery of SolarEdge shall apply.The content of these documents is continually reviewed and amended, wherenecessary. However, discrepancies cannot be excluded. No guarantee is made for thecompleteness of these documents.The images contained in this document are for illustrative purposes only and may varydepending on product models.StorEdge Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

6 FCC ComplianceFCC ComplianceThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digitaldevice, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interferencein a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radiofrequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions,may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is noguarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipmentdoes cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can bedetermined by turning the equipment off and on, you are encouraged to try to correctthe interference by one or more of the following measures:Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver.Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to whichthe receiver is connected.Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible forcompliance may void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.StorEdge Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

7ContentsRevision History2DisclaimersImportant NoticeFCC Compliance556HANDLING AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSSafety Symbols Information1010IMPORTANT INVERTER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS11Chapter 1: OverviewThe StorEdge Solution ComponentsAdditional ReferenceInstallation WorkflowInstallation Equipment ListInverter Transport and Storage161618192021Chapter 2: Installing the Power OptimizersSafetyPackage ContentsInstallation GuidelinesStep 1: Mounting and Grounding the Power OptimizersStep 2: Connecting a PV Module to a Power OptimizerStep 3: Connecting Power Optimizers in StringsStep 4: Verifying Proper Power Optimizer Connection2222252527303132Chapter 3: Installing the InverterInverter Package ContentsIdentifying the InverterInverter InterfacesMounting the Inverter3333343438Chapter 4: Auto-transformer and Backed-up Loads Panel Installation (forBackup)Mounting the Auto-transformerInstalling the Backed-up Loads Panel434444Chapter 5: Meter Installation46Chapter 6: Commissioning the InstallationRemoving the Inverter CoverStep 1: Activating the SystemStep 2: Pairing Power Optimizers to the InverterStep 3: Verifying Proper ActivationStep 4: Reporting and Monitoring Installation Data484849535556Chapter 7: StorEdge Inverter Connections59StorEdge Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

8Installing the 9V Battery and FusesConnecting the Strings to the InverterConnecting to the BatteryDIP Switch SetupConnecting Communication to the MeterConnecting to AC606162676970Chapter 8: User InterfaceLCD User ButtonsInverter Configuration – Setup ModeConfiguration Menu OptionsStatus Screens - Operational Mode7474758289Chapter 9: Setting Up Communication to the Monitoring PlatformCommunication OptionsCommunication ConnectorsCreating an Ethernet (LAN) ConnectionCreating an RS485 Bus ConnectionVerifying the Connection98100101103106110Chapter 10: System ConfigurationUpgrading the Inverter Firmware VersionConfiguring the RS485 Bus for Battery and Meter ConnectionConfiguring StorEdge ApplicationsVerifying StorEdge Components Functionality111111113116121Appendix A: TroubleshootingCommunication TroubleshootingPower Optimizer TroubleshootingStorEdge Connection Unit LEDsAdditional StorEdge TroubleshootingStorEdge Error Codes125125126129130134Appendix B: Opening Conduit Drill Guides138Appendix C: Replacing and Adding System ComponentsReplacing an Inverter9V Battery ReplacementFuse ReplacementBattery Replacement140140141143144Appendix D: External Rapid Shutdown145Appendix E: Mechanical SpecificationsInverter DimensionsAuto-transformer Dimensions147147148Appendix F: Powering the LG Chem Battery Off and On149StorEdge Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

9StorEdge Single Phase Inverter with Connection Unit for High Power TechnicalSpecifications150StorEdge Inverter150Auto-Transformer Technical Specifications154StorEdge Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

10 HANDLING AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSHANDLING AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSDuring installation, testing and inspection, adherence to all the handling and safetyinstructions is mandatory. Failure to do so may result in injury or loss of life anddamage to the equipment.Safety Symbols InformationThe following safety symbols are used in this document. Familiarize yourself with thesymbols and their meaning before installing or operating the system.WARNING!Denotes a hazard. It calls attention to a procedure that, if not correctlyperformed or adhered to, could result in injury or loss of life. Do not proceedbeyond a warning note until the indicated conditions are fully understood andmet.AVERTISSEMENT!Dénote un risque: il attire l'attention sur une opération qui, si elle n'est pas faiteou suivi correctement, pourrait causer des blessures ou un danger de mort. Nepas dépasser une telle note avant que les conditions requises soienttotallement comprises et accomplies.CAUTION!Denotes a hazard. It calls attention to a procedure that, if not correctlyperformed or adhered to, could result in damage or destruction of theproduct. Do not proceed beyond a caution sign until the indicated conditionsare fully understood and met.ATTENTION!Dénote un risque: il attire l'attention sur une opération qui, si elle n'est pas faiteou suivi correctement, pourrait causer un dommage ou destruction del'équipement. Ne pas dépasser une telle note avant que les conditions requisessoient totallement comprises et accomplies.NOTEDenotes additional information about the current subject.IMPORTANT SAFETY FEATUREDenotes information about safety issues.StorEdge Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

IMPORTANT INVERTER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS11IMPORTANT INVERTER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSSAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSCONSIGNES DE SÉCURITÉ IMPORTANTESCONSERVEZ CES INSTRUCTIONSWARNING!The inverter cover must be opened only after switching the inverter ON/OFFswitch located at the bottom of the inverter to OFF. This disables the DC voltageinside the inverter. Wait five minutes before opening the cover. Otherwise, thereis a risk of electric shock from energy stored in the capacitors.AVERTISSEMENT!Ne pas ouvrir le couvercle de l'onduleur avant d'avoir coupé l'interrupteur situéen dessous de l'onduleur. Cela supprime les tensions CC et CA de l'onduleur.Attendre cinq minutes avant d’ouvrir le couvercle. Sinon, il y a un risque dechoc électrique provenant de l'énergie stockée dans le condensateur.WARNING!Before operating the inverter, ensure that the inverter is grounded properly. Thisproduct must be connected to a grounded, metal, permanent wiring system, oran equipment-grounding conductor must be run with the circuit conductorsand connected to the equipment grounding terminal or lead on the product.AVERTISSEMENT!Avant d'utiliser l'onduleur monophasé, assurez-vous que l'onduleur estcorrectement mis à la terre. Ce produit doit être raccordé à un système decâblage fixe, métallique, l'équipement-le conducteur de mise à la terre doit êtreexécuté avec les conducteurs de circuit et raccordé à l'équipement borne demise à la terre ou de plomb sur le produit.WARNING!Opening the inverter and repairing or testing under power must be performedonly by qualified service personnel familiar with this inverter.AVERTISSEMENT!L’unité ne doit être ouverte que par un technicien qualifié dans le cadre del'installation et de la maintenance.StorEdge Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

12 IMPORTANT INVERTER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSWARNING!The Connection Unit meets all requirements for a code-compliant installation ofthis system. The DC Disconnect Switch disconnects both the positive andnegative conductors.AVERTISSEMENT!Le sectionneur externe (inclus) repond aux exigences de conformité pourl’installation de ce système . Le coupeur CC ouvre les conducteurs positifs etnégatifs.WARNING!The inverter input and output circuits are isolated from the enclosure. Thissystem does not include an isolation transformer and should be installed withan ungrounded PV array in accordance with the requirements of NEC Articles690.35 and 690.43 National Electric Code, ANSI/NFPA 70, 2011 (and CanadianElectrical Code, Part I, for installations in Canada).Equipment grounding is the responsibility of the installer and must beperformed in accordance with all applicable Local and National Codes.AVERTISSEMENT!Les circuits d’entrée et de sortie de l’onduleur sont isolés de l’enveloppe. Cesystème n’inclut pas d’isolation galvanique (transformateur) et devra êtreinstallé sans mise à la terre du champ PV et en accord avec les articles 690.35 et690.43 du National Electric Code (NEC), ANSI/NFPA 70, 2011 (et du CodeElectrique Canadien, Partie 1, pour les installations faites au Canada).La mise à la terre des équipements est la responsabilité de l’installateur et doitêtre faite en accord avec les toutes les règles locales et nationales applicables.WARNING!The inverter must be connected to a dedicated AC branch circuit with amaximum Overcurrent Protection Device (OCPD) of 50A.AVERTISSEMENT!Les onduleurs monophasé doivent être connectés à un branchement AC dédiéavec un disjoncteur de 50A.WARNING!SolarEdge products can expose you to chemicals including antimony trioxide,which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information,go to .AVERTISSEMENT!Les produits SolarEdge peut vous exposer à des agents chimiques, y compristrioxyde d'antimoine, identifiés par l'État de Californie comme pouvant causer lecancer. Pour de plus amples informations, prière de Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

IMPORTANT INVERTER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS13CAUTION!This unit must be operated according to the technical specification datasheetprovided with the unit.ATTENTION!Cette unité doit être utilisée selon les spécifications de fonctionnement, commedécrit dans la dernière fiche technique des spécifications.CAUTION!HEAVY OBJECT. To avoid muscle strain or back injury, use proper liftingtechniques, and if required - a lifting aid.ATTENTION!Objet lourd. Pour éviter la fatigue musculaire ou des blessures au dos, utilisezdes techniques de levage appropriées et, si nécessaire - un auxiliaire de levagelors du retrait.NOTEThe StorEdge Connection Unit is NEMA type 3R rated . Unused conduitopenings and glands should be sealed with appropriate seals.NOTEUse only copper conductors rated for a minimum of 75 C/ 167 F.NOTEThis inverter is provided with an IMI (Isolation Monitor Interrupter) for groundfault protection.NOTEThe symbolappears at grounding points on the SolarEdge equipment. Thissymbol is also used in this manual.NOTEA SolarEdge inverter may be installed in a site with a generator, however mustnot operate at the same time as the generator.Operating an inverter and a generator simultaneously will void the warranty.SolarEdge requires installing a physical or electronic interlock, which willprevent the generator and inverter from operating simultaneously. Interlockprocurement, installation, maintenance and support are the responsibility ofthe installer. Damage to the inverter due to incorrect interlock installation oruse of an interlock that is incompatible with the SolarEdge system will renderthe SolarEdge warranty invalid.StorEdge Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

14 IMPORTANT INVERTER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSWARNING!Shutting off the AC breaker does not disable the DC voltage inside the inverter.To obtain safe DC voltage, turn off the inverter ON/OFF switch and the StorEdgeConnection Unit ON/OFF switch.AVERTISSEMENT!En mode autonome, la fermeture du coupeur CA n’élimine pas la tension CC àl’intérieur de l’onduleur. Afin d’obtenir une tension CC sécurisée, mettezl’interrupteur du coupeur CC de l’onduleur et celui du coupeur CC de l’unitéStorEdge en position OFF.WARNING!Before operating the system, ensure that the inverter has been groundedproperly.AVERTISSEMENT!Avant d'utiliser l'onduleur monophasé, assurez-vous que l'onduleur estcorrectement mis à la terre.WARNING!When handling the battery, adhere to all manufacturer safety instructions.AVERTISSEMENT!Durant la manipulation de la batterie, adhérez à toutes les instructions desécurité du fabricant.WARNING!The battery must be powered off before and during wiring.To power off the battery:1. Turn off the circuit breaker.2. Turn off the disconnect/auxiliary power switch.To power the battery back on:1. Turn on the disconnect/auxiliary power switch.2. Turn on the circuit breaker.For details, see Powering the LG Chem Battery Off and On on page 149.AVERTISSEMENT!La batterie doit être éteinte avant et durant le câblage:Pour éteindre la batterie:1. Fermez le disjoncteur.2. Fermez l’interrupteur auxiliaire.Pour rallumer la batterie:StorEdge Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

IMPORTANT INVERTER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS151. Ouvrez l’interrupteur auxiliaire.2. Ouvrez le disjoncteur.Pour plus de détails, consultez Powering the LG Chem Battery Off and On page149.CAUTION!This unit must be operated under the specified operating conditions asdescribed in the technical specifications supplied with the unit.Cette unité doit être opérée suivant les instructions trouvées dans le manuelfourni avec le produit.NOTEThe battery used must be NRTL certified.NOTEFor battery decommissioning and disposal, follow the manufacturerrequirements and instructions.NOTEThe StorEdge Connection Unit is NEMA type 3R rated . Unused conduitopenings and glands should be sealed with appropriate seals.IMPORTANT SAFETY FEATUREDuring backup, if inverter output is overloaded or output current is higher thanbattery max allowed output, the inverter will try to restart after 15 seconds (inDACH: 90 secnds). If this reoccurs 3 times, an error message is displayed and theinverter should be restarted by turning the ON/OFF switch OFF and then ON.Refer to StorEdge Error Codes on page 134.StorEdge Solution with Backup MAN-01-00262-1.6

16 Chapter 1: OverviewChapter 1: OverviewStorEdge is SolarEdge's all-in-one solution that uses a single phase DC optimizedinverter to manage and monitor both solar power generation and energy storage.Homeowners are automatically provided with backup power in the event of gridinterruption to power pre-selected loads. Solar energy can be stored in a battery forSmart Energy Management applications such as export control, offering demandresponse and peak shaving, and performing time of use shifting for reduced electricbills.The StorEdge Solution ComponentsThe StorEdge Inverter - The inverter manages battery and system energy, inaddition to its traditional functionality as a DC-optimized PV inverter.The StorEdge Connection Unit, located at the bottom of the inverter, allowssimple installation and connectivity to other system components and includes aDC Safety Switch.The Energy Meter - The meter is used by the inverter for export, import,production and consumption readings, and for Smart Energy Managementapplications, such as: export limitation, time-of-use profile programming andmaximizing self-consumption.The meter is required only in systems using Smart Energy Managementapplications (it is not required for StorEdge systems used only for backuppower).The Auto-transformer - The auto-transformer handles the phase loadbalancing. It is required only in systems providing backup power.One or two batteries - DC coupled batteries desi