Price book 9Effective April 3, 2021This price list supersedes and cancels all previous price lists. Prices shown are subject to change without notice.

Customer CareRequest for quoteOur Customer Care Representatives areavailable for questions or assistance.Carolinas(North Carolina, South Carolina, Customer servicePress [email protected] supportPress 2Mechanical Locks [email protected] new projects or to locate anauthorized distributorPress 3Central(Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri,Nebraska, is-Northern, [email protected] Lakes(New York, Pennsylvania)[email protected] New [email protected] officesAllegion administrative office11819 N. Pennsylvania St.Carmel, IN Price book 9 Effective 04/03/21Mountain States(Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah,Wyoming)[email protected] England(Connecticut, Main, Massachusetts, NewHampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)[email protected] Central(Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota)[email protected] a, Oregon, [email protected](Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi,Tennessee)[email protected] Atlantic North(New York, omSouthern California(California-Southern, Hawaii)[email protected] Atlantic South(Delaware, Maryland, New hwest(Arizona, New a, Kentucky, Ohio, West [email protected]

ContentsDoing business with Allegion .4LM9200 Series Overview . 279A Series Overview . 7LM9200 Series Functions . 282A Series Functions .11LM9200 Series Styles.284A Series Styles.12LM9200 Series Common products . 293A Series Common products .15LM9200 Series Configure a product . 311A Series Configure a product .21LM9200 Series Parts . 325A Series Parts . 28CS210 Series Overview . 333ALX Series Overview .35CS210 Series Functions .337ALX Series Functions . 39CS210 Series Styles .338ALX Series Styles . 40CS210 Series Common products . 341ALX Series Common products .43CS210 Configure a product . 345ALX Series Configure a product .51CS210 Series Parts. 352ALX Series Kits . 59S200 Series Overview . 355ALX Series Parts . 62S200 Series Functions .359ND Series Overview . 69S200 Series Styles .360ND Series Functions . 72S200 Series Common products .363ND Series Styles .76S200 Series Configure a product .369ND Series Common products .79S200 Series Parts . 376ND Series Configure a product . 89LT Series Overview.381ND Series School upgrade kits. 100LT Series Functions.384ND Series Parts .102LT Series Style .385B250 Series Overview. 113LT Series Common products .389B250 Series Functions.116LT Series Configure a product .391B250 Series Styles . 117LT Series Parts.395B250 Series Common products .119S Series Overview . 397B250 Series Configure a product . 121S Series Functions . 400B250 Series Parts .127S Series Styles .401B500 Series Overview . 131S Series Common products .403B500 Series Functions .134S Series Configure a product . 409B500 Series Styles . 135S Series Parts .416B500 Series Common products.137HL Series Overview .419B500 Series Configure a product.141HL Series Functions . 423B500 Series Parts .148HL Series Configure a lock . 425B600, B700, B800 Series Overview . 153HL Series Parts .430B600, B700, B800 Series Functions .156Portable security Overview . 437B600, B700, B800 Series Styles . 157Cylinders . 447B600, B700, B800 Series Common products.159Keys . 478B600, B700, B800 Series Configure a product.163Cylinder parts .484B600, B700, B800 Series Parts . 170Keys and keying. 500L Series Overview . 175CL Series Overview . 511L Series Functions . 178CL Series Complete lock .514L Series Styles .188CL Series Parts .518L Series Common products. 197Tools and kits.519L Series Configure a product.219Merchandising Aids .529L Series Distributor Pack program . 255Forms . 531L Series Parts .260Price book 9 Effective 04/03/21 3

Doing business with AllegionPolicies and DocumentsONLINE ORDERINGIS AVAILABLETHROUGHESTIMATE TOORDER (ETO)The purchase of Allegion products is governed by theAllegion Authorized Seller Program. For program termsand conditions, and other program details, please Warranty information, visit contact Customer Service at 877-671-7011.ETO offers much more than placing onlineorders including: Net price and list price are bothdisplayed based on your buyingprogram. Configure products, build hardwaresets and place an order, or you canexport to Excel.You can configure and price a full range of productsusing the tables and rules shown in this book. Build a dynamic cross-referencebetween your part numbers andAllegion part numbers. Any time adescription, price or other product dataThe simplified structure of pricing and product data in this book creates aneasier configuration experience and a quicker update process for future priceincreases. Pricing logic used in this format makes the product and price easierto understand and has enabled Allegion to provide customers with a digitalis changed, your cross-reference willautomatically be updated. Request a quote or quote revisiondirectly from an estimatedata set of pricing, available for download at a result, the How to Order formats have been updated to match theVisit to getAllegion Catalog Nomenclature (ACN) logic. ACNs are descriptive, uniquestarted or email [email protected]fiers that set standards on how to order products and require default, to sign up.consistent naming conventions for all product attributes across Allegion brands.To learn more about how ETOFor more information about ACNs, please visit oremail [email protected] and its features, ordering methods: Email:allegion [email protected]: 1-800-248-1460When using traditional ordering methods,list the product attributes in the orderoutlined in this price book, which followthe ACN format guidelines.4 Price book 9 Effective 04/03/21

Doing business with AllegionORDERING AND FORMSRESIDENTIALKEYSCOMMERCIAL PRODUCTS *ORDERING OPTIONSFORM NAME AND NUMBERNOTES1. Standard OrdersThese orders are for the comprehensive listing of thecurrent product offering shown in this price book.Your Purchase OrderSee information required on your orderin withing each product section.All orders will be processed based on normal factorylead times. An anticipated ship date will be includedwith each order acknowledgment.2. Schlage Innovation Center Orders (RFQ)These orders are for Request For Quote (RFQ) orders whichare not covered in the price book and are subject to longerlead times. These orders may not be combined with anyMaster Keyed or Non-Master Keyed products. Use thisprocess for custom logo requests.Schlage Innovations Center ProductRequest FormSee the “Innovation Center ProductRequest Process” on Page 6.These products are not in the price book and must berequested for consideration. Instructions are includedin the Innovations Center Product Request Process inthis section.3. FastTrack OrdersThese orders are for products in the FastTrack price book andqualify for expedited order processing. This program includesSchlage and Allegion brand products. Please consult yoursales representative for FastTrack program availability in yourarea.Refer to FastTrack price book.See current FastTrack price book.Phone number 1-877-671-7011 orfax number 1-800-288-4242.1. Master Keyed OrdersThese orders are subject to standard lead time and process.Please attach the necessary forms if a restricted key systemor Primus order.Master Keyed Order Formms-i100.01 Rev. 3/14ms-i100.02 Rev. 3/14ms-i150 Rev. 3/14Use of order forms other than Schlage order formscan result in an increased lead time. An anticipatedship date will be included with each orderacknowledgment.2. Non-Master Keyed OrdersThese orders are subject to standard lead time and process.If you are ordering a restricted key system or Primus order,please attach the necessary forms.Non-Master Keyed Order Formms-i250 Rev. 3/14ms-i300 Rev. 3/14Use of order forms other than Schlage order formscan result in an increased lead time.3. Primus Face SheetOriginal signed form must accompany any Primus or PrimusXP level 3, 4, or 9 order.Primus Face Sheetms-e120 Rev. 3/14Must submit original forms, copies are notaccepted.4. Primus Signature CardOriginal signed form must accompany any NEW Primus orPrimus XP level 3, 4, or 9 order.Primus Signature Formms-e130 Rev. 03/14Please make sure the form identifies the key systemas NEW or EXISTING If removable cores, make surecontrol keys are ordered. Do not forget to mark thetype of keys, stamping information, etc.5. Key System SummaryPlease fill in all appropriate fields. Contact your local RSOsales office for help.Key System Summaryms-i200 Rev. 3/14All 4 PagesAll orders will be processed based on normal factorylead times. An anticipated ship date will be includedwith each order acknowledgment.1. Standard Order PlanAll residential Schlage, and Dexter by Schlage productscurrently listed in this price book.Your Purchase OrderSee information required on your orderin “Forms & Examples” price book tab.All orders will be processed based onnormal factory lead times. An anticipated ship datewill be included with each order acknowledgment.Price book 9 Effective 04/03/21 5

Doing business with AllegionSTANDARD PRODUCTSIn each tabbed section of this Price Book you will find a comprehensive listing of our current offering per product series. Products shouldbe ordered via the traditional method by designating the product, design, finish, handing, and options for each line item (refer to “How toOrder” in the Forms & Examples section of the price book). All orders will be processed based on normal factory lead times. These leadtimes vary throughout the year and are affected by production volumes, supplier schedules and quantity demands. An anticipated shipdate will be included with each order acknowledgment.Some of the products listed in these sections require extended lead times. You will find the hourglass symbol ( ) associated with productsthat require extended lead times so that you are aware of this condition prior to placing your order. Products included in this classificationare those items that represent a unique combination of product attributes (i.e. finish, trim, function, etc.) that typically require additionalmanufacturing care and attention. Products marked “ ” will routinely exceed normal factory lead times and anticipated ship dates will beindicated with each order acknowledgment.SCHLAGE INNOVATION CENTERPRODUCT REQUEST PROCESSSchlage Innovation Products are products that are not in the price book and are formally requested through the Schlage Innovation CenterProduct Request Process. Examples of these products include: Products which at one time were offered for sale by Schlage but are no longer available in the current price book. Finishes not listed as standard for a product in the price book. “True” custom products, which are new variations on current or past products. Custom logo requests.How to Request a Quote for a Custom Lock Product Custom lock products can only be ordered by and shipped to current Allegion Channel Partners Innovation Center Product Request Form can be obtained by: Sending an email request to Mechanical Locks [email protected] Searching Knowledge Center tool at for Innovation Center Product Request Form Contact Schlage Product Support at 877-671-7011, option 2, option 1 Send the completed request form to Mechanical Locks [email protected] Upon receipt the Innovation Center Product Request Form coordinator will assign an RFQ#, review, and clarify the requestas needed Within 5-working days your request will be either denied or approved If approved, Schlage will communicate the RFQ#, NET pricing, and lead time If denied you will be notified with an explanation RFQ# is valid for 6 months To place an order submit the approved RFQ form and purchase order with the RFQ# prominently displayed toOrder Entry Schlage [email protected] Changes to the original request after a quote approval may incur additional charges and affect lead time Prior to PO submittal send all change requests to Mechanical Locks [email protected] RFQ items must be ordered on a separate stand-alone purchase order and cannot be on an order with NON-RFQ itemsFor additional information, please contact Technical Product Support at 877-671-7011.6 Price book 9 Effective 04/03/21

DEADBOLTSCYLINDRICALA Series OverviewMORTISEA SERIESGrade 2 cylindrical knob lockInside knobMULTIPOINTInside roseMounting screwsINTERCONNECTMounting plateTUBULARLock chassisBoxCYLINDERS/KEYSStrikeOutside roseMERCHANDISINGTOOLS/KITSReversible deadlatch1/2" throwPrice book 9 Effective 04/03/21 7FORMSOutside knobPORTABLESPECIALTY6-Pin cylinder

A Series OverviewA SERIESHow to orderTo order products, attribute values should be provided in the sequence shown below. Each value should be separated by a period.Required for all lock ordersOutside knob designOutside rose designOutside finishInside knob/lever designInside rose designInside finishLatchStrikeStrike lip lengthLatch extensionBox for ANSI strikePack cylinders loose (PLC)Screw optionBuy America Act compliantKeying codeKeywayPack keys independentlyKeyingCylinder type (keyed functions only)OptionsSeries FunctionInside styleBrandQuantityALX SERIESLine itemOutside ng dimensions:Dimensions should be provided with the whole number followed by a dash and then the fraction of an inch. Example: 1-3/4.ND SERIESLine item numberQuantity1Brand: Required only when specifying a product Less (LLL) any attribute.2Series Function: Series combined with function.3Cylinder type: Specify cylinder code for keyed functions.4AOutside knob design: Required for all orders.4BOutside rose design: Required only when specifying a product Less (LLL) any attribute.4COutside finish: Required for all orders.5AInside knob design: Required only if different from the outside lever design or if specifying a product Less (LLL) anyattribute.5BInside rose design: Required only when specifying a product Less (LLL) any attribute.5CInside finish: Specify o