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TABLE OF CONTENTSTABLE OF CONTENTS . 12019-2020 BELL SCHEDULE . 6PRINCIPAL’S WELCOME . 7PARENT PARTICIPATION . 8Parent-Teacher Club . 8School Assessment Review Team (SART) . . . .9School Site Council . 9Categorical Programs . 9Kastner (Site) Intercultural and Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC). 12CUSD Intercultural and Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC) . 12HOME/SCHOOL COMMUNICATION . 12Kastner Home Communication – The “Thunderbird Flier” . 12Telephone Calls and Items Left For Students . 13Email . 13Kastner Web Site . 14Teacher Web Sites & Zangle Parent Connect . 14ATTENDANCE. 14Attendance Procedure. 15Independent Study . 16Off-Campus Permits & Board Policy . 17Tardy Policy . 19Truancies . 19Visitors Policy . 19Kastner Group Visitation Policy . 20ACADEMIC POLICIES . 20Program Changes . 20Kastner Students Two Year Educational Program – Required Coursework . 21Academic Block Classes. 21Math Classes . 211 Page

Honors/AdvancedClasses . .21Science Classes . 22Elective Classes. 22Grading Scale . 22Grade Promotion/Retention . 22Progress Reports . 23Final Report Cards. 23Notice of Failure. 23Homework Policy . 24Homework Procedures. 24STUDENT CONDUCT. 25Classroom Behavior Code . 25Campus Conduct . 26Cafeteria / Snack Bar Rules . 27Pedestrian Safety. 27Bicycle Safety . 27Restricted Areas . 28Student Loitering . 28Student Code of Dress . .29C.U.S.D. District Dress Code Policy . 30Dress Code and Grooming Policy . 31DRESS CODE CLARIFICATION . 36Hair. 36Shorts . 36Skirts. 36Tops/Dresses . 36Shoes . 37Earrings . 37Hats . 37Make-Up/Jewelry. 38Bus Guidelines And Rules . 382 Page

KASTNER DISCIPLINE POLICY. 40Character Counts! . 40After School Detention . 40Cheating/Plagiarizing . 41Loss of Privilege . 417th and 8th Grade End of year Loss of Privilege . 41GENERAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES . 42Identification Cards (ID’s). 42Yearbook . 42Student Insurance . 42Lockers / Locker Security . 43Textbooks . 43Internet Access . 43"The Bird Feeder" - Game Day Snack Bar . 44Daily Bulletin . 44Patriotic Observance . 44Lost And Found . 44Policy for Messages, Balloon and Flower Deliveries. 45Theft Prevention Guidelines . 45Backpack/ Bag Guidelines . 46RD K9 . 46STUDENT ACTIVITIES . 47Why Participate In Student Government And School Activities? . 47Student Government . 47Student Organizations. 48Dances . 49ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES . 50Kastner Intermediate Athletic Philosophy . 50Multiple Sport Athlete . 50Athletic Eligibility. 503 Page

Code-Of-Participation . 51Athletics/Activities Code of Ethics . . . 52Resolution to Conflicting Sports/Activities . 52Parent/Guardian Code of Ethical Conduct & Expectations . 53Spectator Code of Ethics . 53Student/Parent Commitment. 54Grievance Procedure . 54Tryouts-Notification-Evaluation . 54Athletics/Activities Board . 55Athletics/Activities Suspensions .55Inter-Scholastic Sports .56STUDENT RECOGNITION .57California Junior Scholarship Federation 57Lifetime CJSF . 58Honor Roll .58Principal’s Medallion/George Kastner Award (Top G.P.A.) .58Commitment to Success .59The James S. Fugman Award .59Character Counts - Pillar Student of the Month . 59The Thunderbird Award . .59Award Ceremonies . .60NURSE’S OFFICE . 614 Page

AUXILIARY SERVICES .66Library Media Technician .66School Psychologist .66Speech and Language Specialist . .66Special Education / Resource Specialist Services .66Clovis Support and Intervention . 67Student Study Team . .67Kastner School Site SARB .67Peer Counseling . .67Yearly Counseling Goals 682010 - 2020 School Calendar .69CUSD-District Wide Categorical Funding & Program Information .70Campus Map 725 Page

KASTNER INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0B E L L S C H E D U L EPeriod012Break34Lunch56Regular ScheduleMonday/TuesdayTime6:45 - 7:307:40 - 8:348:39 - 9:359:35 - 9:509:55 - 10:4910:54 - 11:4811:48 - 12:2812:33 - 1:281:33 - 2:28Friday ScheduleTotal me6:45 - 7:307:40 - 8:338:38 - 9:349:34 - 9:499:54 - 10:4710:52 - 11:4511:45 - 12:3112:36 - 1:291:34 - 2:28Total Minutes455356155353465354Modified Block ScheduleWednesday (even) / Thursday (odd)PeriodTimeTotal Minutes06:45 – 7:3045PLC7:10 – 7:453517:50 - 9:4111127:50 - 9:41Break9:41 - 9:5615310:01 - 11:52111410:01 - 11:52Lunch11:52 - 12:3240512:37 - 2:28111612:37 - 2:28Period012Break34Lunch56Load GymRALLY6Rally ScheduleTime6:45 – 7:307:40 – 8:258:30 – 9:159:15 - 9:259:30 – 10:1510:20 – 11:0511:05 – 11:5011:55 – 12:4012:45 – 1:301:30 – 1:401:40 – 2:152:20- 2:28Total Minutes454545104545454545103586 Page

PRINCIPAL’S WELCOMEAugust 2019Dear Thunderbird Parents and Students:On behalf of the Kastner family I would like to welcome you to Kastner’s 39th year ofproviding a quality education to the students of the Clovis Unified School District.During the past 38 years, the Kastner staff has provided outstanding curriculuminstruction and excellence in its co-curricular activities. Our district’s theme this year is,“Inspiring Excellence” Kastner’s motto is “Blueprints for Success.”We begin a new year with a focus on meeting goals of academic excellence,supremacy in athletics and performing arts, a safe environment, and a clean andrespected campus. High results in each of the four categories will again be ourcommitment for the 2019-2020 school year.I again, extend an invitation to all our parent community in becoming involved in yourchild’s education. As a staff we recognize the importance of a parent, student, andteacher, partnership - and your involvement is crucial. Below are two ways thatinvolvement can be achieved; communication and participation.Communication opportunities:a. Talk with your child about schoolb. Regularly contact your child’s teacher (notes, telephone, email, etc.)c. Research your child’s academic performance (Parent Connect Zangle)d. Visit our campusParticipation Opportunities:a. Participate on school-wide councilsb. Participate in the Parent Teacher Club (PTC) organizationc. Volunteer to support the school and its programsSpeaking for the entire staff, we look forward to working with you and your childthroughout the school year. Should you have any questions, or need any assistance inany way, please feel free to contact your child’s Learning Director or me.Sincerely,Ryan EiselePrincipal7 Page

Parent ParticipationEducation will be successful if it is a team effort between home and school. Yoursustained involvement with your student's learning and teachers is the best way toensure that your student's needs are being met and will continue to be met. Weencourage parents to become involved at school and maintain an open line ofcommunication. Parent involvement is crucial to student's academic success.Parent-Teacher ClubA Message from the Kastner Parent Teacher Club for the 2019-2020 School Year The Kastner Parent Teacher Club would like to take this opportunity to welcome you tothe approaching 2019-2020 school year.The Kastner Parent Teacher Club will build on the successful years of devoted parentsand teachers who have been committed to providing students with the necessary supportto enrich their educational experiences.Our mission is to support the Teachers, Administrators, and Students in two main ways: To recognize priority items and supplement district funds to fulfill these goals To create a sense of community by furthering communicationThe Kastner Parent Teacher Club organizes and supports a variety of activitiesthroughout the year in order to advance the academic and social welfare of all students.Most of the financial support is achieved through Kastner PTC membership fees. Moreimportant than funding are the many volunteers of Kastner PTC, who support many of theactivities.The Kastner Parent Teacher Club wants to help you find ways to connect with your schooland kids through school wide projects and volunteer opportunities. We hold regularmonthly meetings throughout the school year to discuss concerns, issues andsuggestions. All members of the school community are encouraged to attend, and allideas are welcome.We sincerely hope you will become an active member of the Kastner Parent TeacherClub. We always encourage volunteers to participate in the numerous projects wesupport. You, our parents, teachers, and administrators are what make Kastner thesuccessful school that it is. We look forward to all of us joining together to make schoolthe most positive and exciting experience possible for our entire school community.Sincerely,Kastner Parent Teacher Club2019-20208 Page

School Assessment Review Team (SART Committee)SART is designed to provide an ongoing system of evaluation of district programs.Parents and staff work together to analyze programs both at the district and schoollevels. All Kastner parents are invited to become active participants in the KastnerSART Committee. Our SART meetings are structured workshops and always includestudent groups who perform for the parents at each meeting. During the workshops,w e hope to inform, educate, and encourage you to get involved in your child’seducation and development. We encourage you to check our bi-weekly newsletter,“The Thunderbird Flier,” for dates, times, and agendas of all of our SART meetings andworkshops. The committee also coordinates the annual SART parent Survey.The Kastner SART Committee elects a parent representative(s) who attends quarterlydistrict SART meetings and reports back information to the school site committee.Parents who are interested in attending SART, or who would like more information, arealways welcome to attend our bi-monthly meetings, workshops, or call the school at327-2500.School Site CouncilThe School Site Council (SSC) is required for all schools receiving categorical funds.Kastner receives the following categorical funds: Local Control Accountability Plan(LCAP), Title III Immigrant, and Title III LEP. These funds are co-mingled in the SchoolBased Coordinated Program (SBCP). Categorical funding is used to supplement theregular school program.The purpose of the SSC is to develop a program that is responsive to the needs of thestudents in the school. In order to accomplish this goal, the SSC meets on a quarterlybasis to assess the effectiveness of the school improvement program by planning,developing, and approving the School Site Plan. The SSC also reviews and updates theSchool Based Categorical Program (SBCP) budget.The School Site Council is comprised of parents, students, and staff members. Parentswho are interested in becoming involved in the School Site Council should call theschool.Categorical ProgramsOn an annual basis Clovis Unified School District (CUSD) submits the Application forFunding Consolidated Categorical Aid Programs commonly called the Con Ap. Theapplication is submitted in two (2) parts: Part I, which contains p