Donaldson DeliversFront Cover HeadlineFull-FlowLube Oil FiltersShouldBe CenteredCumminsX15 / ISX EnginesInforThisColor Box Cummins is a registered trademark of Cummins, Inc.

PROVEN FULL -FLOW DESIGN– Donaldson Lube Filters OutperformEvery oil filter needs to effectively balance three key characteristics: efficiency (contaminantcapture), capacity (contaminant holding) and restriction (resistance to flow). Donaldsonfilters continue to provide better protection for your X15 and ISX engines.Our lube filters for X15 and ISX enginescontinue to strike the optimal balance of: High-efficiency contaminant capture –from particulate to sludge Higher contaminant holding capacity Minimal oil flow restrictionDonaldson Filters STILLDeliver Better EngineProtectionSTANDARD SEALSHEAVY-DUTY SEALSDesigned for extendedservice intervals –delivering increasedvehicle uptime andreduce operating costs.P559000DBL7900Our proven filters provide superiorcontaminant holding capacity and greaterfiltration efficiency than the LF14000NN –offering better overall engine protection.This premium filter offers the same protectionas the P559000 but with heavy-duty sealsto withstand extreme conditions and hotoil temperatures longer. Ideal for extendedservice intervals.Fleetguard is a registered trademark of Cummins, Inc.

OTHERS MAY HAVE CAUGHT ON– But They STILL Haven’t Caught UpAt Donaldson, we continue to advocate for the benefits of our full-flow filter designfor Cummins X15 and ISX engines. Over time, Fleetguard has changed their approach.They’ve migrated from stacked disks, to stacked filters, to different media grades.The problem is, with each successive attempt, they still haven’t matched Donaldsonfilter performance. Within this brochure, you’ll find actual test data that supports howDonaldson filters continue to outperform Fleetguard filters on the measures that reallymatter for your engines.STILLDonaldson filtersSTILL outperformthe Cummins /Fleetguard OVEN DESIGNLF9080 / LF9031LF14000NNLF14000NNP559000Outperformsthe OE!You Have A ChoiceYou can always choose top-quality Donaldson filters designed specificallyfor your engines and equipment and – as long as you change themaccording to the engine manufacturer’s maintenanceschedule – using Donaldson filters will not voidyour engine manufacturer’s warranty.

117 gmExtraContaminantCaptured56% MoreCapacity (grams of contaminant captured)10080Holds up to56%75 gmmore contaminantTHAN FLEETGUARD LF14000NN FILTERS604020Contaminant HoldingCapacityDBL7900 / P559000012075 gmLF14000NN117 gmCapacity (grams of contaminant .6%LF14000NNLF14000NN97.6%Tested per ISO 4548-12. Flow Rate at 105 lpm.Termination at 25 psid / 172.3 kPa.Test results averaged with six filters per part number.Individual test results may vary.DBL7900 // P559000P559000DBL7900Donaldson filters catch more dirtDonaldson filters offer superior contaminant holding capacity – up to 56% morecontaminant captured than the latest LF14000NN (Cummins 4367100) filter.Greater capacity means longer filter life, for lower maintenance and operating cost.NO SMOKE NO MIRRORSYou may have noticed that Fleetguard has recently made claims about their filters outperformingDonaldson filters.It’s important to understand that the test data that Fleetguard references in their recent claims focuseson initial filter cleanliness which literally represents the first few minutes of operation after a filteris installed. They also reference something called “media migration”. This term actually represents afew MILLIGRAMS (thousandths of a gram!) of fibers that flush through a filter as part of normal filterinstallation. At Donaldson, when we test our lube filters and make claims about performance, we useindustry standard tests that report performance results over the entire life of the filter. When this test datais analyzed, it’s clear that Fleetguard filters let many more GRAMS of contaminant pass through to yourengines during the entire lifespan of a filter.This distinction is important because, in the real world, you expect your filters to perform during theentire time that they’re installed not just the first few minutes. And the good news for your engines isthat Donaldson filters continue to outperform Fleetguard with filters that are 10x MORE EFFICIENT delivering better protection for your Cummins X15 and ISX engines.

97.6%90%Better EngineProtection10x Better80%Percentage of Efficiency10x75.6%70%60%more efficientTHAN FLEETGUARD LF14000NN DBL7900 / age of Efficiency80%Better Engine75.6%Protection70%60%50%40%30%Tested per ISO 4548-12. Flow Rate at 105 lpm.Efficiency time weighted average at 15µm(c).Termination at 25 psid / 172.3 kPa.Test results averaged with six filters per part number.Individual test results may vary.20%10%0%LF14000NNLF14000NNDBL7900 // DBL7900P559000P559000Donaldson filters provide better protectionDonaldson filters offer better filtration efficiency than the LF14000NN(Cummins 4367100) filter. Better efficiency means 10x fewer harmful particlesmake it downstream to your engine, for greater engine protection.BETTER efficiency means 10xP559000 / DBL790097.6% Efficiencyfewer harmful particles make itContaminationto Enginedownstream to your engine.We’ve sold MILLIONS of lubefilters for Cummins ISX engines using the same proven design.LF14000NN75.6% Efficiency10x MoreContaminationto EngineThis illustration represents the relative volume of particles 15 microns and largerthat pass through lube filters downstream to the engine. Fleetguard states* thatremoving particles as fine as 10-15 microns will prevent long-term wear.*LT36539 Rev-1, p3Our filters have successfullyprotected engines overBILLIONS of miles.

Donaldson Filtration Products for Cummins X15 / ISX Engines You need effective filtration to keep your fleets in operation and you want complete engine liquidcoverage from one trusted supplier. Our line of fuel, lube and coolant filters are designed to meetthe specific needs of X15 and ISX engines by delivering cleaner fluids to your engine components.Donaldson Part No.CumminsFleetguardN/AFS19764DBF5811 Long LengthN/AFF5811DBF6776 Short Length5365988FF5825NNP555686 Long Length2222829FF5686P555776 Short 21234907485WF2126 Efficiency: 99% @ 50μm3680434WF2127P554685 Non-chemical3827423WF2077Primary Fuel FiltrationP550849 Efficiency: 99% @ 7μmSecondary Fuel Filtration Efficiency: 99% @ 4μm Efficiency: 99% @ 4μm Efficiency: 99% @ 5μm Efficiency: 99% @ 5μmLube FiltrationDBL7900 Heavy-Duty Sealsfor Extended Service Intervals Efficiency: 98% @ 15μm 99% @ 30μmP559000 Efficiency: 98% @ 15μm 99% @ 30μmP550949 Pre-2010 Engines Only Efficiency: 87% @ 15μm 99% @ 30μmCoolant FiltrationDBC4085 Non-chemicalfor Extended Service Intervals Efficiency: 99% @ 50μmP550866 SCA 8 Units Efficiency: 99% @ 50μmP550867 Non-chemical Efficiency: 99% @ 50μmDonaldson Company, Inc.Minneapolis, MNdonaldson.comshop.donaldson.comNorth America 800-374-1374Mexico, Latin America, &Caribbean 52-449-300-2400Brazil 55-11-4894-6339Europe 32-16-38-3811South Africa 27-11-997-6000Southeast Asia 65-6311-7373Greater China 86-400-650-0610Japan 81-42-540-4112Korea 82-2-517-3333Australasia 61-02-4350-2033India 91-124-4807-400Brochure No. F113026 ENG (10/18) 2018 Donaldson Company, Inc. All rights reserved.Donaldson Company, Inc. reserves the right to change or discontinue anymodel or specification at any time and without notice. Printed in the U.S.A.