CCAC / Pitt Connection Transfer GuideOffice of Admissions and Financial AidUniversity of Pittsburgh10/15/2018

Dear Prospective Transfer Student,Greetings and welcome to the online version of the CCAC/Pitt Connection Transfer Guide.I hope that you find it to be a useful tool as you plan your academic program in anticipation ofyour successful transfer from CCAC to the University of Pittsburgh. I also encourage you to workclosely with both your Transfer Counselor at CCAC and the Office of Admissions and FinancialAid at Pitt as you plan your coursework.We look forward to your becoming a member of the University of Pittsburgh community and toworking with you as you pursue your academic and professional goals.Good luck with your studies and remember to keep in touch as you progress toward yourtransfer to the University of Pittsburgh.Best Wishes,Colleen O’NeilTransfer CounselorOffice of Admissions and Financial Aid

Using the Pitt ConnectionTransfer GuideThe Pitt Connection Transfer Guide is a resource designed to assist you with: Planning your CCAC courseworkMaximizing the number of credits you can earn at CCACLearning important information about academic requirements at PittIt is divided into several sections. First, you should familiarize yourself with the University’s GeneralTransfer Policies. Next, the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences Kenneth P. Dietrich School ofArts and Sciences Degree Requirements section includes a worksheet that you can use to keep track ofthe courses that you have completed that will satisfy those requirements at Pitt.The section on Transferable Courses contains an alphabetical listing of all the community collegecourses that will transfer to Pitt. The CCAC course is listed in the first column, its Pitt equivalent (if oneexists) is in the second and third columns, the number of credits it will transfer as is in the fourthcolumn, and the specific Pitt graduation requirement (Foundational Skills, Disciplinary Approaches, orElective) that it satisfies is in the fifth column. Use this section in conjunction with the worksheet tochart your progress.There are also sections that include information about transfer to the College of BusinessAdministration, College of General Studies, and the Schools of Computing and Information, Education,Engineering, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Social Work.IMPORTANT: The provisions and contents of this document are subject to change at any time at theUniversity’s sole discretion. It is intended to serve only as a general source of information about theUniversity and is in no way intended to state or imply contractual terms.

Dietrich School of Arts and SciencesGeneral Transfer PoliciesThe Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences offers the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelorof Science. All natural science majors are awarded Bachelor of Science Degrees. If you complete a majoroutside the natural sciences, you will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts Degree.GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR CREDIT TRANSFER TO Arts and Sciences: All credits available for transferare subject to the following guidelines.1. Only courses that have reasonable counterparts in the School of Arts and Sciences curriculum areeligible for transfer (see guideline 6 for exception).2. The number of credits granted for a given course cannot exceed the number on the transcript fromthe school where they are earned, nor, usually, can it exceed the number earned in thecorresponding course in the School of Arts and Sciences.3. No transfer credits can be part of the final 30 required for a degree. These must be earned inresidence. In interpreting this regulation, credits earned on regional campuses are considered astransfer.4. All transfer credits must have been earned within 12 years of the date when the Arts and Sciencesdegree requirements will be completed.5. All transfer credits are subject to re-evaluation if and when you transfer from one school to anotherwithin the University of Pittsburgh.6. If another school at Pitt transfers a class, it can be transferred to Arts and Sciences in the non-CAS(NONCAS) category. A maximum of 18 non-School of Arts and Sciences (NONCAS) credits may becounted in the minimum of 120 required for graduation.7. A maximum of 4 physical education (PEDC) credits may be counted in the minimum 120 required forgraduation.8. At least 50 percent of the credits required in your major, certificate, and official minor must beearned in the School of Arts and Sciences.9. Not more than 60 credits may be transferred from a two-year college. No more than 90 may betransferred from a four-year college. If 60 or more credits have been earned at a four-year school,no transfer credit will be granted for credits earned subsequently at a two-year school.10. If a course for which advanced-standing credit has been granted is repeated, the advanced-standingcredit is canceled.11. Course work earned in approved foreign study programs may not constitute more than 15 of thefinal 30 credits. These credits are awarded on a Satisfactory/Audit basis. In addition, 30 of the last 60credits must be earned in residence.CLEP: CLEP (Credit for Life Experience) credits do not transfer to the Dietrich School of Arts andSciences.

GUIDELINES AND SUGGESTIONS FOR STRUCTURING YOUR CURRICULUM:The structure of a degree from Arts and Sciences varies depending on your major and how many classesyou need to take to fulfill skills and graduation requirements. Typically, Skills and General Educationrequirements fill from 51 to 68 of the 120 credits required for a degree, and your major, from 30 to 64credits.If you wish to transfer to the School of Arts and Sciences at Pitt in the future, we suggest that youconcentrate on the following at your present college:1. Satisfy the skills requirements, i.e., Seminar in Composition, Algebra, Second Language (algebraand seminar in composition MUST be completed before transfer to Arts and Sciences).2. Begin taking comparable courses to meet the General Education Requirements.3. Begin taking the introductory courses in your expected major.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of ScienceArts and Sciences Degree RequirementsThe Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences is committed to providing the best possible education for itsundergraduate students. This is best served through a clear and innovative curriculum that providesstudents with the skills, knowledge, and analytical skills, disciplinary understanding, intellectualcuriosity, and creative opportunities that will allow them to engage and adapt in an increasingly diverseand rapidly changing world. Diversity and inclusion are part of the core mission of our school and theuniversity and are key matters for our students and society. Of allied importance is the understanding ofcomplex global issues and different cultures.The following general education requirements, which form the foundation of a liberal arts education,provides students with the skills, knowledge, and analytical skills, disciplinary understanding, intellectualcuriosity, and creative opportunities that will allow them to engage and adapt in an increasingly diverseand rapidly changing world.A. WritingThe writing requirement consists of:1. Workshop in Composition:2. Seminar in Composition:3. Writing Intensive courses (2): The W-courses involve a significant amount of writing and aretaken by students after they have completed the General Writing requirement. Communitycollege students should take them after they transfer.B. Quantitative and Formal Reasoning1. Algebra:2. Quantitative Reasoning:C. Second Language (Two-term sequence of the same language equivalent to Pitt number)1. Level One:2. Level Two:A sequence of two courses in a Second Language: All students are required to complete with a gradeof C or better two terms of university-equivalent study in a second language other than English.Exemptions will be granted to students who can demonstrate elementary proficiency in a secondlanguage through one of the following:a)b)c)d)having completed three years of high school study of a second language with a grade of B or better in each course;passing a special proficiency examination at the University of Pittsburgh;transferring credits for two terms or more of approved university-equivalent instruction in a second language withgrades of C or better;having a native language other than English.

D. Diversity - All students must complete one course that is designated as a Diversity course.Diversity courses may also fulfill another General Education Requirement.E. Division Requirements in the Humanities and Arts, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences1. Literature:2. Arts:3. Creative Work:4. Philosophical Thinking or Ethics:5. Social Science:6. Historical Analysis:7. Three Natural Sciences - students must take courses from at least two different departments.a. Course one:b. Course two:c. Course three:F. Global Awareness and Cultural Understanding1. Global Issues:2. Specific Geographic Region:3. Cross-Cultural Awareness:

CCAC Courses TransferableToThe University of PittsburghCommunity College ofAllegheny CountyCourse #PittCourse #Pitt Course TitleCurricularRequirement# CRACC 104-Financial AccountingBUSACC 0030Financial Accounting4Elective (NONCAS)ACC 203-Managerial AccountingBUSACC 0040Managerial Accounting3Elective (NONCAS)NONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)NONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)ACJ 202-Criminal LawNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)ACJ 203-Evidence and ProceduresNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)ACJ 205-Introduction toCriminalisticsNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)ACJ 101-Introduction to LawEnforcement and Public SafetyACJ 201-Fundamentals ofCriminal JusticeACP-Activities ProfessionalNANothing from this area transfersNANAALH 125-PharmacologyNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)ALH 140-Medical TerminologyNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)NONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)NONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)3Social ScienceALH 142-Trends/Issues in HealthCareALH 230-Nonviolent CrisisInterventionALH 992-Allied Health ElectiveNot transferableANT 101-Intro. To AnthropologyANTH 0000ANT 102-Introduction to CulturalAnthropologyANTH 0780Intro. To Cultural Anthropology3Social Science orCross-CulturalAwarenessANT 103-Physical AnthropologyANTH 0680Introduction to HumanEvolution3Natural ScienceANT 104- Native AmericanIndians of North AmericaANTH 00003ElectiveANT 110-Forensic AnthropologyANTH 06303Natural ScienceForensic Anthropology

Community College ofAllegheny CountyCourse #ANT 117-GlobalizationANT 991-Anthropology ElectiveAOP-Adm Office ProfessionalPittCourse #Pitt Course TitleANTH 0000NA3Not transferableNothing from this area transfersCurricularRequirement# CRNAElectiveNAARA 101-Elementary Arabic 1ARABIC 00003ElectiveARA 102-Elementary Arabic 2ARABIC 00003ElectiveART 103-Art History – AncientART 104-Art History – ModernHAA 0000HAA 0070European Visual Traditions Ren33ART 106-Art AppreciationHAA 0010Introduction to World Art3Foundation DrawingNot transferableFoundation DesignFoundation PaintingEtchingBlack & White Photography 13ArtsArtsArts or CrossCultural AwarenessCreative Work3333Creative WorkCreative WorkElectiveCreative Work33ElectiveCreative Work3Elective33Creative WorkElectiveART 109-Drawing 1ART 113-Graphic CommunicationART 114-Two Dimensional DesART 122-Painting 1ART 129-Printmaking 1ART 130-Photography 1ART 137-CeramicsART 138-Sculpture 1ART 142-Jewelry Making 1ART 144-Digital PhotographyART 148-ColorART 150-Intro Digital Graphic DesART 153-Raku-Low Fire CeramicsART 154- Ceramic SculptureART 160-PortfolioART 165-Digital PublishingART 168-Digital ImagingART 170-Web Graphic DesignART 177-App Digital PhotographyART 207-Drawing 2ART 213-Graphic Comm 2SA 0130SA 0110SA 0120SA 1260FILMST 0200SA 0000SA 0140SA 1270SA 0180SA 1230Foundation SculptureNot transferableNot transferableNot transferableNot transferableNot transferableNot transferableNot transferableNot transferableDigital ImagingNot transferableDigital Studio: PhotographyDrawingNot transferableART 222-Painting 2ART 223-3D DesignART 229-Printmaking 2ART 230-Photography 2ART 232-PhotojournalismART 237-CeramicsSA 1220Painting Studio 2Not transferableNot transferableNot transferableNot transferableNot transferable3ElectiveART 238-Sculpture 2ART 242-Jewelry MakingART 250-Digital Graphic Design 1ART 252-Painting 3SA 1240SculptureNot transferableNot transferableNot transferable3Elective

Community College ofAllegheny CountyCourse #ART253-Raku-Low Fire Ceramics 2ART 256-Printmaking 3ART 258-Ceramics 3ART 260-European Art andArchitectureART 291-Advanced Art Workshop1ART 292-Advanced Art Workshop2ART 293-Advanced Art Workshop3ART 294-Advanced Art Workshop4ASL 101-American Sign LanguageASL 102-American Sign LanguageASL 201-American Sign LanguageASL 202-Advanced ASLASL 209- Advanced ASL & CognitiveProcessing 1ASL 210- Advanced ASL & CognitiveProcessing 2ATE-Automotive TechnologyATH-Pre-Athletic TrainingAVT-Aviation TechnologyBAN-Banking ManagementBCP-Basic Preparation CookBIO 100-Life ScienceBIO 103-Human BiologyBIO 107-PharmacologyBIO 110-Intro to Bio SciencesBIO 115-Human Biology Health &DiseaseBIO 117-NutritionBIO 120-Human Reproduction andSTDsBIO 123-Medical Bio and TermBIO 133-Environmental ScienceBIO 140-Food MicrobiologyPittCourse #BIO 152-General Biology 2Not transferableNot transferableNot transferableEuropean Visual TraditionsRenaissance – Present# CRCurricularRequirement3ArtsSA 00003ElectiveSA 00003ElectiveSA 00003ElectiveSA 00003ElectiveASL 0000ASL 0000ASL 0000ASL 00003333ElectiveASL 00003ElectiveASL 00003ElectiveHAA 0070NANothing from this area transfersNANANANANothing from this area transfersNothing from this area transfersNothing from this area transfersNothing from this area transfersBIO100 or BIO 110 may be takenfor credit, but not atural Science33Elective (NONCAS)Elective (NONCAS)3Natural ScienceNONCAS5Elective (NONCAS)NONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)BIOSC 00003Elective3ElectiveFoundation of Biology 1 and Lab4Natural ScienceFoundation of Biology 2 and Lab4Natural ScienceBIOSC 0000NONCASNONCASBIOSC 0000BIO100 or BIO 110 may be takenfor credit, but not bothNot transferableBIOSC 0000Not transferableBIO 150-Environmental SeminarBIO 151-General Biology 1Pitt Course TitleNot transferableBIOSC 0150&0050BIOSC 0160 &0060

Community College ofAllegheny CountyCourse #PittCourse #BIO 160-Intro to Human PathologyBIOSC 00003ElectiveNONCAS4Elective (NONCAS)NONCAS4Elective (NONCAS)BIO 175-MicrobiologyBIOSC 00004ElectiveBIO 201-BotanyBIOSC 00004ElectiveBIO 207-GeneticsBIOSC 03503Elective3Elective (NONCAS)BIO 161-Anatomy and Physiology1BIO 162-Anatomy and Physiology2BIO 216-Cell BiologyPitt Course TitleGeneticsNONCASBIO 230-Research MethodologyCurricularRequirement# CRNot transferableBIO 240-Environmental BiologyBIOSC 00004ElectiveBIO 241-PathophysiologyBIOSC 00004ElectiveBLC-Building ConstructionTechnologyNANothing from this area transfersNANABTC-BiotechnologyNANothing from this area transfersNANABUS 101-Intro to BusinessBUS 103-Principles of ManagementBUS 104-Principles of MarketingBUSSPP 0020BUSORG1020BUSMKT1040Managing in ComplexEnvironments3Elective (NONCAS)Organizational Behavior3Elective (NONCAS)Introduction to Marketing3Elective (NONCAS)BUS 112-Introduction toEntrepreneurshipNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)BUS 130-Business CommunicationsNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)BUS 143-Internet MarketingNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)BUS 200-Principles of SupervisionNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)BUS 213-Intro to Public PolicyAnalysisNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)BUS 215-Money and BankingNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)CAR-CarpentryNANothing from this area transfersNANACAT-Computer AssistedTomographyNANothing from this area transfersNANACCP-Commercial CookNANothing from this area transfersNANACET-Civil Engineering TechnologyNANothing from this area transfersNANA

Community College ofAllegheny CountyCourse #PittCourse #Pitt Course Title# CRCurricularRequirementCFS 100-Survey of ChildDevelopmentNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)CFS 101-Introduction to Child andFamily StudiesNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)CFS 103-Infant and ToddlerDevelopmentNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)CFS 104-Preschool DevelopmentNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)CFS 107-Health/Safety of ChildrenNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)CFS 111-Family SystemsNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)CFS 113-Middle Childhood andAdolescent DevelopmentNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)CFS 202-Children with SpecialNeedsNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)CFS 214-Curriculum for the EarlyChildhood ClassroomNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)CFS 218-Childcare Managementand AdministrationNONCAS3Elective (NONCAS)CHM 109-Introduction toChemistryCHEM 0100CHM 109 or CHM 110 may betaken for credit, but not both3Natural ScienceCHM 110-Introductory ChemistryCHEM 0100CHM 109 or CHM 110 may betaken for credit, but not both3Natural ScienceIf taken with CHM 1100CHM 111-Introductory Chem LabCHM 120-Bio-Organic ChemistryCHEM 0910Chemical Principles for HealthProfessions4Natural ScienceCHM 151-General Chemistry 1CHEM 0110General Chemistry 14Natural ScienceCHM 152-General Chemistry 2CHEM 0120General Chemistry 24Natural ScienceCHM 201-Organic Chemistry 1CHEM 0310Organic Chemistry 1 (no lab)3ElectiveCHM 202-Organic Chemistry 2CHEM 0320Organic Chemistry 2 (no lab)3ElectiveCHM 201 and 202-OrganicChemistry 1 & 2CHEM 0310,0320 and0345Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 and lab8ElectivesCHM 214-Nuclear andRadiochemistryNot transferable

Community College ofAllegheny CountyCourse #PittCourse #CIT 100-Computer Fundamentalsand ApplicationsCIT 111-Introduction toProgramming: JAVACS 0007CurricularRequirementIntroduction to ComputerProgramming3Algebra orQuantitativeReasoningNot transferableNot transferableNot transferableCS 0134CS 0401Web Site Design & DevelopmentIntermediate Programming withJavaNot transferable34ElectiveQuantitativeReasoningNot transferableNot transferableCS 0000CIT 150-PC Components & OS3Elective3Algebra tiveNot transferableCIT 161-Visual Basic: WindowsProgrammingCS 0004CIT 175-Cyberspace Vulnerabilitiesand RisksCS 0699CIT 185-Network SecurityCS 0699CIT 186-Intrusion Detection andPreventionCIT 215-Systems Analysis &DesignCIT 220-Linux Operating SystemCIT 230-Database SystemsCIT 244-Object-OrientedProgramming 2/JAVACIT 245-Data Structures andSoftware Design: C CIT 250-Internetworking of CompCIT 251-Windows Server OSCIT 265-Mobile Apps Programming2CIT 266-Mobile Apps Programmingusing iOSCIT 267-Mobile Apps SoftwareDevelopment CapstoneCIT 280-Computer Forensic 2CIT 281-Project in ComputerForensicCIT 282-Advanced CybersecurityTopics# CRNot transferableCIT 115-IT:Hardware & SoftwareCIT 116-Mobile ApplicationsCIT 120-NetworkingCIT 125-Web DevelopmentCIT 130-Object OrientedProgramming: JAVACIT 135-Mobile App ProgrammingCIT 140-Office ProductivityApplicationsCIT 141-Word ProcessingCIT 145-Programming in CPitt Course TitleCS 0699Intro to ComputerProgramming: BASICOnly one CIT 175, 185, 186, 282or 285 can transferOnly one CIT 175, 185, 186, 282or 285 can transferOnly one CIT 175, 185, 186, 282or 285 can transferNot transferableNot transferableNot transferableCS 0000CS 0445CS 0000CS 0000CS 0000Data StructuresNot transferableNot transferableOnly one CIT 265, 266 or 267can transferOnly one CIT 265, 266 or 267can transferOnly one CIT 265, 266 or 267can transferNot transferableNot transferableCS 0669Only one CIT 175, 185, 186, 282or 285 can transfer

Community College ofAllegheny CountyCourse #CIT 285-Advanced CybersecurityCapstoneCIT 620-Dev Web PagesCIT 995-Computer Info TechCJC 101-Introduction to CriminalJustice & CriminologyCJC 102-Intro to CorrectionsCJC 124-Juvenile Justice & JuvenileDelinquencyCJC 151-Criminal Justice LawCJC 152-Ethics in Criminal JusticeCJC 201-Fundamentals of CriminalInvestigationsCJC 203-Evidence and ProcedureCJC 204-Criminal Justice SystemOrganization and AdministrationCJC 205-Introduction to ForensicsCJC 206-Police OperationsCJC 207-Criminal Offenders andTheir EnvironmentCJC 209-Community-BasedCorrectio