ProVIEW Process VIEW for ManufacturingAn Industrial IoT SolutionFinally, there is a solution to replace the 40-year oldprocess of manually placing paper labels on the literallymillions of containers, carts, and sub-assemblies flowing throughfactories every day with simple, cost-effective wireless displays:Omni-ID’s complete material flow management solution — ProVIEW.

ProVIEW is the first trulypaperless system basedon the industrialInternet of Things (IoT)What makes ProVIEW different than other Material Flow Management solutions?It’s simple — traditional paper labeling provides simple visual instruction, but with minimaltracking and automation. RFID provides the tracking but fails to provide the visual instructionor two-way communication/verification necessary for workers. Only ProVIEW combines theseelements to form a powerful new paradigm — instruct track dynamic control —enabling smart manufacturing for an IoT world.VISUALPaper/BarcodeTRACK ABLEWIRELESSDYNAMICREAL-TIME CONTROL RFID ProVIEW ProVIEW combines the immediate reliability of paper labels with the automated tracking and control inherent in Internet of Thingstechnologies — all with a 12–18 month customer ROI (on paper and printer savings alone)!View Tag E-paper RFIDBuild SmartContainersLocate/TrackMaterial FlowsControl inReal-Time withProVIEW SoftwarePick 4xREPORTINGVISUAL DYNAMICWIRELESSINTELLIGENTContainers display latest instructionsHands-free and wireless for operatorsSoftware runs as standalone or integrates with MES/ERP (hosted or premise-based)

What is ProVIEW?You know what components have been delivered to you for processingand what finished products you’re shipping out. Now you can havecomplete visibility and control over what you’re building — in real time.ProVIEW replaces static paper labels with a dynamic e-paper basedsolution. ProVIEW allows you to view your Work In Process (WIP), anddynamically change your flow at a moment’s notice to accommodateany issues. It is the ONLY system on the market that provides you withthe ability to re-send operator instructions automatically, at any pointduring the process. No reprinting, no manual activity and no expendedhuman resources — simply the push of a button.SYSTEMSERVICES 20% of containers are reported lost on an annualbasis, costing companies millions of dollarsMore than 80% of errors are typically eliminatedwhen visual instructions are present.How ProVIEW WorksOmni-ID’s fully integrated ProVIEW system includes all of the hardware and software you need to ensure complete end-to-end processvisibility, seamlessly fitting into your existing process. The differentiating products are Omni-ID’s visual display tags. These display tags directlyreplace paper labels with wirelessly connected e-paper displays in a variety of sizes. As with paper labels, operators can see right on thecontainer or assembly all handling instructions. Unlike paper labels, these visual tags, and the assets on which they are placed, can be trackedas they flow through the factory in real-time. The PROVIEW DIFFERENCE: the displayed instruction can be changed at any time from anywhereas conditions merit! Don’t just collect information — give workers the ability to ACT on it CONTAINERASSET LOCATIONPARTSWAREHOUSEFINISHED GOODSWAREHOUSEPAGEPAGE40PAGE3020MAIN ASSEMBLY LINEPARTS“SUPERMARKET”FLOW LEINSPECTION/QAPARTSEQUIPMENTQACHECK

The ProVIEW SystemO N MENNDLNLYFRIEProVIEW is designed to manage complex material flow applications, while simply integrating with your existingprocesses and MES systems. The ProVIEW system collects the location and status information by individual container,providing the factory floor visibility necessary to automate or re-direct workflows in real-time.V IRLTAENY SOLUTIOProVIEW SoftwareView TagsFlexible enough to work as a standalone application or integratedinto your MES system, this platform allows you to manage all ofthe containers in your network, dynamically change workflowsor work instruction and drive analytics for improvements. Anintuitive GUI and branded or customizable dashboards ensureyou have the VIEW you need to effectively manage yourprocesses — in real time.Provide operators with visual instruction without the constraintsof paper. Equipped with an e-paper screen for multi-page,dynamic instruction and auto-ID for process tracking — the tagsprovide “intelligence” at the container level. Microsoft SQL platform for easy data exchangeAPIs at the hardware, application and business logic layersCloud or server based optionsSimple commissioning and device management toolsCustomizable management dashboardsReal-time visibility across the factorySet alarms for material flow eventsMobile device client compatibilityENTERPRISEVISUALIZATION& CONTROLOmni-ID’s View tags have been designed specifically to withstandthe rigors of manufacturing operations. From their ruggedcase to variety of screen size and shape, there is a tag for everyREPLENISHMENTapplication: High contrast/resolution e-paper display — image persistenteven without powerFully configurable buttons and LED to fit applicationrequirements (QA, completion, pick, call or other notifications)Rugged case for industrial use — IP 65Active, passive or wi-fi technologies used for communicationIndustrial strength battery — 5 years useREPLENISHMENTASSET MANAGEMENTWORK INSTRUCTIONSREPLENISHMENTASSET MANAGEMENTSolving the Most Common Cause of Factory InefficiencyOmni-ID has worked with factories all over the world and found that the #1 problem impacting their output is the same — material flowmanagement. Machine uptime, defective materials, operator skill/training, or resource scheduling aren’t the biggest issues. It’s simply:“getting the right parts to the right place, at the right time". ProVIEW was designed with this in mind. Does production regularly come to a near-standstill as issuesinevitably pile up? Is managing the count, sequence or status of your WIPinventory a challenge because it’s manual? Do you often reassign/reschedule routes for work in process? Do you have teams of “runners" that are sent out to the floor tofind specific containers for a job or inspection? Do you manually track down containers to apply newinstructions?AThe results are often chaos by late afternoon on the factory floor. ProVIEW is the solution to those issues and more.W

IconsReplenishmentCall Pick DeliverREPLENISHMENTParts replenishmentis a key functionin any manufacturingoperation.TheWORK INSTRUCTIONSPICKSMART CONTAINERPROTOOLSProVIEW system allows an operator to “call” for parts or services by pressinga button on the View tag — immediately receiving a response via a “callsent” message right on the tag. The warehouse receives the message, thedelivery is then scheduled and an instruction is sent to the View tag for pickup.Administrator and delivery driver dashboards provide the visibility into calls, picksand deliveries to ensure efficiency and opportunities for process improvement.ASSET MANAGEMENTIconsWork InstructionsInstruct Route RecordASSET MANAGEMENTWORK INSTRUCTIONSIconsEfficientprocessworkflows are thekey to ensuring WIPa seamless operation.PICKSMART CONTAINERPROTOOLSThe Work Instruction module provides the ability to send the appropriateinstruction to the View tags on the factory floor to instruct operatorsautomatically, based on location – ensuring the correct instruction is alwaysprovided at the right workstation. ProVIEW’s Work Instruction module alsoprovides the ability to send new instruction by individual rack or containerwhen issues arise, track the QA process and automatically count inventory forWIP items.Container ManagementSchedule Track OptimizePICKSMART CONTAINERIconsAs factories increasinglyare being asked to respond in real time to more andWIPmore product options and customized product variations from consumers, staticpaper labels guiding materials through the extended supply chain are unableto keep up. Smart containers that can be tracked and redirected to respondautomatically to this complexity, telling operators what to do next, are theanswer. ProVIEW provides an exponential leap forward in gaining full processcontrol in our new connected world, with self-directed “smart containers”.You’ll never lose another container or be short of crucial material again.PROTOOLSPickLocate Select RouteWORK INSTRUCTIONSPICKGetting the rightPROTOOLSparts to the right WIPplace at the right time in any factorystarts with ensuring an accurate picking or kitting of those parts from thewarehouse or other “shopping” location. Paper-based processes are highlyerror-prone and inefficient when it comes to ensuring the correct parts arelocated and selected manually by operators. ProVIEW’s Pick module ensuresan accurate and efficient process by providing visual cues and instruction foroperators for each job with a wireless View Tag on each bin, rack or shelf.SMART CONTAINERIconsAsset LocationID Find ReportREPLENISHMENTASSET MANAGEMENTAsset Location providesthe abilityto track your assetsand WIP itemsWIPPICKSMART CONTAINERPROTOOLSthroughout the process. This simple API provides you the ability to ensurethat your materials are in the right place at the right time by integratingwith your existing systems.WORK INSTRUCTIONSWIP

“Unlike paper and other traditional electronic tagging solutions, Omni-ID’s ProVIEW is an IoT solution thatgives us the ability to not only track our materials, but control the process flows. The process visibility andcontrol that the system provides has created a number of efficiencies for us — not to mention the savingsfrom the paper alone. We’re now expanding to several other manufacturing lines within our facility.”– Robert Hyden, Daimler, Detroit Diesel, IT ManagerDemonstrated SuccessOur Customers Report: Reduced material handling labor In operation at several globalmanufacturers who enthusiasticallyact as referencesErrors and rework reducedROI in less than 18 monthsIncreased WIP inventory accuracy Savings of thousands to millions ofdollars from eliminating paper!Interested in finding out more? Omni-ID can provide a turnkey solution including thelargest line of RFID products, hardware and software along with the professionalservices to architect and deploy a complete ProVIEW system solution.Visit to learn more about the complete line of Omni-ID RFID products.Omni-ID office locations:DO003718-02US UK Germany China India 2018 Omni-ID. All rights reserved.