The DiscipleHOLY CROSS LUTHERAN CHURCH JUNE 2014Pentecost The apostles had gathered themselves in Jerusalem to wait and pray. They were a bedraggled group—an odd assortment of unimpressive, unemployed out-of-towners. Suddenly, asound like the rushing of a great wind filled the whole house where they were staying.Tongues of fire appeared on them. The Holy Spirit came upon them in power and strength,filling each of them, and they all began to speak in other this issuePENTECOSTVBSEMPTY CHAIRSFULFILLINGYOUR MISSIONTHIS AND THATHOLY CROSS LUTHERAN4041 W. 120TH ST., ALSIP, ILPHONE–:708.597.5209WEB: WWW.HC-LC.ORGEMAIL: [email protected] an amazing scene! With the wind, audible but unseen, came the Spirit’s creative breathof life (cf. John 3:8). With the many tongues of fire was the one fire of the Spirit’s presence—the presence that warms cold hearts and burns away the deadness of doubt and unbelief. Themiraculous ability to speak in different tongues equipped the apostles for communicating withthe visitors staying in Jerusalem for the Pentecost festival.The strange events drew a crowd. The Spirit sent the apostles out preaching and witnessing—proclaiming the wonders of God. The audience was bewildered by the message and the messengers. How could simple Galileans speak such things? Some in the crowd scorned andridiculed the apostles. Were they deluded? Drunk? But others were amazed at what theyheard, wondering what all this meant.On Pentecost, the apostles were human instruments of the Holy Spirit. Ordinary people, filledwith no ordinary Spirit, they became extraordinary witnesses—courageous proclaimers of theGospel. Under the Spirit’s guidance, Galilean fishermen, a former tax collector, and the others—flawed instruments all—now announced the great saving work of God in Jesus Christ.And impetuous Peter—the one who had denied Jesus, who had forsaken Him and hid infear—stepped forward as the bold spokesman of the Holy Spirit.What did the Spirit accomplish on Pentecost? Through the apostles’ preaching and Baptism,He called and gathered believers into the Church of Christ. He gave them the Christ-earnedforgiveness of sins and salvation. June 15 is Pentecost. Celebrate the gift in worship.

“Weird Animals” VBSJuly 13-185:45—8:30 PMAt Weird Animals vacationBible school, kids experienceGod’s Word in surprisingand unforgettable ways!Each day, leaders reinforceone simple Bible truth—which makes it easy for kidsto remember and apply toreal life!Day 1Bible Story: Jesus heals the lepers.(Luke 17:11-19) Day 2Bible Story: Jesus reaches out to aSamaritan woman. (John 4:1-30) Day 3Bible Story: Jesus washesthe disciples' feet. (John 13:1-17) Day 4Bible Story: Jesus dies andcomes back to life. (Luke 22:47–24:12) The beginning of VBS is always hectic and cansometimes can mean long registration lines. Whenyou and your children come, get in the expresslane by registering today! 5Bible Story: Ananias bravely helpsSaul. (Acts 9:1-19)

The Empty Chairs lowship this may be for a variety of reasons.!. Have they moved out ofthe area?2. Is their work scheduleinterfering?3. Do they have a specialneed that we may address?4. Are we maintaining ahat a blessingto gather in nurturing environment forHolyCross them?LutheranChurch to worship the Lord! Every member should be ableWe are privileged to be able to experience an atmosphereto worship every Sunday, the to grow spiritually and toearlier or later service, or have a sense of belongboth, as we choose, and other ing and identity. Creatingspecial services throughout such an environment needs athe year. However, we are loving atmosphere, with eachaware that we have some ab- member taking a personal insent members. When we see terest in others.someone missing in our fel-Psalm 95: 6 and 7“Come, let us bow downin worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker. ForHe is our God and we are thepeople of His pasture, theflock under His care.”WWhat is the best way to beginconnecting with our absentfriends? Let’s not just dependon the Pastor, the Elders, or achurch board alone to makethis connection. Let us allpray for them, and in love,reach out to reclaim our absent friends.1 Thessalonians 4:9 and10b NIV“Now about brotherlylove we do not need to writeto you, for you yourselveshave been taught by God tolove each other. Yet we urgeyou brothers to do so moreand more.”- Billy Salzmanfulfilling your missionNon-achievers Dream Vaguely and Dread Specifically. In the February, 2012, issue of Boat USmagazine, Jeremy Cage (who spent 16 months sailing around the world with his wife and twochildren) had this to say, “Many people never achieve the things they want because they dreamvaguely and dread specifically. They’re vague about how to get there and allow dread to detractthem from doing the work and the planning required.” Jeremy is a senior executive at PepsiCo,Purchase, NY.Time - Treasure - Talent. Time, financial resources and abilities are gifts from God and should beused according to His will and for His purposes. He has no delight in non-achievers who planvaguely and fear irresponsibly. He delights in fearless stewards who plan specifically to engagetheir time, treasure and talent for His glory. God has a plan for your life. Know what it is, then letJesus captain your ship of life to fearlessly fulfill your life’s mission.

This and That COMMUNITY MEALSDINNER CLUBThe Dinner Club will begoing to Sanfratello's Pizza and Italian Restauranton Saturday, June 28 at5:00 p.m. This restaurantis located at 17823 80thAve. in Tinley Park. Besides serving thin crustand pan pizzas, there arealso various Italian dinners and sandwiches. Amenu is on the bulletinboard along with a signup sheet if you would liketo go. Please see FaithSchulz for more information.We are looking for volunteers for our "Free Community Meals" stating on June10th and will be held everysecond Tuesday of themonth.We need people to cook aportion:( 6-10 people) of themeal to be served.(Portion would be cooked athome and brought to thechurch kitchen either hot orwe can reheat.)Meals will be served buffetstyle. We will need 2 peopleto help serveand 2 people to help in thekitchen.A sign up sheet with thenext meal menu will be inon the bulletin board in thenarthex every month.If you are interested in helping or just want more information, feel free to call JoanOpyd at (708)597-9477.Thank you!YARD SALE FOR VBSSaturday, June 79 a.m.—3 p.m.Donations accepted May 28—June 6. Please place items inthe Fellowship Hall in the designated area only. Call BarbPiekosz @ 708-389-1759with any questions.75th ANNIVERSARYCELEBRATIONHoly Cross is continuingto plan its 75th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, November 9.Inpreparation for this special event, there are anumber of expenses thatwill be occurring beforethe actual date. In addition to these celebrationexpenses, the gift ofnew carpeting will beinstalled in the church,Narthex and entryway tobeautify God’s house.The cost of the carpetingis approximately 25 persquare yard.If youwould like to donate tohelp fund the cost of thecarpeting or towardsome of the additionalanniversary celebrationsexpenses, in addition toyour current givingamounts, please do soby marking “75th Anniversary/Carpeting” onthe “other” line on yourenvelope. Thank youfor your donations andplease plan to join us astogether we thank andpraise God for all theblessings He has givento our church these past75 years.

SERVANTS IN WORSHIP – JUNE, RACOLYTEALTAR GUILD8:00 amMartha StevensJim BoltzDonna JuddOnon SimonsonDorothy Lux----------------10:30 am-------------------Bob na Meilahn---------------------Carly Potts---------------------Joy Maddox8:00 amMartha StevensDonna JuddChris CabanDorothy Lux----------------10:30 am-------------------Bob Schulz---------------------Faith Schulz---------------------Kaitlyn Shelton---------------------Joy Maddox8:00 amMartha StevensJoy MaddoxGeno CabanDorothy Lux----------------10:30 am-------------------Bob Schulz---------------------Sue Wilczynski---------------------Carly Potts---------------------Joy Maddox8:00 amMartha StevensOnon Simonson----------------Kaitlyn SheltonDorothy Lux----------------Aimee WilczynskiChris CabanDorothy Lux-------------------Carly Potts---------------------Joy ------------10:30 am-------------------Bob Schulz----------------Ron Wedster8:00 amMartha StevensBob Long----------------10:30 am-------------------Bob Schulz-------------------James Bahr-------------------Liz WilczynskiCOUNTERGREETERPROJECTIONISTDonna Judd------------------------Liz & AimeeWilczynskiMike Meilahn--------------------Pam RutkowskiDonna Judd------------------------Liz & AimeeWilczynskiMike Meilahn--------------------Pam RutkowskiDonna Judd------------------------Liz & AimeeWilczynskiMike Meilahn--------------------Pam RutkowskiDorothy LuxDoris KrachtDonna Judd------------------------Liz & AimeeWilczynskiMike Meilahn--------------------Pam RutkowskiNancy FehserPauline GriffinDonna Judd------------------------Liz & AimeeWilczynskiMike Meilahn--------------------Pam RutkowskiNancy FehserPauline GriffinFaith SchulzDonna MeilahnCarole VrshekTerry Vrshek---------------------Joy Maddox

JUNE 2014Church Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm708.597.5209 [email protected] Food Pantry SundayMONDAY28:00am Worship (C) (Traditional)9:15am Sunday School/Bible Class10:30am Worship (Contemporary)8 Pentecost98:00am Worship (Traditional)9:15am Sunday School/Bible Class10:30am Worship (C) (Contemporary)15 Fathers’ DayTUESDAYWEDNESDAYTHURSDAYFRIDAYSATURDAY7 Yard Sale 9am34564:30 pm Food PantryIvy Bradley (b)10:00am Srs. GroupPastor’s Day Off10:00am MusiciansCharlie Bradley (b)101112131410:00am Srs. GroupJoan Opyd (b)Pastor’s Day Off10:00am LWML Meeting10:00am Musicians5:00 pm CommunityMeal161718192021Mona Dempsey (b)Bob Long (b)9:30 am Stewardship10:00am Srs. GroupLiz Wilczynski (b)Carly Potts (b)Pastor’s Day Off10:00am Musicians1:00 pm All VBS Meeting22232425262728 BaseballDisciple Items Due8:00am Worship (Traditional)Baptism of Chris Caban9:15am Bible Class10:30am Worship(c) (Contemporary)Kenneth Pollack (b)8:00 pmConfirm.3:30 pm Evangelism4:30pm NEM10:00am Srs. Group4:00 pm 75th AnniversaryCommittee Meeting7:30 pm Elders MeetingPastor’s Day OffJeanne Simovic (b)Scott Vrshek (b)9:30am Bd. Of Education10:00am Musicians5:00pm Dinner Club6:05 pm Thunderbolts29308:00am Worship (C) (Traditional)9:15am Bible Class10:30am Worship (C) (Contemporary)Confirmation of Kaitlyn Shelton7:30 pm Church Council8:00am Worship (Traditional)9:15am Bible Class10:30am Worship (Contemporary)Intergen.YARD SALE TO BENEFIT VBS - June 7 beginning at 9 AMVBS 2014 - July 13-18