Monitoring and Evaluation ofKAIZEN activitiesKAIZEN Training of Trainers2015KAIZEN Facilitators’ GuidePage to .

Objectives of the sessionAt the end of the session, trainees are ableto:1.Understand how to conduct M&E for KAIZENactivities2.Understand how to use M&E tools for KAIZENactivities1

Who monitors and evaluateKAIZEN activities?Hospital Management TeamQuality ImprovementTeam (QIT)Workplace ImprovementTeams (WITs)Structure of QA implementationin hospitals in Tanzania2

Levels of monitoring andevaluation of KAIZENKAIZENImplementersQITProvidetechnical advicesSeek technicaladvices- Monitor their daily KAIZENactivities at section level(Step 5, Step 7)- Evaluate effectiveness ofown KAIZEN (Step 6)MakeKAIZENon Righttrack!- Monitor all KAIZEN activitiesat all section in their hospital- Evaluate all KAIZENactivities to measureimprovement of hospitalmanagement3

Monitoring and Evaluationby the KAIZEN implementers

M&E in KAIZEN process “KAIZEN Process” itself is M&E process,especially on KAIZEN Step 5, 6 and 7 M&E of these steps should be done by theKAIZEN implementers– Step 5: Checking progress of implementation ofidentified countermeasures– Step 6: Measuring effectiveness ofcountermeasures between before and after– Step 7: Checking sustainability of effectivecountermeasures5

“Tools for M&E by the KAIZEN implementers”Progress checklist for implementationof standardized activitiesComparison Pareto chart to measureeffectiveness of KAIZENProgress checklist for implementationof countermeasuresStep 7StandardizationStep 6Step 5Check effectiveness of the countermeasuresImplementation of identified counter measuresSteps 4Steps 3KAIZEN ProcessSteps 2Steps 16

What to be monitored and evaluatedby WITs? Timeframe of KAIZEN Process implementation– One KAIZEN event takes 6 months and necessary tomonitor time spent for each step Execution of action plan (developed in Step 5) Achievement (improvement of before and afterKAIZEN in Step 6) Sustainability of standardized activities (Step 7)7

Monitoring and Evaluationby QIT

What to be monitored andevaluated by QIT? KAIZEN Team function Monitor all WITs’ activities– Check whether each KAIZEN step is carried out onright track or not– Check whether each QC tool is utilized properly or not– Check whether record keeping is done properly or not Support WITs to clarify effectivenesstowards improvement of hospitalmanagement9

During internal evaluation ofKAIZEN Visit all areas implement 5S-KAIZENactivities and interview KAIZEN teams Fill in 5S-KAIZEN M&E Sheet, and checkthe section No. 1 – 14 Check records of KAIZEN process, andthen fill in KAIZEN Process Checklist Develop feedback presentation onKAIZEN practices after the observationvisits Feedback the results to all KAIZEN teams10

Tips for successful M&E forKAIZEN by QIT Compose teams for conducting M&E Before starting M&E, review on how to useM&E tools together with all the members Before starting M&E, clarify responsibilitiesof each member of the team(Example)– One for concentrating on interview to QIT andchecking records of KAIZEN– Another for concentrating on M&E of 5S activities11

Cont. Visualization of the results of M&E isessential to give feedback to WITseffectively Making consensus to all scores andfindings among practitioners12

Cont. Good practices of KAIZEN should beshared with all the department/sections inyour hospital– Share in the meetings (morning report, managementmeetings, department meetings etc.)– Display the practices on notice boards in commonplaces etc.13

M&E Toolsfor KAIZEN activity14

Tools for M&E of KAIZEN activitiesI.Monitoring and Evaluation sheet forprogress of 5S-KAIZEN activities(with Point to be observed)II. KAIZEN Process ChecklistIII. KAIZEN Supportive Supervision SheetIV. KAIZEN Record Sheet (Microsoft EXCEL)15

I. Monitoring and Evaluation sheet forprogress of 5S-KAIZEN activities Monitor and evaluateprogress of 5Sactivities– Section 1 – 6: 5Sactivities– Section 7 – 14:KAIZEN activities Use point to beobserved (Criteria)16

EXAMPLESustainWard 14Leadership100806040200StandardizeStrength Active participation in nges Photographic evidenceare not well utilized anddisplayedWard 738072728880.680.51786.2

EXAMPLEWard 14 - 13Ward 870.1

II. KAIZEN Process Checklist Evaluate eachKAIZEN process Check properusage of QC tools19

EXAMPLEWard 1420

III. KAIZEN Supportive SupervisionSheet To check whetherKAIZEN activity ispracticing in righttrack or not Important points tobe checked areclarified in eachKAIZEN step21

IV. KAIZEN Record Sheet(Microsoft Excel) It helps you torecord KAIZENactivities Also, it has afunction to developPareto Chart,calculate formulaetc.22

Schedule of KAIZEN eventKick off KAIZENmeetingAprilStep1Presentation ofKAIZEN eptemberStep723

SDCA cycle and PDCA cycleP: PlanD: DoC: CheckA: ActionS: StandardD: DoC: CheckA: ActionStep 7KAIZEN activityStep 7KAIZEN activityASC D(New standards)Improvementby KAIZEN(New standards)Improvementby KAIZEN24

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