STEAMERINSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUALMODEL SPG6FOR YOUR SAFETY:Do not store or use gasolineor other flammable liquidsand vapors in the vicinity ofthis appliance.POST IN A PROMINENT LOCATION:Instructions to be used in the eventuser smells gas. This information shallbe obtained by consulting your localgas supplier. Ensure all users of thisequipment understand the instructions.6 - PAN HIGH EFFICIENCYBOILERLESS CONVECTION STEAMERSterling Manufacturing, LLC7601 Honeywell DriveFort Wayne, Indiana 46825WARNING:Improper installation, adjustment,alteration, service, or maintenancecan cause property damage, injuryor death. Read the installation, operating, and maintenance instructionsthoroughly before installing and servicing this equipment.FOR SERVICE CALL800-426-4211SALES: 844-437-6328SERVICE: 800-426-4211www.sterlingsteamers.comSMCD - IOMSPG100318


GENERAL INFORMATIONAND INSTALLATIONSTEAMERGENERALSterling Manufacturing, LLC produces the High Efficiency Boilerless Convection Steamer with the highest qualityworkmanship and materials available.All units accomodate six 2-1/2” or four 4” full size steam table pans. The Steamer is designed to cook most foodproducts cooked in a commercial kitchen and doubles as an NSF Approved Holding cabinet. The Steamer isdesigned to be placed on a countertop or on a Sterling Manufacturing Steamer Stand in either a single or doubleSteamer configuration.GENERAL SAFETYPlease make sure each operator reads and understands this manual completely before operating the Steamer.The owner and operator(s) must keep these instructions in an easily accessible location for reference and training.Steam can cause serious injuries and equipment damage. Pay attention to the operational Safety section, thewarnings in this manual, and on the equipment.GAS LEAK INSTRUCTIONS!DANGERGAS LEAKS ARE FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARDS.INJURY, DEATH AND PROPERTY DAMAGE WILL RESULT.If anyone smells gas, or suspects a gas leak, immediately refer to the posted gas leakinstructions. The posted instructions are provided by the local gas supplier and supersede anyother instructions.Observe the following precautions in addition to the posted instructions: Do NOT light or start any appliance. Do NOT touch any electrical switch. Do NOT use any phone in the building. Immediately call the gas supplier from a phone away from the building. Follow the gas supplier’s instructions. If the gas supplier cannot be reached, call the fire department.OPERATIONAL SAFETY Do NOT store anything on top of the Steamer.Keep the area around and under the Steamer free and clear of combustible material.Do NOT obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air.UNPACKINGYour Steamer was inspected, calibrated and tested before leaving the factory. The transportation companyassumes full responsibility for safe delivery. Immediately after unpacking, check for possible shipping damage. Ifdamage is found, save the packaging material and contact the shipping company immediately.STERLING MANUFACTURING, LLCSMCD - IOMSPG1003181

STEAMERINSTALLATIONLOCATION AND PLACEMENTAll Sterling Steamers are designed to be placed directly on a countertop or on a Sterling Manufacturing SteamerStand in either a single or double Steamer configuration. The installation location must provide for adequateclearances for proper operation and servicing. Installation must comply with all local fire and health codes.The location selected must be capable of supporting this appliance (the operating weight of a SPG6 is275lbs).Position this appliance so it will not tip or slide.The operating surface must be level enough to allow leveling of this appliance with its adjustable legs.This appliance MUST be level both front to back and side to side before operation.The location must include space for Operating and Service/Secondary Clearances and the ExhaustHood.KEEP THE AREA FREE AND CLEAR OF COMBUSTIBLES.Proper air supply for ventilation and combustion is REQUIRED for and CRITICAL to safe, efficientoperation of a SPG6. Do NOT obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air.Make sure the vents on the Steamer are not blocked by anything.Allow for sufficient clearance if a “high heat source”, (e.g. a fryer) is located next to the Steamer. Pleasecontact Sterling Mfg., LLC at 800-426-4211 for recommendations.High humidity air is vented from the exhaust at rear of unit. Condensation may occur on nearby surfaces.CLEARANCESCombustible ConstructionBack8”Right Side2”Left Side2”Noncombustible ConstructionCOUNTERTOP INSTALLATIONThe Steamer is shipped with four bullet feet with a 1-1/2” (3.8 cm) height adjustment. Each foot has an adhesivebacked non-slip pad attached to the bottom, which will keep the Steamer from sliding on the countertop undernormal use. Adjust the four feet as needed to level the Steamer in both front-to-back and side-to-side directions.ON A STAND WITH ADJUSTABLE FEETWhen installing the Steamer(s) onto a Steamer Stand with adjustable feet, follow the directions provided withthe Stand to ensure proper installation of the support brackets prior to mounting the Steamer(s). When properinstallation of the support brackets is verified, bolt the Steamer(s) to the support brackets on the Stand usinghardware provided with the Stand. Level the Steamer(s) front-to-back and side-to-side by adjusting the four feeton the Stand.STERLING MANUFACTURING, LLCSMCD - IOMSPG1003182

STEAMER!INSTALLATIONWARNING: When using a stand equipped with casters, the floor must be level and flat. Failureto have a Stand with casters on a level surface can result in a “TIPPING” hazard that could resultin serious injury.ON A STAND WITH CASTERSWhen installing the Steamer(s) onto a Steamer Stand with casters, follow the directions provided with the Standto ensure proper installation of the support brackets prior to mounting the Steamer(s). When proper installationof the support brackets is verified, lock the two locking casters located on the front of the Stand by pressing thelever to the lock position prior to bolting the Steamer(s) to the support brackets on the Stand using the hardwareprovided with the Stand.The installation shall be made with a connector that complies with the standard for connectors for moveable gasappliances; ANSI Z21.69 · CSA 6.16, and a quick-disconnect device that complies with the standard for quickdisconnect devices for use with gas fuel, ANSI Z21.41 · CSA 6.9.Adequate means must be provided to limit the movement of the appliance without depending on the connectorand the quick-disconnect device or its associated piping to limit the movement. The location where the restrainingdevice may be attached to the appliance shall be in accordance with Sterling specifications for the device.EXAUST HOOD REQUIREMENTSInstall and operate this gas appliance in a well ventilated area. Adequate air must be supplied to replenish air usedfor combustion. Installation must conform to local codes and/or with the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA-54 (latest edition) or the National Gas and Propane Code CSA B149.1 as applicable.Do NOT restrict the flow of air for combustion and ventilation. Do NOT obstruct the flue cover or control side ventsafter installation.GAS SUPPLY!DANGERGAS LEAKS ARE FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARDS.INJURY, DEATH AND PROPERTY DAMAGE WILL RESULT.If anyone smells gas, or suspects a gas leak, immediately refer to the posted gas leakinstructions. The posted instructions are provided by the local gas supplier and supersede anyother instructions.Observe the following precautions in addition to the posted instructions: Do NOT light or start any appliance. Do NOT touch any electrical switch. Do NOT use any phone in the building. Immediately call the gas supplier from a phone away from the building. Follow the gas supplier’s instructions. If the gas supplier cannot be reached, call the fire department.STERLING MANUFACTURING, LLCSMCD - IOMSPG1003183

STEAMERINSTALLATIONGAS SUPPLY REQUIREMENTS Gas supply type MUST match the type of gas shown on the rating plate. Gas supply pressure must NOT exceed 14” Water Column pressure and fall within the acceptablepressure range shown below when using 1/2” NPT line and a 1/2” NPT connection. Gas supply pressure must be between 5”-14” Water Column. If the gas supply exceeds 14” Water Column, a pressure-regulating valve (pressure regulator) must beinstalled in the gas supply plumbing to reduce pressure to the Steamer.INSTALLATION OF THE GAS SUPPLY LINESThe installer/owner is responsible for furnishing and installing gas supply lines, valves, regulators and accessories.When installing gas supply lines and accessories, observe the following: Use a non-hardening pipe thread sealant resistant to LP gas. The 1/2” NPT gas inlet is on the back of the steamer. Install main manual shut-off valve between gas supply and the Steamer. This main manual shut-off valveis called the “Main Manual Gas Valve”. Install a sediment trap (drip leg) in gas supply line.PRESSURE TESTING GAS SUPPLY LINESIf any pressure testing is required, the Steamer must be disconnected or isolated from the gas supply pipingsystem during any pressure testing as follows: The appliance and its main manual shut-off valve must be disconnected from the gas supply pipingsystem during any pressure testing of the system at test pressures in excess of 14” Water Column ( PSIor 3.45 kPa). The appliance must be isolated from the gas supply piping system by closing its main manual shut-offvalve during any pressure testing of the gas supply piping system at test pressures in equal to or lessthan 14” Water Column ( PSI or 3.45 kPa).!WARNING: Electrical and grounding connections must comply with the applicable portions ofthe National Electrical Code and/or other local codes.ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONSThe Sterling Manufacturing, LLC Steamer was designed, manufactured and tested to meet or exceed the strictstandards of safety and construction guidelines set forth by Underwriters Laboratories . If any of these instructionsare not completely understood, or you have doubt as to whether your supply receptacle is of the correct voltage,amperage or is properly grounded, consult a qualified electrician or serviceman.INSTALLATION CODES AND STANDARDSThe Steamer must be installed in accordance with:In the USA:1. All State and Local Codes.2. National Electric Code, ANSI/NFPA-70 (latest edition).3. Vapor Removal from Cooking Equipment, NFPA-96 (latest edition).In Canada:1. All Local Codes2. Canadian Electric Code, CSA C22.2 (latest edition).STERLING MANUFACTURING, LLCSMCD - IOMSPG1003184

STEAMERINSTALLATIONELECTRICAL SUPPLYThis Steamer was supplied from the factory with a cord and plug. The AC power requirements are listed on the DataTag located on the right side panel at the rear of the unit. Make sure the voltage at the supply receptacle is within /- 10% of the voltage listed on the unit’s Data Tag. Connection to any other voltage may permanently damageyour Steamer or cause premature component failure. This type of damage is NOT covered by the warranty.GROUNDINGTo reduce the risk of electric shock in the event of an electrical short circuit, this appliance must be grounded. Theunit is equipped with a cord having a grounding wire and a plug having a grounding prong, which must be pluggedinto an outlet that is properly installed and grounded. Under no circumstances should the plug be cut or bent to fita receptacle other than the one specified.WATER CONNECTIONMANUAL-FILLA Manual-Fill unit does not require any water line connection. Simply fill the cooking chamber with 2½ gallons ofwater before turning the Steamer on and add water as necessary throughout the day.AUTO-FILL (Connected)The water connection location is on the back of the Steamer. The specifications for the connection are:1. 10-60PSI2. 32-175 F, (0-80 C)3. 3/4” MGHT FittingUse an NSF Approved appliance hose to connect from a spigot/shutoff valve to the Steamer. It must also beinstalled with adequate backflow protection to comply with all applicable Federal, State and Local Codes.NOTE: The Owner/Installer is responsible for the water connection of this appliance. The components required toconnect this appliance to a water supply are not provided.IMPORTANT: Always keep the level sensing probes (located inside chamber under Trivet at right front) clean. Thiswill help to ensure proper working conditions.DRAIN CONNECTION (FOR FIXED DRAIN PAN ONLY)Run a hose from the drain pan to a funnel fitting leaving a 1” (2.54cm) gap between the hose and the top of thefunnel. There must be slope in the drain hose towards the funnel or floor drain.IN-FIELD MODIFICATIONSAny in-field modifications made to this Steamer without written authorization from the Sterling Manufacturing, LLCEngineering Department will void your warranty. Please call 800-426-4211, 8AM-5PM EST, Mon.-Fri. to reach theSterling Manufacturing, LLC Engineering Department.HIGH-LIMIT SAFETYThe SPG6 is equipped with a High-Limit Safety Device to protect the unit from overheating. If the High-Limittemperature is reached, the unit will completely shut down (no lights). If this happens, follow the steps listed below.CLEAN THE INSIDE OF STEAMER:1. Wait for the Steamer to cool2. Remove the Trivet (cover over water reservoir) and clean the water level sensing probes (located at rightfront of chamber).3. Clean the water reservoir (bottom and lower sides of chamber).4. Restart the Steamer.If the problem repeats, call the Sterling Service Department at: 800-426-4211STERLING MANUFACTURING, LLCSMCD - IOMSPG61003185

STEAMERBURNER INFORMATIONBURNER BLOWER INFORMATIONThe bearings in the Powered Infrared Burner Blower Motor are permanently lubricated and do not require anyperiodic maintenance.POWER FAILURE AND IGNITION WARNINGS!DANGERDo NOT attempt to operate a Sterling SPG6 during a power failure.DEATH, INJURY and EQUIPMENT DAMAGE can result.During a power failure, turn the steamer OFF and close the Main Gas DShut-Off Valve!DANGERDO NOT TRY TO LIGHT BURNER WITH A FLAMEThe SPG6 has an electronic ignition system, which automatically lights the burner, senses flameand controls gas flow. This provides precise burner control, safe ignition and safe shutdown.DEATH, INJURY, and EQUIPMENT DAMAGE may result from trying to light burners with aflame or from an improperly adjusted gas control and ignition system. Do not try to light theburner with a flame and do not alter the gas control adjustments.If adjustment is required, contact the Sterling Service Department at: 800426-4211.Sterling Manufacturing, LLC is in no way responsible for the operation or safety of thisequipment if the controller, valve, igniter probe or any other gas system component is adjustedby anyone other than a qualified Sterling authorized service representative.STERLING MANUFACTURING, LLCSMCD - IOMSPG1003186

STEAMEROPERATIONOPERATIONDAILY PREPARATION!WARNING: The Steamer will be hot during cooking and holding operations. Use care whenoperating, cleaning or servicing the steamer. The cooking chamber may contain live steam andhot water. Stay clear when opening the door.FILLING WITH WATER - AUTO-FILL UNITClose the drain valve on the front of the unit and verify the water supply valve is turned on. The Steamer willautomatically fill and then maintain the proper water level when turned on. There is no need to manually fill theSteamer.If a HIGH WATER condition causes the HIGH WATER Light and Alarm to come on, turn unit off, turn off watersupply valve and slowly drain chamber before opening door and call for service.IMPORTANT: TO ENSURE PROPER OPERATION OF THIS UNIT THE WATER RESERVOIR, LEVELSENSORS AND FLOAT SWITCH MUST BE KEPT CLEAN AT ALL TIMES. PLEASE FOLLOW THECLEANING INSTRUCTIONS DAILY.NOTE: The Steamer will consume more water while cooking in À La Carte