. -'"AGRAPHICEXAMPLEOF WHATSEPARATESJFROMPROGRAMSCOSIING'JENnEASMUOL If an 1 ,800 base price seems too low for advancedfinite element analysIs and deSign software, you canalways spend ten times more on a competitive program But look what you 'll be missing The world's most powertul and versatile 2-D and3-D desktop fiMe element analYSIS system. GraphiCS capabilitieS only available In far moreexpensive programs SEDII A state-of-the-art, interactive and menudriven preprocessor oHered by SCAIlA at no extracharge, and unlike anything attempted by anyother FEA developer Plus the ability to add, for 1 ,000 more, eitherconcrete or steel deSign capabilities includingAISCs latest Load ReSistance Factor DeSign(lRFD) CodeAMf HIC,ANIIf,E[AMERICAN COMPUTERS & ENGINEERS11726 San 'keote Blvd., Sulle 212,Los Angeles, CA 90049Tei 1213) 820-8998 Telex. '93-0363 N;E 1.1Taken as a whole, SCAIlA represents the finestintegrated design and analysis software availabletoday SCAIlA s Integrated modular configurationmakes It the only program that can grow WIthout anychange to its architecture Add flat -slab or shear-walldeSign - even buckling and nonlinear capabilitiesWhether you 're a big organlZalion deSigning some oftoday's largest structures, or a smaller firm With simpler requirements, you'll find SCAIlA adapts easily tothe projects at handSCAIlA is available exclUSively through AmericanComputers & Engineers For a brochure detailing thefull scope of its capablillies, Simply contact us at theaddress below, And prove to yourself that a powertulengineerrng program needn't come With an overpowering price.

MODERNEELCONSTRUCTION9Rensselaer Polytechnic RinkA "W inning" Combination VOLUME XXVII . NUMBER 3MAY-JUNE 198714A lternate Design BiddingLowers Bridge Costs17InfomartA Modern Crystal PalaceSamuel Y. GoldingFirst Vice Chairman21Garden State Park PavilionWalking Ring for a Running TrackOscar W. Stewart, Jr.TreasurerNeil W. ZundelPresidentWilliam W. LaniganSecretary & General CounselLewis BrunnerVice President, Membership Services27California Cen terBig , Bold and AmbitiousAmerican Instituteof Steel Construction, Inc.The Wrigley Building400 North Michigan AvenueChicago, illinois 60611·4185 ,hOFFICERSWerner H. QuasebarthChairmanGeerhard HaaijerVice President, Research & EngineeringMorris CarninerVice President, AdministrationWilliam Y. EplingVice President, Government AffairsEDITORIAL STAFFGeorge E. HarperDirector of PublicationsBrenda FollmerAssistant EditorJames HermanBUSinessADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVEThe PATTIS GROUPKirby Palait476t West Touhy Avenuelincolnwood, III.3121679-110032Steel Notes33Washington-Battery BuildingSteel Solves a Tight Problem40San Antonio AuditoriumNew Era for Ravaged Landmark ON OUR COVER:New Orlando, Fla. bus depota marvel of steel· framed con·structlon. Watch lor feature Innext Issue!4MODERN STEEL CONSTRUCTION

Hambrd'. the most cost efficient floor system you can use . JI ' - "The Hambro compositefloor system saved usover 33 tons of steel andone month's erection time:'Peter Rizzuto, Project Manager, Perini Corp.,contractor for Bostonian Hotel See us at the AlA ShowBooth #625June 19-22Perini Corporation estimates that the Hambro systemfor the Bostonian cost 20% less than ordinary joist construction . Savings were in labor as well as material.Erection was faster because they could "cast loday andstrip tomorrow." Entire bays were gang formed in theatrium and flown into place.Hambro's UL fire ratings are achieved without applying the 22/30 factor for reduction of capacity required forconventional "H" series joists. This, together with Hambra's superior sound rating of STC 57, make it the idealfloor construction system for high or low rise commercialand residential buildings. Call or write for brochure .P.O. Box 223, Needham Heights. MA 02194 (617) 444-5504Regional Offices and Distributors throughout the USIn NYC, NJ, Eastern Ao\, MD. VA and DE: Mld·Atlanlic Hambro, Inc.114 East 25th St. . Baltimore, MO 21218 (30 1) 338-11 22 Telex: 87938 A subsu:hary 0 1 canamman

II; The Levinson LetterDon't PlayTest-report RouletteSteelSculptureRevisited It was just one piece of steel, out of thousands wehandle every day. This one was an I-beam, S12 X 50, 60-0. It was shippedto Levinson by another service center-not by the mill.The mill test report said it came from Bethlehem Steel in Bethlehem, PA.But when we checked the mill markings on the beam-as we alwaysdo at Levinson-the heat number didn't match. So we called the service center. Eventually, they sent us a test reportthat did match our beam: it said heat number 34.005, from JMA inMadrid. That's Madrid , Spain.It's the old game of test report roulette. The order calls for test reports?Grab one that's close, and send it. Add a disclaimer. What's thedifference? Steel is steel, right?Well. Let us ask you this: Where is the original, A-36 Bethlehem beamthat goes with the Bethlehem test report we got? By now it's probablyin use somewhere . Maybe you're sitting under it. Maybe you drive over it.And what kind of test report did IT come with?At Levinson, we have a saying: "The difference between ' pretty sure'and 'sure' isn't always pretty."That's why we also have aguarantee: When you buyLevinson Registered Steels,you get test reports that matchyour steel. Right down to theheat number.1-800-LEVINSONThe Levinson Steel Company799 Castle Shannon BoulevardPittsburgh , PA 15234Other Levinson locations:Atlanta:1-800-554 -6633 (In GA: 1-800-282-2036)Birmingham:1-800-633-6584 (In AL: 1-800-292-8115)L15STEELSOrlando:In the NO 1-1987 Issue of Modern SteelCons/ruction a UnlverSlty of FlOrida-GainesVille sculpture was shown. In beautiful , liVingblack and white, It didn't come oft so wellSo we thought you wou ld like to see It In fullcolor.Prof. Duane EllifriH taught the beginningSteel DeSign class, which was always followed by frustration because students couldnot visualize a Simple web-angle shear connection . Contractors who would permitstudents on a jobslte were becoming fewe rbecause of liabilities for Injuries.So, the next best thing was to take samplesof construction details to the students. Thesedet",ls were deSlgned and fabricated In SteelFabricators' Ft. Lauderdale shop and movedto the site. The sculpture-yet to be named-was painted In the school colors, With thebots painted black so they would stand out.Much attenllon has been drawn from passersby- and the minds of future designershave been Impressed With some of the ad vantages of steel-framed const ruction. 01-305-851-2881 (in FL: 1-800-432-1157)York, PA (Borger Steel Division):1-800-445-4548 (In PA: 1-800-632-9064)Mobile:Bethlehem, PA (Borger Steel Division):1-800-633-1290 (in AL: 1-800-672 -3094)1-800-537-1110 (in PA: 1-800-852-1110)MODERN STEEL CONSTRUCTION

Remodeling with SteelRENSSELAER RINKSteel Beams and Steel Bladesa Winning CombinationThe Houston Field House al RensselaerPolytechnic Institute In Troy NY IS themajor atilletlc facIlity for RPI s 6 000 sludents. RPI prides Itself on being a goodneighbor and makes the lacility availableto the community for travelling perf01 mersBut back In t 981 Ihe Field House was becoming an embarrassmenl lo RPI the old-est degree-granllng engineering Inst IlulionIn Ihe English-speaking worldT he old battleship as one consuilingarchllect called II. was never a great facllity havlIlg begun IIle as a navy warehouseIn WWII RPf acquired It In 1949 andtrucked It to Troy where It was rell l ted forhockey. RPI s only major sport Since col-umns were posted at Intervals of 36 Itaround Ihe perimeter of the rink only 25 1030% of the spectalors had an unobstructedview Also Troy·s location In the snowbel tmeanl Ihe Old roof was overloaded andhad 10 be cleared with every snowfallTime was even more unkind to the finkOver the years poor sOil condilions and A championship nnk-Rensselaer PolytechniC'S remodeledhockey rink, Troy, N.Y, Now home 10 hockey and Circuses.Number J 1 19879

"Old Battleship' needed major repairs . or lotaf replacement Old roof came off ofHouston Field House Steel came to rescue by prov1chng column· free VieWing areas 10MODERN STEEL CONSTRUCTION

the old refrigeration system created frostheaves under the floor which caused anuneven freeZing pattern Referees penalIZed the RPI team at home games by makIng them take the bad end of the Ice-theslush Bouncing pucks and catchingskates frustrated both teamsThe hockey players were not the onlyones haVing a difficult time RinglingBrothers Barnum and Bailey CirCUS wouldnot bring ItS prime acts to Troy because theroof was too weak and too low to handlethe speCial loads The Ice Capades groupneeded equipment and a stronger roof forcurtain drops and lighting rigs Announcers and musIcians declined to perform In aplace with such notoriously bad acoustics Steel to the Rescue!In the Fall of 1982. RPI contacted severalarchitectural and engineering firms to seewhat could be done Most wondered whythe bUilding had nOI been condemnedand recommended demolition as the firststep But Carlson Group of Boston had abetter Idea Their engineers assened theycould renovate -the old battleship' by uSingadvanced structural steel techniques Thegroup would deliver a facility with muchImproved sightlines good acoustics asafe strong roof that could take the pointloads a good floor surface and smooth IceEven better the renovation would save RPIat least 50·'. over Ihe cost of a brand newbUilding Interesling ' RPI responded "butcan you get It off the draWing boards beforethiS season s end and use the SIX and ahalf mon th s between spor ting seasons toput It In place?'The group equipped With up-to-datecomputer systems and accustomed toworking together under a practiced plan ofaction was able to meet both the tightdeadlines and every other requirement In three months from late December tomid-March when construction began , theteam developed project plans architectural and engineering deSigns. a highly accurate cost estimate and a life-cycle energycost analYSIS Immed,alely after the lasthockey game bulldozers were at workUSing hOrizontal steel trusses each240-ft long and weighing In at 21 tons, Itwas possible to redistribute the subslantlalbUild ing loads from both the spectator bayand maIO roots to four large columns at thecorners of the nnk These. In lurn . weresupported by a sleel pile foundation, ThiSmarks a substantial Improvement over the16 smaller columns previously surroundingthe rink Now 95 to 98% of the seats haveunobstructed views and the seating capacity has Increased by 10%The architect also deSigned and bUilt aNumber 3/1987

Fabncators assemble 240-ft trusses (above).Each weighing in at 21 tons trusses werekey to field house renewal. Three cranes.lifted each truss in place (r.). 12MODERN STEEL CONSTRUCTION

new center roof which will withstand theheaviest winter storms. It was fitted withcustomIZed reinforcements for the ngglngfor Rlngltng Brothers and the fce CapadesAnd the Albany Symphony Orchestra performed In the FIeld House. now Ihat anacoustical deck Inconspicuously lines Iheroof between jOiStS Increased use of thefaclltty by outSiders helps support RPrshockey programHome to Champions-and ElephantsIn t 985 the rink was horne to championsRPI won 30 of 32 games. tied one and lostone for Ihe Eastern College Athletic Conference · then went on to win the N C A Achampionships To rebUild the rink removed 2'/, It of poor top SOiland redistributed the remaining matenal tobetter support Ihe floor which was loweredby 2') ft ThiS move made the center arenaeven more vIsible from the stands andgave trapeze artists more room to performSince the rink also had to sustain stresses from fum ping elephants pipes for therefngeratlon system had to be laid 1V, InInstead of I -In below the surface and lheconcrete floor poured In a single slab Deadline Met!And yes the leam met lIS deadllnes l ByOctober. the RPI hockey team was practicIng happily on the new Ice According 10coach Michael Adessa "Not only did theImprovemenl In the hockey nnk radicallyImprove our training program . but also Itgave us a conSiderable edge In recrUitingpromising young players ·Indeed the new Field House meetsnearly everyone's standards RinglingBrothers CirCUS brought ItS best acts toRPI There are profeSSional wrestlingevents a performance by the Royal Llplzzaner Stalltons. a VISit from the SesameStreet gang an Increased number of rockconcerts and an appearance by a symphony orchestra who previously refused toperform In the old faCilityJArchltect/Engfneer/ContractorThe Carlson GroupCochlluale MassachusettsOwnerRensselaer PolytechnIC InsllluteTroy. New York Number 3/1987

Alternate Design------ aALTERNATE DESIGNBIDDING LOWERSBRIDGE COSTSby Stephen R. SimcoPennsylvania. Since 1980. has permit·ted contractors to submit their own al·ternate designs In bidding on new bridgeconstructionThis policy has proven effective In reoduclng bridge costs Without sacrillcingsafety. load capacity or durability An analy·SIS by the FHWA-Reglon 3 office of allbridge projects let to contract Since adoption of the procedure ,nd,cates 32% of major bridges (those over 5 million) are beIng built With contractor-designedalternates Non-majOr bridges are also beIng erected With contractor deSigns. but toa lesser extent (only 12%)This feature explains how Ihe procedureworks. some key results. ItS advantages.drawbacks and other pertinent facts Otherstales may Wish to Investigate and consider adoption of alternate deSign bidding.Since It has worked well for Pennsylvania.Cost savings are the primary objectiveOn the average. a 10% reduction was realized on malor bridges. 7 2% on non-majorbridges Additionally. once contractorsgained experience With the procedure.they became adept at obtaining bridgecontracts by uSing Innovative fabrication!erection techniques and refined deSignsThe program also permits the two materl-als Industries-steel and concrete-towork closely With contractors In developinglow-bid deSigns Steel and concrete suppliers strive to Improve the as-deSigned planby adopting methods such as flnlle element analYSIS and redeSign to take full advantage of the capabilities of their fabrlcat- Ing plantsThe precursor to the concept came fromthe FHWA which. In 1979 recommendedalternate deSigns (now mandatory)-onesteel and one concrete- for malor federalaid bridges The goal was to foster competilion between contractors and perhaps result,n savings which exceed the add It lonalAJternate deSIgn bkkhng on 1·78 bndge over Delaware River cut costsfor Pennsylvania DOT. Average of 10010 was reahzed on majOr bndges.

engineering fees In 1980, Pennsylvania,under the leadership of Dr Thomas 0 Larson secretary of Transportation, adopteda contractor alternate policy for all bridgesToday Pennsylvania with more than21 .000 bridges on Its state and local systems ISIn the midst of a 1 6-blllion bridgereplacemenVrehabllitatlon program Theprogram. commenced In 1983. culminatingIn t 991 covers 979 bridges most of whichare or were defiCient major river crossIngsPennDOT IS also In the process of Implementing a succeeding 1 7-bllllon , elghtyear program. to cover about 3.000 smaller bridgesHowever. In 1980, the financial picturewas bleak. due primarily to severe cutbacks In gas tax-dependent revenuesDesperate for cost savings. Penn DOTSecretary Larson believed the alternatedesrgn program would be the best opportunity to reduce costs and develop non-tradi tional Innovallve Ideas for bridge deSignand constructionSpace constraints lImit mentIoning thenumerous details but. essentially the procedure works thiS way On maiOr bridgesPennDOT provides plans for an as-designed steel bridge structure and an asdeSigned prestressed concrete bridgeWith deSigns created by consultants orPennDOT stall Only one deSign IS prepared for non-malar bridges Prospectivecontractors can bid on these deSigns orpresent their own alternate deSign In steelor concrete or a combination of both Weare obligated to select the lowest bidThe only exceptions and they arementioned In bid documents- are caseswhere public commitments site restrlclions. aesthetiCS or environmental reasonsdictate a particular structural type BridgesWith spans exceeding 150 ft are being bUiltfrom steel deSigns and those under t 50 flfrom precast, prestressed concrete designs Our contractor-designed alternatepoliCY has yet to produce a long-span, segmental. prestressed concrete bridgeIf the successful bidder uses an alternate, he must submit a conceptual deSignof It to Penn DOT for approval Within SIXcalendar days of contract award PennDOT reserves the right to reject It and request a resubmlsslon of another, accept·able alternate If an acceptable alternate ISnot presented Within 30 calendar daysSIX days for the submiSSion and 24 days forPennDOT's review- the contractor mustbUild the as-deSigned structure at no addllIonal cost The contractor must also pay ashare of PennDOT's deSign review expense, up to 5,000, depending on thebJldge's cost After a conceptual deSign ISapproved , PennDOT permits constructionNumber 31 19B7to proceed as soon as plans can be approved for part of the structureNow SIX years of experience leads us tothese findings At flrsl. there was concern among engineers that owners would lose controlover bridge appearance andlor the safety factor The truth IS Ihat bridges bUiltWith contractor alternate deSigns stililook like other bridges and they all meetthe demanded load-carrying capacityWith the reqUired factor of safety The number of low-bid COniractor-de-Signed bridges has Increased over thepoliCY'S first years In 1980, there werenone In 1981 - 6; t982 - 7, t983 - t4 ,t984 20 985 - 22. 1986 - t3 As con tractors become more familiar With whatWill be allowed they bid more of thelfown less expensive deSigns They alsodevelop working relat ionships With con sultants who know a contractor s capabilities and can prepare alternate plansqUickly Computer-aided deSigns are assuminggreater Importance because of the timeIImllatlon In present ing the Initial conceptual deSign In most cases . alternatebids came In below our as-deSigned costestimates As a consequence we be·lIeve the program has brought us to theleading edge of the state of the art InWEPUT100YEARSOFEXPERIENCEINEVERYBOLT WE MAKEWe operate the largest facility In the country for makingbig and special bolts. Just as important, we're big on dependableservice and reliable delivery.We're SI. Louis Screw & Bolt and we make a full range ofheavy structural bolts. Our entire manufactured product line, including Types I and III, is made from domestic materials and testedin our SI. Louis planl. We're big on Quality, too,Aher 100 yealS, we know big bolts in B big way.ST. LOUIS SCREW & BOLT COMPANY6901 N, Broadway/Sl Louis, MO 63147/(314) 389-7500SINe. 1117t5

Two views of 1-78 steel bndge.bridge engineering and done It muchfaster than possible without the program It forced us to do more new thingsIn the last five years than In the prevIous25 years Among the most common contractor design changes IS eliminati