Page 1 of 17 5/11/2012SK633Wireless Alarm system with motion sensor, door/window contacts, remote control andtelephone dialer.OWNER'S MANUAL AND SET UP INSTRUCTIONS.Thank you for choosing Ideal Security’s Home Security System with Telephone Dialer.If you have any questions, problems or comments regarding the installation or operation ofthis system, please do not hesitate to contact IDEAL’s customer service departmentthrough our web site at, via email at [email protected], or by calling ourtoll free number at 800-361-2236 x 230. Normal business hours 7:30am to 3:30pm Easterntime. Monday to Friday.Occasionally instructions have errors or omissions, please check for updates to theseinstructions, security tips and other valuable information at www.idealalert.caWIRELESS ALARM SYSTEM WITH AUTO DIALER.This package includes:1 (618) AUTO DIALER1 (629) REMOTE CONTROL2 (625) SLIM WINDOW / DOOR CONTACT1 (6616) MOTION DETECTORBatteries and all connecting devices.Before permanently installing any of the devices included in this package please test therange of all units to make sure that the receiver picks up all the sensors.MODEL 618 AUTO DIALERTHE TELEPHONE DIALER REQUIRES A LAND TELEPHONE LINE TO MAKEOUTGOING CALL AND ELECTRICITY.How it worksOur unique wireless security alarm with Auto dialer is designed to allow you to create yourown security system. It will alert you of an intrusion. You can decide how to respond, orcall the police. Choose a desired location for the auto-dialer with access to a land telephoneline and an electrical outlet. When the dialer is set to ARM mode, and a sensor is triggered,the auto-dialer will activate the built-in siren (if set) and dial out (if set) to the up to 5 preprogrammed telephone numbers one by one, for the pre-programmed cycles. You can setthe auto-dialer to a chime mode, you will hear one chime only when a sensor is activated.

Page 2 of 17 5/11/2012Important note regarding Auto Dialer:ANSWERING MACHINES and REMOTE COMMUNICATION.If you intend to use the REMOTE ACTIVATION features (controlling the alarm unitremotely), you cannot use an answering machine.To use the remote activation feature: Set the auto dialer to respond (pick up) before youranswering machine responds. For example, if your answering machine is set to pick upafter 5 rings then set the auto dialer to pick up after 3 rings, this way your AUTO DIALERwill pick up first, allowing you to enter your key selection. Complete instructions on setting up theremote activation follow.If the answering machine is required, then the remote activation feature cannot be used. Setthe auto dialer to respond after your answering machine normally responds (set it to 10rings) this will ensure that the answering machine is the first response.IMPORTANT SAFETY TIPS1. Do not install the system where it will be exposed to direct sunlight or rain.2. The built-in siren is very loud, never put the system close to your ear.3. The system should be installed away from heat sources such as radiators, heating ductsand stoves.4. If the system sounds at random, it is possible that the installed location is too close to aheat source, changing the location or direction of the unit may correct the problem.5. The system can provide valuable protection for your home and property if utilizedproperly. However, this unit cannot guarantee complete protection against burglary orproperty damage. Therefore, we will not be responsible for any losses or damages whichmay occur, while using this product.DESCRIPTION OF COMPONENTS1. Antenna Jack2. Telephone LINE Jack3. Antenna4. Battery Low LED5. Ex Power LED6. LCD Display7. Numerical Keys8. Buzzer (built-in siren)9. DC 9V Jack10. Home mode button11. Battery Cover12. External Trigger Input Terminal

Page 3 of 17 5/11/201213. 9V Battery14. RESET buttonFEATURES Signal or trigger from wireless sensor activates auto-dialer and alarm16 Digit large number display with date/time and function icon10 zone icon for easy differentiation of sensor locations Zones 1 to Zone 7: Learn one wireless sensor to each zone to trigger the system(In ARM mode only) Zone 8S: Learn up to 8 wireless sensors to trigger the system (In ARM mode only) Zone 24H (24 hours stand by): Learn up to 8 wireless sensors to trigger the systemin ARM or DISARM mode. Remote zone: Learn and connect up to 8 remote controlsRoom monitor by telephone functionARM or DISARM system by telephoneProgrammable password, entry delay timing (set time for how long after trigger beforethe auto dialer will dial out and siren will sound)Up to 5 emergency telephone numbers (up to 32 digits each) (only last 16 digits appearon LCD screen)Programmable auto dialing cycle (how many times the auto dialer will dial eachprogrammed number)Records up to five triggered alarms for alarm modeBuilt-in flash memory to protect system data during a power failure. If you have apower failure and the battery dies, all info will remain in auto dialer except the date andtime. We recommend that the battery in the dialer be changed at least once per year, asyou change your smoke detector battery.Battery Low indicatorTone dialing onlyHOME mode function (auto dialer will chime when sensors are triggered)Built-in 105 dB alarm (with programmable alarm on/off)External extend trigger input terminal (to connect Ideal’s wired window and doorcontacts SK619)AC adaptor and 9V battery back-up (included)Wall mountable (screws and anchors included)INSTALLATIONUnit must be installed where it has access to a land line and electrical outlet.1. Install 9V battery included (Fig 1).2. The battery installed in this unit is a back-up battery only. This battery will keep theunit working for a time during a power failure3. Position the antenna vertically (straight up) for better reception. (Fig.2)Fig.(1)

Page 4 of 17 5/11/20124. The supplied telephone line splitter can be installed into your telephone wall socket(Fig.3a) or the LINE Jack of the auto-dialer (Fig.3b)5. Using the telephone wire supplied, insert the small clear plug into the LINE jack onthe auto-dialer and the other end into the telephone line splitter, (Fig.3a) or insertyour telephone line splitter into LINE Jack of main unit, then insert telephone wiresupplied into wall socket. (Fig.3b)6. Your existing telephone line can now be inserted into the telephone line splitter.(Fig.3a/b)7. Connect the AC adaptor to the DC 9V jack on the auto-dialer. (Fig. 3c)8. Wall mount option: Choose a suitable location where you have access to atelephone line and electricity, drill holes, using template provided and installanchors and screws. Place the auto-dialer over the screws and slide it down tosecure it in place (fig 4).SYSTEM AUTO-DIALER SET-UPDuring any set-up, if no key is pressed for 10 seconds, the auto-dialer will automatically exitset-up mode. All set-ups are done in DISARM mode only. Your auto-dialer has a factory preset password of 0-0-0. This can be changed to yourown personal password.

Page 5 of 17 5/11/20121. TO CHANGE PASSWORDa. Enter factory pre-set password 0-0-0. Press PROGbutton once (1),PASSWORD will flash on the auto-dialer screen. (Fig.5)b. Press the ARM/DISARMbutton to confirm that you want to enter thePASSWORD.c. Enter your new password then press the ARM/DISARMbutton to confirm(you can choose from 3 to 6 digits for your password).button nine (9) times to exit set-up mode.d. Press the PROGNOTE: PASSWORD RESETIf you forget your password, open back of unit and locate the RESET button (Fig.5a).button, and, press and release the reset button once. ThePress and hold the PROGscreen will go blank. When screen returns let go of the PROGbutton. You now havethe factory pre-set password of 0-0-0. This will reset the password ONLY, all otherinformation will remain (programmed telephone numbers and learned sensors)2. SETTING THE TIME (YEAR / MONTH / DATE / HOUR / MINUTES)button nine (9) times.a. Enter password followed by PROGwill flash on the auto-dialer screen.b.c. Press ARM/DISARMbutton to confirm.d. The date will show on the auto-dialer screen as five sets of numbers: year, month,and date followed by the time hour and minutes (24hr time clock). The first set ofnumbers will flash confirming that these can now be changed.e. Enter correct year by pressing */UPor #/DOWNbutton, then press theARM/DISARMbutton. The next set of number will start flashing, enter themonth by pressing */UPor #/DOWNbutton, then press the buttonARM/DISARM, and so on until all numbers have been entered. You will nowhave the correct date and time.

Page 6 of 17 5/11/2012f. Press PROGbutton once (1) to exit set-up mode.3. TO PROGRAM EMERGENCY TELEPHONE CALL NUMBERSbutton twice (2).a. Enter password followed by PROGb. MEMORY will flash on the auto-dialer screen. (Fig.6)c. Press ARM/DISARMbutton to confirm.d. You are now ready to program up to 5 emergency telephone numbers. Press theor #/DOWNbuttons to select memory location from 1 to 5. If you*/UPselect 2 this is where your number will be stored and it will be the 2nd numberdialed.e. Enter the telephone number you would like to store, followed byARM/DISARMto confirm (maximum of 32 digits, but only displays last 16digits).f. Repeat steps C to E for the four other numbers you may wish to store.button eight (8) times to exit the set-up mode.g. Press PROG4. TO DELETE A TELEPHONE NUMBER FROM MEMORYa. Enter password followed by PROGbutton twice (2).b. MEMORY will flash on the auto-dialer screen. (Fig.6)c. Press ARM/DISARMbutton to confirm.or #/DOWNbuttons to select the number you want to delete.d. Press */UPe. Press DEL./PAUSEbutton to delete the number.button to confirm.f. Press the ARM/DISARMg. Press PROGbutton eight (8) times to exit the set-up mode.5. PAUSE FUNCTIONThe "PAUSE" function can be stored as one digit in the telephone number memory forsome dialing operations. Every one PAUSE in the memory dialing sequence will pause for3.6 seconds. For example, if you want to store telephone number 514-363-1030EXTENSION 230 to memory location 2, the operation will be as following:a. Enter password then press PROGbutton twice (2).b. MEMORY will flash on the auto-dialer screen.button to confirm.c. Press ARM/DISARMd. Press */UPor #/DOWNbutton to select memory location 2.

Page 7 of 17 5/11/2012(hold for 2 seconds until the letter Fe. Enter 5143631030 DEL./PAUSEappears on the screen, then enter 230.f. Press ARM/DISARMbutton to confirm.button eight (8) times to exit set-up mode.g. Press PROG6. TO PROGRAM SIREN ON/OFFThe auto-dialer has been factory pre-set with the siren ON. To change this to OFF:a.b.c.d.Enter password followed by PROGbutton four (4) times." icon will flash on the auto-dialer screen. (Fig.8)The "Press ARM/DISARMto confirm.Using */UPor #/DOWNbuttons to select SOUND OFF. Followed byARM/DISARMbutton to confirm.e. Press PROGbutton six (6) times to exit the set-up mode.7. TO PROGRAM AUTO CALL FUNCTION ON/OFFThe auto-dialer has been factory pre-set with the call option ON. If you do not want theauto dialer to call out change this to OFF:a.b.c.d.Enter password followed by PROGbutton five (5) times." icon will flash on the auto-dialer screen. (Fig.9)The "Press ARM/DISARMbutton to confirm.Using */UPor #/DOWNbuttons to select call OFF followed by theARM/DISARMbutton to confirm.button five (5) times to exit the set-up mode.e. Press PROG8. TO PROGRAM AUTO DIALLING CYCLE.

Page 8 of 17 5/11/2012The auto-dialer has been factory pre-set for auto dialing for 1 cycle (When a sensor istriggered the auto dialer will call all stored numbers 1 time. You can change this cycle from1 to 5 dialing cycles.a. Enter password followed by PROGbutton six (6) times.b. CYCLE will flash on the auto-dialer screen.c. Press ARM/DISARMbutton to confirm.and #/DOWNbuttons to select cycle times between 1 and 5d. Using */UPfollowed by the ARM/DISARMbutton to confirm.button four (4) times to exit set up mode.e. Press PROG9. TO PROGRAM CALL-IN RING DETECT CYCLE (how many rings before autodialer will answer.The auto dialer has been factory preset to answer on the 5th ring.The call-in ring detect cycle is for how many times you want the phone to ring before theauto-dialer picks up. You can arm/disarm and monitor your home via the telephone.a. Enter the password followed by the PROGbutton seven (7) times.b. Awill flash on the screen.c. Press ARM/DISARMbutton to confirm.d. Using the */UPand #/DOWNbuttons select 3, 5, 7 or 10 (whichrepresents the # of rings before the auto dialer picks up) followed by theARM/DISARMbutton to confirm.e. Press the PROGbutton three (3) times to exit set-up mode.NOTE: You cannot use an answering machine with this feature. If you want to be able tocall in to the auto dialer you must program it to answer before your answering machinedoes. Example if your answering machine answers after 4 rings, you must set the autodialer to answer at 3 rings.10. TO PROGRAM ENTRY DELAY TIME: (Amount of time you need to deactivatesystem once you have entered your residence)button eight (8) times.a. Enter password followed by PROGb. ENTRY will flash on the auto-dialer screen.c. Press the ARM/DISARMbutton to confirm.d. Using the */UPand #/DOWNbuttons select the seconds 0,5,10,15 or confirm the number of seconds you require for thePress ARM/DISARMentry delay time.e. Press the PROGbutton twice (2) to exit set-up mode.TO TEST MEMORY DIALLINGIn standby mode, press and hold the PROGbutton for at least 3 seconds, youwill hear a short beep. Key in the memory location of the telephone number, i.e. 1 – 5. Thetelephone number stored in specified memory location will automatically be dialed. Pressbutton to stop the dialing. The auto dialer must be connected to a land linethe PROGin order for this function to work. If not connected then you will hear 4 short beeps.

Page 9 of 17 5/11/2012MODEL 6616 Wireless Outdoor Adjustable Angle Motion Detector SensorINSTALLATIONInstall 3 AAA batteries included into the bottom of the motion detector as shown below.This sensor is already learned to zone 1. If you wish to change the zone location of thissensor follow the directions at the end of these instructions. To Learn Wireless Sensors orRemote Control Codes. Once motion detector is triggered zone 1 will flash on the screen.InstallbatteriesincludedThe detection range (left to right) can be adjusted from 150 degrees to 0 degrees by slidingthe two sliders on each side of the motion detector. You can also adjust the sensitivity from10m to 3m range by turning the dial located on the bottom of the unit under the batterycover. Note: If range and sensitivity is set too high it could result in false triggers. Test thearea requiring coverage to make sure you do not get false triggers due to an excessive rangefield.Detection range left to rightSensitivityMounting the motion detector:Choose a suitable location, 5 6 feet (1.5 2.0 meters) above the floor. Using templateincluded drill holes and fasten with anchors and screws provided.BATTERY LOW INDICATORWhen batteries are low, the LED will flash on 3 seconds and off 1 second. Replace thebatteries immediately, to maintain proper detection. If batteries are low they may send a

Page 10 of 17 5/11/2012false signal to the auto-dialer. Batteries in all units should be replaced at least once per yearlike your smoke detectors.MODEL 625 (Wireless Slim Door/Window Sensor)Install the four CR2032 batteries included into the two door and window contacts as shownbelow. These two sensors are already learned to zone 2 and 3. When one of the sensors istriggered either zone 2 or zone 3 will flash on the screen.Determine appropriate location for the contact on the door or window to be protected.Determine location for the wireless sensor/transmitter. How much space is available willdetermine weather you install the transmitter on the door/window frame or on the door orwindow. It will work either way.Mount the TRANSMITTER portion of the contact to the door or window frame and themagnetic contact portion to the door or window. Before using the double sided tapeprovided, align the 2 sensor portions so that they are flush and with arrowsfacing eachother and no more then 1/4” apart. The contact portion can be installed on the left or rightside of the transmitter. Make sure to extend the antenna.

Page 11 of 17 5/11/2012BATTERY LOW INDICATORWhen batteries are low, the LED will flash on 3 seconds and off 1 second. Replace thebatteries immediately, to maintain proper detection. If batteries are low they may send afalse signal to the auto-dialer. Batteries in all units should be replaced at least once per yearlike your smoke detectors.MODEL 629 WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROLInstall the CR2032 battery included into the remote control as shown below., Disarmand Panic Remote controls for Arm Remote range from receiver is up to 25 meters (80 feet)If the remote has to be moved closer to the receiver in order to function please replacebatteries.The battery life is about six months under normal use.TO TEST THE WIRELESS SENSOR TRANSMITTING RANGEAfter selecting a location for the units, but before installing permanently, youshould test the signal range of all units. Press the HOME button on the side of the autodialer, wait 60 seconds at which time you will hear a beep. Then trigger the wirelesssensors. The auto-dialer will receive a signal and a chime will sound. If you do not hear achime and the zone is not flashing on the auto-dialer screen, the sensor may be out of rangeof the auto-dialer. Repositioning either the sensor or auto-dialer should fix this problem.Press HOME button again to exit test mode.OPERATION1. TO ARM THE SYSTEMbutton.a. Enter password followed by the ARM/DISARMb. Three short beeps will sound and the ARM icon will show on the auto-dialer screen.c. You can also press the ARMbutton on the remote control unit to ARM theauto dialer.d. Wait 60 seconds for a short beep. The auto-dialer is now set at ARM and ready toreceive signals.e. When the system is armed (ARM), if a door or window is open the auto dialer willbeep for 5 seconds and the screen with show “CLOSE PLEASE” and also indicatethe zone number. If the door or window is still not closed it will start dialing after60 seconds.2. ALARMHOME

Page 12 of 17 5/11/2012a. If the auto-dialer (in ARM mode) receives a signal from any sensor, the screen willdisplay TRIGGER with the zone number. After the delay entry time it will sound aSIREN for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off and 30 seconds on, and will automaticallydial all the numbers stored, one by one, for the CYCLE (amount of times thenumbers are dialed) you have chosen. The receiver of the phone call will hear onebeep cycle for zones 1-7 and 8S, two beep cycles for 24hr zone and four beepcycles for PANIC. The receiver of the call can then call a neighbor, or take otherappropriate action.b. In ARM mode, if the auto-dialer is set to SIREN OFF, the numbers stored will bedialed silently. No siren will be heard from the installed location. When the call isanswered you will hear the sequence of beeps and know which zone was triggered.3. TO DISARM THE SYSTEMbutton on the auto dialer. Ora. Enter password followed by the ARM/DISARMpress on DISARMbutton on the remote.b. You will hear one beep and the ARM icon will disappear from the auto-dialerscreen to confirm that the Auto-Dialer has been DISARMED.NOTE: In the 24HR zone the sensors will trigger the auto-dialer in ARM or DISARMmode and start dialing the numbers stored for the amount of time programmed.a. Before dialing the auto dialer will detect if a phone line is connected, if notelephone line is connected the auto dialer will beep 4 times then the alarm willsound without dialing.4. PANIC BUTTONbutton on auto-dialer or remote control , the ALARMa. If you press "PANIC"will sound instantly for 30 seconds, then off for 30 seconds, then on for 30 secondsand then off, and the auto-dialer will begin dialing the stored numbers immediately.b. To stop the alarm sound and the dia