325C L Hydraulic ExcavatorEngineEngine ModelFlywheel PowerWeightsOperating Weight Long Undercarriage3126B ATAAC HEUI Fuel System140 kW188 hp28 600 kg63,100 lb R3.2 m (10'6") stick w/800 mm (32") shoe and 1.2 m3(1.57 yd3) bucket.

325C L Hydraulic ExcavatorThe C Series incorporates innovations for improved performance and versatility.Engine and HydraulicsStructures New to the 325C L, the Cat 3126Bengine combines with proven hydraulicsto give the 325C L consistently highpower and control in the field. pg. 4 Rugged Caterpillar undercarriage designand proven structural manufacturingtechniques assure outstanding durabilityin the toughest applications. pg. 5Complete Customer SupportYour Cat dealer offers a wide rangeof services that can be set up under acustomer support agreement when youpurchase your equipment. The dealerwill help you choose a plan that cancover everything from machine andattachment selection to 11Increased work tool options, new powerfulengine and easier operation lead to increasedproductivity and lower operating costs.2Booms and Sticks Built for good performance and longservice life, Caterpillar booms and sticksare large, welded, box-section structureswith thick, multi-plate fabrications thatresist high stress. Caterpillar offersseveral front combinations that meetvarious demands. pg. 6

Operator StationWork Tools - Attachments The 325C L operator work station is The 325CL provides greater versatilityquiet with ergonomic control placementby offering factory installed auxiliaryand convenient adjustments, low leverhydraulics, couplers, and a variety ofand pedal effort, ergonomic seat design,bucket types, and sizes. pg. 8and highly efficient ventilation. pg. 7ServiceabilityLonger service intervals and easiermaintenance results in better machineavailability and lower owning andoperating costs. pg. 10 New Feature3

Engine and HydraulicsCat 3126B engine and hydraulics give the 325C L exceptional power, efficiencyand controllability unmatched in the industry for consistently high performancein all applications.Electronic Control Module. TheElectronic Control Module (ECM)works as the “brain” of the engine’scontrol system, responding quickly tooperating variables to maximize engineefficiency. Fully integrated with sensorsin the engine’s fuel, air, coolant, andexhaust systems, the ECM stores andrelays information on conditions such asrpm, fuel consumption, and diagnosticinformation.Hydraulic Cross Sensing System.Improves productivity with fasterimplement speeds and quicker, strongerpivot turns.Fine Swing Control. Fine swing controlcushions swing start and stop for betterimplement control.Hydraulic Cylinder Snubbers. Thehydraulic cylinder snubbers at rod-endof boom cylinders and both ends ofstick cylinder cushion shocks, reducesound, and increase cylinder life,keeping the machine working longer.Engine. Six cylinder turbochargedengine built for power, reliability,economy, and low emissions will keepthe machine up and running. The Cat3126B engine meets Tier 2 worldwideemissions requirements.4Automatic Engine Speed Control.The two-stage, one-touch controlmaximizes fuel efficiency andreduces sound levels.Low Sound, Low Vibration. The 3126Bdesign improves operator comfort byreducing sound and vibration.Controllability. The hydraulic systemoffers precise control to the 325C L,reducing operator fatigue, improvingoperator effectiveness, and efficiency,which ultimately translates into enhancedperformance.Boom and Stick Regeneration Circuit.Boom and stick regeneration circuitincreases efficiency and reduces cycletimes for higher productivity and loweroperating costs.

Structures325C L structural components and undercarriage are the backbone of the machine’s durability.Robotic Welding. Up to 95% of thestructural welds on a CaterpillarExcavator are completed by robots.Robotic welds achieve up to threetimes the penetration of manual welds.Carbody Design and Track Roller Frames.X-shaped, box-section carbody providesexcellent resistance to torsional bending.Robot-welded track roller frames arepress-formed, pentagonal units thatdeliver exceptional strength andservice life.Main Frame. Rugged main frameis designed for maximum durabilityand efficient use of materials.Undercarriage. Durable Cat undercarriageabsorbs stresses and provides excellentstability.Long Undercarriage. The long (L)undercarriage maximizes stability andlift capacity. This long, wide, and sturdyundercarriage offers a very stable workplatform.Rollers and Idlers. Sealed and lubricatedtrack rollers, carrier rollers, and idlersprovide excellent service life, that keepsthe machine in the field longer.5

Booms and SticksBuilt for performance and long service life, Caterpillar booms and sticks are large, welded,box-section structures with thick, multi-plate fabrications in high-stress areas.Reach Boom. The reach boom featuresan optimum design that maximizesdigging envelopes with two stick choices.R3.2C Stick. The C-family bucketassociated with the R3.2C Stick hasenough capacity for excellent reachand depth in trenching and generalconstruction applications.6R2.65C Stick. The R2.65C Stick issuited to high-capacity buckets usedin trenching, excavation, and othergeneral construction work. It has beendesigned with enough reach and depthto match a large-capacity bucket andhigh digging force.Mass Excavation Boom. The massexcavation boom maximizes productivity.The mass version offers significantlyhigher digging forces and allows useof larger buckets.M3.2C Stick. The M3.2C stick gives thelargest working envelope with the MassBoom and C-family buckets.M2.5D Stick. The M2.5D stick has beenspecifically designed for large earthmoving applications and uses D-familybuckets.

Operator StationRedesigned interior layout maximizes operator space and provides exceptional comfort.Operator Station. The 325C L operatorwork station is quiet with ergonomiccontrol placement and convenientadjustments, low lever and pedal effort,ergonomic seat design and highlyefficient ventilation.Redesigned Layout. Redesigned cablayout emphasizes simplicity and easeof use. Right-hand wall and consoleprovide easy access to all switches,dials, and controls.Console. Redesigned consoles featuresimplicity and functionality. Both consoleshave attached adjustable armrests.Automatic Climate Control. Fullyautomatic climate control adjuststemperature and flow, and determineswhich air outlet is best in each situationwith a touch of a button.Upper Cab Door Window. The uppercab door window slides open, toprovide extra ventilation, and allowcommunication with people outside.Skylight. A large polycarbonate skylightdelivers excellent natural lighting andventilation. Standard sliding sunshadeprotects the operator from direct sunlight.Cab Attachments. A variety of cabattachments are available for additionalfunctionality, comfort and security.Windshield. The upper front windshieldopens, closes, and stores below the roofabove the operator. Grips on the midlower part of the front windshield makeopening easy.Monitor. New, compact monitorenhances viewing while displaying avariety of easy to read and understandlanguage-based information.7

Work Tools - AttachmentsIncreased offerings of work tools help optimize machine performance.Heavy-Duty (HD) Buckets. Heavy-dutybuckets are for digging in moderate tohard material and feature large groundengaging tools, thick cutting edges andthick bottom and side wear plates toimprove performance in demandingconditions.Quick Couplers. The Pin Grabber Plusand the Dedicated Hydraulic QuickCoupler enhances machine versatilityby enabling the rapid change over ofa wide range of work tools in the field.General Purpose (GP) Buckets. GeneralPurpose Buckets are best for diggingin soft to hard ground with low tomoderately abrasive materials.8Ditch Cleaning (DC) Buckets. These wideshallow buckets are best for bank forming,ditch cleaning, and finishing.Heavy-Duty Rock (HDR) Buckets.Heavy-Duty Rock Buckets performbest when digging fragmented rock,frozen ground, caliche, and highlyabrasive materials.Heavy-Duty Power (HDP) Buckets.Designed to improve breakout forceand machine cycle times, the Heavy DutyPower Bucket (HDP) compliments theGeneral Purpose, Heavy Duty, andHeavy Duty Rock bucket lines.

Monitor. With the optional tool controlsystem, up to five different tool settingsmay be pre-programmed and selectedfrom the electronic controller throughthe monitor.Multi-processorWork Tools. Choose from a variety ofwork tools such as hammers, shears,thumbs, rotators, grapples, or crushers.Ask your Cat dealer for information onattachments or special configurations.HammerTool Control System. The optionalTool Control System works with avariety of tools and uses either standardor attachment controls to maximizework tool productivity and configurehydraulic flow, pressure, and operatorcontrols, matching up to fivepreprogrammed work tool settings.Factory installed hammer and thumbcircuits are also available as attachments.Thumb9

ServiceabilitySimplified service and maintenance features save you time and money.Ground Level Service. The design andlayout of the 325C L was made with theservice technician in mind. Many servicelocations are easily accessible at groundlevel allowing critical maintenance toget done quickly and efficiently.Pump Compartment. A service dooron the right side of the upper structureallows ground-level access to the pumpand pilot filter.Capsule Filter. The hydraulic returnfilter, a capsule filter, is situated outsidethe hydraulic tank. This filter preventscontaminants from entering the systemwhen hydraulic oil is changed and keepsthe operation clean.Diagnostics and Monitoring. The 325C LSMis equipped with S O S samplingports and hydraulic test ports for thehydraulic system, engine oil, and forcoolant. A test connection for theElectronic Technician (ET) servicetool is located behind the cab.Anti-Skid “Punched-Star” Plate.Anti-skid punched-star plate coverstop of storage box and upper structureto prevent slipping during maintenance.The plate can be removed for cleaning.Extended Service Interval. 325C Lservice and maintenance intervals havebeen extended to reduce machine servicetime and increase machine availability.Radiator Compartment. The left rearservice door allows easy access to theengine radiator. A reserve tank anddrain cock are attached to the radiatorfor simplified maintenance.10Air Filter Compartment. The air filterfeatures a double-element constructionfor superior cleaning efficiency.When the air cleaner plugs, a warningis displayed on the monitor screeninside the cab.Fan Guard. Engine radiator fan iscompletely enclosed by fine wiremesh, reducing the risk of an accident.Greasing Points. A concentrated remotegreasing block on the boom deliversgrease to hard-to-reach locations onthe front.

Complete Customer SupportCat dealer services help you operate longer with lower costs.Selection. Make detailed comparisonsof the machines you are consideringbefore you buy. What are the jobrequirements? What production isneeded? What is the true cost of lostproduction? Your Cat dealer can giveyou precise answers to these questions.Operation. Improving operatingtechniques can boost your profits.Your Cat dealer has training literatureand other ideas to help you increaseproductivity.Maintenance. Repair option programsguarantee the cost of repairs up front.Diagnostic programs such as ScheduledOil Sampling and Technical Analysishelp you avoid unscheduled repairs.Replacement. Repair, rebuild, or replace?Your Cat dealer can help you evaluatethe cost involved so you can make theright choice.Product Support. You will find nearlyall parts at our dealer parts counter.Cat dealers utilize a worldwidecomputer network to find in-stockparts to minimize machine down time.Save money with remanufacturedcomponents.11

EngineStandardsEngine ModelFlywheel PowerISO 9249SAE J1349EEC 80/1269BoreStrokeDisplacement3126B ATAAC HEUI Fuel System140 kW188 hp140 kW188 hp139 kW186 hp140 kW188 hp110 mm4.33 in127 mm5 in7.2 L440 in3 Meets Tier 2 Worldwide emissions requirements.WeightsOperating Weight Long Undercarriage28 600 kg63,100 lb R3.2 m (10'6") stick w/800 mm (32") shoe and 1.2 m3 (1.57 yd3)bucket.Service Refill CapacitiesFuel Tank CapacityCooling SystemEngine OilSwing DriveFinal Drive (each)Hydraulic System (including tank)Hydraulic Tank500 L30 L34 L10 L6L310 L145 L132 gal7.9 gal9 gal2.6 gal1.6 gal82 gal38 galSound PerformancePerformanceSAE J1026 APR90SAE J1356 FEB88 ISO 10262Hydraulic SystemMain Implement System Maximum Flow (2x)Max. pressure - Implements(Full Time)Max. pressure - TravelMax. pressure - SwingPilot System - Maximum flowPilot System - Maximum pressureBoom Cylinder - BoreBoom Cylinder - StrokeStick Cylinder - BoreStick Cylinder - StrokeC Family Bucket Cylinder - BoreC Family Bucket Cylinder - StrokeD Family Bucket Cylinder - BoreD Family Bucket Cylinder - Stroke235 L/min62 gal/min34 300 kPa4,974 psi34 300 kPa27 500 kPa36 L/min4120 kPa140 mm1407 mm150 mm1646 mm130 mm1156 mm150 mm1156 mm4,974 psi3,988 psi10 gal/min597 psi5.51 in55 in5.91 in65 in5.12 in46 in5.91 in46 in244 kN5.3 kph54,853 lb3.3 mph10.2 RPM82.2 kN.m60,628 lb ft800 mm700 mm32 in28 inDriveMaximum Drawbar PullMaximum Travel SpeedSwing MechanismANSI/SAE The operator sound exposure Leq (equivalent sound pressurelevel) measured according to the work cycle proceduresspecified in ANSI/SAE J1166 OCT98 is 74 dB(A), for the caboffered by Caterpillar, when properly installed and maintainedand tested with the doors and windows closed. Hearing protection may be needed when operating with anopen operator station and cab (when not properly maintainedor doors/windows open) for extended periods or in noisyenvironment.12BrakesCab/FOGS325C L Hydraulic Excavator specificationsSwing SpeedSwing TorqueTrackStandard w/Long UndercarriageOptional

DimensionsAll dimensions are approximate.231786Boom OptionsStick Options1 Shipping height2 Shipping length3 Tail swing radius4 Length to centers of rollers (tumbler)Long undercarriage5 Track lengthLong undercarriage6 Ground clearance7 Track gaugeLong undercarriage8 Shipping width —long with standard shoe800 mm (32")Shipping width —long with optional shoe700 mm (28")45Reach —Reach —6.15 m (20'2")6.15 m (20'2")R3.2C m (10'6")R2.65C m (8'8")3320 mm (10'11")3260 mm (10'8")10 340 mm (33'11") 10 340 mm (33'11")3050 mm (10'0")3050 mm (10'0")Mass —5.55 m (18'2")M3.2C m (10'6")3310 mm (10'10")9720 mm (31'11")3050 mm (10'0")Mass —5.55 m (18'2")M2.5D m (8'2")3400 mm (11'2")9780 mm (32'1")3050 mm (10'0")3800 mm (12'6")3800 mm (12'6")3800 mm (12'6")3800 mm (12'6")4660 mm (15'3")480 mm (1'7")4660 mm (15'3")480 mm (1'7")4660 mm (15'3")480 mm (1'7")4660 mm (15'3")480 mm (1'7")2590 mm (8'6")2590 mm (8'6")2590 mm (8'6")2590 mm (8'6")3390 mm (11'1")3390 mm (11'1")3390 mm (11'1")3390 mm (11'1")3290 mm (10'10")3290 mm (10'10")3290 mm (10'10")3290 mm (10'10")325C L Hydraulic Excavator specifications13

Reach Excavator Working RangesMass Excavator Working RangesReach (R) boom configurationMass (M) boom configurationFeet MetersFeet Meters3535253154104 2R2.65C110 M2.5D367M3.2C14 152056 67 420 25267 1R3.2C50 0 25155113 45110325503 32054 106 158720659 20 7 8 2510309 30 1071110359308725620Boom Options5415310215001MetersFeetReach6.15 m (20'2")R3.2C m (10'6")7090 mm (23'3")10 510 mm (34'6")9950 mm (32'8")7110 mm (23'4")2450 mm (8'0")6920 mm h6.15 m (20'2")R2.65C m (8'8")6540 mm (21'5")10 010 mm (32'10")9740 mm (31'11")6890 mm (22'7")3000 mm (9'10")6350 mm (20'10")Mass5.55 m (18'2")M3.2C m (10'6")6540 mm (21'5")9880 mm (32'5")9430 mm (30'11")6680 mm (21'11")2030 mm (6'8")6380 mm (20'11")Mass5.55 m (18'2")M2.5D m (8'2")6010 mm (19'9")9340 mm (30'8")9230 mm (30'3")6090 mm (20'0")2560 mm (8'5")5820 mm (19'1")5840 mm (19'2")5120 mm (16'10")5190 mm (17'0")183 kN (41,100 lb)161 kN (36,200 lb)120 kN (27,000 lb)116 kN (26,200 lb)181 kN (40,800 lb)160 kN (35,900 lb)138 kN (31,100 lb)134 kN (30,100 lb)183 kN (41,100 lb)161 kN (36,200 lb)120 kN (27,000 lb)116 kN (26,200 lb)224 kN (50,400 lb)199 kN (44,600 lb)145 kN (32,600 lb)140 kN (31,500 lb)164 kN (36,800 lb)145 kN (32,500 lb)118 kN (26,500 lb)114 kN (25,700 lb)163 kN (36,500 lb)144 kN (32,300 lb)136 kN (30,500 lb)131 kN (29,500 lb)164 kN (36,800 lb)145 kN (32,500 lb)118 kN (26,500 lb)114 kN (25,700 lb)202 kN (45,500 lb)179 kN (40,300 lb)142 kN (31,900 lb)137 kN (30,800 lb)146 kN (32,800 lb)133 kN (29,900 lb)113 kN (25,500 lb)111 kN (24,900 lb)145 kN (32,600 lb)132 kN (29,800 lb)130 kN (29,100 lb)126 kN (28,400 lb)146 kN (32,800 lb)133 kN (29,900 lb)113 kN (25,500 lb)111 kN (24,900 lb)184 kN (41,400 lb)168 kN (37,800 lb)137 kN (30,700 lb)132 kN (29,700 lb)Stick Options1 Maximum Digging Depth2 Maximum Reach at Ground Level3 Maximum Cutting Height4 Maximum Loading Height5 Minimum Loading Height6 Maximum Depth Cut for2440 mm (8') Level Bottom7 Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 6400 mm (21'0")325C L Bucket and Stick ForcesPower BucketsBucket Digging Force (ISO)(SAE)Stick Digging Force (ISO)(SAE)HD and HDR BucketsBucket Digging Force (ISO)(SAE)Stick Digging Force (ISO)(SAE)General Purpose BucketsBucket Digging Force (ISO)(SAE)Stick Digging Force (ISO)(SAE)14325C L Hydraulic Excavator specifications

325C L Bucket Specifications and CompatibilityCapacity*C-BucketsGeneral PurposeHeavy Duty (HD)Heavy Duty Rock (HDR)Heavy Duty Power (HDP)Ditch Cleaning (DC)D-BucketsGeneral PurposeHeavy Duty (HD)Heavy Duty Rock (HDR)Heavy Duty Power (HDP)Ditch Cleaning (DC)WidthTipRadiusWeightTeeth(w/o tips)kglbQtyReach6.15 mMass5.55 ssnssssssn*ssssssssssAssumptions for maximum material density rating:1. Front linkage fully extended at ground line2. Bucket curled3. 100% bucket fill factor* Capacities based on SAE J296. Some calculations of capacity fall on borderlines. Roundingmay allow two buckets to have the same English rating, but different metric* —R3.2C R2.65C M3.2C M2.5D2100 kg/m3 (3500 lbs/yd3)1800 kg/m3 (3000 lbs/yd3)1500 kg/m3 (2500 lbs/yd3)1200 kg/m3 (2000 lbs/yd3)Not Available325C L Hydraulic Excavator specifications15

Mass Boom Lift CapacitiesLoad PointHeightLoad RadiusOver FrontM3.2C STICK – 3200 mm (10'6")BUCKET – 1.1 m3 (1.5 yd3)1.5 m (5.0 ft)Load RadiusOver SideLoad atMaximum ReachUNDERCARRIAGE – LongSHOES – 800 mm (32") triple grouser3.0 m (10.0 ft)4.5 m (15.0 ft)6.0 m (20.0 ft)BOOM – 5550 mm (18'2")7.5 m (25.0 ft)mft7.5 m25.0 ftkglb6.0 m20.0 ftkglb4.5 m15.0 ftkgl