theMagayaInsiderApril 2012Note from the EditorWelcome to the Magaya Insider. Would instant alerts help your company process customer requests faster? The built-in “System Alerts” feature in all Magaya software cannotify you or any employee when a customer places an online order or other LiveTracktransaction. See this month’s how-to tip to learn more.Patrick Oliva, founder of Simple Freight Solutions, started from a home office, but nowis doubling his warehouse space to handle the increased volume that each year hasbrought his New York logistics company. Read more about it in this month’s case study.TopicsJoin us in welcoming our newest members of the Magaya Network Community. See ourNew Customer page to see who is in your destinations.How To Set Up and UseSystem AlertsIn the WorksNew Magaya LiveTrack Enhancements: Supported on MultipleBrowsers and PlatformsThis tech tip explains how toset up and receive alerts inyour Magaya system wheneveryour customers place requestsonline. Options include receiving alerts via email or as a Tasksent to yourself or any employee in your Magaya system.Read More Simple Freight SolutionsIn response to customer requests, we haveThe application will be released in Beta statusmade Magaya LiveTrack available on morewhile we get feedback from users.browsers that just Microsoft’s Internet Explorerweb browser and on more platforms thanWindows.We’ve created a totally new Rich Internet Application that looks and feels like an actual desktop application. We’ve completed developingalmost all the features except for few moreplug-ins that we’ll add over the next months.New features include: The ability for tracking users to create andsave their own views which include theselection of columns and filtersSimple Freight Solutions, a licensed and certifiedNVOCC, OTI, and IAC for domestic and international shipping. Based in Bohemia, NewYork, Simple Freight handlesall modes of internationaltransportation and transportsdangerous goods (.) A dashboard showing the most recenttransactions in each category Performance optimizations that only download a transaction until the moment theuser wants to see it Multi-language support - now in English,Spanish and PortugueseRead More Click here to Continue1

Click here to go to Page 1theMagayaInsiderHow ToSet Up and Use System AlertsThis tech tip explains how to set up and receive alerts in yourMagaya system whenever your customers place requests online.Options include receiving alerts via email or as a Task sent toyourself or any employee in your Magaya system. The “When” field contains many options. This exampleshows “Online Payment is received” was selected. OtherHow are alerts useful? Let’s look at an example:When a customer makes a payment online, the System Alertfeature automatically notifies you. This ensures the customer’stransaction gets immediate attention. No more delays frommanually checking lists.This alert feature is included in all Magaya software. In a fewsteps, you can set it up and use it right away.1. Set Up System AlertsTo set up an alert, follow these steps:1) Go to Maintenance Configuration System Alertsoptions in the dropdown menu include notices when acustomer makes other online transactions such as place abooking request, sends you shipping instructions, requestsa pickup or cargo release, or places a sales order online.Other options notify you if a recurrent transaction wasautomatically generated, or if a shipping order or warehousereceipt arrived via the Magaya Network.2) Click the “Add” button to open a new dialog box to set up thealert.3) In the System Alert dialog box, select the options you want: Employee: Select the employee to notify. Alerts can be sentto the employee via email or as a Magaya Task. If the employee does not have an email address in their profile, theemail option will be grayed out. The Email option is useful toensure you receive a notification even if you are away fromyour Magaya system, especially if you receive email messages on your mobile phone. The External Notification will send email notice to thesender, i.e., the person who placed the order online or whocreated the transaction. Type in a Subject line and the body of the message to saywhat you want to be done with the alert. This is the message the employee will see. Check the “Enabled” box. This will activate the alerts for thisemployee. Click OK to save.Click here to Continue2

Click here to go to Page 2theMagayaInsiderHow To2. Using the AlertsThe system will automatically send an alert when the selectedtransaction type is created.After the notice is received for the online payment example (atthe beginning of this tech tip), complete the alert, and deposit thefunds in your account as you normally would when processing acheck mailed to you.For all alerts that are sent as a Task, the employee receives apop-up notification in their Magaya Explorer. When the Task iscompleted, it appears in the “History Tasks” list under the Tasksfolder.Click here to Continue3

Click here to go to Page 4theMagayaInsiderNew CustomersNew Customers in MarchMagaya Corporation welcomes the following 25 new customers who joined the Magaya Network CommunityIn South America and Central America:In Florida: AB Group Shipping, Corp., Miami CCS Global Logistics S.A., San Jose, Alfa Logistics Corp., DoralCosta Rica Franco Shipping Group, Medley Colon Cargo Center, Panama City, COR Corporation, MiamiPanama FastPack Miami, Miami Contopsa, San Antonio, Chile Global Zoom Logistics, Miami Full Line Agenciamento de Cargas Super Trading USA, DoralLtda., São Paulo, BrazilIn New York: Global Zoom Venezuela, Caracas,Venezuela Argos Group Inc. (NY), Jamaica Top Marine Logística, São Paulo, Grandbelle International, ValleyBrazilStream Schaefer Trans Inc., East RockawayIn Texas: Blue Label Products GP, LLC,Houston Global Transit Shipping Co., Inc.,Houston Hont Global Services, StaffordIn In Asia: AB Forwarding Beijing Office,Beijing, China Argos Group Inc. (HKG/SHA),In California:China MG Logistics, CarsonWe welcome our new members and look forward to working with each company. See the profiles of the new customers in the Magaya Network Communication Center inyour Magaya Explorer interface to find and connect withnew partners in our unique network.In Tennessee: OHL, BrentwoodBe sure to join us on our LinkedInGroup: The Magaya NetworkCommunity!In the Caribbean: AMC Cargo Services, Inc. Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles Freeport Ship Services, Freeport,The BahamasClick here to Continue4

CASE STUDY:Simple Freight SolutionsFreight ForwarderHandling Fragile Medical Devices, Diesel Pumps, andMoreAccurate Weights and Measurements Save Money and Speed UpShippingSurrounding his company with a quality network of reliable partners has madebusiness success for freight forwarder owner and operator Patrick Oliva.,,I believe very strongly that personal service is thekey to success.Patrick Oliva, Owner, Simple Freight Solutions

Simple Freight SolutionsAt a GlanceSimple Freight ight ForwarderSolutionMagaya Cargo SystemChallengesWhen Patrick Oliva started his freight forwarding business out of hishome office in 2008, he did not imagine his company would growSimple Freight Solutions, Inc. is a licensed and certified NVOCC, OTI, and IAC for domesticand international shipping. Based in Bohemia, New York, Simple Freight handles allmodes of international transportation and transports dangerous goods, project cargo,perishables, food products, medical equipment and other cargo. They are also a memberof the WCA Family, the World Cargo Alliance.solution to a vehicles holding tank. This is now required for old andnew diesel vehicles to help reduce harmful emissions and meet theEnvironmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) much that he’d move four times in four years and be doubling hiswarehouse space by the summer of 2012. The company, Simple FreightSolutions, went from Mr. Oliva’s hometown of Bohemia, New York,on Long Island, to renting space at the John F. Kennedy InternationalAirport and back to Bohemia.He chose to return to his neighborhood of Bohemia when hepurchased trucks and courier vans for his business and he calculatedthe cost of the commute to realize he could save 70% in overheadcompared to renting space and commuting to JFK.Saving money is a key component of managing a small business well,as is having the right partners and technology. Mr. Oliva was using adifferent logistics software but soon switched to the Magaya CargoSystem when a friend showed it to him. “When I evaluated the system,I fell in love with it. It’s colorful and easy to use. Not just that, but all thecapabilities and the help from my salesperson and the Tech Supportteam – they really make you feel like Magaya’s got your back.”Shipping All Kinds of FreightApproximately 70% of the business at Simple Freight Solutions isimports sent from Asia to the West Coast of the U.S. The other 30% isexports. Commodities they ship and store raw materials for foods; andmedical devices. One of their customers from Holland imports pumpassemblies to the U.S. to be used to deliver DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)Simple Freight works with FedEx and LTL or FCL carriers (Less Than andFull Container Loads) to provide domestic and international shipments,in addition to using their own trucks for deliveries.Simple Freight Solutions also offers custom crating and packing. Forcustomers who need help with the U.S. Customs Trade PartnershipAgainst Terrorism (C-TPAT) certifications or classifying commodities,Simple Freight Solutions offers customers a specialist who ensures thecorrect HTS codes (Harmonized Tariff System) are used for duty ratesand that filing of entries with Customs is done correctly.They also provide warehousing services to their customers. “We cangive our customers the visibility and inventory control and show themthe documents they need to see for their business,” Mr. Oliva said.Simple Freight Solutions also uses the online tracking called MagayaLiveTrack, which is included with all the software. “With the tracking,we can offer our customers one-stop shopping: They can see what’sbeen received, what’s in transit, what’s delivered. All they need is a username and password.”Using Features as They Grow“When I started my business, I didn’t use the inventory itemdefinitions,” Mr. Oliva said. “But as the company grew, we started to usethem,” Mr. Oliva said.

Simple Freight Solutionsaccounting data include a P&L report (profit and loss) and reports thatThe software enables the user to define and save an Inventory Itemshow how many shipments they are processing for a specific client.Definition that includes details about cargo items received regularly“The report can be as specific as we like,” he said. “Whatever the needssuch as part numbers, the manufacturer, dimensions and more. Whenare, the capabilities are there. And it only takes a couple of clicks.”a bar code for a defined item is scanned, the details populate in theA Simple Solutionsoftware, speeding up cargo receipt, movements, packs and loads, andshipments and reducing errors.Despite the economic downturn of the past few years, SimpleFreight Solutions has grown. When asked about his success, Mr. Olivaattributes it to “good old fashioned hard work and customer service.It’s that simple.”“We also surround ourselves with partners in the industry that meet orexceed our standards of service,” he said. “I believe very strongly thatpersonal service is the key to success. No matter if a customer bringsin a small amount of revenue or a large amount, they still get the samequality service.”“Magaya is a partner that helps us get everything done,” he said.Mr. Oliva explained that the variety of software features helps hisbusiness as it grows. “Some features we don’t use right now, but weknow they are there when we need them. We won’t have to buy a newprogram in the future.”One of the software features they are taking advantage of now is theCustom Fields feature. An example of how they use this feature ishow they handle shipments and returns for their Dutch customer thatships diesel pump assemblies. All the parts have serial numbers. Thesenumbers must be tracked in the system in case of a return. If a pump oraccessory malfunctions, it must be returned and replaced. The returnand replacement parts must be tracked by Simple Freight and madeavailable to the customer to see online. All this data is managed in theMagaya Cargo System and can be included in reports.The reports that Mr. Oliva creates from the inventory data andAll rights reserved. Magaya, the Magaya logo and all productsare all trademarked unless specifically specified as of a third party. Copyright 2012, Magaya Corporation.786. 845. [email protected]