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When you need morefrom a switchboardFrom a solid legacyThe Evolution Series Switchboard is just that— the logical evolution ofour highly regarded Spectra Series Switchboard. With an installed baseof thousands of units worldwide, Spectra Series Switchboards set thestandard for functionality, flexibility, and rugged, durable construction.Evolution Series Switchboards build on this legacy and provide thefoundation for power distribution systems wherever 24/7 reliability isan absolute necessity.130 YearsThere are few companies in the world with as long oras distinguished a record of innovation as GE. And whilewe’re proud of our history, our success has always dependedon our ability to look ahead and anticipate the needs of ourcustomers. The Evolution Series Switchboard is squarelyin that tradition.

To the next stepEvolution takes switchboard design into the future, in the processdemonstrating that you can have both superior selectivity andrigorous arc flash protection. The Evolution Series Switchboardaccommodates the latest technology for people and propertyprotection like Instantaneous Zone Selective Interlocking (I-ZSI)and Reduced Energy Let Through (RELT). In addition, the EvolutionSeries Switchboard features a robust enclosure designed for spaceefficiency and ease of installation.GE is leading the future ofelectrification by committingto technologies that will helpcreate a cleaner, smarter,and more efficient globalelectrical infrastructure.

Prepare for the future– todayFeatures and BenefitsAs our line of Evolution Series Switchboards expands,the list of leading edge features and benefits will grow.From the start, you can count on Evolution SeriesSwitchboards to deliver: Ease of installation Improved Arc Flash Mitigation Enhanced Selectivity Expanded Ratings Efficient FootprintEnhanced SelectivityEvolution Series Switchboards are compatible withRecord Plus , Spectra andEntelliGuard circuit breakers.Ease of InstallationFront access neutral andground as well as spliceplates for easier connections make working onEvolution Series Switchboards simpler, quicker,and safer.Improved Arc Flash MitigationEvolution accommodates the advancedtechnology built into GE EntelliGuard circuit breakers and trip units: I nstantaneous Zone Selective Interlocking(I-ZSI) simultaneously provides arc faultprotection and instantaneous selectivity—an industry first! R educed Energy Let Through (RELT)Instantaneous trip allows a circuit breakerto be temporarily set to a more sensitivepickup to provide better protection duringinstallation and maintenance, providing anadded margin of safety for personnel.Interior hardwarelayout of the newEvolution SeriesSwitchboardsNew horizontal split bus designreduces the overall material andweight while maintaining UL heatrise standards.

Efficient FootprintExpanded RatingsThe unique design of the front neutralspace in the Evolution Series providesthe clearance to accommodateadditional breakers in a moreefficient footprint.The Evolution Series providesexpanded coverage for nearlyevery switchboard application: 6000A rating 667A/ bus density 4000A 100% rated stationaryWe’ve Built inthe Voice ofthe CustomerEven before we beganwork on the EvolutionSeries Switchboard, wesat down with customersand contractors acrossthe United States tounderstand their visionfor the ideal switchboard. Their insights areEvolution can integrate avariety of meters includingthe new GE EPM9900 tomonitor, measure andmanage your energyusage to maximizebuilding efficiencies.reflected everywhere inour design, for instanceconfirming our decisionto provide front accessground and neutrals andinspiring us to find waysto increase space forcable bending.Evolution Series Switchboards arecompatible with Spectra Series circuitbreakers, including the selectiveSpectra microEntelliGuard .

Now even more choicesSpectra Series SwitchboardEvolution Series SwitchboardDepending on your needs, the Evolution Series Switchboard may already offer features thatmake it your best choice. It expands the GE switchboard product offering up to 6000A,reduces the footprint on the 5000A, and meets a wider range of code requirements.At the same time, the time-tested Spectra Series Switchboard feature set may alreadyadequately address your requirements.FeaturesGE SpectraGE EvolutionMaximum Amperage5000A6000AFront ConnectedNeutral and GroundsNoYesPatented Splice Platedesign for simplifiedsection connectivityNoYes90 in. wide60 in. deep50 in. wide50 in. deepWavePro - METEntelliGuard - MET600VAC600VAC800A/in. at 5000A667A/in.2 at 6000ANone45 in. wide45 in. deepWavePro main uses30 cycle withstand, 200kbus brace, sourced 1200AEntelliGuard G, I-ZSI,1200A selective MET,Waveform recognition*5000A DimensionsI-ZSI SolutionMaximum VoltageMaximum Copper Bus Rating4000A 100% RatedStationary DimensionsSelectivity*An industry first!2

Designed for 24/7 criticalpower applicationsEvolution Series Switchboards are the ideal solution for projects where downtime is not an option.You can depend on them for 24/7 power, superior selectivity, and outstanding arc flash mitigation.They provide the foundation for power distribution systems in such applications as: Health care centersData centersLodging/hospitality High rise and low riseoffice buildings Educational institutions Stadiums CasinosExplore Evolution

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