14One Gateway PlazaLos Ange les, CA 90012-2952213 .922.2000 Te lmetro. netPLANNING AND PROGRAMMING COMMITTEEJuly 17, 2013SUBJECT:FREEWAY BEAUTIFICATION LANDSCAPING INSTALLATION ANDMAINTENANCEACTION:AWARD A CONTRACTRECOMMENDATIONA. Award and execute a firm fixed price (FFP) Contract No. PS 13FSP71 R for a periodof 30 months to ACCU Construction , Inc. to provide landscape installation andmaintenance services in support of the Metro Freeway Beautification Project for afixed price of 2 ,634 ,736 and ,B. Authorize the CEO to execute individual contract modifications as required , but notto exceed a total of 15% of the total contract amount to cover the cost of anyunforeseen issues that may arise during the performance of the contract.ISSUEThe Los Angeles County freeway system is a vital transportation infrastructure. Thecondition of the system is a reflection of the condition of the county and affects themobility, economy, health , livability, and perception of the county. The State ofCalifornia has been unable to fully maintain the system resulting in a less than desirablefreeway environment. As a result, Metro initiated the Freeway Beautification Project toassist with graffiti abatement, debris removal , and landscape improvements.DISCUSSIONBeginning in August 2011 with the graffiti removal on four bridges (three railroad andone utility) spanning the 1-710 freeway, Metro has been working to improve theappearance of the freeway system within the two pilot project corridors: 1-110 from Hill Street to Exposition Boulevard1-710 from SR-60 to 1-405

Field activities to date have focused on graffiti abatement and debris removal whileefforts were underway to obtain approved landscape plans and a landscape contractor.An initial procurement was conducted in late 2012 to obtain a landscape contractor.Unfortunately, no bids were received and a subsequent procurement was conductedresulting in the current recommendation . The landscape contractor will be responsiblefor providing general landscape maintenance support along the two pilot corridors andimplementing three showcase landscape designs. A rendering of the showcaselandscape designs are provided as Attachment D.The landscape designs focus on creating a sustainable and low-maintenanceenvironment. A number of strategies have been employed including the use ofhardscape, drought-resistant and native plants, as well as using landscape asdeterrence and prevention against graffiti vandalism . The landscape designs offer avibrant improvement to the corridors while incorporating the latest "green" andsustainable practices . For example, the design for the 1-710 showcase includes a waterrunoff conveyance system (bioswale) to assist in the treatment of surface water runoff.DETERMINATION OF SAFETY IMPACTIt is anticipated that this project as a whole and the landscape contract in particular, willimprove the overall safety of the freeway system. Proper maintenance of the landscapewill improve the overall maintenance management of the freeway system by enablingCaltrans to allocate their limited resources on issues that can and do pose a greatersafety hazard to the public.FINANCIAL IMPACTFunding of 2,634,736 for this agreement is included in the proposed FY14 budgetunder cost center 3352, Freeway Service Patrol , Project 405522, Metro FreewayBeautification and line 50308, Services Contract Maintenance. Since this is multiyearcontract, the cost center manager and Executive Director, Highway Program will beaccountable for budgeting the cost in future years .Impact to BudgetThe Freeway Beautification Project is funded through Proposition C 25% sales tax andis not eligible for bus or rail operating projects.ALTERNATIVES CONSIDEREDThe alternative considered is not to implement this project and continue to see thefreeway system deteriorate with the lack of landscaping and maintenance. Staff is notrecommending this alternative because as the transportation agency for Los AngelesCounty, it is in Metro's best interest to take steps to ensure that this vital transportationinfrastructure is maintained.Freeway Beautification Landscaping Installation and MaintenancePage 2

NEXT STEPSUpon Board approval , staff will return to the Board with an update for this project withinthe next six (6) months and will continue to evaluate the performance of the pilot projectand develop criteria for the possible selection of new project areas .ATTACHMENTSA.B.Procurement SummaryShowcase RenderingsPrepared by:lain C. Fairweather Transportation Planning Manager Ill (213 ) 922-5650Kenneth Coleman , Motorist Services Program Manager (213) 922-2951Freeway Beautification Landscaping Installation and MaintenancePage 3

Executive D1 ector, H1ghway Program Michelle Lopes CaldwellChief Administrative Services OfficerArthur T. LeahyChief Executive OfficerFreeway Beautification Landscaping Installation and MaintenancePage 4

- - - - -- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------ATTACHMENT APROCUREMENT SUMMARYFreeway Beautification Landscaping Installation and MaintenanceContract Number: PS13FSP71 RRecommended Vendor: ACCU Construction , Inc. (ACCU)Type of Procurement (check one): C8] IFB 2-Step D RFP D RFP-A&ED Non-Competitive D Modification D Task OrderProcurement Dates:A. Issued: January 30, 2013B. Advertised/Publicized : January 31, 2013 and February 4, 2013C. Pre-proposal/Pre-Bid Conference: February 8, 2013D. Proposals/Bids Due: March 12, 2013E. Pre-Qualification Completed : May 30, 2013F. Conflict of Interest Form Submitted to Ethics: May 16, 2013G. Protest Period End Date: July 30, 2013Bids/Proposals Received: 2Solicitations Pickedup/Downloaded: 17Telephone Number: (213) 922-1458Contract Administrator: VictorZepedaProject Manager: lainTelephone Number: (213) 922-5650Fairweather1. Procurement BackgroundThis Board Action is to approve Contract PS13FSP71 R for Landscape Installationand Maintenance at various freeway locations of the two pilot areas.The IFB was issued in accordance with Metro's Acquisition Policy and Procedure andthe contract type is a Firm Fixed Price.Six amendments were issued during the solicitation phase of this IFB as follows: Amendment No. 1 was issued on February 11, 2013 to memorialize the prebid meeting held February 8, 2013;Amendment No.2 was issued on February 14, 2013 to extend the due datefrom February 27, 2013, to March 6, 2013; extend the Question and Answerperiod to February 22, 2013; revise Minimum Qualifications 1a and 1b; modifythe submittal requirements for Section 3 of IFB; and provide responses toquestions received as of the date of the amendment;Amendment No. 3 was issued on February 19, 2013 to answer questionsreceived through February 19, 2013;Amendment No. 4 was issued on February 26, 2013 to answer questionsreceived as of February 22, 2013;Freeway Beautification Landscaping Installation and MaintenancePage 5

Amendment No. 5 was issued on March 4, 2013 to delete Special Provision 10 "Escrow of Bid Documents"; extend the due date to March 8, 2013; andrevise Section 5 - Bid/Proposal Forms , Schedule of Quantities and PricesForm;Amendment No. 6 was issued on March 6, 2013 to extend the due date toMarch 12, 2013 and revise Section 5- Bid/Proposal Forms, Schedule ofQuantities and Prices Form . Two proposals were received by the due date, March 12, 2013 , listed in alphabeticalorder below: ACCU Construction , Inc. Marina Landscape8. Evaluation of Proposals/BidsA total of two proposers responded to this solicitation . A Selection Committeeconsisting of staff from Metro, LA SAFE, and Caltrans was convened and conducteda comprehensive technical evaluation of the proposals received .The proposals were evaluated based on the pre-established minimum qualificationsto ensure that the bidders possess the necessary experience , technicalqualifications, are properly licensed , and generally qualified to perform the work.The minimum qualifications are appropriate and consistent with criteria developedfor other similar freeway installation and maintenance contracts .The Source Selection Committee evaluated the proposals in accordance with thepre-established Step-One Minimum Qualification criteria for this solicitation. Of thetwo proposals received , one was determined to have passed the minimumqualifications criteria. The firm is listed below: ACCU Construction, Inc. (ACCU)As the only firm that qualified for Step 2, Bid Opening , ACCU bid price was openedand the bid amount for this project is 2 ,634 ,736 .C. Cost/Price AnalysisThe recommended bid price has been determined to be fair and reasonable basedupon an independent cost estimate, cost analysis , and technical evaluation.D. Background on Recommended ContractorThe recommended firm , ACCU located in Santa Ana , CA, has been in business for11 years . Owned and operated by Dennis Yum , ACCU is a general engineeringcontractor. The firm specializes in public works and federal construction projects,Freeway Beautification Landocaping fnstaiiation and MaintenancePage 6

with a primary focus on landscaping , earthwork, asphalt paving , concrete works,painting , and building renovation. This firm has vast experience with a variety ofprojects and has worked with many public and federal agencies . ACCU is alicensed contractor with the following licenses : General Engineering ContractorLicense A , General Building Contractor License B, and Specialty ContractorLicenses C12 , and C27 .E. Small Business ParticipationThe Diversity and Economic Opportunity Department (DEOD) established a 10%Small Business Enterprise (SBE) goal for this solicitation . ACCU Construction , a SBE Prime and made a 74 .89% SBE commitment, to be performed with its ownworkforce . The remaining work will be performed by non-SBE firms /SBE Subcontractors1. ACCU Construction , Inc.Total CommitmentSBE74.89%%Committed74.89%74.89%F. All Subcontractors Included with Recommended Contractor's ProposalSubcontractor1. A1A Engineering & Construction , Inc.2. Statewide Traffic Safety and Signs , Inc. Plumbing , Inc.Solex Electronics Inc.Seala Construction , Inc.Agriserve Pest Control , Inc.Freeway Beautification Landscaping Installation and MaintenanceServices ProvidedDemolition , grading , pavingTraffic control and constructionarea signagePlumbing and backflowPhotovoltaic and electricalConcrete and rock blanketPre/post-emergent weedcontrolPage 7

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