2019 OWNER’S MANUALAND MAINTENANCE INFORMATIONFor your safety, read carefully and keep in this vehicle.

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNINGWARNINGOperating, servicing and maintaining a passenger vehicle oroff-highway motor vehicle can expose you to chemicalsincluding engine exhaust, carbon monoxide, phthalates, andlead, which are known to the State of California to causecancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Tominimize exposure, avoid breathing exhaust, do not idle theengine except as necessary, service your vehicle in a wellventilated area and wear gloves or wash your handsfrequently when servicing your vehicle. For more informationgo to

ForewordThis manual was prepared to help youunderstand the operation and maintenanceof your vehicle so that you may enjoy manymiles (kilometers) of driving pleasure. Pleaseread through this manual before operatingyour vehicle.A separate Warranty Information Bookletis included in your Owner’s literature portfolio. Always carry it with you when youtake your vehicle to an INFINITI retailer.The Warranty Information Booklet contents provide complete information aboutall warranties covering this vehicle, therequirements to keep the warranties ineffect as well as the INFINITI RoadsideAssistance program.Additionally, a separate Customer Care andLemon Law Information Booklet will explain how to resolve any concerns you mayhave with your vehicle, as well as clarifyyour rights under your state’s lemon law.In addition to factory installed options, yourvehicle may also be equipped with additionalaccessories installed by INFINITI or by yourINFINITI retailer prior to delivery. It isimportant that you familiarize yourself withall disclosures, warnings, cautions and instructions concerning proper use of suchaccessories prior to operating the vehicleand/or accessory. It is recommended yousee an INFINITI retailer for details concerning the particular accessories with whichyour vehicle is equipped.READ FIRST — THEN DRIVESAFELYBefore driving your vehicle, read your Owner’s Manual carefully. This will ensure familiarity with controls and maintenancerequirements, assisting you in the safeoperation of your vehicle.WARNINGIMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATIONREMINDERS!Follow these important driving rules tohelp ensure a safe and comfortable tripfor you and your passengers!.NEVER drive under the influence ofalcohol or drugs.ALWAYS observe posted speed limits and never drive too fast forconditions.ALWAYS give your full attention todriving and avoid using vehicle features or taking other actions thatcould distract you.ALWAYS use your seat belts andappropriate child restraint systems.Pre-teen children should be seated in.the rear seat.ALWAYS provide information aboutthe proper use of vehicle safetyfeatures to all occupants of thevehicle.ALWAYS review this Owner’s Manual for important safety information.MODIFICATION OF YOUR VEHICLEThis vehicle should not be modified. Modification could affect its performance,safety or durability, and may even violategovernmental regulations. In addition, damage or performance problems resultingfrom modification will not be coveredunder the INFINITI warranties.WARNINGInstalling an aftermarket On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) plug-in device that usesthe port during normal driving, forexample remote insurance companymonitoring, remote vehicle diagnostics,telematics or engine reprogramming,may cause interference or damage tovehicle systems. We do not recommend

or endorse the use of any aftermarketOBD plug-in devices, unless specificallyapproved by INFINITI. The vehicle warranty may not cover damage caused byany aftermarket plug-in device.WHEN READING THE MANUALThis manual includes information for allfeatures and equipment available on thismodel. Features and equipment in yourvehicle may vary depending on model, trimlevel, options selected, order, date of production, region or availability. Therefore,you may find information about features orequipment that are not included or installedon your vehicle.All information, specifications and illustrations in this manual are those in effect at thetime of printing. INFINITI reserves the rightto change specifications, performance, design or component suppliers without noticeand without obligation. From time to time,INFINITI may update or revise this manual toprovide owners with the most accurateinformation currently available. Please carefully read and retain with this manual allrevision updates sent to you by INFINITI toensure you have access to accurate and upto-date information regarding your vehicle.Current versions of vehicle Owner’s Manualsand any updates can also be found in theowner section of the INFINITI website /manualsandGuides. If you havequestions concerning any information inyour Owner’s Manual, contact INFINITIConsumer Affairs. See the INFINITI CUSTOMER CARE PROGRAM page in thisOwner’s Manual for contact information.IMPORTANT INFORMATIONABOUT THIS MANUALYou will see various symbols in this manual.They are used in the following ways:SIC0697WARNINGThis is used to indicate the presence of ahazard that could cause death or seriouspersonal injury. To avoid or reduce therisk, the procedures must be followedprecisely.CAUTIONThis is used to indicate the presence of ahazard that could cause minor or moderate personal injury or damage to yourvehicle. To avoid or reduce the risk, theprocedures must be followed carefully.If you see the symbol above, it means “Donot do this” or “Do not let this happen”.If you see a symbol similar to those above inan illustration, it means the arrow points tothe front of the vehicle.Arrows in an illustration that are similar tothose above indicate movement or action.Arrows in an illustration that are similar tothose above call attention to an item in the

illustration.CALIFORNIA PERCHLORATEADVISORYSome vehicle parts, such as lithium batteries, may contain perchlorate material.The following advisory is provided: “Perchlorate Material - special handling mayapply, See” 2018 NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD.All rights reserved. No part of this Owner’sManual may be reproduced or stored in aretrieval system, or transmitted in any form,or by any means, electronic, mechanical,photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of NissanMotor Co., Ltd.

INFINITI CUSTOMER CARE PROGRAMINFINITI CARES .Both INFINITI and your INFINITI retailer are dedicated to serving all your automotive needs. Your satisfaction with your vehicle and yourINFINITI retailer are our primary concerns. Your INFINITI retailer is always available to assist you with all your automobile sales and serviceneeds.However, if there is something that yourYou can write to INFINITI with the informaIf you prefer, visit us at:INFINITI retailer cannot assist you with ortion on the left (for U.S. customer) oryou would like to provide INFINITI directlyFor U.S. (for Canadian customers)with comments or questions, please contactINFINITI DivisionWe appreciate your interest in INFINITI andour (INFINITI’s) Consumer Affairs DepartNissan North America, Inc.thank you for buying a quality INFINITIment using our toll-free number:Consumer Affairs Departmentvehicle.For U.S. customersP.O. Box 6850031-800-662-6200Franklin, TN 37068-5003For Canadian customersor via e-mail For Canadian customersThe Consumer Affairs Department will askINFINITI Divisionfor the following information:Nissan Canada Inc. Your name, address, and telephone num5290 Orbitor DriveberMississauga, Ontario L4W 4Z5or via e-mail at:. Vehicle identification number (on [email protected])com. Date of purchase. Current odometer reading. Your INFINITI retailer’s name. Your comments or questionsOR

Table ofContentsIllustrated table of contents0Safety — Seats, seat belts and supplemental restraintsystem1Instruments and controls2Pre-driving checks and adjustments3Monitor, climate, audio, phone and voice recognitionsystems4Starting and driving5In case of emergency6Appearance and care7Do-it-yourself8Maintenance and schedules9Technical and consumer information10Index11

0 Illustrated table of contentsSeats, seat belts and Supplemental RestraintSystem (SRS) .Exterior front .Exterior rear .Passenger compartment .Cockpit .0-20-30-40-50-6Instrument panel . 0-8Meters and gauges . 0-9Engine compartment . 0-10VR30DDTT engine . 0-102.0L turbo gasoline engine . 0-11Warning and indicator lights . 0-12

SEATS, SEAT BELTS ANDSUPPLEMENTAL RESTRAINTSYSTEM (SRS) seats (P.1-3)Seat belts with pretensioners (P.1-54)Rear seat walk-in mechanism (P.1-5)Rear seats (P.1-6)— Child restraints (P.1-19)12. LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethersfor CHildren) system (P.1-21)JVC0918X1.2.3.4.Supplemental front-impact air bags(P.1-38)Front seat-mounted side-impact supplemental air bags (P.1-38)Seat belts (P.1-11)Head restraints (P.1-7)0-2 Illustrated table of contents5.6.7.Roof-mounted curtain side-impact androllover supplemental air bags (P.1-38)Child restraint anchor points (for toptether strap child restraint) (P.1-23,P.1-30, P.1-34)Occupant classification sensors(weight sensors) (P.1-44)

EXTERIOR FRONT— Side view camera* (if so equipped)Front view camera* (if so equipped)Sonar sensors (if so equipped)— Around View Monitor* (if soequipped)9. Fog lights (P.2-44)10. Tires— Wheels and tires (P.8-32, P.10-12)— Flat tire (P.6-3)— Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) (P.2-14, P.5-5)11. Doors— Keys (P.3-2)— Door locks (P.3-4)— Intelligent Key system (P.3-6)— Remote keyless entry system(P.3-15)— Remote engine start (if so equipped)(P.3-20)— Courtesy light (P.2-59)*:Refer to the INFINITI InTouchTM Owner’s Manual.7.8.JVC0939X1.2.3.Hood (P.3-23)Windshield wiper and washer— Switch operation (P.2-35)— Window washer fluid (P.8-15)Headlights and turn signal lights(P.2-38)4.5.6.— Adaptive Front lighting System(AFS) (if so equipped) (P.2-42)Moonroof (if so equipped) (P.2-55)Power windows (P.2-52)Outside mirrors (P.3-31)— Side turn signal lights (P.2-44)Illustrated table of contents0-3

EXTERIOR REAR6.7.8.*:JVC0940X1.0-4Trunk lid (P.3-23)— Intelligent Key system (P.3-6)— Remote keyless entry system(P.3-15)— Auxiliary battery (for 2.0L turbogasoline engine models) (P.8-18)Illustrated table of contents2.3.4.5.High-mounted stop light (P.8-29)Satellite antenna (P.4-3)Rear window defroster (P.2-37)/Antenna (P.4-3)Sonar sensors (if so equipped)— Around View Monitor* (if soequipped)— Back-up Collision Intervention (BCI)system (if so equipped) (P.5-61)Rear view camera*Rear combination light (P.8-29)Fuel-filler door (P.3-26)— Fuel information (P.10-4, P.10-6)Refer to the INFINITI InTouchTM Owner’s Manual.

PASSENGER COMPARTMENT10. Inside mirror (P.3-30)— HomeLink universal transceiver (ifso equipped) (P.2-59)— Compass (if so equipped) (P.2-9)11. Rear cup holders (P.2-48)12. Console box (P.2-50)— Power outlet (P.2-48)— Media hub*13. Front cup holders (P.2-48)*:Refer to the INFINITI InTouchTM Owner’s Manual.JVC0941X1.2.3.4.Coat hooks (P.2-51)Power window switch (P.2-52)Outside mirror remote control switch(P.3-31)Automatic drive positioner switch (if soequipped) (P.3-33) visors (P.3-29)Moonroof switch (if so equipped)(P.2-55)SOS call switch* (if so equipped)Map light (P.2-57)Sunglasses holder (P.2-49)Illustrated table of contents0-5

0-6Side ventilator (P.4-2)Headlight, fog light and turn signalswitch (P.2-38)Steering wheel— Horn (P.2-45)— Driver supplemental air bag (P.1-38)Illustrated table of contents4.5.— Heated steering wheel (if soequipped) (P.2-47)— Power steering (P.5-129)Windshield wiper and washer switch(P.2-35)Hazard warning flasher switch (P.6-2)Shift lever (P.5-16)INFINITI controller*Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) OFFswitch (P.2-45, P.5-134)Idling Stop OFF switch (if so equipped)(P.5-139)Trunk lid release switch (P.3-24)Instrument brightness control switch(P.2-43)TRIP/RESET switch for twin trip odometer (P.2-7)Electric tilting/telescopic steeringwheel switch (if so equipped) (P.3-28)Manual tilting/telescopic steeringwheel lever (if so equipped) (P.3-28)Steering-wheel-mounted controls (leftside)— Audio control steering switch*— Hands-Free Phone System switch*— Voice recognition system switch*Steering-wheel-mounted controls(right side)— Trip computer switches (P.2-29)— Cruise control switches (if soequipped) (P.5-71)— Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)switches (if so equipped) (P.5-73)— Dynamic driver assistance switch (ifso equipped) (P. 5-26, P.5-34, P.5-49,

P.5-94)17. INFINITI Drive Mode Selector (P.5-22)*:Refer to the INFINITI InTouchTM Owner’s Manual.Illustrated table of contents0-7

INSTRUMENT .0-8Paddle shifter (if so equipped) (P.5-18)Meters and gauges (P.2-6)— Clock (P.2-31)Push-button ignition switch (P.5-11)Center ventilator (P.4-2)Automatic climate control system*Illustrated table of contents6.7.8.Upper touch screen display* (upperdisplay) and Navigation system* (if soequipped)Lower touch screen display* (lowerdisplay)Rear window and outside mirrordefroster switch (P.2-37)Front passenger supplemental air bag(P.1-38)Hood release handle (P.3-23)Fuse box cover (P.8-24)Parking brake (P.5-21)Storage box (P.2-51) and power outlet(P.2-48)Seat heater switch (if so equipped)(P.2-46)Audio system*Trunk release power cancel switch(P.3-25)Glove box (P.2-50)Refer to the INFINITI InTouchTM Owner’s Manual.

METERS AND GAUGESJVC0428X1.2.3.4.Tachometer (P.2-8)Warning and indicator lights (P.2-12)Speedometer (P.2-7)Engine coolant temperature gauge(P.2-8)5.6.Vehicle information display (P.2-20)/Odometer/twin trip odometer (P.2-7)Fuel gauge (P.2-9)Illustrated table of contents0-9

ENGINE COMPARTMENTJVC0968XVR30DDTT ENGINE1. (P.8-16)Engine oil dipstick (P.8-10)Engine oil filler cap (P.8-11)Brake fluid reservoir (P.8-15)Fuse/fusible link holder (P.8-24)0-10Illustrated table of contents6. cleaner (P.8-22)Engine drive belt location (P.8-20)Radiator filler cap (P.8-6)Intercooler cooling reservoir (P.8-9)Engine coolant reservoir (P.8-7)Window washer fluid reservoir (P.8-15)

*:The auxiliary battery is located in thetrunk. (See “Auxiliary battery location(for 2.0L turbo gasoline engine models)” (P.8-18).)JVC0646X2.0L TURBO GASOLINE ENGINE1. and fusible link holder (P.8-24)Main battery* (P.8-16)Engine oil filler cap (P.8-11)Brake fluid reservoir (P.8-15)Engine coolant reservoir (P.8-8) and fusible link holder (P.8-24)Engine oil dipstick (P.8-11)Engine drive belt location (P.8-20)Power steering fluid reservoir (if soequipped) (P.5-129)10. Window washer fluid reservoir (P.8-15)Illustrated table of contents0-11

WARNING AND INDICATOR LIGHTSWarninglightNamePageAnti-lock Braking System(ABS) warning light2-12Brake warning light2-13Charge warning light2-13Forward Emergency Braking(FEB) system warning light (if 2-13so equipped)IndicatorlightNamePageECO drive indicator light (ifso equipped)2-18Exterior light indicator2-18Front fog light indicator light 2-18Front passenger air bag status light2-18High beam assist indicatorlight (if so equipped)2-18High beam indicator light2-182-18Low fuel warning light2-14Idling Stop System indicatorlight (if so equipped)Low tire pressure warninglight2-14Malfunction Indicator Light(MIL)2-19Master warning light2-16Security indicator light2-19Power steering warning light2-16Turn signal/hazard indicatorlights2-19Seat belt warning light2-17Vehicle Dynamic Control(VDC) off indicator light2-20Supplemental air bag warning light2-17Vehicle Dynamic Control(VDC) warning light2-170-12 Illustrated table of contents

1 Safety — Seats, seat belts and supplementalrestraint systemSeats . 1-2Front seats . 1-3Rear seats . 1-6Head restraints/headrests . 1-7Adjustable headrestraint/headrest components . 1-8Non-adjustable headrestraint/headrest components . 1-9Remove . 1-9Install . 1-9Adjust . 1-10Seat belts . 1-11Precautions on seat belt usage . 1-11Pregnant women . 1-13Injured persons . 1-13Pre-crash seat belts with comfort function(front seats) (if so equipped) . 1-13Three-point type seat belt . 1-14Seat belt extenders . 1-16Seat belt maintenance . 1-17Child safety . 1-17Infants . 1-18Small children . 1-18Larger children . 1-18Child restraints . 1-19Precautions on child restraints . 1-19Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildrenSystem (LATCH) . 1-21Rear-facing child restraint installationusing LATCH . 1-23Rear-facing child restraint installation usingthe seat belts . 1-25Forward-facing child restraint installationusing LATCH . 1-28Forward-facing child restraint installationusing the seat belts . 1-30Booster seats . 1-34Supplemental restraint system . 1-38Precautions on supplementalrestraint system . 1-38INFINITI Advanced Air Bag System(front seats) . 1-44Front seat-mounted side-impact supplementalair bag and roof-mounted curtain side-impactand rollover supplemental air bag systems . 1-52Seat belts with pretensioners (front seats) . 1-54Supplemental air bag warning labels . 1-55Supplemental air bag warning light . 1-55Repair and replacement procedure . 1-56

SEATS.SSS0133WARNING.1-2Do not ride in a moving vehicle whenthe seatback is reclined. This can bedangerous. The shoulder belt will notbe against your body. In an accident,you could be thrown into it a