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HERCULES CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC.ASBESTOS TRUST AGREEMENTTABLE of CONTENTSPageArticle I. Agreement of Trust . 21.1Creation and Name . 21.2Purpose. 21.3Transfer of Assets . 21.4Assumption of Liabilities and Certain Obligations . 2Article II. Powers and Trust Administration . 32.1Powers. 32.2General Administration. 62.3Claims Administration . 8Article III. Qualified Settlement Fund . 83.1Tax Treatment. 83.2No Right to Reversion with respect to Asbestos Trust Assets. 83.3Obligations of the Trustee. 83.4Obligations of the Debtor. 93.5No Contravention of Requirements . 9Article IV. Accounts, Investments and Payments . 94.1Accounts . 94.2Investments . 104.3Source of Payments. 11Article V. Trustee; Delaware Trustee . 125.1Initial Trustee . 125.2Term of Service. 125.3Successor Trustee. 125.4Liability of Trustee, Officers and Employees. 135.5Compensation and Expenses of Trustee . 135.6Indemnification of Trustee and Additional Indemnitees . 14

TABLE OF CONTENTS(continued)Page5.7Trustee’s Lien . 145.8Trustee’s Employment of Experts; Delaware Trustee’s Employment ofCounsel . 145.9Trustee’s Independence . 155.10Bond. 155.11Delaware Trustee . 15Article VI. Trust Advisory Committee. 166.1Initial Members of the TAC. 166.2Duties . 166.3Term of Office . 166.4Successor Members of the TAC . 176.5TAC’s Employment of Professionals . 176.6Compensation and Expenses of TAC . 186.7Procedures for Consultation with and Obtaining the Consent of the TAC. 18Article VII. The Legal Representative . 207.1Appointment of Initial Legal Representative. 207.2Duties . 207.3Term of Office . 207.4Appointment of Successor . 207.5Legal Representative’s Employment of Professionals . 217.6Compensation and Expenses of the Legal Representative . 227.7Procedures for Consultation with and Obtaining the Consent of the LegalRepresentative. 22Article VIII. General Provisions . 238.1Term. 238.2Termination. 238.3Amendments . 248.4Severability . 258.5Notices . 258.6Successors and Assigns. 27-ii-

TABLE OF CONTENTS(continued)Page8.7Limitation on Claim Interests for Securities Laws Purposes. 278.8Entire Agreement; No Waiver . 278.9Headings . 278.10Governing Law . 278.11Settlor Representative and Cooperation. 288.12Dispute Resolution. 288.13Enforcement and Administration. 288.14Effectiveness . 288.15Counterpart Signatures. 28-iii-

HERCULES CHEMICAL COMPANYASBESTOS TRUST AGREEMENTThis ASBESTOS TRUST AGREEMENT, dated as of , is made by andamong Hercules Chemical Company, Inc. (the “Debtor” or “Hercules”), debtor-in-possession inCase No. 08-27822 (MS) in the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of New Jersey (the“Bankruptcy Court”), as the settlor of the trust established pursuant to this Agreement (the“Trust”) in accordance with Hercules’ Plan of Reorganization, filed pursuant to section 1121(a)of chapter 11 of title 11 of the United States Code (the “Bankruptcy Code”) as confirmed by anorder of the United States District Court, District of New Jersey (the “District Court”), dated[ ], 2009 (the “Plan”); the trustee of the Trust appointed as contemplated by Section5.1 below (the “Trustee”); the Delaware Trustee appointed as contemplated by Section 5.11below; the members of the Trust Advisory Committee established pursuant to this Agreementand the Plan (the “TAC”) appointed as contemplated by Section 6.1 below; and the legalrepresentative appointed pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 524(g)(4)(B)(i) by order of the BankruptcyCourt and the District Court for the purpose of protecting the rights of all persons that mightassert future asbestos claims against Hercules after Confirmation as contemplated by Section 7.1below (the “Legal Representative”). All capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined hereinshall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Plan. All terms used but not defined herein or inthe Plan but defined in the Bankruptcy Code or Bankruptcy Rules shall have the meaningsascribed to them in the Bankruptcy Code and Bankruptcy Rules, as the case may be.WHEREAS, at the time of the entry of the order for relief in its Reorganization Case, theDebtor was named as defendant in actions involving Asbestos Claims; andWHEREAS, the Debtor has reorganized under the provisions of chapter 11 of theBankruptcy Code in a case pending in the Bankruptcy Court known as In re: Hercules ChemicalCompany, Inc. Case No. 08-27822 (MS); andWHEREAS, the Plan has been confirmed by the District Court; andWHEREAS, the Plan provides, inter alia, for the creation of the Trust in accordance withthis Agreement; andWHEREAS, pursuant to the Plan, the Trust is to use its assets and income to satisfy allAsbestos Claims (hereinafter, for ease of reference, “Trust Claims”); andWHEREAS, it is the intent of the Debtor, the Trustee, the TAC and the LegalRepresentative that the Trust be administered, maintained and operated at all times throughmechanisms that provide reasonable assurance that the Trust will satisfy all Trust Claims inaccordance with the Trust Distribution Procedures (the “Trust Distribution Procedures” or“TDP” in substantially the form of Exhibit 2 to the Plan) so that all similar Trust Claims arevalued and paid in substantially the same manner and in strict compliance with this Agreement;and

WHEREAS, pursuant to the Plan, the Trust is intended to qualify as a “qualifiedsettlement fund” within the meaning of section 1.468B-1 et seq. of the Treasury Regulationspromulgated under section 468B of the IRC; andWHEREAS, the District Court has determined that the Trust and the Plan satisfy all theprerequisites for an injunction pursuant to section 524(g) of the Bankruptcy Code and suchinjunction has been entered in connection with the Confirmation Order;NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby agreed as follows:Article I.Agreement of Trust1.1Creation and Name. The Debtor, as the settlor of the Trust, hereby creates a trustknown as the “Hercules Chemical Company, Inc. Asbestos Trust,” which is the Trust providedfor and referred to in the Plan. The Trustee may transact the business and affairs of the Trust inthe name of the Trust. It is the intention of the parties hereto that the trust created herebyconstitutes a statutory trust under Chapter 38 of title 12 of the Delaware Code, 12 Del. C. § 3801et seq. (the “Act”) and that this document, together with the by-laws described herein, constitutethe governing instruments of the Trust. The Trustee and the Delaware Trustee are herebyauthorized and directed to execute and file a Certificate of Trust with the Delaware Secretary ofState.1.2Purpose. The purpose of the Trust is to (a) assume all liability for all TrustClaims, (b) preserve, hold, manage and maximize the Asbestos Trust Assets (as defined below)for use in paying and otherwise satisfying Trust Claims and paying the Asbestos Trust Expenses,(c) provide for the allowance or disallowance and, if appropriate, satisfaction of all Trust Claimsin accordance with the Trust Distribution Procedures, and (d) otherwise comply in all respectswith the requirements of a trust set forth in section 524(g)(2)(B) of the Bankruptcy Code, all inaccordance with the Plan and this Agreement.1.3Transfer of Assets. Pursuant to the Plan, the Asbestos Trust Assets as defined inthe Plan have been issued or transferred to the Trust free and clear of any liens, security interestsand other claims or causes of action. In furtherance of the purpose of the Trust, the Trustee, onbehalf of the Trust, hereby expressly accepts such issuance and transfer to the Trust of theAsbestos Trust Assets.1.4Assumption of Liabilities and Certain Obligations.(a)In furtherance of the purpose of the Trust, the Trustee, on behalf of theTrust, expressly assumes all liability and responsibility for (i) all Trust Claims and (ii) allAsbestos Trust Expenses. The Trustee, on behalf of the Trust, shall cooperate with Hercules anduse commercially reasonable efforts to take, or cause to be taken, all actions and to do, or causeto be done, all things that Hercules may reasonably consider necessary, appropriate or desirableto effect such assumption.(b)The Trust is, and shall be deemed to be the successor to Hercules for allpurposes in respect of Trust Claims, including, but not limited to, for purposes of insurance andindemnity.-2 -

(c)The Trust is and shall be deemed to be a party to any settlement agreementwith Settling Asbestos Insurance Companies, upon and subject to approval of the BankruptcyCourt;(d)The Trust shall advocate in any and all actions and proceedings broughtagainst Hercules that involve Trust Claims that such Claims are and have been channeled to theTrust and shall cooperate with Hercules in any and all such actions and proceedings.(e)Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement and the Trust DistributionProcedures, the Trust shall have all defenses, cross-claims, offsets and recoupments, as well asrights of indemnification, contribution, subrogation and similar rights, regarding Trust Claimsthat any reorganized debtor has under applicable law. Regardless of the foregoing, however,except as otherwise provided in Section 5.1(a)(2) of the Trust Distribution Procedures, aclaimant must meet otherwise applicable federal, state and foreign statutes of limitations andrepose.(f)If any action or proceeding is brought after Confirmation against Hercules,the Reorganized Debtor, or the ESOP Trust (together, the “Indemnified Parties”) related to anyTrust Claims, whether civil, administrative or arbitrative, including without limitationindemnification or contribution for such Claims prosecuted against any of the IndemnifiedParties, the Trust shall advocate that such Claims be channeled to the Trust, and the Trust shallcooperate with the Indemnified Parties in any and all such actions and proceedings. The Trustshall indemnify and hold the Indemnified Parties harmless from any such action or proceeding,shall be responsible for the payment of all reasonable out-of-pocket fees and expenses andattorneys’ fees and expenses, damages, awards, judgments, settlements or other liabilities arisingfrom, associated with or reasonably incurred by or on behalf of the Indemnified Parties on orafter the Effective Date in connection with any such action or proceeding, and shall pay orreimburse all deductibles, retrospective premium adjustments, or other charges which may arisefrom the receipt of insurance proceeds by the Trust.(g)Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed in any way to limit thescope, enforceability or effectiveness of any injunction issued pursuant to Section 524(g) of theBankruptcy Code in connection with the Plan or the Trust’s assumption of all liability for TrustClaims, subject to the provision of Section 1.4(c) above.Article II.2.1Powers and Trust AdministrationPowers.(a)The Trustee is, and shall act as, the fiduciary to the Trust in accordancewith the provisions of this Agreement, the Trust Distribution Procedures and the Plan. TheTrustee shall at all times administer the Trust and the Asbestos Trust Assets in accordance withthe purpose set forth in Section 1.2 above. Subject to the Plan and this Agreement, the Trusteeshall have the power to take any and all actions that he may consider necessary, appropriate ordesirable to fulfill the purpose of the Trust, including without limitation each power expresslygranted in this Section 2.1, any power reasonably incidental thereto and any trust power now orhereafter permitted under the laws of the State of Delaware.-3 -

(b)Except as required by applicable law, the Plan or this Agreement, theTrustee need not obtain the order or approval of any court in the exercise of any power ordiscretion conferred hereunder.(c)Subject to and without limiting the generality of Section 2.1(a) above, andexcept as limited below, the Trustee shall have the power to:(i)receive and hold the Asbestos Trust Assets and exercise all rightsand powers with respect thereto, including without limitation voting and dispositive powers withrespect thereto;(ii)invest the monies held from time to time by the Trust;(iii) sell, transfer or exchange any or all of the Asbestos Trust Assets atsuch prices and upon such terms as the Trustee may consider necessary, appropriate or desirablein fulfilling the purpose of the Trust;(iv)enter into such leasing and financing agreements with third partiesas the Trustee may consider necessary, appropriate or desirable in fulfilling the purpose of theTrust;(v)pay liabilities and expenses of the Trust, including withoutlimitation the Asbestos Trust Expenses;(vi)establish funds, reserves and accounts within the Trust estate, ascontemplated by Article IV below;(vii) sue and be sued and participate, as a party or otherwise, in anyjudicial, administrative, arbitrative or other proceeding;(viii) establish, supervise and administer the Trust in accordance withthis Agreement and the Trust Distribution Procedures;(ix)appoint such officers and hire such employees and engage suchlegal, financial, accounting, investment, auditing and forecasting and other advisors, consultants,independent contractors and agents and, to the extent permitted by the fiduciary duties of theTrustee, delegate to such persons such powers and authorities, in each case as the Trustee mayconsider necessary, appropriate or desirable in fulfilling the purpose of the Trust;(x)pay any officers, employees, legal, financial, accounting,investment, auditing and forecasting and other advisors, consultants, independent contractors andagents engaged by the Trust, including without limitation those engaged by the Trust inconnection with its alternative dispute resolution activities pursuant to Section 8.12 below,reasonable compensation;(xi)compensate the Trustee, the Delaware Trustee, the TAC members,the Legal Representative and their respective officers, employees, legal, financial, accounting,investment, auditing and forecasting and other advisors, consultants, independent contractors and-4 -

agents, and reimburse the Trustee, the Delaware Trustee, each member of the TAC, and theLegal Representative any out-of-pocket fees and expenses reasonably incurred by or on behalf ofhim, her or it in connection with the performance of his, her or its duties hereunder, all asprovided below;(xii) execute and deliver such instruments as the Trustee may considernecessary, appropriate or desirable in fulfilling the purpose of the Trust;(xiii) enter into such other arrangements with third parties as the Trusteemay consider necessary, appropriate or desirable in fulfilling the purpose of the Trust, providedsuch arrangements do not conflict with any other provision of this Agreement;(xiv) in accordance with Section 5.6 below, defend, indemnify and holdharmless (and purchase insurance indemnifying) the Trustee the TAC, the Delaware Trustee, theLegal Representative, t