Warranty MessageThe product you have purchased comes with a Two Year LimitedWarranty from MotorGuide, the terms of the policy are set forth inthe Warranty Information section of this manual. The policystatement contains a description of the duration of coverage,important disclaimers and limitations of damages, and otherrelated information. Please review this important information.The description and specifications contained herein were in effectat the time this manual was approved for printing. Mercury Marine,whose policy is one of continued improvement, reserves the rightto discontinue models at any time, to change specifications,designs, methods, or procedures without notice and withoutincurring obligation.Freshwater/SaltwaterThank YouThank you for choosing MotorGuide, one of the finest trollingmotors available. Years of experience have been committed to thegoal of producing the finest quality products. This led toMotorGuide's reputation for strict quality control, excellence,durability, long‑lasting performance and being the best at providingafter‑the‑sale service and support.Please read this manual carefully before operating your motor. Thismanual has been prepared to assist you in the operation, safe use,and care of your trolling motor.Again, thank you for your confidence in MotorGuide.NEVER STOP LEARNING, NEVER STOP IMPROVING, ANDNEVER, EVER STOP FISHING.

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General InformationMotorGuide Limited Warranty.1General Information.4Recording Serial Number.5Boater's Responsibilities.6Passenger Safety Message.6Safe Boating Suggestions.7Component Identification.8Extending and Retracting the Handle.10Installing the Propeller.11Wiring and BatteryBattery Precautions.12Standard Practices and Procedures.12Battery Recommendations.12Wire Color Code Abbreviations.13Wire and Cable Routing.13Mount InstallationTransom Mount Installation.18Pontoon Mount Installation.18Bow Mount Installation.18Bow Mount OperationInstalling the Motor into the Mount.21Removing the Motor from the Mount.21Raising and Lowering the Trolling Motor.22Adjusting the Steering Tension (Hand Operated Motors).23Adjusting the Motor Depth.24iii

Trolling Motor OperationDirectional Indicator.26Speed Control.27Constant/Momentary/High‑Bypass.27Twist Tiller Speed Control.28Permanent Foot Pedal Mounting.28MaintenanceTrolling Motor Care.30Inspection and Maintenance Schedule.30Storage Preparation.31Battery Inspection.32Propeller Replacement.32Great White Saltwater Models Only.33iv

GENERAL INFORMATIONMotorGuide Limited WarrantyKEEP YOUR ORIGINAL PURCHASE RECEIPT OR BILL OF SALE.1. For recreational use customers, MotorGuide electric trolling motorsare warranted to the original retail purchaser to be free from defectsin material or workmanship for two (2) years.2. To obtain warranty service, the purchaser should deliver or returnthe unit (postage prepaid and insured) to any authorizedMotorGuide service dealer. DO NOT RETURN TO PLACE OFPURCHASE unless they are an authorized service center.Products returned by mail should be carefully packaged andinclude a note describing the nature of the problem and/or servicerequested, customer address, and phone number. A copy of thereceipt, Bill of Sale, registration verification, or other proof ofpurchase is required with the return of the product for warrantyconsideration. Warranty claims will not be accepted withoutpresentation of purchase receipt for trolling motor, other verificationof registration, or Bill of Sale for boat package.3. MotorGuide, at its discretion, will repair or replace items coveredunder the terms of this warranty. Neither MotorGuide norMotorGuide service dealers are responsible for damages toMotorGuide products due to repairs performed by anyone otherthan an authorized MotorGuide service dealer. Neither MotorGuidenor Mercury Marine is responsible for failure or damage caused byimproper installation, setup, preparation, or previous service orrepair errors.4. For commercial use and government use customers, MotorGuideelectric trolling motors are warranted to the original retail purchaserto be free from defects in material or workmanship for one (1) year.Commercial use is defined as any work or employment‑related useof the product, or any use of the product which generates income,for any part of the warranty period, even if the product is onlyoccasionally used for such purpose such as Rental Fleets, Guides,Fish Camps, or similar operations. Warranty is not transferable toany subsequent purchaser. The Mercury Product Protection planis not available to commercial use or government use customers.1

GENERAL INFORMATION5. Warranty coverage is available to customers that purchase froman authorized dealer or retailer that is authorized by MotorGuideMarine to distribute the product in the country in which the saleoccurred. Warranty coverage and duration varies by the country inwhich the owner resides. This warranty applies to MotorGuidetrolling motors sold and used in the United States. This LimitedWarranty begins on the date the product is first sold to a purchaseror the date on which the product is first put into service, whicheveroccurs first. MotorGuide accessories are covered by this LimitedWarranty for a coverage period of one (1) year from the date ofretail sale. The repair or replacement of parts, or the performanceof service under this warranty, does not extend the life of thiswarranty beyond its original expiration date. Promotionalwarranties are not included in this statement and coverage mayvary by promotion. Product either sold or put into service more thansix years from date of manufacture is excluded from warrantycoverage.6. This warranty does not apply to normal worn parts, for example,worn cables, adjustments, or product damage due to; 1) neglect,lack of maintenance, accident, abnormal operation, or improperinstallation or service; 2) abuse, such as, bent metal columns, bentarmature shafts, broken control cables, etc., accidents,modifications, misuse, excessive wear or damage caused by anowner’s failure to provide reasonable and necessary installation orcare; 3) use of an accessory or part not manufactured byMotorGuide or Mercury; 4) alteration or removal of parts; 5)opening the lower unit (motor) by anyone other than an authorizedMotorGuide service center will void this warranty.7. We reserve the right to improve the design of any trolling motorwithout assuming any obligation to modify any trolling motorpreviously manufactured.2

GENERAL INFORMATION8. All serialized "Service‑Repair" trolling motors receive a one (1) yearwarranty. Nonserialized "Service‑Repair" electric trolling motorsare NOT warranted. "Service‑Repair" motor denotes a trollingmotor sold by MotorGuide that may be used, but has beeninspected and may have had minor repairs. Original retailpurchaser of a "Service‑Repair" motor is the first purchaser of themotor after it is denoted as "Service‑Repair." "Service‑Repair"motors have a blue sticker on the battery cable and box denoting"Manufacturer Certified Service‑Repair Motor."9. This warranty will not apply to 1) haul‑out, launch, towing andstorage, transportation charges and/or travel time, telephone orrental charges of any type, inconvenience, or loss of time orincome, or other consequential damages; or 2) removal orreplacement of boat partitions or material because of boat designfor necessary access to the Product; or 3) disconnection andreconnection of hard‑wired trolling motors.10. TERMINATION OF COVERAGE: Warranty coverage may beterminated for repossessed product, or product purchased atauction, from a salvage yard, from a liquidator, from an insurancecompany, from unauthorized marine dealers or boatbuilders, orother third party entities.11. ALL INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES AREEXCLUDED FROM THIS WARRANTY, WARRANTIES OFMERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS ARE EXCLUDED FROMTHIS WARRANTY, IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE LIMITED TOTHE LIFE OF THIS WARRANTY. SOME STATES DO NOTALLOW LIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIED WARRANTYLASTS OR THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF INCIDENTALOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVELIMITATIONS OR EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS, ANDYOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER LEGAL RIGHTS WHICH MAYVARY FROM STATE TO STATE.3

GENERAL INFORMATIONGeneral InformationPlease read and retain this manual. The information within describesthe proper procedures for safely installing, operating, and maintainingyour motor.The description and specifications contained herein were in effect at thetime this manual was approved for printing. MotorGuide, whose policyis one of continual improvement, reserves the right to discontinuemodels at any time, to change specifications, designs, and methods ofprocedure without notice and without incurring obligation.Safety and operating information that is practiced along with goodcommon sense can help prevent personal injury and product damage.SAFETY DO'S AND DON'TSDo not allow children to operate the trolling motor without adultsupervision.Do not modify the unit in any way or add accessories other thanapproved MotorGuide accessories.Do not power‑wash your trolling motor.Do disconnect the power from the motor when replacing the propeller,removing debris around the propeller, charging batteries, putting yourboat on a trailer, or when the motor is not in use.Do verify the foot pedal is secured and the motor is securely locked intothe stowed position when using a gasoline motor to move to anotherlocation, or when putting your boat on a trailer.Do secure loose items on your boat before traveling at high speedsacross the water.HOW TO USE THIS MANUALReview the following information carefully. These notices will alert youto potential dangers and important information.The observance of WARNINGS and CAUTIONS alone does noteliminate the possibility of personal injury or product damage. Yourclose attention to the performance of recommended service proceduresand the practice of responsible personal safety are major accidentprevention measures.4

GENERAL INFORMATION! WARNINGFailure to follow a safety WARNING can result in bodily injury.Recording Serial NumberRecord the serial number for future reference.TRANSOM MOUNT FOOT CONTROL MODELThe transom mount serial number decal is located underneath thebottom cover.abc46206a - Serial numberb - Model identification numberc - Voltage5

GENERAL INFORMATIONBOW MOUNT HAND CONTROL MODELThe bow mount serial number decal is located underneath the bottomcover.abc46217a - Serial numberb - Model identification numberc - VoltageBoater's ResponsibilitiesThe operator (driver) is responsible for the correct and safe operationof the boat and safety of its occupants and general public. It is stronglyrecommended that each operator (driver) read and understand thisentire manual before operating the trolling motor.Be sure at least one additional person on board is instructed in the basicoperation of the trolling motor in case the driver is unable to operate theboat.Passenger Safety MessageWhenever the boat is in motion, observe the location of all passengers.A sudden reduction in boat speed, such as a sharp change of boatdirection, could throw them off the boat.6

GENERAL INFORMATIONSafe Boating SuggestionsIn order to safely enjoy the waterways, familiarize yourself with localand other governmental boating regulations and restrictions, andconsider the following suggestions.Use flotation devices. It is the law to have an approved personal flotationdevice of suitable size for each person aboard and have it readilyaccessible.Do not overload your boat. Most boats are rated and certified formaximum load (weight) capacities, refer to your boat capacity plate. Ifin doubt, contact your dealer or the boat's manufacturer.Perform safety checks and required maintenance. Follow a regularschedule and ensure all repairs are made properly.Never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while boating (it is thelaw). Alcohol or drug use impairs your judgment and greatly reducesyour ability to react quickly.Passenger boarding. Stop the trolling motor whenever passengers areboarding or unloading.Be alert. The operator of the boat is responsible by law to maintain aproper lookout by sight and hearing. The operator must have anunobstructed view particularly to the front. No passengers, load, orfishing seats should block the operators view when operating the boat.Underwater hazards. Reduce speed and proceed with cautionwhenever navigating in shallow water.Tripping hazards. To avoid a trip hazard, route all cables and wiringneatly and out of the way.Report accidents. Boat operators are required by law to file a BoatingAccident Report with their state boating law enforcement agency whentheir boat is involved in certain boating accidents. A boating accidentmust be reported if 1) there is loss of life or probable loss of life, 2) thereis personal injury requiring medical treatment beyond first aid, 3) thereis damage to boats or other property where the damage value exceeds 500.00 or 4) there is complete loss of the boat. Seek further assistancefrom local law enforcement.7

GENERAL INFORMATIONComponent IdentificationTRANSOM MOUNT FOOT CONTROLacbdlefghkij46220abcdefghijkl-Directional indicatorSerial number decalTilt latchClamp bracket (Bulldog model)Foot pedalThree‑position switchSpeed controlBattery cablesMomentary switchLower unitPropellerSteering tension knob8

GENERAL INFORMATIONBOW MOUNT HAND CONTROLalfbcdkejihg46221a - Extendable speed controlhandleb - Serial number decalc - On/off switchd - Battery cablese - Mountf - Breakaway adjustmentknobg - Propellerh - Lower uniti - Anodej - Bracket door knobk - Steering tension knobl - Depth adjustment collarBOW MOUNT FOOT CONTROLabcdlfegkihj462719abcdefghijkl-Directional indicatorSerial number decalLockslide release handleMountThree‑position switchSpeed controlFoot pedalMomentary switchBattery cablesPropellerLower unitBracket door knob

GENERAL INFORMATIONExtending and Retracting the Handle1. Speed and direction control are provided through the tiller handleon the bow mount and transom mount hand control models.a - Tiller handlea462652. Extend or retract the handle to the desired length.a4627010a - Speed anddirectional controlhandle

GENERAL INFORMATIONInstalling the Propeller! WARNINGPerforming service or maintenance without first disconnecting thebattery can cause product damage, personal injury, or death due tofire, explosion, electrical shock, or unexpected motor starting. Alwaysdisconnect the battery cables from the battery before maintaining,servicing, installing, or removing motor components.1. Rotate the motor shaft to insert the propeller pin horizontally.aa - Propeller pin456852. Install the propeller onto the motor shaft by engaging the propelleronto the propeller pin.3. Install the propeller nut. Tighten securely.bacd45696abcd-Propeller pinPropellerPropeller nutPropellerwrench4. Use a MotorGuide propeller wrench or pliers to tighten the propellernut another ¼ turn.Recommended MotorGuide Accessory DescriptionPart NumberMotorGuide prop wrench kitMGA050B611

WIRING AND BATTERYBattery Precautions! WARNINGAn operating or charging battery produces gas that can ignite andexplode, spraying out sulfuric acid, which can cause severe burns.Ventilate the area around the battery and wear protective equipmentwhen handling or servicing batteries.When charging batteries, an explosive gas mixture forms in each cell.Part of this gas escapes through holes in the vent plugs and may forman explosive atmosphere around the battery if ventilation is poor. Thisexplosive gas may remain in or around the battery for several hoursafter it has been charged. Sparks or flames can ignite this gas andcause an internal explosion, which may shatter the battery.The following precautions should be observed to prevent an explosion:1. Do not smoke near batteries being charged or which have beencharged very recently.2. Do not break live circuits at terminals of batteries, because a sparkusually occurs at the point where a live circuit is broken. Always becareful when connecting or disconnecting cable clamps onchargers. Poor connections are a common cause of electrical arcswhich cause explosions.3. Do not reverse polarity of battery terminal to cable connections.Standard Practices and Procedures Do not use the main engine battery to power the trolling motor.Disconnect the trolling motor from the battery when charging andafter each use.Route the trolling motor wires on the opposite side of the boat fromother miscellaneous boat wiring.Connect boat accessories directly to the main engine battery.Battery Recommendations Use a 12 volt, deep cycle marine battery.Install a 50 amp manual reset circuit breaker in line with the trollingmotor positive leads within 180 cm (72 in.) of the batteries.12

WIRING AND BATTERY Use 13 mm (6 gauge) battery cables if extending the existing wirebeyond the standard battery cable.Recommended MotorGuide Accessory DescriptionPart NumberTrolling motor power plug8M4000953Trolling motor sp (receptacle)8M400095450 amp alligator clips8M40002876 gauge battery cable and terminals with 50 amp manual resetcircuit breakerMM309922T50 amp manual reset circuit breakerMM5870Wire Color Code AbbreviationsWire Color nORN or ORGOrangePNKPinkPPL or PURPurpleREDRedTANTanWHTWhiteYELYellowLT or LITLightDK or DRKDarkW