Xi5 ASM‑FT PEDAL, INC, WRLS FCC ID ‑ MVU09291Xi5 ASM‑KEY FOB, TROLLING MOTR FCC ID ‑ MVU09305ACMA: N2523IC: 6094A‑09291, 6094A‑0930590-8M0082949 713FCC and IC Compliance StatementThis device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:1.This device may not cause harmful interference.2.This device must accept any interference received including interference that may cause undesired operation.This device complies with FCC Rules. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by MotorGuide could void theuser's authority to operate the equipment.Thank YouThank you for purchasing a MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless Trolling Motor.The Xi5 is designed and engineered to deliver the performance that anglers expect: quiet operation, reliability, andprecise control. We’re confident that the Xi5 will enhance your fishing experience and we appreciate that you choseMotorGuide.Warranty MessageThe product you have purchased comes with a Limited Warranty from MotorGuide. The terms of the policy are setforth in the Warranty Information section of this manual. The policy statement contains a description of the duration ofcoverage, important disclaimers and limitations of damages, and other related information. Please review thisimportant information.The description and specifications contained herein were in effect at the time this manual was approved for printing.MotorGuide, whose policy is one of continued improvement, reserves the right to discontinue models at any time, tochange specifications, designs, methods, or procedures without notice and without incurring obligation.MotorGuide, Lowell, Michigan U.S.A. 2013, Mercury MarineCradle Lock is a trademark of Brunswick Corporation.Xi5 Wireless EditionPlease take a moment to register your new Xi5 at—or complete and mail the enclosed WarrantyRegistration Card.Mercury, Mercury Marine, and MotorGuide are registered trademarks of Brunswick Corporation. Mercury ProductProtection logo is a registered service mark of Brunswick Corporation. 2013 Mercury MarineEagle and Lowrance are registered trademarks of Navico Inc. Garmin is a registered trademark of Garmin Ltd.Humminbird is a registered trademark of Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc. Vexilar is a registered trademark ofVexilar, Inc.

TABLE OF CONTENTSSection 1 - Warranty InformationMotorGuide Two Year Limited Warranty. 2Section 2 - General Information and Component IdentificationComponent Identification. 6Recording the Serial Number. 6Product Registration. 7Boater's Responsibilities. 7Protecting People in the Water. 7While You Are Trolling. 7While the Boat Is Stationary. 7Passenger Safety Message. 7Safe Boating Suggestions. 7Section 3 - Product Installation, Wiring, and Battery InformationInstalling the Trolling Motor. 10Recommended Practice and Procedures. 12Battery Recommendations. 12Battery Precautions. 12Establishing a Common Ground. 12Electrolysis. 13Wire Color Code Abbreviations. 13Battery Connection.12‑Volt Battery Connection.24‑Volt Battery Connection.36‑Volt Battery Connection.Activating the Wireless Foot Pedal.Activating the Handheld Remote.Connecting the Sonar Display to the Trolling Motor.13131414151516Section 4 - Trolling Motor OperationStatus Indicator Light Identification. 18Stowing and Deploying the Trolling Motor. 18Stowing the Trolling Motor. 18Deploying the Trolling Motor. 19Adjusting the Motor Depth. 20Foot Pedal Operation. 21Turning the Foot Pedal On or Off. 21Direction Control. 21Speed Control. 22Handheld Remote Operation. 22Turning the Handheld Remote On or Off. 22Steering. 23Speed Control. 23Section 5 - Maintenance and StorageTrolling Motor Care. 26Selecting Replacement Parts. 26Inspection and Maintenance Schedule. 26Before Each Use. 26After Each Use. 26Every 100 Hours of Use or Annually (Whichever OccursFirst). 26Storage Preparation. 27Battery Inspection. 27Propeller Replacement. 27Removing the Propeller. 27Installing the Propeller. 28Section 6 - Owner Service AssistanceTroubleshooting. 30Troubleshooting the Foot Pedal and Handheld Remote. 31Erasing the Receiver's Memory. 3190-8M0082949engJULY 2013Reprogramming the Wireless Foot Pedal or Remote. 31Foot Pedal Battery Replacement. 31Handheld Remote Battery Replacement. 32Page i

Service Assistance. 33Page iiMercury Marine Service Offices. 3490-8M0082949engJULY 2013

Section 1 - Warranty InformationSection 1 - Warranty InformationTable of Contents1MotorGuide Two Year Limited Warranty. 290-8M0082949engJULY 2013Page 1

Section 1 - Warranty InformationMotorGuide Two Year Limited WarrantyKEEP YOUR ORIGINAL PURCHASE RECEIPT OR BILL OF SALE.1.For recreational use customers, MotorGuide electric trolling motors are warranted to the original retail purchaser to be freefrom defects in material or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase.2.To obtain warranty service, the purchaser should deliver or return the unit (postage prepaid and insured) to anyMotorGuide authorized service dealer. DO NOT RETURN TO PLACE OF PURCHASE unless they are an authorizedservice center. Products returned by mail should be carefully packaged and include a note describing the nature of theproblem and/or service requested, customer address, and phone number. A copy of the receipt, bill of sale, registrationverification or other proof of purchase is required with the return of the product for warranty consideration. Warranty claimswill not be accepted without presentation of purchase receipt for the trolling motor, other verification of registration, or bill ofsale for a boat package.3.MotorGuide, at its discretion, will repair or replace items covered under the terms of this warranty. Neither MotorGuide norMotorGuide service dealers are responsible for damages to MotorGuide products due to repairs performed by anyoneother than an authorized MotorGuide service dealer. Neither MotorGuide nor Attwood is responsible for failure or damagecaused by improper installation, set‑up, preparation, or previous service or repair errors.4.For commercial use and government use customers, MotorGuide electric trolling motors are warranted to the original retailpurchaser to be free from defects in material or workmanship for one (1) year. Commercial use is defined as any work oremployment‑related use of the product, or any use of the product which generates income, for any part of the warrantyperiod, even if the product is only occasionally used for such purpose such as rental fleets, guides, fish camps or similaroperations. Warranty is not transferable to any subsequent purchaser. The Mercury Product Protection plan is not availableto commercial use or government use customers.5.MotorGuide Composite Shaft Limited Lifetime Warranty. MotorGuide composite shafts are warranted to the original retailpurchaser to be free of defects in material or workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser. MotorGuide will providea new composite shaft at no cost for any composite shaft which contains a defect in material or workmanship. Theinstallation costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.6.Warranty coverage is available to customers that purchase from an authorized dealer or retailer that is authorized byMotorGuide Marine to distribute the product in the country in which the sale occurred. Warranty coverage and durationvaries by the country in which the owner resides. This Limited Warranty begins on the date the product is first sold to apurchaser or the date on which the product is first put into service, whichever occurs first. MotorGuide accessories arecovered by this Limited Warranty for a coverage period of one (1) year from the date of retail sale. The repair orreplacement of parts, or the performance of service under this warranty, does not extend the life of this warranty beyond itsoriginal expiration date. Promotional warranties are not included in this statement and coverage may vary by promotion.Product either sold or put into service more than six years from date of manufacture is excluded from warranty coverage.7.This warranty does not apply to normal worn parts, for example, worn cables, adjustments, or product damage due to: 1)neglect, lack of maintenance, accident, abnormal operation or improper installation or service; 2) abuse, such as, bentmetal columns, bent armature shafts, broken control cables, etc., accidents, modifications, misuse, excessive wear ordamage caused by an owner’s failure to provide reasonable and necessary installation or care; 3) use of an accessory orpart not manufactured by MotorGuide or Attwood; 4) alteration or removal of parts; 5) opening the lower unit (motor) byanyone other than an authorized MotorGuide service center will void this warranty.8.We reserve the right to improve the design of any trolling motor without assuming any obligation to modify any trollingmotor previously manufactured.9.All serialized "Service‑Repair" trolling motors receive a (1) one year warranty. Non‑serialized "Service‑Repair" electrictrolling motors are NOT warranted. "Service‑Repair" motor denotes a trolling motor sold by MotorGuide that may be used,but has been inspected and may have had minor repairs. Original retail purchaser of a "Service‑Repair" motor is the firstpurchaser of the motor after it is denoted as "Service‑Repair." "Service‑Repair" motors have a blue sticker on the batterycable and box denoting "Manufacturer Certified Service‑Repair Motor."10. This warranty will not apply to: 1) haul‑out, launch, towing and storage, transportation charges and/or travel time, telephoneor rental charges of any type, inconvenience, or loss of time or income, or other consequential damages; or 2) removal orreplacement of boat partitions or material because of boat design for necessary access to the Product; or 3) disconnectionand reconnection of hard‑wired trolling motors.11. TERMINATION OF COVERAGE: Warranty coverage may be terminated for repossessed product, or product purchased atauction, from a salvage yard, from a liquidator, from an insurance company, from unauthorized marine dealers orboatbuilders, or other third party entities.Page 290-8M0082949engJULY 2013


Section 1 - Warranty InformationNotes:Page 490-8M0082949engJULY 2013

Section 2 - General Information and Component IdentificationSection 2 - General Information and ComponentIdentification2Table of ContentsComponent Identification. 6Recording the Serial Number. 6Product Registration. 7Boater's Responsibilities. 7Protecting People in the Water. 790-8M0082949engJULY 2013While You Are Trolling . 7While the Boat Is Stationary . 7Passenger Safety Message. 7Safe Boating Suggestions. 7Page 5

Section 2 - General Information and Component IdentificationComponent Identificationaabcdefghijklmn-bmlndckgjfHeadCurly cableStow/deploy release leverBattery cables (hidden)Wireless foot pedalHandheld wireless remoteDeck mountPropellerSkegLower unit (motor)Depth collarDepth collar knobComposite columnSteering transmissionehi53443Recording the Serial NumberIt is important to record the serial number and model number for future reference. The serial number tags are located on thetrolling motor as shown. Record the serial number and the model number in the space provided in the Warranty Informationsection of this manual.a - Model identification numberb - Serial numberab53462Page 690-8M0082949engJULY 2013

Section 2 - General Information and Component IdentificationProduct RegistrationFor warranty purposes, please register your MotorGuide trolling motor by completing the enclosed warranty card or by's ResponsibilitiesThe operator (driver) is responsible for the correct and safe operation of the boat and safety of its occupants and generalpublic. It is strongly recommended that each operator (driver) read and understand this entire manual before operating thetrolling motor.Be sure at least one additional person on board is instructed in the basic operation of the trolling motor in case the driver isunable to operate the boat.Protecting People in the WaterWhile You Are TrollingIt is difficult for a person in the water to take quick action to avoid a boat heading in their direction, even at slow speeds.21604Always slow down and exercise extreme caution any time you are boating in an area where there might be people in the water.While the Boat Is Stationary!WARNINGA spinning propeller, a moving boat, or any solid device attached to the boat can cause serious injury or death to swimmers.Stop the trolling motor immediately whenever anyone in the water is near your boat.Shut off the trolling motor before allowing people to swim or be in the water near your boat.Passenger Safety MessageWhenever the boat is in motion, observe the location of all passengers. A sudden reduction in boat speed, such as a sharpchange of boat direction, could throw them off the boat.Safe Boating SuggestionsIn order to safely enjoy the waterways, familiarize yourself with local and other governmental boating regulations andrestrictions, and consider the following suggestions.Use flotation devices. It is the law to have an approved personal flotation device of suitable size for each person aboard andhave it readily accessible.Do not overload your boat. Most boats are rated and certified for maximum load (weight) capacities, refer to your boatcapacity plate. If in doubt, contact your dealer or the boat's manufacturer.Perform safety checks and required maintenance. Follow a regular schedule and ensure all repairs are made properly.Never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while boating (it is the law). Alcohol or drug use impairs your judgmentand greatly reduces your ability to react quickly.Passenger boarding. Stop the trolling motor whenever passengers are boarding or unloading.Be alert. The operator of the boat is responsible by law to maintain a proper lookout by sight and hearing. The operator musthave an unobstructed view particularly to the front. No passengers, load, or fishing seats should block the operators view whenoperating the boat.Underwater hazards. Reduce speed and proceed with caution whenever navigating in shallow water.Tripping hazards. To avoid a trip hazard, route all cables and wiring neatly and out of the way.90-8M0082949engJULY 2013Page 7

Section 2 - General Information and Component IdentificationReport accidents. Boat operators are required by law to file a Boating Accident Report with their state boating lawenforcement agency when their boat is involved in certain boating accidents. A boating accident must be reported if 1) there isloss of life or probable loss of life, 2) there is personal injury requiring medical treatment beyond first aid, 3) there is damage toboats or other property where the damage value exceeds 500.00 or 4) there is complete loss of the boat. Seek furtherassistance from local law enforcement.Page 890-8M0082949engJULY 2013

Section 3 - Product Installation, Wiring, and Battery InformationSection 3 - Product Installation, Wiring, and BatteryInformationTable of ContentsInstalling the Trolling Motor. 10Recommended Practice and Procedures. 12Battery Recommendations. 12Battery Precautions. 12Establishing a Common Ground. 12Electrolysis . 13Wire Color Code Abbreviations. 1390-8M0082949engJULY 2013Battery Connection. 1312‑Volt Battery Connection . 1324‑Volt Battery Connection . 1436‑Volt Battery Connection . 14Activating the Wireless Foot Pedal.