2-7388ASSEMBLY MANUALKeep With Operator’s ManualVALVE & PLUMBING KIT (SERIES VALVE)SMC 84Q & 2408 LOADERKUBOTA TRACTORSMODEL2WDL2850F, L2850DTL2850GSTL3250F, L3250DTVALVE AND PLUMBING GENERAL INFORMATIONThis kit includes a series valve. A series valve may bepreferred over a parallel valve because of relative easewith which two functions can be performed simultaneously. However, attempting to simult aneously lift androll back will cause a reduction in power and, eventually ,a stall. To prevent this, a shield (15 Figure 1) is inst alledonto valve, which will allow lift or roll back, but not bothsimultaneously. It is import ant that this shield (15) be inplace at all times to assure maximum loader ef ficiency.This shield also displays important safety (17) andoperation decals (16 & 18) which must be visible andlegible on valve at all times.Reference to left and right used in these instructionsrefer to position when seated in the operating position ontractor.NOTE: Valve handle is equipped with a spool lock/unlock feature. Spool lock/unlock operation decal (18)near handle boot (5) shows how to operate small knob atbase of handle linkage to allow or prevent handle operation. (See Figure 1.)Pulling small knob outward and turning it aquarter turn to hold it out, allows handle operation.4WDLESS CABXXXXXXValve and plumbing kit can be installed on tractor usingtools ordinarily available. Shut off engine, engage brakes,and remove key during installation.NOTE: Apply sealant only to all tapered threads unlesscoupled with swivel adapters. When using teflon tape,wrap tape clockwise (as viewed from end) and wrap onlytwice. Keep sealant away from first two threads oftapered end to prevent contamination of hydraulic fluid.Do not use sealant on o-ring or flare adapter threads.WARNING: Escaping hydraulic fluid underpressure can penetrate skin causingserious injury.zDO NOT use your hands to check for leaks. Use apiece of cardboard or paper to search for leaks.zStop engine and relieve pressure before connectingor disconnecting lines.zTighten all connections before starting engine orpressurizing lines.If any fluid is injected into skin, obtain medical attentionimmediately or gangrene may result.Figure 2Control Valve Mounting DetailPulling small knob, turning it a quarter turn, andallowing spring to retract it to inward positionlocks handle to prevent operation.61835FLO ATIN GW ARNperwith4SpoolLock/UnlockKnobttamting.Do no reliefsetuldvalvering coTam pen:resulti s operatorSeriouyinjur ortractorerLoad agedam11920C13BDUMP FASTDUMPRAISE52204452071812D111019Fasten valve and shield toeach side of mounting plateusing these holes.989Fasten plate and spacers tomounting tube using these holes.1110F-3946LO WERROLLBACKA714Fasten valve to mounting plateusing hole at this location.192017 16 152WITH CABFigure 1Valve, Fittings,Shield & MountingPage 1 of 104-03-06

2-7388TRACTOR HYDRAULIC BLOCKPressure Port(“In”)Lift CylinderRod (Yellow)ABControl ScrewLift CylinderBase (Green)Pressure(to valve in )Tilt CylinderBase (Blue)CPower Beyond(“PB”)DTilt CylinderRod (Red)Power BeyondTank Port(“Out”)Figure 3Identifying ControlValve PortsATTACHING VALVE TO LOADER MOUNTINGBRACKETS (Figures 1, 2, 3 & 5)1.Install 9/16 x 9/16 x 90 elbow fittings (7) intoworking ports A and C of valve (1). Orient elbowfittings (7) parallel with valve body to point in samedirection as valve ports B and D, then tighten jamnuts to lock elbows in position. Install 9/16 x 9/16straight fittings (8) into working ports B and D ofvalve (1). Install 9/16 x 3/8 straight fittings (9) intofittings (7 & 8) and install female quick couplers (10)and large identification bands (11) onto straightfittings (9).NOTE: Be sure to attach color-codedidentification bands (11) in sequence shown inFigure 3.2.Figure 4TankNOTE: To allow valve handle to be adjusted to bestposition for operator, leave nut (3) with lock washer (4)loose for adjustment until valve (1), mounting tube (13)is secured to tractor. Tighten nut (3) and secure valvehandle boot (5) with plastic tie strap only after valveand plumbing assembly is complete.5.Attach valve mounting tube (13) to front side ofattaching tab on loader right mid mounting bracketusing 1/2 x 2-1/2" cap screw (24), flat washer (25)and lock nut (26).IMPORTANT: Fasten valve mounting tube (13) to frontside of attaching tab on loader right mid mountingbracket to provide adequate clearance for operation oftractor brake pedals.PLUMBING CONTROL VALVE TO TRACTOR HYDRAULICS (Figures 3, 4 & 5)Fasten valve mounting plate (12) to valve mountingtube (13) using 3/8 x 2-1/4" cap screws (14) andlock nuts (15). Insert square plug (16) into top ofvalve mounting tube (13).1.Install 3/8 x 44" hose (28) into tank port of valve (1).Install 3/8 x 48" hoses (27) into power beyond andpressure ports of valve (1). Mark opposite ends ofeach hose, identifying it as tank, pressure, or powerbeyond hose.3.Fasten valve (1) to valve mounting plate (12) with2. Slide 32" hose sleeve (30) over tank hose (28) andtank and power beyond ports to bottom using 5/16 xslide 36" hose sleeves (29) over power beyond and3/4" cap screw (22) and lock washer (23) in top,pressure hoses (27). Secure sleeves over hosefront mounting hole in valve. Fasten valve shield (17)crimps at valve with plastic tie straps (33).to valve (1) through mounting plate (12) using 5/16 x1" cap screws (21) and 5/16” lock washers (23) in3. Remove plugs from pressure, tank, and powerbottom two mounting holes in valve.beyond ports of tractor hydraulic block and install 3/8 x 9/16 straight adapter fittings (40) into all threeNOTE: Decals (18, 19 & 20) are affixed to valveports. Install 9/16 x 9/16 x 90 elbow fittings (39)shield (17) from factory. (See Figure 2.) Replaceonto 3/8 x 9/16 straight fittings 40).decals if they become worn or illegible. Whenapplying replacement decals, make sure surface4. Connect power beyond hose (27) to elbow (31) inof valve shield (17) is clean and dry.power beyond port of tractor hydraulic block,connect tank hose (28) to elbow (31) in tank port of4. Thread 7/16-20 nut (3) onto valve handle (2) andtractor hydraulic block, and connect pressure hoseplace 7/16" lock washer (4) onto handle.Attach(27) to elbow (39) in pressure port of tractorhandle (2) to valve (1). Slip boot (5) over handle tohydraulic block. (See Figure 4.)cover handle linkage assembly. Thread ball (6) ontoend of valve handle.F-3946Page 2 of 104-03-06

2-7388PLUMBING CONTROL VALVE TO TRACTOR HYDRAULICS (Continued)5.6.Use 11" plastic tie straps (33) to secure hoses (27& 28) and sleeves (29 & 35) to elbow fittings (39).Use 11" plastic tie straps (33) to secure hoses (27 &28) together to valve mounting tube (13).Turn control screw on tractor hydraulic blockcounter clockwise to “C” position. (Figure 1)PLUMBING LOADER TO CONTROL VALVE(Figures 3 & 5)Install 3/8” x 72" hoses (34) onto boom oil linetubes. (See Figure 5.) Install and tighten hosefittings one at a time from the bottom up. Looseningthe closest oil line clamp will ease installation.2.Install small identification bands (37) onto free endsof hoses (34) to match bands (11) on female quickcouplers (10). Slide hose sleeves (30) over hoses(34). Install male quick couplers (36) onto free endsof hoses (34).3.Connect hoses (34) from upper two boom oil linesto lower female quick couplers on valve and connecthoses (34) from lower two boom oil lines to upperfemale quick couplers on valve. Use tarp strap (38)to secure hoses away from tractor tires and othermoving parts.F-3946After all plumbing has been completed, turn controlscrew on tractor hydraulic block counterclockwiseto “S” position to provide hydraulic power to loadercontrol valve (1).NOTE: If valve kit is removed from tractor, turncontrol screw on tractor hydraulic block clockwiseto shut off hydraulic power to ports.5.NOTE: If loader valve kit is removed from tractor,turn control screw to original position.1.4.Slowly cycle lift and bucket cylinders several timesto purge air from hydraulic system. Retractcylinders and shut off tractor engine. Replenishtractor hydraulic system.NOTE: When cycling loader, operate loaderaccording to operation decal (18) on valve shield(17). If direction of control lever is wrong or loaderwill not lower, recheck connections shown.Page 3 of 10WARNING: Escaping hydraulic fluidunder pressure can have sufficient forceto penetrate skin causing seriouspersonal injury. If injured by escapinghydraulic fluid, obtain medical treatmentimmediately.4-03-06

2-7388PARTS LIST – VALVE & PLUMBING KITItemPart No.DescriptionQty.*152205VALVE, Prince LVS, Series, 2-Spool (2000 PSI)1*243517HANDLE, Valve, Standard1*341836-14NUT, Hex, 7/16-201*441837-4WASHER, Lock, 7/16"1*552172BOOT, Valve Handle Linkage1*638902BALL, Valve Handle1744277-2FITTING, Elbow, 90 , 9/16-18 SAE O-Ring Male x 9/16-18 JIC Female2842062-6FITTING, Straight, 9/16-18 SAE O-Ring Male x 9/16-18 JIC Female2931221-4FITTING, Straight, 3/8 NPT Male x 9/16-18 JIC Male4106147-4COUPLER, Female Quick, 3/8"41136240-9SPIRAL BAND, Plastic, Blue, 1"136240-10SPIRAL BAND, Plastic, Red, 1"136240-11SPIRAL BAND, Plastic, Yellow, 1"136240-12SPIRAL BAND, Plastic, Green, 1"11252202PLATE, Valve Mounting11344416TUBE, Valve Mount11441838-19SCREW, Cap, 3/8-16 x 2-1/4"11541840-3NUT, Lock, 3/8-1621644274-1PLUG, Square Tube11752189SHIELD, Series Valve, With Decals11852204DECAL, Single Handle Control11952074DECAL, WARNING: Do Not Tamper With Valve Relief Setting12052203DECAL, Lock/Unlock12141838-60SCREW, Cap, 5/16-18 x 1"22241838-26SCREW, Cap, 5/16-18 x 3/4"42341837-2WASHER, Lock, 5/16"42441838-25SCREW, Cap, 1/2 x 2-1/2"22542502-10WASHER, Flat, 1/2"22641840-5NUT, Lock, 1/2-13, Type N22738163-8HOSE, 3/8 x 48", 3/4-16 O-Ring x 9/16-18 JIC Swivel (Pressure & Power Beyond)22838163-2HOSE, 3/8 x 44", 3/4-16 O-Ring x 9/16-18 JIC Swivel (Tank)12934853-4SLEEVE, Hose, 50" Long23034853-69SLEEVE, Hose, 76" Long43132338137-1STRAP, Plastic, Adjustable, 3/16" wide x 11" long63436336-3HOSE, 1/4 x 72", 3/8 NPTF x 9/16 JIC Swivel (Loader Control)43534853-61SLEEVE, Hose, 44" Long1366137-4COUPLER, Male Quick, 3/843736240-5SPIRAL BAND, Plastic, Blue, 5/8"136240-6SPIRAL BAND, Plastic, Red, 5/8"136240-7SPIRAL BAND, Plastic, Yellow, 5/8"136240-8SPIRAL BAND, Plastic, Green, 5/8"1387438-1STRAP, Tarp1*Items 2 through 6 are included with valve, item 1.397669FITTING, Elbow, 3/8” NPT x 3/8” NPT x 90 34025945-1FITTING, Adapter, 3/8”-19P ISO x 3/8” NPT34132844-5FITTING, Adapter, 9/16”-18 JIC x 3/4” O-Ring2F-3946Page 4 of 104-03-06

2-7388Figure 5Pow er B eyond PortPressure Port262527Tank Port29402319 18 ket Cylinder BaseBucket Cylinder RodLift Cylinder RodLift Cylinder Base38F-3946Page 5 of 104-03-06

2-7388PRINCE LVS (SERIES) VALVE SERVICE (Figure 6)6.Following is an outline procedure for disassembling andreassembling valve.WARNING: This valve has a valve reliefsetting preset at the factory. Tamperingwith this setting can cause serious injuryto operator and damage to tractor, valve,or loader. Unauthorized adjustments orservice to valve relief will VOID WARRANTY of both loader and tractor. Ifadjustments or service to valve relief arerequired during warranty period, an authorized service department must be consulted for authorization.Remove spool lock assembly from clevis housing(31) by removing retaining ring (38) and slidinghandle (36) away from valve, taking care to not losespring (39). Remove lock blade (37). Unthread knob(35) to remove it from handle (36). Remove 1/8 x 3/4"spring pin (40) with a hammer and pliers.RELIEF VALVE AND LOAD CHECK PLUGSNOTE: Relief valve (2) and load check plugs (3) may beremoved separately to clean, inspect, or replace parts,without removing valve spools.NOTE: If repairing or replacing relief valve (2), torquelarger hex nut (relief body) to 20-25 ft.·lbs. If repairing orreplacing load check plugs (3), torque to 20-25 ft.·lbs.VALVE HANDLE DISASSEMBLYSPOOL POSITIONER DISASSEMBLYNOTE: It is advisable to mark or tag all parts so theywill be reinstalled in their proper position.Positioner assemblies (4 & 5) for float and regen spoolsare nearly identical, with the exception of positioningsleeve (8 & 9), for which float spool requires a floatdetent sleeve (8, which has an internal groove for detenthold) and the regen spool requires a regen detent sleeve(9, which has a smooth bore with a step). The sameprocedure describes how to disassemble bothpositioners.1.Remove ball (23, Figure 6) from valve handle (19) bytwisting ball (23) counterclockwise, unthreading itfrom handle (19).2.Remove tie strap (24) and slide boot (22) off end ofvalve handle (19) to remove boot (22) and exposelinkage components.3.Remove handle (19) from linkage disk (25) byunjamming 7/16" hex nut (20) and lock washer (21)from linkage disk (25), then unthreading handle (19)from disk (25).4.Remove three 5/16-24 x 3/4" socket head capscrews (26) to remove handle linkage disk (25) fromrod ends (27 & 28). Remove 5/16-24 hex nuts (30)from spool stud (29) and rod end assemblies (27) toremove spool stud (29) and rod end assemblies (27)from spool ends.NOTE: Handle linkage parts, 5/16 x 3/4" sockethead cap screws (26) and 5/16-24 hex nuts (30),have been assembled using Loctite 680 orequivalent.1.CAUTION: Compression spring (12) maintainspressure on poppet (11), which in turn maintainspressure on steel balls (13), which are all held withindetent retainer (10) by detent sleeve (8 or 9). Steelballs (13), poppet (11) and spring (12) may springout when detent sleeve (8 or 9) is removed. Wearsafety glasses.2.Remove steel balls (13), poppet (1 1), and poppetspring (12) from detent retainer (10). Remove retainerflat (14) and detent spacer (15) for each spool.3.Secure handle end of each spool and, using a rodthrough retainer ball holes, remove detent retainer(10) from each spool.NOTE: Valve spools are one-piece construction.Spool ends are not separable from spools.5.Remove clevis housing (31) and spool lockassembly from valve by removing two 1/4 x 1-3/4"socket head cap screws (32) and one 1/4 x 3/4"socket head cap screw (33) with flat washer (34).Remove socket head cap screws (6) and detent endcaps (7) from both spools. Being careful not to losesmall spring-loaded parts, steel balls (13), poppet(11), and spring (12), remove detent sleeve (8 & 9)from each spool.NOTE: Detent retainers (10) are installed on spoolsusing Loctite 222 or equivalent.4.Remove washer (16), centering spring (17) and stopcup (18) from each spool.NOTE: 1/4" socket head cap screws (32 & 33),which fasten clevis housing (31) to valve body, havebeen assembled using Loctite 680 or equivalent.F-3946Page 6 of 104-03-06

2-7388SPOOL SEAL REMOVALTo remove spool seals (1), push spool in until seal (1) isexposed. Use a wire hook and screwdriver to removeexposed spool seals.NOTE: Removing or replacing spool seals near handleends of valve spools will destroy spool seals nearpositioner ends. Replace positioner-end spool seals afterreplacing handle-end spool seals.BEFORE REASSEMBLINGClean all p arts, including valve body , in a suit ablecleaning solvent. After cleaning p arts with solvent, useair pressure to blow any dirt or excess solvent from allparts, including valve body . Examine all p arts for wear ordamage and replace if necessary .VALVE REASSEMBLYReassemble all p arts in reverse order of disassembly .1.Lubricate all o-rings and spools with oil to preventdamage when assembling.NOTE: When fastening detent retainers (10) onto valvespools, clean threads thoroughly and install with Loctite222 or equivalent, following instructions provided withthread locking compound, and tighten to 5-7 ft.·lbs.When installing detents, install spring (12) and poppet(11) into detent ret ainer (10) and compress spring (12).Install steel balls (13) and slide detent sleeve (8 or 9)over detent retainer (10), capturing steel balls (13).NOTE: For proper valve operation, float detent sleeve(8) must be installed onto detent retainer for float spool,and regen detent sleeve (9) must be installed on detentretainer for regen spool. Float detent sleeve (8) has aninternal groove for detent hold. Regen detent sleeve (9)has a smooth bore with a step. Refer to Figure 6 forlocation of float spool and regen spool.NOTE: When fastening 5/16" and 1/4" hardware forclevis housing and handle linkage, clean all threadsthoroughly with alcohol, apply Loctite primer T, andinstall with Loctite 680, following instructions providedwith thread locking compound. Tighten 1/4" hardware(coarse thread) to 110 in.·lbs. and tighten 5/16" hardware(fine thread) to 170-190 in.·lbs.NOTE: When replacing spool seals (1), install sealin handle end first and then replace seal inpositioner end.2.Lubricate all detent and spring centering parts with alight coat of grease when assembling.F-3946Page 7 of 104-03-06

2-7388PARTS LIST – PRINCE LVS (SERIES) VALVEItem123457Part 9-152248G273625DescriptionSEAL KIT, Prince LVS ValveRELIEF VALVE (2000PSI)PLUG, Load CheckFLOAT KIT (Includes items 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18)REGEN KIT (Includes items 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18)END CAP, Manufacturer’s part number (HC-V-AA25) stamped on end capidentifies valve and relief setting.)HANDLE, Valve, StandardNUT, Hex, 7/16-20WASHER, Lock, 7/16"BOOT, Rubber, Valve HandleBALL, HandleTIE STRAP, 3/16" wide x 13" longDISK, Adapter, Handle to LinkageSCREW, Cap, Socket Head, 5/16-24 x 3/4"ROD END, AssemblyROD ENDSTUD, SpoolNUT, Hex, 5/16-24CLEVIS, Lock, HousingSCREW, Cap, Socket Head, 1/4-20 x 1-3/4"SCREW, Cap, Socket Head, 1/4-20 x 3/4"WASHER, Flat, 1/4"KNOB, Spool LockHANDLE, Spool LockBLADE LOCKRING, Retaining, ExternalSPRINGROLL PINQty.1121121111111321131211111111NOTE: Valve spools are one-piece construction, which includes spool ends for connecting handle linkage.Valve spools and body are matched parts and are not available separately.Individual items not listed in repair parts listing are not available separately.F-3946Page 8 of 104-03-06

2-738840353639372438110 IN ·LB S170-190 IN ·LB S132301292822313234333027110 IN ·LB S125626212019236170-190 IN ·LB S178 *4115-7 FT·LB S2121310141631317118715119 *21112131011416517181515-7 FT·LB S2N O TE:1FloatSpoolClean threaded parts thoroughly withalcohol, apply Loctite primer T, andinstall using Loctite 680. Torque hardware (26, 27, 29, 30, 32 & 33) to torquevalues indicated.21Figure 6Prince LVS (Series)Valve ServiceClean threaded parts with Loctiteprimer and install using Loctite 222.R egen SpoolTorque detent retainers (10) to torquevalues indicated.* Float detent sleeve (8) has an internalgroove for detent hold. Regen detentsleeve (9) has a smooth bore with astep.F-3946Page 9 of 104-03-06

2-7388GENERAL TORQUE SPECIFICATIONSUSE THE FOLLOWING TORQUES WHEN SPECIAL TORQUES ARE NOT GIVENStandard American and Metric Cap ScrewsAMERICAN STANDARD CAP SCREWSMETRIC CAP SCREWSSAE Grade58Metric Class8.810.9Typ. HeadTyp. HeadMarkingsMarkingsCap ScrewTORQUETORQUETORQUETORQUECap ·mSizeInchesMINMAXMINMAXMINMAXMINMAX 259.511136881191112151/4 - 20M6 x 1.0089111210.5121416162021.52723273136.51/4 - 28M8 x 1.251415192018.520252729353947425257705/16 - 18M10 x 1.50192326232531345262708475911021235/16 - 24 17.5M12 x 1.7526283538353747.550851031151391201461631983/8 - 16M14 x 2.0031344246414555.5611301581762141762162382933/8 - 24M16 x 16 - 14M18 x 6 - 20M20 x 2 - 13M22 x 1/2 - 20M24 x 3.00951051291421271401721906377798631055898109812