Command Center andSecure Access - Client InstallationCom m and Ce n ter ( C M C) an d Sec ur e Ac c es s (S A ) r eq u ir e a f e w s i m ple s t eps t o i ns t a l l a nd r un . T h ef ol l o wi ng s e t of i ns tr uc ti o ns wi l l wa lk yo u thr ou g h d o wn lo a d in g, ins ta l l in g , an d l o g gi n g i n to t h e c l ie n tf or t h e pr od uc t t h at yo u ar e us in g . O nc e yo u rec e i v e yo u r “W elc om e” em ai l , f o l l o w t he s t eps be l o w.Easy Installation Process1. After requesting access to Command Center or Secure Access, you will receive a Welcome email with temporary credentialsand a download link for the product you are using.2. When you receive your Welcome email, click the download link to begin the installation process. If an option is given, chooseto Run the installer immediately.3. When the installation starts, you may be asked to provide Administrator Access or Allow the Program to Make Changes. Thisis necessary to properly install the client. Select Yes when asked.4. Once access has been granted, the installation will begin. First you will be asked to Select a Setup Language. English isselected by default. Select OK to proceed.5. The first setup screen will open welcoming you to the setup process. Select Next to proceed.Quick Reference Guide

CMC/SA Client Installer Quick Reference Guide6. The License Agreement page asks you to acknowledge that you access the Terms and Conditions. Please select I accept the agreement andclick Next to proceed.7. The Select Destination Location page asks you to select an installation location for the product. Use the default location unless you have aspecific location you prefer to install to. Click Next to proceed.Page 2

CMC/SA Client Installer Quick Reference Guide8. The Select Start Menu Folder page asks you to select the folder the application will be installed in under the Start Menu in Windows. Use thedefault location unless you have a specific folder you prefer to install to. If you do not want to create a Start Menu folder for the application,click the checkbox labeled Don’t Create a Start Menu folder. Click Next to proceed.9. The Select Additional Tasks page lets you select whether or not a desktop shortcut will be created. Check the box next to Create a desktopicon to create a desktop shortcut. Click Next to proceed.Page 3

CMC/SA Client Installer Quick Reference Guide10. The Ready to Install page is the final page before the installation. This page provides a summary of each previous selection where you canconfirm that the Destination Location, Start Menu Folder, and Additional Tasks are correct. To make any changes, click the Backbutton and go back to the desired page. To proceed, click Install and the installation will proceed.11. The Completing the Setup Wizard page is the last part of the process. To launch Command Center or Secure Accessimmediately, check the Launch box. Click Finish to complete the installation.12. The Client is now installed and you are ready to log in.Page 4

CMC/SA Client Installer Quick Reference GuideLogging In to Command Center or Secure AccessYou must log in before you can begin to use the system. The Login dialog box has a Username, Password, and SecurityCode option.The Security Code offers three multi-factor methods to log in to the system. If you obtained one, you can use the FIDO U2FUSB device, you can use Google Authenticator, or use the NCR Pulse Secure Code applet.To log in to the client application for the first time:1. Double-click the new shortcut created on the desktop. A Login dialog box will appear.If local admin privileges were not used during install, please right-click the new shortcut and choose Run As Administrator to allow VNC to connectwith local admin privileges. This only needs to be done one time.2. Type your Username (the email address you received your “Welcome” email at).3. Type your Password (found in the “Welcome” email).4. Perform One of the following: With the “2-factor” option set to U2F, plug the FIDO U2F USB device into an open USB port, then click OK. You will be promptedto touch/click the FIDO U2F USB device to authenticate. When you touch/click the device, you will be authenticated and loggedin. To set up the FIDO U2F USB device, go to the “FIDO U2F USB Setup” instructions on Page 7. With the “2-Factor” option set to Default, enter the numeric security code that appears in the Google Authenticator app (setupinstructions on Page 6) or in the NCR Pulse Secure Code applet and then click OK.5. The Password Change dialog box will appear. Create a new Password, then confirm the password.Passwords must be between 8 and 32 characters and contain at least one number and one non-alphanumeric character (!# * &).6. Click OK. You will now be required to log in with your new password. Enter your Username, new Password and a newsecurity code to complete the login. The main screen will appear and you are ready to use the system!Each login attempt requires a new security code. Codes can only be used one time. If using Google Authenticator or NCR Pulse Login Authenticator, youmust wait for the number to cycle. If using FIDO U2F USB, you will touch/click the device again.Page 5

CMC/SA Client Installer Quick Reference GuideGoogle Authenticator SetupGoogle Authenticator is a free authentication application available on most mobile device platforms. To enable GoogleAuthenticator on your mobile device, use the 24-character token in the “Secure Code” email you received fromCommand Center/Secure Access support and follow the instructions for iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android below.iOS Google Authenticator Setup:1. Download and install Google Authenticator from the iOS App Store2. Tap the “ ” button in the upper-right corner3. Select Manual Entry4. Enter the 24-character OATH token from the Secure Code email you received5. Enter a name (email address not required) to describe the setup, such as “Command Center” or “Secure Access”, in theAccount section6. Tap the checkmark in the upper-right corner7. You should now see the account that you created with a 6-digit code that cycles every 30 seconds. Enter this code inthe “Security Code” field on the Command Center or Secure Access login screen to complete authentication.Android Google Authenticator Setup: Google Play on your mobile deviceSearch for Google AuthenticatorDownload and install the applicationOn your mobile device, open the Google Authenticator applicationIf this is the first time you have used Google Authenticator, select Begin Setup. If you are adding a new account,choose Set up account from the application’s menu.6. To link your mobile device to your account, select Enter provided key, then enter “Command Center” or “SecureAccess” (or something descriptive) in the “Enter Account Name” box.7. Enter the 24-character OATH token from your “Secure Code” email in the “Enter your key” box.8. Select Time Based9. Select Add10. You should now see the account that you created with a 6-digit code that cycles every 30 seconds. Enter this code inthe “Security Code” field on the Command Center or Secure Access login screen to complete authentication.Links to Video Walkthroughs for Google Authenticator Setup:iOS Setup - Setup - 6

CMC/SA Client Installer Quick Reference GuideFIDO U2F USB SetupThe FIDO U2F USB key is a low-cost, simple method ofphysical multi-factor authentication available for CommandCenter and Secure Access users. First-time setup toassociate a key with a user is simple, just follow these steps:3. Click the Register U2F Token link.Initial Setup for the FIDO U2F USB Key:1. Open the Command Center/Secure Access client, thelogin screen will be displayed. Enter your username andpassword.4. Click OK to continue registering the U2F key.2. Click the 2-factor dropdown list and select the U2Foption.5. You will receive an email [email protected] with a 24-characterdevice token. This token is required to authenticate yourU2F device. Enter the 24-character token in theU2F Security Key Registration pop-up window.Page 7

CMC/SA Client Installer Quick Reference GuideFIDO U2F USB Key Setup (cont.):6.Press the button on the U2F key when prompted.7.Your U2F key is now registered.Once you have successfully registered the FIDO U2F USBKey, follow these steps to log in to Command Center/SecureAccess:1. Plug the U2F USB device into a USB port.2. Enter your Command Center/Secure Access Usernameand Password.3. Select U2F from the 2-factor dropdown list.4. Click OK to log in.5. Press the button on the U2F key when prompted.To disassociate a FIDO U2F USB device from a user,please email the Command Center/Secure Access Supportteam at [email protected] and ask for U2F to becleared. Once cleared, you will be able to associate a newdevice with your Command Center/Secure Access account.Page 8