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01WEBSITEResearch from Google showsthat nearly 60% of searches arehappening on mobile devices. That’sa big deal. If you get any web traffic orbusiness to your website from Google(and the odds are that you do), thatlikely means that you’re alreadyseeing a mobile majority.No digital marketing channel isunaffected by this change, but manybrands are still doing the same thingsthey’ve always done rather thanoptimizing websites, content, andsocial channels for mobile behavior.Table of ContentsEven if you haven’t optimizedcontent for mobile, most of yourusers are already looking at it ontheir phones or tablets. A study foundthat almost 60% of digital content isconsumed on mobile devices.So how do you make sureyour website is optimizedfor mobile visitors?3

Mobile VersionAs a rule of thumb - literally - thebounce rate on mobile devices isnearly 10% higher on desktops. Soyou have only a fraction of a secondto capture their attention beforevisitors jump back to the search orsocial network that likely broughtthem there.In this case, it’s important to thinkabout how mobile users are lookingat their screens. The ContentMarketing Institute breaks it downin detail.Source: Content Marketing InstituteOn desktops, people usually follow a“golden triangle” of viewing behavior.WebsiteThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing4

Source: Content Marketing InstituteThat means they look at the upper left Mobile users see things differently.corner of the website before movingThey’re likely looking at the exactdown and to the of the screen. Before anythingelse, their attention is attracted toWhen it comes to media consumption, images rather than words.visitors read in an F-shaped pattern:top, left to right, and down beforeMobile content should emphasizegoing to left to right and further down images, short paragraphs, and boldthe webpage.headlines that break up differentsections. Mobile users are far morelikely to skim before reading and,if something doesn’t catch theirattention right away, they’ll bounce.WebsiteThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing5

Timing is EverythingLike in comedy, timingmakes or breakswebsites. KISS Metricsfound that:47% of consumers expect a webpage toload in two seconds or less40% abandon a website that takes threeseconds or longerA one second delay in page response canresult in a 7% reduction in conversion.An eCommerce site making 100,000 per daycould lose 2.5 million in sales every year ifthere’s a one second delay in load time.Mobile consumers are even less patient.With such a high bounce rate, you have to makesure the site loads before someone decides to tapsomewhere else.WebsiteThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing6

5 Great Mobile-Optimized WebsitesGiven the attention span and behavior of mobile visitors, companies haveto rethink how the their websites look. Here are five businesses that haveoptimized the mobile content experience:EtsyAs an eCommerce site, Etsy needs tomake sure that mobile visitors can getfrom start-to-finish as fast as possible.By featuring a search bar right abovethe fold on the screen, Etsy promptsvisitors to type in and find what they’retrying to buy or browse right away.Domino’sDomino’s knows that people areprobably looking for one thing whenthey go to the website: pizza. Inaddition to the prominent “OrderOnline” button that takes visitorsright to the next step, there are hugecoupons that make it easy toredeem rewards and learn aboutother food options.WebsiteThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing7

Geico InsuranceGeico opts for an extremely simplemobile experience. Visitors can inputtheir zip code to get a quote or learnmore about policies. By allowingcurrent policyholders to login andeducating first-time visitors, Geicoimmediately gets mobile visitors to thenext step in the journey.BuzzfeedBuzzfeed opts for an image-firstapproach to content. With boldheadlines and captivating heroimages, users can click to the mostpopular content as soon as they landon the homepage. Additionally, asimple menu allows them to drill downinto content categories.WebsiteThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing8

ABCAround 60% of video views occur ona mobile device, so video is kind ofa big deal on mobile. Mobile usersalso tend to multitask when they’rewatching TV, whether they’re tweetingabout a show or looking to learn moreabout it.Source:ABC’s website offers an easy way toget more information about some ofthe top TV shows, engaging mobileusers with media content right away.WebsiteThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing9

Mobile is the Digital Hipster“For mobile content, marketers need to unlearn classictrends, campaigns, and strategies. They have to present theircontent the way the users expect it. Vertical video, short edgymarketing messages, captivating images that stand on theirown. Think “digital hipster” and you will succeed reaching toyour mobile audience.”Martin Milanov,Digital Marketing Lead,Fair Point GmbHWebsiteThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing10

02PREMIUM CONTENTThe content you create is going todepend on your industry and youraudience. B2B companies tend tofocus on eBooks, webinars, andresearch reports that can drive leads.B2C companies might be moreinterested in creating interactiveexperiences, videos, and sociallyoptimized content.with content differently.And that means you have to startoptimizing your strategyaccordingly.Whatever the case, mobilevisitors interactTable of Contents

TeaGuideTea GuideTeaGuide01 Making PDFs ResponsiveEbooks might be the most commontype of PDF that companies create,but they are far from the only one.Presentations, guides, instructionmanuals, reports, research, menus,catalogs, magazines, and more areall getting digitized.Premium ContentThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content MarketingBut mobile users often have a hardtime downloading a PDF and readingit on their phones, which meansyou have to think of new, alternativeways to make PDFs responsive andinteractive. Here are three:12

UberFlipFor businesses that want to offer a premium content experience and areconstantly creating PDFs, webinars, and other collateral, you might want totake a look at UberFlip. UberFlip can create responsive experiences for anyPDF and also provide advanced analytics showing how viewers read andengage with the content.SlideShareIDR SolutionsAt Bitly, we upload webinars toSlideShare as a way to make themmore accessible to prospects whowant to see the webinars but don’twant to view a recording. SlideShareallows PDF uploads and convertsthem to an easily viewable, slide-likeformat on mobile devices.If you really want to make a beautiful,responsive eBook, you need toconvert your PDF to HTML5. IDRSolutions offers a free trial for a PDFto HTML5 converter that can helpbusinesses hoping to create collateralor content that appeals to mobileusers.Premium ContentThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing13

“Ebooks and whitepapers are awesome lead-generating contentpieces but require a significant time commitment from your lead.But the odds are good that your lead won’t be willing to committhis time to reading your content on their mobile phone.To counteract this conundrum, be sure to email your lead acopy to read later. We have found that including text instructionsconfirming we’ll email people a copy of the eBook can increasemobile conversions by 152%.”Jenny Degraff Knizer,Director of Marketing and Creative Services,Marketing MojoPremium ContentThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing14

02 Keep Copy Clean, Bold, PunchyMobile copy should be even shorterthan the copy written for desktops.Every paragraph should be 3-5sentences and you should leaveplenty of blank space around theedges of your content. This is inline with the broader trend of clean,simple design that is easily viewed onsmaller screens.“The mobile experience is interactive,not passive,” Natalie Edwards, themarketing director of sFBI says. “Withso little space to spare, every image,quote, header, or button shouldcontain either key messaging or anavigation point. Our attention spansare too small and our fingers are toobig for anything else.”Mobile copy should be punctuatedwith images, calls-to-action, and otherbuttons to break up the text. Wherepossible, add bullets and use lists toincrease engagement.Terifi acQuali-teaPremium ContentThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing15

03 To Get Engagement, Go VisualCisco estimates that, by 2021, videois going to account for 82% of allconsumer internet traffic. On YouTube,70% of videos are now viewed onmobile devices and those viewingsessions last for over 40 minuteson average.TTeearirfiifiac cMeanwhile, social networks likeInstagram and Snapchat all operateprimarily on mobile devices. Andthe one thing they have in common?Compelling videos and images.Sharing videos is a big past-time formobile consumers:

92% of mobile consumers said that theyshare online video content with others throughsocial media, text, email, or other channels(WordStream)Mobile consumers are 3x more likely to view avideo (Invodo)10 million videos are watched on Snapchat perday. (WordStream)90% of Twitter video views happen on a mobiledevice. (WordStream)51% of all video plays are on mobile devices.(Biteable)When it comes to creating mobile contentmarketing, video is the number one area formarketers to focus on in the future.Premium ContentThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing17

3 Brands Creating Great Mobile VideosSo we know that visuals are key to getting and keeping a mobile viewer’sattention. But what kind of content resonates with viewers? Here are threebrands that saw some big returns from their unique video marketing efforts.1 LyftRide-sharing service Lyft createda celebrity-driven series calledUndercover Lyft. In it we seecelebrities, such as Shaquille O’Neal,Danica Patrick and Jerry Rice pickup unsuspecting passengers whilehidden cameras record. The goalwas to set Lyft apart from its leadingPremium ContentThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketingcompetitor, and create some buzz.The result? Content that perfectlyhit the mark resulting in millions ofimpressions.18

2 PurpleFor years Purple has been runningan ongoing video campaign on socialmedia using a quirky edutainmentapproach. Their Goldilocks video, forexample, has amassed more than166 million views. It shows the world’sleading bed expert, Goldilocks,humorously explain why Purplemattress are so good. In their off-the-wall Sasquatch video (which hasmore than 93 million views) we see amom and kid Sasquatch subject themattresses protector sheet to all kindsof torture to demonstrate how durableand tough it is. Taken together,Purple’s videos have amassed morethan 500 million views and helpeddrive the company to 187 million inrevenue. Sleep on that.3 Squatty PottyThis is one of the greatest one-hitwonders of all time. This creative“demo” features a puppet unicornfilling ice cream cones with its, ahem,Premium ContentThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketingrainbow color ‘ice-cream.’ So far ithas reached 34 million views with animpressive 600% increase in sales.Not too shabby.19

03CREATING MOBILESOCIAL CONTENTSocial media marketing and mobilemarketing content are usuallythought of as two different channels.However, mobile and social contentare becoming interchangeable. Thevast majority of social media users areengaging with social content on mobiledevices and that has big implications.So when you’re creating your nextsocial campaign, you alwaysneed to create content from amobile-first perspective.Table of Contents20

01 How Mobile Are Social Networks?Comscore research from December2013 showed a comprehensivepicture of how predominant mobileis when it comes to social networks.Given that mobile use is onlyincreasing, we can expect that thesenumbers are even higher at this 92%86%74%58%93% of Twitter video views happen on mobile(Twitter)Mobile accounts for nearly 80% of time spent on social medianetworks (Sprout Social)Mobile devices account for more than half of all YouTube views(Sprout Social)55% of email opens came from mobile devices(Text Request)21

The Mobile Experience is Intimately Social“When using your phone or tablet, you are usually all byyourself. even when you’re surrounded by hundreds of people.So the way you approach social media, information content,browsing, ads, or brand exposure is dominated by one singlequestion - ‘Do I want to share this?”This question needs to be answered by mobile digital marketers.”Martin Milanov,Digital Marketing Lead,Fair Point GmbHCreating Mobile Social ContentThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing22

02 The Mini-Guide forGreat Instagram ContentForrester claims that Instagram is the“King of Engagement.” With nearly a400% higher engagement rate thanany other social network, thephoto-sharing service has a lotof potential for brands to buildcommunities and relationships amongmobile audiences.Since 98% of Instagram users are onmobile devices, the photo servicealso allows brands the opportunity toexperiment with new kinds ofmobile-first content. Here’s how youcan get started:23

1 Post4 Offer Deals & GiveawaysMany brands will post 2-3 photos aday. Photos should be story-driven,compelling visuals. You can also askfor photo submissions from followersor show life behind-the-scenes at thebusiness. Don’t forget that Instagramallows for 15-second videos, too.A lot of deals and giveaways onInstagram are community-driven. Offerprizes to customers who take thebest pictures of themselves with theproduct. You can also ask followersto tag friends in posts or take selfiesin order to enter contests andgiveaways.2 HashtagThe best way to start buildingan audience is to use commonhashtags. Not just one or two, either.You can opt for anywhere from 5-11hashtags per post to start growingawareness. By hashtagging industryterms and common words, you canboost engagement and followersimmediately.3 InteractThe most successful businessesdon’t just respond to comments, theyfavorite and comment on other postsas well. By favoriting posts relatedto your industry or brand, you canactually create outbound awareness.Creating Mobile Social ContentThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing5 Work with InfluencersInfluencer marketing on Instagramcan be highly effective. By workingwith someone who already has anestablished audience on Instagram,brands can tap into new audiencesand build followings.The most common tactic is to allowinfluencers to “take over” a brand’sInstagram account for a few days, sothat the influencer’s followers will startlooking at the account. Influencersoften test or promote a brand’sproduct in each photo.24

Airbnb Instagram SuccessesThe best campaign ideas workeverywhere - regardless of thechannel you are working with. Butjust coming up with a snappy taglinealone won’t cut it. Airbnb is a goodexample of that in a recent socialmarketing effort.Their campaign tagline ‘Don’t justgo there, live there’ was a strongcall to action. But Airbnb didn’t stopthere. They brought it to life on theirInstagram channel by posting usergenerated photos from both hostsCreating Mobile Social ContentThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketingand guests. This campaign allowedusers a genuine way to truly engageand earned Airbnb thousands of likesper post.It’s a powerful example of howimportant of it is for brands be trueto who they are and follow throughon promises, especially on social. Somake sure your campaign conceptsreflect your brand and then keep thatpromise in all of your marketing.25

Optimizing the Mobile SocialCustomer JourneyWhen customers visit your websiteafter clicking a social mediacampaign, make sure that the siteis ready for them. Leverage GoogleAnalytics to find out the breakdownof your mobile users versus desktopusers. Check which pages are gettingvisited the most by mobile users andclosely monitor the bounce rate.Finally, don’t forget to test out theexperience yourself. Use your phoneto see where a new social post orad takes you. If you don’t have thepatience to take an action onceyou’re on the landing page, the oddsare slim that your users will.Every social campaign should leadto responsive landing pages that areoptimized for the next step, whetherthat’s a download, a purchase, orinteraction.26

Social Referrals Treat Content Like Fast Food“Keep in mind that a lot of mobile users will be arriving atyour content through social media, and these customers areeven more demanding than those arriving from search. If yourheadline on Facebook touts hot & fresh, but your content buriesthe lead cold, they’ll soon be clicking away and hiking up yourbounce rate.That click isn’t worth much if the reader isn’t getting engagedenough to find to your text or banner advertisements. Reviewcontent on your site that is getting a lot of clicks, but a highbounce rate. You may be able to sniff out content that falls flatand find opportunities to make it juicy.Rain Turner,Creative Manager,Naked Lime MarketingCreating Mobile Social ContentThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing27

03 Social AdsAs the organic reach of Facebookposts has dwindled and other socialmedia platforms have been saturatedby content, paid social promotionsare sometimes the only way to ensurethat fans can see the content that youpost to social networks.When creating ads for networks likeFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, andothers, remember that users areconstantly scrolling and your ad is justone post of many that they’re likely tosee during any given session.Compelling copy and powerfulimages are crucial to keepingcustomer attention and encouragingthem to take another step. To createthe best social ads possible, youshould A/B test everything from whatphoto you’re using to the copy you’reusing to feature deals and offers.Creating Mobile Social ContentThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content MarketingYep.We’re MintTo Be.By monitoring the click-throughsto each social ad, you can gaugeperformance of differentcreative variations across largecustomer segments.28

04 Facebook Ad Best PracticesHere are some key things to help Facebook ads stand out:1 Avoid blue-and-white colors.If you use the same colors asFacebook, your ad will get lost asusers are scrolling. Instead, focus oneye-popping oranges, golds, reds,and other shades that will catchsomeone’s eye.2 Feature your brand’s logoprominently, so even if users scroll byat first, they’ll see the company name.3 Create call-outs that show valuepropositions. Your ad should havebold sales copy or “free” messagingto attract customer attention.Creating Mobile Social ContentThe Ultimate Guide to Mobile Content Marketing4 Experiment with kids, pets, andgoofy images. Children and pets aresome of the most shared images onthe web and putting them in yourFacebook Ads can’t hurt.5 Keep headlines concise. It youget too wordy no one will read whatyou have to say.6 Try to avoid using text on theFacebook ad image. Clean and sharplayouts get more attention then onefill with too much stuff29

05 Location,Location, Location.06 Ads Deep LinksThe most powerful feature of mobilesocial content is location targeting.Most social media platforms allow youto drill down to specific regions whencreating an audience. On mobile, thisinformation is more relevant than everand on some social networks, likeFacebook, you can do even more.Keep in mind that most users aregoing to be using social apps ratherthan mobile web. By using mobiledeep links, you can send users to aspecific location within your own apprather than the mobile web. You alsowon’t interrupt the mobile experienceby sending visitors