2018 Senior MetropolitanLC SummerChampionshipsSanctioned by United States Swimming & Metropolitan Swimming, Inc.Sanction NumberTime Trials Sanction NumberSponsored by Metropolitan Swimming, Inc.To be held at:NASSAU COUNTY AQUATIC CENTER – EISENHOWER PARK EAST MEADOW, NEW YORKJULY 19-22, 2018Important notice – Please read every page!The 2018 Summer Senior Mets must be entered through the USA SwimmingOME (on‐line meet entry) system only.Entries will be accepted online at USA‐S OME between June 1st, 2018 andJuly 9th 2018The MM events file is available on the Metro Web site for swimmer’s eligibility purposes only.Exported Entries from Team Manager ‐ or any other program - will not be accepted.Questions ‐ email [email protected] Chair:John McIlhargyMeet Directors:Brian Hansbury, Mary Fleckenstein, Eric FisherMeet Referee:Mark AmodioAdministrative Official: Brian Hansbury, Mary Fleckenstein, Eric FisherMeet Jury: TBA, Metro LSC Senior Chairmen A Metro Athlete, Metro CoachMeet Referee, Meet Director/Metro Board member (5 people min. – different each day)

2018 SENIOR METROPOLITAN LC SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIPSHosted by Metropolitan Swimming, Inc.At Nassau County Aquatic CenterPLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY!SANCTION:Held under the sanction of USA Swimming/Metropolitan Swimming, Inc.,Sanction # 180709Time Trial – 180753-TLOCATION:Nassau County Aquatic CenterEisenhower ParkEast Meadow, NY 11554FACILITY:10 x 50 meter lanes – minimum depth 2 meters.Colorado Timing System, with 10 lane scoreboard.The pool has been certified in accordance with Article 104.2.2C (4)NO SMOKING ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING. Teams are expected to police andmaintain their areas on the pool deck. Athletes, parents and children are restrictedto the pool area and spectators stands and are not authorized to be in any otherpart of the building. Offenders will be ejected from the facility. No locks may be left on NCAC lockers. Shaving is not permitted on the premises. No electronic audio or visual recording devices, including cell phones, arepermitted in changing areas, rest rooms, or locker rooms. Failure to comply mayresult in expulsion from the meet.Photography and video recording behind the blocks is NOT permitted Deck Changes are prohibited.Brian Hansbury – [email protected] Fleckenstein – [email protected] Fisher – [email protected] MEETDIRECTORS:QUESTIONS:E‐mail all questions to [email protected]:Metro Swimming LSC: http://www.metroswimming.orgOME ‐ Online Meet Entry System:

SENIOR CHAIR: Jim Wargo - [email protected] Alaimo - [email protected]:Brian Hansbury – [email protected] REPS: Jocelyn Fisher ‐ [email protected] Schwab – [email protected] Owens – IONS:DISTANCEEVENTS:A brief coaches’ meeting will be held Friday morning at a time designated by the meetreferee and as necessary on Saturday and Sunday. Meeting time will be announced Fridaymorning.Thursday: Timed Finals – 800 Free: Warm‐up 4:00 p.m.Meet Start: 5:30 p.m.Friday, Saturday, and SundayPrelims: Warm‐up 7:30 a.m. Meet Start: 9:00 a.m.Finals: Warm‐up 4:30 p.m. Meet Start: 6:00 p.m. Friday and SaturdayFinals: Warm‐upp.m.Start: and6:0040p.m.SundayThe 800 M Freestylemay be 5:00limitedto Meet40 WomenMen.The 1500 M Freestyle may be limited to 32 Women and 32 Men.Sunday:Timed Finals – 1500 Free: Warm‐up and start TBA (between prelims & finals)Swimmers entered in these events must confirm their intention to swim(POSITIVE CHECK‐IN) or they will not be seeded.**Deadline for CHECK‐IN is 4:45 pm for the 800 Free on Thursday.***Deadline for CHECK‐IN for the 1500 is Saturday 6:30 pm.

W ARM‐UP :All clubs must warm‐up under the supervision of a coach. Coaches should register at thepool desk when they arrive in order for their clubs to begin warm‐up.Only swimmers entered in this meet may use the warm‐up lanes.All athletes must have a coach in attendance. Athletes participating in the meet without acoach must make prior arrangements with a club participating in the meet and ask for coachcoverage. Please notify the Meet Director of any different coaching assignments.Lane assignments are open on a first come first served basis. Clubs may share lanes withother clubs. No diving will be permitted, except in sprint lanes. Pace lanes will be reservedfor swimmers who are being timed by their coaches.Sprint and Pace Designated Lanes will open the last 30 Minutes of General Warmup.Entry into pool is feet‐first from the end of the pool.FORMAT:Timing andWorkAssignments1. Coaches and swimmers shall have the responsibility to familiarize themselves with thecurrent U.S.A. Swimming Rules and Regulations.2. There will be preliminary heats and finals in all individual events except the 800 M and1500 M Freestyle. These events and all relays will be Timed Finals.A “prelims” break before the relays will be held at the discretion of the Meet Refereeand or Meet Director.3. All Relays are timed finals with the Top 16 relays swimming at Finals.The event order for the evening sessions will be:D Final – 8 swimmers (limited to swimmers 18 & under ‐ in 50’s and 100’s only)C Bonus Final—8 swimmers (limited to swimmers 18 & under)Consolation Final—8 swimmersChampionship Final—8 swimmers.There will be a 10 minute break before the relays in all finals sessions.4. All participating teams will be expected to time lanes, during the meet.Teams should be ready to time at ANY session regardless of participation numbers.All teams will be given at least one timing and or work assignment regardless of number ofentries. Additional assignments will be allocated based of the size of your entry.All assignments must be manned and filled for the entire length of the session.Teams that fail to fulfill work assignments will face a monetary penalty of 500 perinstance that must be paid prior to the next session or said team’s swimmers will not beseeded, cash or check only.Teams who begin an assignment but fail to complete the assignment for the duration ofthe session will be fined a monetary penalty of 250 per situation that also must be paidprior to the start of the next session or swimmers will not be seeded.

FINALS:Thursday: All heats of 800 M Freestyle to be swum fastest to slowest alternating women andmen.Friday:Same order as the Prelims and the fastest 2 heats of the 800 Free RelaySaturday: Same order as the Prelims and the fastest 2 heats of the 400 Medley Relay.Sunday:Heats of the 1500 M Freestyle will run to finish approximately 10‐15 minutesbefore the start of warm‐up for finals. They will be run alternating women andmen, slowest to fastest. Warm‐up for the 1500 will be adjusted and announcedafter positive check‐in. The evening session will begin with the fastest heats ofthe 1500 M Freestyle, Women and Men; then the remaining individual events inthe same order as prelims; and the fastest 2 heats of the 400 Fr Relay.**SUNDAY RELAYS**Teams will have the option to choose to compete at the end of the morning session or atthe end of finals on Sunday.Coaches must declare their intentions for their relays by end of finals Saturdaynight July 21st 2018

ELIGIBILITY:1. All swimmers must be registered for 2018 with Metropolitan Swimming, Inc. as of theentry deadline. Any swimmer, who is entered and is unregistered, will be scratched fromthe meet. Registrations will not be processed at the meet.2. In addition, to be eligible to swim in this meet, swimmers must have competed inindividual events in a minimum of three (3) Metropolitan Swimming Inc. sanctionedmeets (or Regional or Nationals Championships while registered with and representingMetropolitan Swimming, Inc.) since January 1, 2017 Attendance at a meet as a relayonly swimmer will not count as one of the 3 Metro Meets requirement.3. Entry times must equal or better the qualifying standards LONG COURSE METERS (LCM)times will be the conforming standard and will be seeded faster than SCM and SCYtimes. Entry times may NOT be converted.4. Times must have been achieved between January 1, 2017 and the meet entrydeadline.5. All times must be provable in the SWIMS Database.6. Swimmers entered with un‐provable times will not be allowed to swim their e vents!7. Relays may be entered with composite times.ENTRIES:1. A swimmer may enter any event for which he/she has met the qualifying standard, but2. participate in only six (6) individual events over the course of the weekend.If a swimmer exceeds his/her maximum daily or meet allowance of events, and is notproperly scratched – then the first events listed for that swimmer are the events thathe/she will be seeded in and he/she will be scratched from the remainder events.A swimmer may not swim more than three (3) individual events at prelims on any oneday. Time Tr ial count towards an athlete’s daily max of 3 events per day .Once a swimmer is seeded in a prelims event, it counts as an event for that day.A swimmer may swim in any number of relay events during the meet.All entries, individual and relay, must be submitted through the USA Swimming OMESystem (no exceptions) between June 1st ,2018 – July 9th ,2018 . This is the onlyaccepted way to enter this meet.Relay only Swimmers must be entered through the OME System to be eligible to swim.Reminder – please wait until your athletes have exhausted all of their chances toqualify or improve seed times before finalizing your entry and “check‐out”. The OMESystem does not allow for swimmers to change or delete after closing on July 9th 2018Entries’ Report must be printed directly from OME after check out as a confirmation ofentries. Screen shots or emails will not be accepted as proof of entries!Email all questions to: [email protected] with disabilities that qualify for Disability National Championships are encouragedto enter. Contact the meet director if you need special consideration.The athlete (or the athlete’s coach) is also responsible for notifying the meet referee of anydisability prior to the competition.

DEADLINE:Entries must be submitted through the USA Swimming OME System between June 1st ,2018 through Meet Deadline. This entry date allows any swims achieved through Sunday,July 8th to be submitted prior to the deadline.The OME System will close at 11:59pm on July 9th .Entries will no longer be accepted on OME after the deadline.For swimmers qualifying for the first time between July 9th and July 15th coaches must submitinformation on new entries only, (no times updates will be accepted) no later than 12:00pm(noon) on July 16th to [email protected] FEE: 6.50 per individual entry, 10.50 per relay entered, 10.00 per swimmer for MetroSurcharge (including relay only swimmers). Credit Card only at OME checkout.“NEW QUALIFIERS or ADDITIONAL ENTRIES” –all fees for entries achieved after thepublished deadline MUST have payment received by the start of Prelims on Friday July 20,2018 or swimmers will be scratched (cash, check or credit card) Teams should Meet Directorupon arrival to the meet to settle all invoices.CORRECTIONS:Psych sheets will be posted on the Metro Website on July 10th .All Corrections and New Entries must be submitted no later than Noon on July 12th by emailto [email protected] (corrections include missed or miss‐entered events).No exceptions will be made to this deadline. No improvements in seed time will beaccepted, including improvement’s due to changes in course (LCM to SCY or SCM to SCY). 10 WILL be assessed for each correction and along with the Entry Fee for New Entries.Metro Swimming is not responsible for entryerrors based on incorrect meet files, computer/servers’ errors, software bugs, etc.WARM‐ UP:First 60 minutes will be general warm‐up. Last 30 minutes: 2 or more lanes will be open forone‐way sprint. All other lanes will remain open for general warm‐up.

SCRATCHES:RULES AND PROCEDURES:PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY!!1.POSITIVE CHECK‐IN for the 800 M Freestyle MUST be made in person at the pooldesk of Nassau County Aquatic Center between 4pm and 4:45pm on Thursday July19th2018., February19,The 800 Free will be seeded promptly at 5:00pm.2.Scratches for Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be due no later than 8:15am eachday. Scratch forms will be provided at the meet desk.3.Positive check‐in for Sunday’s distance events will be due no later than 6:30pm onSaturday July 21st. Heats for Sunday Distance will be posted at the pool and onMetro Website by end of Saturday Finals.4.In all Timed Final Events (all relays, 800 and 1500 free) and in all Prelim‐Final events,after the events have been either positively checked or seeded, any swimmer whofails to compete in an individual event heat in which he/she is entered and fromwhich he/she has not been scratched will be barred from all further individual andrelay events of that day. Additionally, that swimmer shall not be seeded in anyindividual events on succeeding days unless that swimmer declares his/her intent toswim prior to the close of scratches for that day’s events.5.Any swimmer qualifying for a D, C, B, or A final race in an individual event who fails tocompete in said final shall be barred from further competition for the remainder of themeet, except as noted in paragraph E.A declared false start under 101.1.3E or deliberate delay of meet under 101.1.5 is notpermitted and will be regarded as a failure to compete.6.Heat sheets for same day finals will be posted as soon as possible within 30 minutes ofthe conclusion of each morning session.7.A swimmer qualifying for any finals swim, based upon the results of the prelims, mustnotify the Clerk of Course within 30 minutes after announcement of the qualifiers forthat event, that he/she may not intend to compete, and further must declare his/herfinal intention within 30 minutes following his/her last preliminary event. If aswimmer fails to follow this procedure, he/she will be barred from further competitionfor the remainder of the meet, except as noted in Rules 207.11.6.A to F. In addition,if a swimmer fails to follow this procedure for the last session of the meet, his/her clubwill be fined 150.00 for each instance

Cont.SCRATCHES8.The relay scratch rules will be as follows: Any relay team entered in a relay event and notproperly scratched must swim the event. Failure to do so will result in each memberof the relay team being barred from the next relay event in which they may otherwise beeligible to compete. A relay team member failing to appear ready to swim for a relay eventwill be barred from his/her next individual event. Relay members who do appear ready toswim shall not be penalized.9.It is the responsibility of the Swimmers and the Coaches to make sure that swimmershave not moved up into the top 30 by the close of the prelims session.10. Reminder – C & D Bonus finals are non‐scoring finals and are limited to swimmers 18and under – swimmers 19 and older will be automatically scratched from the Bonus finalsunless they move up to the Consolation final due to scratches.COACHES:All coaches must present a valid proof of valid USA Swimming Coach Membership to theMeet Director prior to the commencement of any sanctioned swim meet, and must displaythis card while on deck. All coaches (and/or assistant coaches) will be required to check‐inat the pool deck in order to be on deck.Wristbands given out to signify compliance with US Membership must be worn at all timesof the competition.In accordance with Metropolitan Swimming Inc. Policy, only those coaches who displaycurrent, valid USA Swimming credentials will be permitted to act in a coaching capacity atthis meet. Live Deck Pass certification is acceptable.Coaches who do not possess these credentials will be required to leave the deck area .

AWARDS:Medals for the first 8 places in individual events and first 3 places in relays.Top Women, Men, and Combined Teams Awards will be presented. Female and MaleIndividual High Point Awards will be presented.SCORING:All events will be scored to 16 places. Points for Individual events are: Bonus “D” Final – for 50 free and 100 events only ‐ non‐scoringBonus “C” Final – non‐scoringConsolation “B” Final – 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1Championship Final – 20, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11Points will be doubled for relays. Only two relay teams per club may score.OFFICIALS:Meet Referee: Mark Amodio – e‐mail: [email protected] Evaluation Process: Mark Amodio – e‐mail: [email protected] wishing to volunteer should contact the Meet Referee by July 2nd, 2018. The Meet is open to all Officials within Metro who wish to and are eligible to beevaluated for advancement and re‐certification. Officials from other LSCs are encouragedto apply. This meet has been approved as an Officials’ Qualifying Meet for National certificationevaluation. Those seeking evaluations must use this link sign up for the meet and request an evaluation, and they must also fill out and send tothe Meet Referee the request for national evaluation form that can be found ficials/national-certification-and- evaluation. RULES:Email applications directly to Mark Amodio – e‐mail: [email protected] send completed requests for evaluation to Mark Amodio [email protected] 2018 USA Swimming Rules and Regulations will apply.The USA Swimming Code of Conduct is in effect for the duration of the meet. The overheadstart procedure may be used at the discretion of the meet Referee.10

DECKCHANGING:DECK CHANGES ARE PROHIBITEDSAFETY:All swimmers must wear footwear upon leaving the pool area.Metropolitan Safety and Warm‐up procedures will be in effect. Marshals will be presentthroughout warm‐ups and competition, and have the authority to remove, with theconcurrence of the meet Referee, any swimmer, coach, club, or spectator for failure tofollow the safety rules.“Any swimmer entered in the meet must be certified by a USA Swimming member coachas being proficient in performing a racing start or must start each race from within thewater. When unaccompanied by a member‐coach, it is the responsibility of the swimmer,or the swimmer’s legal guardian, to ensure compliance with this requirement”DISCLAIMER:Upon acceptance of his/her entries, the participant waives all claims against Nassau CountyAquatic Center, Nassau County, Metropolitan Swimming Inc., USA Swimming Inc., their agentsor representatives for any injury occurring as a result of the meet.“It is understood that USA Swimming, Inc. and Metropolitan Swimming, Inc. shall be freefrom liabilities or claims for damages arising by reason of injuries to anyone during theconduct of the event.”AUDIO/VISUAL Use of Audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted inSTATEMENT:changing areas, rest rooms, locker rooms or behind the starting block’s“Operation of a drone, or any other flying apparatus, is prohibited over the venue (pools,athlete/coach areas, spectator areas and open ceiling locker rooms) any time athletes,coaches, officials and/or spectators are present.”ADMISSION:Thursday: No fees for admissionFriday, Saturday, Sunday : fee per session:Adult Admission: 7.00 per person Child Admission: 3.00 per personOnly swimmers, coaches with current USA Swimming certification credentials, and officialswill be allowed on deck. Coaches will be required to wear a identification bracelet at alltimes and be able to produce said identification.PROGRAMS:Psych Sheets and Finals Programs: 3.00 per sessionMERCHANTS:THE CONCESSION STAND IS OPERATED BY THE Nassau County Aquatic Center.No glass will be permitted on the deck.Vendors will be available with swimming merchandise throughout the meet.PARKING:There is ample free parking available in the park.11