Basic Engineering DesignProcessChris Hamilton, P.E.Assistant State Conservation Engineer2008 ICE Training

What is an Engineering Design? An orderly process of collecting, recording,and analyzing all the facts and dataneeded to arrive at a satisfactory solutionto a problem.NEM-VA501.09 through VA501.19 outlinesthe policy for performing engineering workfor NRCS in Virginia.EFH, Chapter 5 – Preparation ofEngineering Plans

Preparing an Engineering Design The following basic steps should befollowed for all engineering designs(regardless of complexity): of the problem and its scope.Site Investigation.Collection of basic design data.Assembly and analysis of data.Design.Preparation of plans and specifications.Review and approval of plan.

Basic Engineering Design What is an engineering design (the final product)made up of? Drawings: CoversheetPlan View SheetStandard Detail SheetCross-Section or Profile Sheet Construction Specifications O&M Plan Miscellaneous Bill of MaterialsCost EstimateThe landowner (or cooperator) should be given acopy of all of this!!!

Construction Drawings Should be: Clear Concise Neat LegibleCAD is a tool, not required. Goal is production not a chance tobe an artist.

Standard Engineering Coversheet Required on all engineering designs.Location map shouldprovide sufficientinformation so thatsomeone unfamiliar withthe job can locate the site(not the same as the planview)

Plan View SheetPlan view should show the detailedlayout of the proposed practice,topographic features, dimensions, etc.

Use Standard Drawings Whenever PossibleAvailable designs includevarious types of wateringtroughs, livestock shadestructures, temporary wastepads, stream crossings,spring developments, polestructures and waterways.

Cross Section SheetCross sections are typicallyperpendicular to a baseline orcenterline (road, stream, etc.)Used for showing existing ground anddesign slopes, elevations, gradechanges, structure details, etc.

Profile SheetProfiles are typically along or parallelto a baseline or centerline (road,stream, etc.)Used for showing existing ground anddesign slopes, elevations, gradechanges, structure details, etc.

Construction Specifications

O&M Plan

Bill of Materials & Cost Estimate

Basic Engineering Design What should be kept in the job folder? Copy of design (everything given to landowneror cooperator). Coversheet should be signed by NRCS representative,landowner, and contractor prior to construction. Field notes, before and after construction. Design notes & computations. See NEM VA501.16 Technical Quality.Photographs, before and after construction.As-built drawings and notations.See “Design Data” and “Check Data” underapplicable practice standards for required data.

Basic Engineering Design Why supply the information previouslymentioned? To comply with Conservation PracticeStandards. To maintain technical and professionalquality. At the direction of the State ConservationEngineer. Operating under his technical supervision andP.E. license.

In Review What is the first step of anyengineering design?Should the cooperator receive a copyof the final design?Is drafting the construction drawingsin CAD a requirement?