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CONTRIBUTORSANGELA WEBERAngela Weberis the ChiefMarketing Officerfor OrthoSyneticsa company whichspecializes in businessservices for the orthodontic and dentalindustry. She leads a team of marketingprofessionals dedicated to developing andimplementing cutting-edge strategies andsolutions for their members.Angela has over 15 years of experiencein the advertising industry with a vastknowledge of current and past trends,philosophies and strategies for marketingwithin the healthcare industry. Angelahas a proven track record of driving newpatient volume through innovate marketingpractices.Angela holds a B.A. in MassCommunications from Louisiana StateUniversity and an M.B.A. from theUniversity of New Orleans.GREG PELLEGROM & MIKE LOWEGregPellegromis the Cofounderand CEOof Bid Doc,Inc. Withover 15 years in the orthodontic industry,beginning at 3M Unitek, he has been frontline on the launch of dozens of new andinnovative products. Michael Lowe is a Cofounder and has over 20 years of experiencein the ortho and dental industries, mostrecently with OrthoAccel Technologies,having pioneered the accelerated toothmovement category.Bid Doc, Inc. launched its BidMySmileplatform in 2018 with the mission ofdelivering qualified patients who areready, willing, and able to start treatmentto orthodontic specialists through virtualconsultation. It also maintains a vision ofbringing affordable access to quality carefor patients everywhere. [email protected]; www.bidmysmile.com2DR. JAMES'JEB' PASCHALDr. James“Jep” Paschaloperates a busyorthodonticpractice inGeorgia—withoffices in Greensboro and Madison— andenjoys an active life with his wife and threechildren. A native of South Carolina butraised in Florida, Jep is a distinguishedgraduate of the Medical College ofGeorgia, where he earned his DMD.Additionally, he attended the Universityof Texas Health Science Center at SanAntonio and completed residencies in bothProsthodontics and General Practice whileearning his MS degree in Biomaterials& Prosthodontics. After five years ofpractice in Atlanta, Jep ventured north,rounding out his resume by completing anOrthodontics residency at the Universityof Rochester Eastman Dental Centerin New York, where he holds a facultyappointment.DR. KEITHDRESSLERDr. KeithDressler is anavid entrepreneurwho has over 30years’ experienceas a practicingorthodontist. In2000, Dr. Dressler co-founded OrthoBanc,LLC a cloud-based automated accountsreceivable platform, that is currentlyserving over 4,000 healthcare providers. Dr.Dressler also co-founded Elite PhysicianServices, a national healthcare patientfinance company, which grew to over 200million in sales before it became the CitiHealth Card in 2003.It’s just BUSINESSDR. COURTNEY DUNNDr. CourtneyDunn graduatedfrom the Universityof Michigan Dentaland Orthodonticprograms in 2001and 2004. Shereceived the MiloHellman awardfor her research and has presented atmany local and national meetings. Sheis a diplomate of the American Board ofOrthodontics, holds leadership positions inthe Arizona Dental Association and is pastpresident of the Arizona State OrthodonticAssociation. Dr. Dunn is in private practicewith her husband, Matt, in Phoenix, AZ.She spends most of her free time being aproud swim mom.RYAN YOUNGRyan Youngis an architect,visionary and familyman. Like many,he is a transplantedFloridian by wayof the northeast– growing up inJersey and earninghis master’s and undergraduate degrees inarchitecture from Northeastern Universityin Boston. Once he settled in Central FL in2001, he started a commercial constructioncompany called Interstruct Inc., whichhelped embed him into the cultural fabricof Orlando and contribute to the city’srenaissance over the last decade.DR. LEON KLEMPNERDr. Leon Klempner,a board-certifiedorthodontist was inprivate practice for over38 years. He graduateddental school from the University ofMaryland and received his certificationin Orthodontics from Tufts University.Dr. Klempner has lectured nationally onthe subject of social media marketing andclinical orthodontic treatment.

DIANE WATTDi is the National Manager for TIO in Australiaand New Zealand and holds a Post Graduate Diplomain Digital Marketing and and Bachelor of Commercein Marketing and International Business. She has anexcellent grounding in marketing, user behavior andbusiness communication theories, having taught aslecturer in these areas for several years at Australia'stop university, Australian National University.Di has extensive in practice experience in Orthodontics, having workedwith Dr Spiro Pazios at Embrace Orthodontists as the Business and MarketingManager from 2012 to 2016 where she significantly increased new patientconsultations, conversion rates and practice production. Her commercialindustry experience also includes leading several web development, UserExperience and Social Media Monitoring projects for National organizationssuch as the Fair Work Ombudsman, Defense Housing Australia and REST Super.To learn more about TIO membership contact Brooke Simmons-McIntyre,at [email protected] MARC ACKERMANDr. Marc Ackermanspecializes in theorthodontic treatment ofchildren with dentofacialdeformity, intellectual andphysical disabilities andsleep disordered breathing. He received his DMDfrom the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentalmedicine in 1998 and his certificate in Orthodonticsfrom the University of Rochester-Eastman DentalCenter in 2000. Dr. Ackerman later completedhis MBA in Executive Leadership at JacksonvilleUniversity Davis College of Business in 2009. Dr.Ackerman is the Director of Orthodontics at BostonChildren’s Hospital and teaches residents in bothpediatric dentistry and orthodontics for HarvardSchool of Dental Medicine.Don’t Miss Out!Subscribe at 2019 3

ORTHOPUNDIT.COMThe Conversion BreakdownBy Angela Weber, CMO OrthoSynetics & Dr. Ben BurrisToday’s orthodontic practice seekinggrowth requires a different mindset notonly in how new patients are attractedbut also in how we view key performanceindicators. Conversion rate from initial interestto contract start 15% Conversion rate from new patientvisit to contract start 25% No show rate for new patientappointments 41% Fee for full treatment 2998.00Let’s look at an example scenario What do you think about a practicewith the following statistics?Not feeling so great, right?Here are a few more stats about thesame practice: Opened May 10, 2018 Contract starts in the first six monthsof a cold start 300 Total production in the first sixmonths of a cold start 920,000.00 Total new patient appointments 1181 Days a week worked 3 Hours per day 9:00 am to 3:00 pm*Practice closed for three weeks in Junefor family trip to Europe(practice stats: Smiley Face or’s just BUSINESS

ORTHOPUNDIT.COMHow can this be? How can the initialstatistics reek of failure but the resultsin terms of case starts and productionscream success? The simple response isthat our traditional way of measuringkey performance indicators and ourbaseline for those metrics do not applyin a modern orthodontic practice.Current conversion rate thinking takesinto consideration a referral base thatis predominantly doctor referrals andpatient referrals. In which case you arereceiving new patient inquiries that havebeen primed. How many of those doctorreferrals and patient referrals never madetheir way to your door? You’ll neverknow or maybe you already do. If yourreferral GP’s are making it rain referralslips but you are not seeing the activitytranslate back into your practice, thenthat’s a lot of lost patients indicating lowactual conversion rate from initial pointof ––––––“The problem is thatwe have unrealisticexpectations of whatour conversion rate isand get frustrated whentracking of other newpatient sources doesn’tyield the same stats asthe improper tracking ofour traditional –––––––––From where we sit, it basically comesdown to which world you choose toinhabit. If you want to do things the wayorthodontists have traditionally donethem then you are limiting yourself to avery small biosphere where 1-2% of thepopulation get orthodontic treatmenteach year, where general dentists are themajor source of new patient referrals andwhere the traditional stats on no showand conversion rates make sense – wellthey kind of make sense. The problemwith believing that you should get60/70/80 percent of the initial, cold leadsyour office generates is that it neglects totake a great deal into account. Even in thetraditional biosphere. For example, if areferring dentist gives your card to 10 newpatients, how many of them take actionand call your office? Half? More? Less? Noone knows but from what we experiencedrunning a multi-specialty office weare guessing that half is generous. So,even though you are unaware, you arestarting with a 50 percent loss on initialleads right off the bat. Of those who call,what percentage make an appointment,show up, are ready and start? Half? 60percent? If you include every single oneinstead of arbitrarily excluding somewho are not ready or don’t start to padyour conversion rate, we think this ispretty close. So, even in the traditionalsetting with the advantage of the generaldentist referral your conversion rate frominitial lead to start is most likely 25%or less. And think of all the work youdo to get those leads, how few they areand how little control you have over thenew patient flow seeing how the GP canstop referring or hire an orthodontisttomorrow.The problem is that we have unrealisticexpectations of what our conversion rateis and get frustrated when tracking ofother new patient sources doesn’t yieldthe same stats as the improper tracking ofour traditional referral sources.And this brings us to the other option– the choice to live in the world where wecompete for the attention of the other 98%of Americans and attempt to convincethem to spend their discretionary dollarswith us instead of Disney, Toyota, plasticsurgeons, Spirit Airlines and AT&T. Inthis world the stats we gave you at thebeginning of this piece are very much inline with great performing marketing!Furthermore, if we ignore everythingbut the number of contract starts perweek/month/year (the only numberthat matters) then the rest is extraneousanyway. The point is that we are gettingmany times better results in terms ofproduction and case starts than any otherstartup we know of AND doing it on 3days a week, 9-3, 44 weeks a year!But it gets even worse (or better ifyou take our POV). The conversion ratewe work with traditionally is limited intime meaning that we look at it on a permonth basis generally. There is nothingwrong with that, but it fails to accountfor another big difference between thetraditional marketing mindset and ourpoint of view. Essentially, once someonedecides they are interested in a productor service then they will eventually getwhat they want at some point in thefuture. Think about the last time youconsidered getting something you wantedthen decided you didn’t have the time orthe money at that point in time. Did youforget all about it and never think aboutit again? Probably not – you’ll come backto it a few times and eventually pull thetrigger. Same happens when someone inthe market for braces no shows or doesn’treturn the initial call. They will come backto us at some point – and our advantageis that they can’t get the attractive pricewe are offering elsewhere! The net effectis that our conversion rate will climb overtime and because we are dealing withhuge numbers due to our market positionand pricing, these straggler conversionswill amount to hundreds of contractstarts!Look, it’s totally up to you todecide your mindset and your targetdemographic. What we are suggestingis that the traditional way of looking atnew patients, conversion rate and “qualityleads” may be flawed. All that matters ishow many cases start per week/month/year. This fact is hard to argue with. Doyourself a favor and at least consider thepossibility that the way we have alwaysdone it may not be the best for ourpractices, our lifestyles or our patients!Q1 2019 5

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MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA & EVENTSWOW Your Patientswith ConvenienceBy Dr. Keith DresslerPatient convenience, in addition tocost, is the top priority when people arelooking for health services, that includesorthodontics. Just three or four years agoit could easily take two or three in-officevisits before a banding occurred. Today,many practices, offer and strive for, sameday starts, largely driven by the desire towin the patient, make it as convenient aspossible to get started, and deliver a greatpatient experience.Patient experience has always been partof my wow factor, now more than ever Iam focused on delivering “wow throughconvenience.” I want to remove everybarrier possible, because in our Amazon,Google, everything delivered to mydoorstep society, convenience matters.CONVENIENCE MATTERSBECAUSE IT SAVES TIME.No one has time for unnecessaryactivities, that is why I now ask patientswho call with a perceived emergency totext a picture (or selfie) of the problemto my main office number so I candetermine if it is a real emergenc