SPAN on OEM6 User ManualOM-20000139Rev 10January 2015

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Table of ContentsCustomer Support13Notices141 Introduction181.1 Fundamentals of GNSS INS . 191.2 Models and Features . 201.3 Related Documents and Information . 211.4 Conventions . 222 SPAN Installation232.1 Hardware Description . 232.1.1 SPAN System Receiver . 232.1.2 Typical Installation Examples . 242.1.3 SPAN Cables. 352.2 Hardware Set Up . 362.2.1 Mount the Antenna. 362.2.2 Mount the IMU. 362.2.3 Mount the OEM6 Receiver . 372.2.4 Connect the Antenna to the OEM6 Receiver . 372.2.5 Connect the IMU to the OEM6 Receiver . 382.2.6 Connect I/O Strobe Signals. 382.2.7 Connect Power. 392.2.8 Connect the Additional Communication Ports on a ProPak6 . 412.2.9 Connect the CAN Bus . 412.3 MIC Set Up . 422.3.1 Install a MIC in a Stack Up Configuration . 422.3.2 Install a MIC in a Standalone MIC Set Up. 472.4 UIC Set Up. 502.4.1 Mount the SPAN System Components. 512.4.2 Connect the IMU to the UIC. 512.4.3 Connect the UIC to a receiver . 512.4.4 Connect Power to the UIC and OEM6 receiver . 522.4.5 UIC Status LEDs. 532.5 Software Configuration . 532.5.1 GNSS Configuration . 532.5.2 SPAN IMU Configuration. 542.6 IMU LEDs . 573 SPAN Operation583.1 Definition of Reference Frames Within SPAN. 583.1.1 The Local-Level Frame (ENU). 583.1.2 The SPAN Body Frame . 583.1.3 The Enclosure Frame . 603.1.4 The Vehicle Frame. 603.2 Communicating with the SPAN System . 613.2.1 INS Window in NovAtel Connect. 633.3 Real-Time Operation. 633.3.1 System Start-Up and Alignment Techniques . 653.3.2 Navigation Mode . 673.3.3 Data Collection . 673.3.4 Lever Arm Calibration Routine . 683.3.5 Vehicle to SPAN Frame Angular Offsets Calibration Routine . 69SPAN on OEM6 User Manual Rev 103

Table of Contents3.4 Synchronizing External Equipment . 703.4.1 Configuring a Synchronous Output Pulse . 703.4.2 Configuring an Input Strobe . 713.5 Adding Timed Sensor Triggers. 723.5.1 Configuring the Hardware. 723.5.2 Configuring the Software . 733.5.3 Using Timed Event Pulses . 733.5.4 Recording Incoming Sensor Events . 733.6 SPAN Wheel Sensor Configuration . 733.6.1 Wheel Sensor Updates Using the Event Input Lines . 743.6.2 Wheel Sensor Data Collected on IMU . 743.7 Azimuth Sources on a SPAN System. 753.7.1 Course Over Ground. 753.7.2 Inertial Azimuth . 753.7.3 ALIGN Azimuth . 753.8 Data Collection for Post Processing . 763.9 Firmware Updates and Model Upgrades . 773.10 Variable Lever Arm . 773.11 Relative INS . 774 SPAN on OEM6 Dual Antenna784.1 Installation . 784.2 Configuring ALIGN with SPAN on OEM6 . 814.3 Configuring SPAN with ALIGN . 814.3.1 Alignment on a Moving Vessel - Aided Transfer Alignment. 824.3.2 Alignment on a Stationary Vehicle - Aided Static Alignment . 824.3.3 Unaided Alignment . 824.3.4 Automatic Alignment Mode - Automatic Alignment (default) . 824.4 SPAN ALIGN Attitude Updates . 83A Technical Specifications84A.1 Universal IMU Enclosure. 84A.1.1 Universal IMU Enclosure Mechanical Drawings. 84A.1.2 IMU Performance . 87A.1.3 Electrical and Environmental . 89A.1.4 Universal IMU Enclosure Interface Cable. 90A.1.5 Universal IMU Cable. 91A.2 HG1700 IMU (single-connector enclosure). 92A.2.1 HG1700 IMU Mechanical Drawings . 92A.2.2 HG1700 IMU Performance . 94A.2.3 HG1700 Electrical and Environmental. 95A.2.4 Interface Cable for the HG1700 IMU . 95A.3 LN-200 IMU (single-connector enclosure) . 96A.3.1 LN-200 IMU Mechanical Drawings. 96A.3.2 LN-200 IMU Performance . 98A.3.3 LN-200 Electrical and Environmental . 98A.3.4 Interface Cable for the LN-200 IMU . 98A.4 IMU-ISA-100C/IMU-ISA-100 . 99A.4.1 IMU-ISA-100C Mechanical Drawings. 99A.4.2 Optional Side Mounting Holes. 101A.4.3 IMU-ISA-100C/IMU-ISA-100 Performance . 102A.4.4 Electrical and Environmental . 103A.4.5 IMU-ISA-100C Interface Cable. 104A.4.6 IMU-ISA-100C Power Cable . 105A.4.7 IMU-ISA-100C Wheel Sensor Cable . 106A.5 iIMU-FSAS . 1084SPAN on OEM6 User Manual Rev 10

Table of ContentsA.5.1 iIMU-FSAS Mechanical Drawings . 108A.5.2 iIMU-FSAS Performance. 110A.5.3 iIMU-FSAS Electrical and Environmental. 110A.5.4 Interface Cable for the IMU-FSAS . 111A.5.5 IMU-FSAS cable with Odometer. 111A.5.6 iIMU-FSAS Odometer Cabling. 113A.5.7 FlexPak Y Adapter Cable (for IMU-FSAS, IMU-CPT or IMU-KVH1750) . 115A.6 IMU-CPT. 116A.6.1 IMU-CPT Mechanical Drawings. 116A.6.2 IMU-CPT Sensor Specifications . 118A.6.3 IMU-CPT Electrical and Environmental. 119A.6.4 IMU-CPT Cable. 120A.7 IMU-KVH1750 . 121A.7.1 IMU-KVH1750 Mechanical Drawings. 121A.7.2 IMU-KVH1750 Sensor Specifications . 124A.7.3 IMU-KVH1750 Electrical and Environmental . 125A.7.4 IMU-KVH1750 Cable. 126A.8 IMU-IGM. 127A.8.1 IMU-IGM Physical Specifications . 127A.8.2 IMU-IGM Mechanical Drawings . 128A.8.3 IMU-IGM Ports. 130A.8.4 IMU-IGM Sensor Specifications . 131A.8.5 IMU-IGM Electrical and Environmental. 132A.8.6 IMU-IGM Interface Cable . 133A.8.7 IMU-IGM Stack Up Cable . 134A.9 OEM-IMU-ADIS-16488. 135A.9.1 Mechanical Drawings. 135A.9.2 OEM-IMU-ADIS-16488 Sensor Specifications . 136A.9.3 OEM-IMU-ADIS-16488 Electrical and Environmental. 137A.9.4 ADIS-16488 IMU-to-MIC Cable Assembly . 137A.10 OEM-IMU-ISA-100C. 138A.10.1 Mechanical Drawings. 138A.10.2 OEM-IMU-ISA-100C Sensor Specifications . 140A.10.3 OEM-IMU-ISA-100C Electrical and Environmental . 140A.10.4 OEM-IMU-ISA-100C IMU to UIC Cable Assembly . 141A.11 OEM-IMU-STIM300. 143A.11.1 Mechanical Drawings. 143A.11.2 OEM-IMU-STIM300 Sensor Specifications . 145A.11.3 OEM-IMU-STIM300 Electrical and Environmental. 145A.11.4 STIM300 IMU-to-MIC Cable Assembly . 146A.12 MIC - MEMS Interface Card . 147A.12.1 MIC Mechanical Drawings . 147A.12.2 MIC Electrical and Environmental . 149A.12.3 MIC Connectors. 149A.12.4 HG1930 IMU-to-MIC Cable Assembly. 154A.12.5 HG1700 and HG1900 IMU-to-MIC Cable Assembly . 155A.13 UIC - Universal IMU Controller . 156A.13.1 UIC Mechanical Drawings.