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Getting Started with EDI – Implementation GuideTable of ContentsGetting Started with Walmart EDI . 41.Walmart, EDI, and You .42.What is EDI? .43.What is EDIINT AS2? .44.How is EDI data formatted? .55.Translation Software: .56.How is EDI accomplished?.57.Is EDI the only option available to trade purchase orders and invoices? .58.Using a third party company to exchange EDI with Walmart: .6Vendor Tasks before testing AS2 . 71.Obtain access to Retail Link .72.Read all available documentation .73.Select and install computer software, and complete all internal testing. .74.Obtain GEM mailbox and up/download security certificates .75.Completing AS2 Testing .7Setting up for EDI . 81.Expectations of EDI suppliers .82.EDI Separators .83.EDI Data Testing via Vendor Self-Testing Portal.94.Document Statuses .9a.Pending.9b.Not Started .9c.Setup Information . 10d.Test EDI Data . 10e.Requested Parallel. 10f.Monitor Parallel . 10g.Schedule Production . 11h.Complete . 115.Purchase order testing . 116.Global Location Number (GLN) . 117.Invoice Testing Requirements . 129.Invoice Functional Acknowledgement (997) . 1310.Insufficient Data Report (864 text document) . 1311.EDI Production . 13Frequently Asked Questions . 14AS2 communication FAQ: . 14Last Modified On: 4/14/2014Wal-Mart Confidential2

Getting Started with EDI – Implementation GuidePurchase Order FAQ: . 14Invoice FAQ: . 15Vendor Self-Testing Portal FAQ: . 16EDI Support Desk Contact Information . 17EDI Support Team Hours:. 17Contact information: . 17Production Support . 17Implementation Support . 17AS2 Support . 17IMPORTANT NOTE:. 17Last Modified On: 4/14/2014Wal-Mart Confidential3

Getting Started with EDI – Implementation GuideGetting Started with Walmart EDI1. Walmart, EDI, and Youa. Welcome to the world of EDI!b. We hope that the following information will be helpful in implementing an EDIpartnership with Walmart. If you have additional questions please contact theWalmart EDI Support team, we look forward to assisting you.c. All contacts ( phone, email, etc. )to Wal-Mart EDI Support require a person fromyour company with Retail Link access.i. If you do not have Retail Link access, please contact our Retail Link teamat [email protected] for assistance.d. For additional Information: Walmart’s Implementation guidelines can beaccessed through Retail Link E-Commerce/EDI.e. Please note that for EDI purposes, "Walmart" refers to Walmart Stores, Inc.i. This includes Sam's Clubs, Supercenters, Walmart Stores, NeighborhoodMarkets and Distribution Centers.2. What is EDI?a. Simply stated, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the electronic exchange ofbusiness documents between suppliers and retailers.b. EDI is comprised of two components: translation and communication.i. During translation, a business document is changed—or “translated”—intoa standardized EDI format.c. There are various EDI standards (or formats) that a company may use.i. Please view “How is EDI data formatted?” for more information about theEDI standards that we support.d. Once a business document is translated into an EDI format it is communicated—or electronically sent—to the intended recipient.e. There are several methods of EDI communications available, but the methodutilized by Walmart and our suppliers is AS2.3. What is EDIINT AS2?a. EDIINT (EDI over the Internet) is a set of communication protocols, introduced bythe IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) in 1995, used to securely transmit dataover the Internet.i. Although EDIINT was initially designed to transport EDI data, it may also beused to transfer non-EDI data.b. One version of EDIINT is AS2 or Applicability Statement 2.i. The UCC (Uniform Code Council) has facilitated the development andinteroperability testing of the AS2 standard.ii. AS2 supports EDI or other data file transmissions over the Internet usingHTTP/HTTPS.c. AS2 is a specification about how to transport data, not how to validate or processthe content of the data.d. AS2 specifies the means to connect, deliver and receive data in a secure andreliable way.e. AS2 is not an asynchronous or FTP solution; it is an Internet Protocol based solutionthat uses standard HTTP/HTTPS communications to transmit data.f. For more information on EDIINT AS2, or for a list of interoperable-tested AS2software providers, visit Modified On: 4/14/2014Wal-Mart Confidential4

Getting Started with EDI – Implementation Guideg. For additional information see the EDIINT FAQ’s within Retail Link on the ECommerce/EDI page.4. How is EDI data formatted?a. The information is formatted using EDI standards.b. Walmart currently supports:i. ANSI X12 (American National Standards Institute)1. UCS (Uniform Communications Standards)2. VICS (Voluntary Inter-industry Commerce Standard)ii. EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce andTransport)c. Walmart stays within the VICS and UCS guidelines for our major documents withinthe United States and Canada. EDIFACT is only used for suppliers outside of theUS and Canada and those that will be directly importing merchandise for ourcompany.5. Translation Software:a. Walmart does not require suppliers to have specific software for EDI translation.b. Walmart’s only requirement is that you connect to our network using aninteroperable-tested AS2 communication package.c. The cost of your EDI translation software is determined by your company’s needsand by individual software suppliers.d. Some software packages are bundled with EDI translation software.6. How is EDI accomplished?a. Business documents are translated into a standard EDI format as defined byindustry standards. The data is then pushed to the receiver via the AS2communications protocol.b. To exchange EDI with Walmart, you MUST BE AS2 COMPLIANT.c. If you are a low-volume supplier, please read the next section below thoroughly.7. Is EDI the only option available to trade purchase orders and invoices?a. Thia depends on how many invoices your company does per year.i. If your company does more than 5,500 invoices per year you must do trueEDI through AS2 communication protocol.ii. If your company does less than 5,500 invoices per year you may choose todo EDI through AS2 or WebEDI.1. WebEDI is a free, web-based solution that allows suppliers toreceive purchase orders and send invoices without the expense ofan EDI package.2. If a supplier chooses to use WebEDI, they must remain on thissystem for a minimum of one year. WebEDI is not used as atemporary EDI solution.iii. If you company meets the requirements for WebEDI, please review theWebEDI documentation available on Retail Link E-Commerce/EDI to beable to make an informed decision regarding which system would bestsuit your company’s needs.Last Modified On: 4/14/2014Wal-Mart Confidential5

Getting Started with EDI – Implementation Guide8. Using a third party company to exchange EDI with Walmart:a. Connecting directly to our network is the preferred communications method andreduces the points of failure in data transmissions.i. With the use of AS2, direct connects to our network provide cost savingsto our suppliers through the elimination of day to day third party chargesand long distance dial ups.ii. AS2 also provides increased reliability and speed, improving supply chainefficiency.b. If the use of a third party is required by a supplier, the third party must beWalmart-approved.i. EDI data, as well as AS2 communications, must be completely outsourcedto that third party.ii. The supplier will receive data from their third party via fax, email or in a flatfile format.iii. If the third party sends the data as another format of EDI, this is notallowed.c. There are two different models of third parties, one is known as an Interconnectand the other is a Service Provider.i. Interconnects are not allowed by Walmart.1. Interconnects receive EDI data from a supplier and resend thedata to either another interconnect or to Walmart.2. Interconnects do not process the EDI data in any way other thanrouting the communication to and from the supplier.ii. Approved Service Providers are allowed by Walmart.1. Service Providers receive application data from the suppliersdirectly in a flat file format, through a website or via fax.2. Service Providers translate the data into EDI standard beforetransmission.d. Note: Use of a non-approved third party is a direct violation of Walmart policyand will jeopardize your EDI relationship with Walmart.e. Note: Walmart does not and will not provide a list of approved service providers.i. If you have questions if a company is approved or not, please contactWalmart EDI Support at 479-273-8888, option 2 for confirmation.ii. If the company is not approved, we can provide the documentationneeded for the service provider to become approved.1. This is not a guarantee that this company will be approved.9. How to get started with EDI data testinga. In order to exchange EDI with Walmart, you must become AS2 compliant first.b. Select and install computer software and hardware, keeping in mind yourprojected long-term needs.i. Remember: You will need software and hardware for EDIINT (AS2)communication as well as EDI translation.ii. Communication - AS2 client allows for the exchange of information.“Pushes” the encrypted EDI data from the sender to the receiver.iii. Translation - The translation software interprets the transmitted EDI datainto a readable format.c. There are EDI packages that contain both the communication and translationsoftware.Last Modified On: 4/14/2014Wal-Mart Confidential6

Getting Started with EDI – Implementation GuideVendor Tasks before testing AS21. Obtain access to Retail Link a. If no one from your EDI department has access to retail link, contact the RetailLink Supplier Support team at (479) 273-8888, option one to apply for access.b. It is recommended that more than one person in your EDI department has accessto Retail Link in case your primary user is unavailable.c. All contacts ( phone, email, etc. )to Wal-Mart EDI Support require a person fromyour company with Retail Link access.i. If you do not have Retail Link access, please contact our Retail Link teamat [email protected] for assistance.d. Remember: Sharing a Retail Link ID is against Walmart policy/RL agreement andcan cause you or your entire company to lose RL access not to mention it couldjeopardize your EDI relationship with Walmart.2. Read all available documentationa. Go to the Retail Link E-Commerce/EDI page to see all documentation.3. Select and install computer software, and complete all internal testing.a. Keep in mind your company’s projected long-term needs.b. Remember: You will need software and hardware for EDIINT (AS2) communicationas well as EDI translation.i. Communication - AS2 client allows for the exchange of information.“Pushes” the encrypted EDI data from the sender to the receiver.ii. Translation - The translation software interprets the transmitted EDI datainto a readable format.c. Go to for a list of interoperable AS2 softwareproviders. There are EDI packages that contain both the communication andtranslation software.4. Obtain GEM mailbox and up/download security certificatesa. Once you have your AS2 software installed and configured, you will need to callthe EDI Implementation team at 479-273-8888, option 2 to set up the GEMMailbox.b. At the time of the call ensure you have all the information for your AS2 software,such as, IP address or URL, AS2 name and certificates available.c. Once you have exchanged Certificates, your company is ready to test AS2.5. Completing AS2 Testinga. Before a company may begin EDI data testing, AS2 testing must be completed.b. This testing period between Walmart and your company is used to testcommunications only.c. At least one file must be successfully sent and received from Walmart tocomplete AS2 Testing.d. This file is normally the connection test to ensure that the connection is workingsuccessfully.e. When you and the Walmart EDI technician feel confident that you havesuccessfully completed testing, you will be moved to production on AS2communications.f. All suppliers will then begin EDI data testing via our Vendor Self Testing Portal.Last Modified On: 4/14/2014Wal-Mart Confidential7

Getting Started with EDI – Implementation GuideSetting up for EDI1. Expectations of EDI suppliersa. Before beginning EDI data testing you must have completed the following:i. AS2 Communication testing with Walmartii. Have all internal flows tested and operational prior to EDI data testing.iii. Verify that you have active itemsiv. Contact your buyer or sales representative to make sure you have activeitems with Walmart. If you do not have active items, you cannot test.b. Most Retail suppliers will need to do the basic EDI document set:i. The basic documents are:1. 810 Invoice2. 812 Claim3. 816 Address Listing4. 820 Remittance5. 850 Purchase Order6. 864 Text Message [ for invoice errors ]7. 997 Acknowledgementii. Any documents outside of these are considered as specialty documentsand require all suppliers to complete the full testing process outlinedbelow.c. In most cases, EDI data testing will last no longer than two weeks. We allow amaximum of six weeks for the testing of all of the basic documents.i. Although there are exceptions, most vendors will be testing all of the basicdocuments simultaneously.ii. If the testing takes longer than six weeks, the supplier may be removedfrom EDI testing for non-compliance.iii. If a supplier will exceed six weeks of testing, they must contact as soon aspossible our team and provide both an ETA and reason for the testing toexceed the six week timeframe.d. In order to trade EDI with Walmart, vendors are also expected to:i. Maintain a consistent AS2 connection.ii. Send functional acknowledgments no more than 24 hours from when thePO's were placed in the mailbox.1. Suppliers that are unable to send an acknowledgement(s) for anyreason, must contact the EDI Support Deske. Have at least one associate with a valid retail link ID.2. EDI Separatorsa. Walmart's normal EBCDIC and ASCII separators are as follows.b. If you need different separators set-up, please let the EDI Support team know.EBCDICElement ast Modified On: 4/14/2014HexValue5C6ECharacterASCII* A1 Element separator:Sub-elementseparator:Segment terminator:Wal-Mart Confidentia