American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO1300 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005Debby SzeredyMay 8, 2015Executive Vice President202-842-4250 (Office)202-842-4297 (Fax)National Executive BoardMark DimondsteinPresidentTo:Lamont Brooks, Assistant Director- Clerk DivisionFrom:Debby Szeredy, Executive Vice PresidentSubject:Revision of Handbook F-1 01, Field AccountingProcedures, Chapter 24Notification#: GCCC20150483Debby SzeredyExecutive Vice PresidentElizabeth Nliz" PowellSecretary-TreasurerTony D. McKinnon Sr.Director, Industrial RelationsClint BurelsonDirector, Clerk DivisionSteven G. RaymerDirector, Maintenance DivisionMichael 0. FosterDirector, MVS DivisionStephen R. BrooksDirector, Support SeNices DivisionSharyn M. StoneCoordinator, Central RegionPlease find attached a copy of a letter dated, May 6, 2015 from AlanMoore, regarding the above reference matter.You are designated as the APWU contact person in this matter. Contactthe USPS representative, Bruce Nicholson at ext 7773 as soon aspossible for discussion, if appropriate. Please provide notification of yourreview to me by June 1, 2015.Mike GallagherCoordinator, Eastern RegionJohn H DirziusCoordinator, Northeast RegionKennith L. BeasleyCoordinator, Southern RegionOmar M. GonzalezCoordinator, Western RegionPlease note: Your secretary should update the Notification TrackingModule in Step 4 CAS as Clint BurelsonTony McKinnonMichael FosterSteve RaymerDS:ycopeiu #2afl-cio

May 6, 2015Mr. Mark DimondsteinPresidentAmerican Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO1300 L Street N.W.Washington, DC 20005-4128Certified Mail Tracking Number:7014 0510 0000 6596 7274Dear Mark:As a matter of general interest, the Postal Service is revising Handbook F-1 01, Field AccountingProcedures, Chapter 24.The purpose of the revision is to extend Single Drawer Accountability (SDA) to six hour non-Pointof Service (POS)/Retail Systems Software (RSS) Remotely Managed Post Offices (RMPO) andalign SDA financial policies with the POStPian initiative.We have enclosed: Two copies of the proposed Handbook F-1 01, Chapter 24 final draft, one with and onewithout changes identifiedA copy of a narrative explanation of the purpose and effect of the proposed changesA copy of a chart listing current and proposed financial policy changes, by categoryAn electronic copy of the proposed Handbook F-1 01, Chapter 24 changes In accordance with Article 19 of the collective bargaining agreement, this revision will go intoeffect no sooner than 60 days from the union's receipt of this notice.Please contact Bruce Nicholson at extension 7773 if you have questions concerning this matter.I /lS1ncere Yv/J/'///Il.Il/ L -- ·/./Man S.1V'IooreManagerLabor Relations Policy and ProgramsEnclosures

Based on the successful implementation of the Single Drawer Accountability in the 2-hour and4-hour Remote Managed Offices ( RMPO), the organization is looking to extend the SingleDrawer Accountability concept to Non-POS/RSS 6-hour offices. The business drivers behindthis decision is the need to simplify the accounting processes and better align our financialpolicies to the PostPian initiative. Based on the fact that the Non RSS/POS R6 offices are onlyaveraging 900 in weekly sales and has an average of 5070.00 in Stamp Accountability,moving to a Single Drawer Accountability policy makes sense from a risk and expensestandpoint We do not anticipate any effect on employees.

Accountability UmitsAccountability Exception Cap(Month of December)Count FrequencyMeter ResettingMoney OrdersRefundsOrdering stampsReceiving StampsStamp DestructionMeter ResettingsMeter Monthly RequirementsServicewide lossesNo Fee Money Orders 5,000 5,000 10,000 10,000AnnuallyAnnually 1,000200 Blanks 35 1,000200 BlanksAPOAPO & Reship to RMPORMPORMPORMPORMPORMPO- None 5--APOAPO & Reship to RMPORMPORMPORMPORMPORfv1PO - Nonei 10,000!!Semi-annually 12,000jl 1,000':(00Blanks.,-- ------------li ------ 25!!!IIIIAPOSFS to RMPORMPORMPORMPORMPORMPO- None-i

24 Single Drawer AccountabilityI Non-POS 2 - 4 andHour OfficesChapter 24 describes the new policies of the Single Drawer Accountability (SDA), whichRemotely Managedis specifically designed for 2-hour"' ?rti: 14-hourPostThe policies streamline existing financial processes in order toadd efficiencies that align with changing operational requirements and demands. SDA isa single accountability comprised of stamp stock, cash, postage meter, and moneyorders (no unit reserve stock or individual accountabilities).The chapter includes the following subchapters:Non-POS 2 and 4-Hour RMfO Offices24-1 Overview24-2 Responsibilities24-3 Security24-4 Money Orders24-5 Replenishing Single Drawer Accountability24-6 Meters24-7 SDA Accountabilities24-8 Banking Procedures for Single Drawer Accountability24-9 Unit Closeout Procedures24-10 Refunds and Exchanges24-11 Exchanges24-1 Overview

Single Drawer Accountability (SDA) is comprised of stamp stock, cash, and moneyorders consigned specifically to Non-POS 2-hour and 4-hour offices, which areoverseen by an Administrative Post Office.Thewho work at the sameoffice, operate from a shared SDA including money order blocks and complete the dailyPS Form 1412, Daily Financial Report.SDA offices do not maintain the following:a. Individual accountabilities.b. Unit cash reserve.c. Unit reserve stock.d. PS Form 3959, Stamp Stock Transactions and Daily Recap.e. PS Form 3295, Record of Stamps, Stamped Paper, and Non-Postal Stamps onHand.The managing Administrative Post Office sets the accountability limits of the SDA office: The SDA must not exceed the current total unit accountability or a maximum of 5,000, whichever is less. The accountability includes stamp stock and cash.District Finance mManagers may approve an exception tor the maximum stock limit.(See section 24-5.1.1.) For customers requesting special orders, the AdministrativePost Office may temporarily adjust the value of the SDA to meet customer demands.(See section 24-5.1.2.)24-2 Responsibilities24-2.1 Postmaster at Administrative Post OfficeThe Administrative Post Office postmaster is responsible for oversight of the SDAmoney orders. Theoffices. The SDA includes stamp stock, cash,Administrative Post Office must ensure the timely performance of all SDA counts.; ::"' ;;;: HH vt HV stamp countsrandomly selected by Accounting Servicesbased on financial risk and monitoring indicators. :::::::::- "-;:;"' '-',- ,;;:, ; , , ;::: :::::: , e;;;:::::24-2.2 Postmaster Relief and/or Designee at 2- and 4- Hour Post OfficesTheresponsible for:safeguarding the stamp/cash accountability, postage meter, and the money orderimprinter; and tor accurately reporting financial transactions.

24-3 SecurityTheprovide adequatesecurity for all accountable items. Accountable items include postal funds, stamp stock,blank money order stock, philatelic products, retail products, accountable receipts,postage meters, and money order imprinters.24-3.1 EquipmentThe following types of equipment must be used to secure accountable items:a. Burglar-resistant chests in fireproof safes or security containers located in walk-invaults.b. Postal Service standard vaults or security containers.c. Security chests or burglar-resistant chest portion of fireproof safes.d. Fireproof safes or vaults not built to Postal Service standards.e. Lockable metal cabinets and file drawer.Note: The equipment used to secure accountable items will vary among field units dueto equipment availability.24-3.2 Key and Safe Combination Controls24-3.2.1 Single Drawer Accountability ControlsThe b * ;HH?** ·f t rn ' rne. ; . ·keep the SDA drawer keys, and PS Forms 3977, Duplicate Key Combination andPassword, in secured equipment as described under Security. t?ern-;:rn : rnt ;,.-:E::-lt·,:r ·tSDA office controls are as follows:a. The duplicate SDA drawer key must be maintained in a completed PS Form 3977;thesignsthe PS Form 3977 and writes "No Witness Available" on the envelope, if applicable.b. The daily SDA drawer key must be stored at the closing of each day in securedequipment as described under Security.d. The safe combination must be maintained in a completed PS Form

e. All individual login IDs and passwords (including credit card) must be maintained in acompleted PS Form 3977. : ::: , '-:::: :· ::: ,, «:,, ::::: ,c. ;;; · : '::::; ;;; ::::;, , -w ;;;c::: : «"'' '::c ,:::::;:::::;,:zf. PS Form 3902, Log and Lock Examination, must be completed for the semi-annualexams of PS Form 3977 and for the annual key exams.24-3.2.2 Administrative Post Office ControlsAdministrative Post Office controls are as follows:a. The Administrative Post Office must maintain a set of building keys for each SDAoffice in a completed PS Form 3977. The SDA building keys must be stored in a safelocation in the Administrative Post Office for entry to the unit, if necessary.b. The Administrative Post Office must maintain the SDA office's safe combination (ifapplicable) in a completed PS Form 3977.Note: If the Administrative Post Office is responsible for multiple SDA offices, there willbe a separate PS Form 3977 for the keys and safe combination for each location.24-4 Money OrdersMoney order blocks are shared by the ee &m:tas. 'feH:et13:Ftf!Jt tieS13:Ftee,Wf 'WGFks :z,e, ·'"'· ' "' :::L ,-"" ' "' · ::::;::::;.: at the SDA office.24-4.1 Ordering Money OrdersThe, · ,, ·procedures to replenish money orders:b. Order money orders in increments of one hundred (100). Only one block can berequested per order with a maximum quantity of 200 money orders on hand at a giventime, unless approved by the Administrative Post Office··.c. Enter all money order blocks intoe1412 immediately upon receipt andmaintain a record of all blank money order sets using the Money Order Block Report.d. Issue money orders in the correct sequence.24-4.2 Daily ProceduresThese procedures must be followed daily to account for money orders:

a. Print the ewt\:. rl 27!:tfillV I\ftPAtr v'·{:c/{:!:rlff-lc" sHPPH··H cr l- 'liHH\iL·' \i"f SHP e1412 Money OrderBlocks report.b. When multiple employees work on the same day, each money order sold must beannotated with the employee's name who sold the corresponding money order.c. On a daily basis, prior to opening for business, verification must be performed toensure no money orders are missing. To perform verification: verify the next availablemoney order in block by comparing against the previous day's cllVIcliP 't:":;c:r J.aHv rev'z.PH:aaaf'.;,H ·Iili'z.H H I ci.;.r e 1412 Money Order Blocks report.d. All money order discrepancies must be reported to the Administrative Post Officepostmaster for immediate research.e. If the Administrative Post Office researches and finds there is an issue with a missingmoney order then:(1) Record the money order in your reporting technology as missing.(2) If blank money orders are lost or stolen, the Administrative Post Office postmastermust immediately contact the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) and report theserial numbers of the missing forms.Note: If blank money order forms are recovered, void them and notify the Inspector incharge.

J]]Q Jill!l ]J]J[:tef-B''f' f1e--;l7t::ff\i'f::ffl m rrol f-.fl::fm::!HHffiiH·tF&I§Rf dAll bait moneyorders must be accounted for on a Bait Money Order Control Log, reference the BaitMoney Order Management Instruction .'-'.L :;.L. . ' .c. . :::c:. L.L:.:- :-e:: . ::::::. .:::: , 24-5 Replenishing Single Drawer Accountability24-5.1Stock LimitsThe managing Administrative Post Office monitorsthe accountability limits of theSDA office: The SDA must not exceed their current total unit accountability or a maximum of 5,000, whichever is less. The accountability includes stamp stock and cash.24-5.1.1 Exceptions to Authorized LimitThe Administrative Post Office postmaster may request an exception to increase theaccountability limits for their SDA office when sales exceed the stock on hand.Supporting documentation showing that postage sales are in excess to maintain theaccountability limit must be prepared and provided in an email to justify the proposed

increase to the District Finance Manager. Accountability thresholds for consideration willbe based on a progressive scale starting at 7,500 to a maximum amount of 10,000.

The District Finance Manager evaluates each request and if approved forwards theemail authorizing the level of change to Accounting Services, Field Sales Branch (FSB)([email protected]). The subject line must state "SDA Accountability Exception.";email must include the PFC, 10-digit unit finance number, unit name, andapproved accountability limit.24-5.1.2 Temporary Increases to Stock LimitsThe Administrative Post Office postmaster may temporarily adjust the value of the SDAoffice due to customers requesting special orders. The maximum stock level must bereduced as soon as customer needs are met.24-5.2 Ordering StockThern * P « rn * ; . . order andreplenish the SDA office as follows:Maintain SDA office to a maximum of 5,000, which includes stamp stock and cash.Exceptions are as follows:(1) Increased accountability limit was approved by the District Finance Manager.(2) Administrative Post Office postmaster temporarily approved the increase in stocklevel for customer's special request.

24-5.3 Receiving StockWhen the stamp stock is receivedAdministrative Post Office,do the following:fLLJ !Lt:! ':51Y!t:. .1tK:Jiit-t: :J ::l··JJt:rmJJt:l4d-t.:rr !L!l'l!ll!ll! a. Count the stock and verify with a witness. If no witness available, write "NWA" andinitial.b. Sign PS Form 17, Stamp Requisition/Stamp Return, as the person receiving thestock.c. Enter the amount of stock received in AIC 841 on the Unit PS Form 1412 tl -t ttcrv·EObv accept[!g stock by item number in e1412.d. Maintain a copy of the completed PS Form 17 with the daily financial paperwork.e. Thenotify theAdministrative Post Office postmaster of any discrepancies with PS Form 17 from the· ?l t!Oi:c?""*t -ttt Administrative Post Office.

24-6 Meters;"' ' , ' - officesare required to have a postage meter, due to limited accountabilityrequirements. The cost of the meter rental is funded by the district.24-6.1 Meter VendorPitney Bowes is the required vendor for new meter procurement.24-6.1.1 Initial OrderTo order a Pitney Bowe postage meter:a. Use eBuy2, which will open up on the MyProcure IT Tab.b. Select "Postage Meters and Supplies" under List of USPS Preferred Products on thefront page of eBuy2c. You will need to order the following:(1) DM100 New Meter 1QTRwhich triggers Pitney Bowes to ship a new meter.(2) PS Form 3602-PO, Postage Collected Through Post Office Meter.(3) 620-9, Postage Tape Sheets for PB Meter- order as many labels as you need.Note: New meters contain enough ink for 3,000 impressions. Additional ink may beordered via item # 793-5.24-6.1.2 Meter RenewalAfter the meter is received, offices have the option to renew through the end of the fiscalyear. A meter arriving at any time in a quarter qualifies as the first quarter even if it is inthe last month of the quarter. Postal quarters are as follows: Quarter 1 (Oct-Dec) Quarter 2 (Jan-Mar) Quarter 3 (Apr-June) Quarter 4 (July-Sept)Meter renewals must be completed via eBuy2 system for the quarters remaining in thefiscal year. The serial number of the postage meter is needed to order a renewal. Torenew meter, follow the process stated above but order:a. DM1 OOR- Renewal of Existing Pitney Bowes one for each quarter.b. Any ink or labels as needed. ote: eBuy2is NOT to be used to request funds to add postage to the meter.

24-6.2 Replenishing MetersSDA offices should replenish postage meters as follows:a. The maximum per meter setting is 1 ,000; maximum total postage on meter shouldnot exceed 1,500.b. Use PS Form 3602-PO to record meter settings; report meters sales in AIC 110.24-6.3 Monthly Requirement for MetersAll sites are REQUIRED to connect to their meter manufacturer during the first week ofevery month. This practice serves three purposes:to the meter company that the meter is still actively beingto USPS 'lf!aJclit i-i l-i tHHiPA: I HNational Meter Accounting and Tracking System (NMATS) forJhe c " C,;JJ :Cpostage that has been used on that specific meter since the last connection.USPS requires that all postage meters be tracked by the meter companies who mustverify the meter is being used in the location it was assigned to. Meters that do notreport can be turned off by the meter company. The meter company must report these"missing/non-reporting meters" to the Postal Inspection Service for revenue protection.24-6.4 Postal Meter Help LineIf assistance is needed, call the Postal Pitney Bowes Help Desk at 888-598-9551. TheHelp Desk customer service representatives are trained to understand the uniquenessof Postal meter operations. Please do not call the phone number located on the actualmeter; this phone number is for a non-Postal meter customer.24-7 SDA Accountabilities24-7.1 Single Drawer Accountability Financial DocumentsSDA offices must maintain the following files at their unit for review by theAdministrative Post Office:a. PS Forms 3294, Cash and Stamp Stock Count and Summaryb. PS Forms 3368-P, Accountability Examination Recordc. PS Form 3369, Consigned Credit Receipt

d. PS Form 3902 and PS Form 3977, Log and Lock Examinatione. PS Forms 571, Discrepancy of 100 or More in Financial Responsibility (if applicable)f. PS Form 2130, Claim for Loss (if applicable)

24-7.2 Counting RequirementsThe Administrative Post Office postmaster is responsible for counting the SDAmaintained by theleast onceevery fiscal year. However, the Administrative Post Office postmaster may count morefrequently at their discretion. The ASC monitors the SDA office accountability and maydirect the Administrative Post Office postmaster to count more frequently than the onceper fiscal year requirement.Note: If an office was given an exception to exceed the 5,000 limit, the AdministrativePost Office is required to perform the count twice a year, as directed by the ASC.24-7.3 Scheduling and Monitoring CountsCounts are randomly scheduled and monitored for compliance by the ASC. TheAdministrative Post Office postmaster must follow the following requirements:a. The count must be completed within 14 calendar days from the time of notification.b. The SDA office must be counted before making any transactions.24-7.4 Forms Needed for CountThe following table describes the forms used during scheduled and random counts ofsingle drawer accountability.Form to use .PS Form 3294 (Manual), Cash and StampStock Count and SummaryTo record .An examination of a stamp credit.The Administrative Post Office postmasterandthe J [nPlQ F ma r4 · am·.:ueF "****PS Form 3368 -P, AccountabilityExamination RecordPS Form 571, Discrepancy of 100 orMore in Financial Responsibilitymust complete aninde endent PS Form 3294.Stamp and cash credit count resultsDiscrepancy of 1 00 ormore in financialresponsibilit if a plicable)

24-7.5 Physical CountThe Administrative Post Office postmaster and ! J L IJJP:IQli ?J ,estma·stE fE Hefdesignee must each perform an independent count and complete a separatePS Form 3294.24-7.6 Completingthe Count24-7.6.1 Recording Count OveragesWhen there is an SDA overage, record the full amount of the overage in AIC 222,Adjusted Losses- SDA Overages, on the Unit PS Form 1412 on the day of the count.AICs843 will auto-post on the PS Form 1412. This will adjust AIC 853,Stamp Accountability Closing Balance, to the actual amount of stock counted.24-7.6.2 Recording Count ShortagesWhen there is an SDA shortage, record the full amount of the shortage in AIC 622,Adjusted Losses- SDA Shortage, on the Unit PS Form 1412 on the day of the count.AICs ;fe99 and 849 will auto-post on the PS Form 1412. This will adjust AIC 853,Stamp Accountabil