IBM CommerceDatasheetInformation Technology (IT)Job Skills and CompetenciesFrameworkJob families and competencies defined to meet end-to-endneeds within IT industry

IBM recognizes that organizations’ IT function faces someof the most dynamic talent and skills management issuesof any organization and functional group. These issuesmay appear tactical, but can also have wide ranging impacton the successful and continuing operations of the overallbusiness. Through a structured approach to capturing theskills and talent required, you can capture, recognize andmanage risk against such issues as: Major product version updates Mission critical infrastructure operations Security management and updates Vendor certification and support Compliance (regulatory, security, ISO/CMMI, etc.) Application development and support Changing contractor population Outsourced vendor servicesFor more than 20 years, the IBM Kenexa TalentFrameworks has been deployed in many organizations tohelp them - either independently or as part of a larger HRstrategy - improve learning, development andperformance of a company’s most critical components.Using the content library is a rapid and robust way tocustomize your organizationally aligned competencies andjob profiles.IBM offers Job Skills & Competencies across 20 differentindustries. This is but one of those libraries. IBM Kenexaoffers complete solutions to support your TalentManagement requirements including cloud based softwareto manage your workforce Job Skills & Competencies,Employee Self-Assessment, Manager Assessment, SkillsGap analysis and more.In an organization it may be easy to answer a questionsuch as “how many printers do we have?” or “where arethey?”, but the same cannot be said when asked aboutknowledge, skills or people. By using the IT Job andCompetency Framework, you will be able to lay afoundation for answering: How many people and who are the ones that canimplement the mission critical failover procedure? What is our mission critical knowledge and how muchof that institutional memory resides in our contractworkforce? What skills based SLAs can we drive our outsourcevendors to deliver? What’s our capability to migrate from one version of atechnology to the next?2

IBM Kenexa Talent frameworks for Information Technology (IT) Industry4 All Jobs Architecture & Types of Skills5 Summary of all Job Families/counts in IBM Kenexa Talent Framework6 What are the Newest Job Families in the IBM Kenexa Talent Framework7Job Titles (443 ) in the Framework17 Competencies for IT Tools & Methodologies (Sample)Software Developer - Sample Job18 Job Band19 Skills Competencies at Core, Functional and Technical levelsWeb Software Design Skill20 Competency Proficiency Levels and Behaviors21Learning References22 SMART Goals / Development Statements23 Coaching Tips23 Interview Questions3

Jobs Competency ArchitectureJobProfileSkills uestionsCoachingTipseratorsLearningResourcesTypes of Skills & ersonal– Applicable to all roles– Reflects strategy and culture– Supports selection and hiring– Reflects management style– Reflects the leadership pipeline– Reflects teaming skillsJob Functional– Functional Strategy– Key job skillsJob Technical– Job/Role specific knowledge– Job/role skills inventory– Used for skills assessment– Specific job tasks– Specific equipment tasks– Safety best practisesTechnical— Task Specific4

NOW: 21 Job FamiliesNOW: 21 Job Families18 Job Families414 JobsJob Descriptions, profile, primaryresponsibilities and expected proficiencylevels for incumbents in the role.# of JobsIT Functions: Application Services Application Services-Specialized Business Unit/Customer Support Cloud Computing Computer Operations Corporate Functions Data Management Infrastructure Management ITIL IT Security IT Service Management IT Technology Tools Network Services Program/Project Management Social Networking Services Systems Management Technology Dev. & Architecture Website Content Management3428222934163131616197211039183519Job ModelsJob Family Name685 hnical-OtherCore/FoundationalBusiness, Individual,Management and LeadershipFunctional10* Big Data Computing10* Mobile Computing10105Each Competency with 4 Levels ofProficiency defined by 21 uniquebehavioral descriptionsNEW:* Business Analytics2062185898Level 1: Basic understandingLevel 2: Working experienceLevel 3: Extensive experienceLevel 4: Subject matter depth/breadthMapped to each unique competencytool for applying your framework: Learning ReferencesInterview QuestionsDevelopment GoalsCoaching TipsPerformance Writing Assistance5

NEWEST JOB FAMILIES & JOBSBusiness AnalyticsDefinition, gathering, analysis and interpretation of data related tobusiness intelligence and performance. Implementation and support ofapplications, infrastructure and technologies for gathering, analysis ofbusiness relevant data as well as forecasting future trends.nnnnnnnnnnBig Data ComputingDesign, development and support of applications, very largedatabases and infrastructure for storing structured and unstructuredcompany data and for use in analyzing business activities, detectingpatterns and reporting trends.nnnnnnnnnnMobile ComputingDesign, development and support of mobile applications for a BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) environment that allows access to corporateinformation through a variety of mobile devices.nnnnnnnnnnBusiness Analytics DirectorBusiness Analytics ManagerBusiness Analytics Consultant, MasterBusiness Analytics ConsultantData Mining Specialist, SeniorBusiness Analytics Software Specialist, SeniorBusiness Analytics Architect, SeniorBusiness Analytics Developer, SeniorBusiness Analytics Software SpecialistBusiness Analytics DeveloperChief Data Officer - Big DataBig Data ManagerData Scientist - Big DataApplication Architect - Big DataApplication Developer, Senior - Big DataData Architect - Big DataData Visualization Specialist, SeniorApplication Developer - Big DataData Engineer - Big DataSystem Administrator - Big DataMobile Services DirectorMobile Applications Manager, GroupMobile Applications Specialist, MasterMobile Technologies Specialist, MasterMobile Application Developer, SeniorMobile Security Specialist, SeniorMobile/BYOD Support Specialist, SeniorMobile Application DeveloperMobile Device (BYOD) Support SpecialistMobile Device (BYOD) Administrator6

Job Family and Job TitlesJob FamilyApplication ServicesBusiness analysis, application design, development,integration and delivery and application maintenanceand support functionsJob TitlennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnDirector of Application ServicesDirector of Consulting ServicesApplication Architect, MasterApplication Developer, MasterGroup Application ManagerBusiness Systems ConsultanteBusiness ConsultantGroup Project Manager (AS)IT Product ManagerApplication ArchitectWeb Application ArchitectApplication Developer, SeniorWeb Application Developer, SeniorApplication ManagerBusiness Systems Analyst, SeniorClient/Server ProgrammerDocumentation Specialist, SenioreBusiness Specialist, SeniorSystems IntegratorProject Manager (AS)Release Manager (Applications)Testing Specialist, SeniorUser Interface Specialist, SeniorApplication DeveloperWeb Application DeveloperProject Team Leader (AS)Business Systems AnalystClient/Server Programmer, JuniorTesting SpecialistUser Interface SpecialistApplication Developer, JuniorApplication LibrarianBusiness Systems Analyst, JuniorClient/Server Programmer, Trainee7

Application Services - SpecializedBusiness analysis, application design, development,integration and delivery and application maintenance andsupport function for Customer Relationship Managementapplications and systems.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnBusiness Development Director - Enterprise ConsultingSales Director-Enterprise Information ManagementBusiness Analyst, Senior - ERPBasis Consultant - ERPCRM Specialist, MasterERP Specialist, MasterSolution Architect-ERPSolution Architect, Senior - ERPTechnical Quality Manager -ERPBusiness Analyst - ERPBI Solution Engineer - ERPCRM Architect, SeniorCRM Integration Specialist, SeniorERP Analyst, SeniorERP Programmer, SeniorImplementation Consultant - ERPNetwork Engineer - ERPPresales Engineer-ERPQuality Engineer - ERPSoftware Engineer - Relational Database ManagementSystem (RDBMS)Technical Consultant - ERPTransportation Management ConsultantCRM Business Data AnalystERP ProgrammerImplementation Specialist - ERPTechnical Support Specialist - ERPCRM Application AdministratorERP Analyst, JuniornnnnnnnnBusiness Unit/Customer SupportInternal or external customer service and relationshipmanagement, first line of support, desktop technologysupport and help desk, site support functionsnnnnnnnnnnnnnnDirector of Business Unit SupportCallCenter ArchitectCustomer Support ConsultantDecision Support ConsultantField Support ManagerIT Generalist, SeniorHelp Desk ManagerRelationship ManagerCallCenter SpecialistConsultant, SeniorCustomer Support SpecialistDecision Support SpecialistEDI CoordinatorField Support Specialist, Senior8

nnnnnnnnCloud ComputingWeb-based service model for delivering and implementinginformation technology services.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnIT GeneralistHelp Desk SpecialistSite ManagerEDI SupportField Engineer, SoftwareHelp Desk Specialist, JuniorPC SpecialistField Support Specialist, JuniorDirector of Cloud Computing OperationsDirector of Cloud ServicesCloud Computing Application Architect, SeniorRisk & IT Compliance Manager - Cloud ComputingCloud Resource ManagerCloud Integration Architect, SeniorCloud Integration Engineer, SeniorCloud Computing Infrastructure Architect, SeniorCloud Security Architect, SeniorProduct Manager - Cloud ComputingSystem Engineer, Senior - Cloud ComputingCloud Computing Application ArchitectCloud Computing Solution ArchitectCloud Integration ArchitectCloud Computing Infrastructure ArchitectCloud Integration Support, SeniorCloud Security ArchitectCloud Security Engineer, SeniorSystem Engineer - Cloud ComputingSoftware Engineer, Senior - Cloud ComputingSystems & Network Administrator - Cloud ComputingCloud Storage Systems Engineer, SeniorDataCenter Facilities TechnicianCloud Integration EngineerCloud Integration Support SpecialistCloud Resource Management TechnicianCloud Security EngineerSoftware Engineer - Cloud ComputingCloud Storage Systems Engineer9

Corporate FunctionsTraditional corporate functions employed within ITorganizations: budgeting, financial and contractsmanagement, audit, compliance, human resources, training& development.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnData ManagementData standards and procedures, warehousing, design anddevelopment of logical and physical data models anddatabases, distributed data management, informationmanagement functionsnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnDirector of Human ResourcesDirector of Training & DevelopmentBudget Administration ManagerIT Competency Program ManagerContracts-Vendor ManagerFinance & Administration ManagerStaff Development ConsultantTraining Manager (IT)Workflow ArchitectBudget-Finance SpecialistCompetency SpecialistContracts-Vendor SpecialistTraining Specialist (IT)IT Competency Program AdministratorIT Administrative AssistantIT Training AdministratorDirector of Organizational DataBusiness Intelligence ArchitectData-Information Architect, MasterDatabase Consultant, MasterData Warehouse Architect, SeniorData Warehouse ManagerETL ArchitectProject ManagerInformation ArchitectData Warehouse AuditorBusiness Intelligence Developer, SeniorDatabase Administrator, SeniorDatabase Developer, SeniorDatabase ManagerData ManagerData StewardETL Developer, SeniorInformation AnalystInformation ScientistData ModelerBusiness Intelligence DeveloperData AdministratorDatabase AdministratorDatabase Analyst, JuniorDatabase DeveloperData Transformation SpecialistData Warehouse Developer10

nnnnInfrastructure ManagementDesign, development and support of technologyinfrastructure, hardware, software and office systemssupport and distribution, systems performancemanagement and technology integration entation and support of processes and practicesfor managing IT infrastructure, development and operationsusing the concepts and techniques of InformationTechnology Infrastructure Library.nnnnnnETL DeveloperInformation Analyst, JuniorData Modeler, JuniorDatabase LibrarianEnterprise Infrastructure DirectorCapacity Planner, SeniorDirectory Services Administration ManagerE-Mail Administration ManagerInfrastructure Architect, MasterInfrastructure Configuration ManagerMiddleware Administration ManagerOffice Systems ManagerSoftware Systems ManagerAsset ManagerCapacity PlannerConfiguration Management AnalystDirectory Services SpecialistMiddleware SpecialistNetwork EngineerOffice Systems Specialist, SeniorPerformance & Tuning Specialist, SeniorSoftware Specialist, SeniorSystems Administrator, SeniorTelephony SpecialistWeb Infrastructure ManagerE-Mail AdministratorEquipment SpecialistHardware Service TechnicianMiddleware AdministratorOffice Systems SpecialistPerformance & Tuning SpecialistSystems AdministratorSoftware SpecialistInfrastructure AdministratorSoftware AdministratorITIL Service Management DirectorITIL Consultant, SeniorITIL Project ManagerITIL SpecialistITIL Service Support ManagerITIL Specialist, Junior11

IT Service ManagementDevelopment, implementation and management ofbusiness aligned IT services. Service Levelmanagement.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnIT Technology ToolsThis job function contains pseudo jobs whichenable the inclusion of technology toolcompetencies in the IT framework data files.Technology Tool competencies are typically notassociated with any given job profile.nnnnnnnNetwork ServicesNetwork architecture and operations,telecommunications infrastructure design anddevelopment, network support and services,technology integration, and network capacityplanning for voice, data and video communicationsnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnService Management DirectorService Delivery ManagerService Establishment ManagerService Strategy ManagerAvailability ManagerService Capacity ManagerChange ManagerFinancial Manager (IT)Incident ManagerProblem ManagerProcess ManagerProcess ConsultantRelease Manager (Services)Service Assurance ManagerService ManagerService Management ConsultantService Support ManagerProblem Management SpecialistService AnalystTechnology Tools for Application DevelopmentTechnology Tools for Database ManagementTechnology Tools for Systems Hardware and Software ManagementTechnology Tools for TelecommunicationsTechnology Tools for Data Center OperationsTechnology Tools for Miscellaneous TasksTechnology Tools for Systems Project Management and SecurityDirector of Telecommunications ServicesNetwork Architect, MasterNetwork Planning ManagerProject Manager (NS)Telecommunications ConsultantTelecommunications ManagerCommunications Software SpecialistNetwork ManagerNetwork Planning Analyst, SeniorTelecommunications Specialist, SeniorVoice Networks SpecialistWireless Networks Specialist, SeniorTelecommunications Equipment SpecialistLAN AdministratorNetwork OperatorNetwork Support Specialist12

nnnnnComputer OperationsOperation of data center production systems andequipment, production scheduling and control, reportsdistribution, service level support, backup, recovery,capacity and disaster recovery planning functionsnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnNetwork Services CoordinatorTelecommunications SpecialistLAN Administrator, JuniorNetwork AdministratorNetwork TechnicianDirector of Computer OperationsDisaster Recovery DirectorComputer Operations ConsultantDisaster Recovery ManagerProject Manager, Senior (OP)Production Support ManagerChange Control SpecialistComputer Operations ManagerComputer Operator, SeniorDisaster Recovery SpecialistDisaster Recovery SpecialistData Storage Specialist, SeniorOutput Services ManagerIT Production Support Specialist, SeniorSite Operations ManagerTechnology Specialist, SeniorComputer OperatorDisaster Recovery Specialist, JuniorData Storage SpecialistOperations AnalystOutput Services Specialist, SeniorOutput Services SupervisorIT Production Support SpecialistSchedulerStorage Library SupervisorTechnology SpecialistChange Control AdministratorComputer Operator, JuniorDisaster Recovery AdministratorPeripheral Equipment OperatorOperations LibrarianOutput Services SpecialistProduction AdministratorData Storage Administrator13

Program/Project ManagementPolicies and standards for in-house programs and projects,cross-functional project management support andcoordination, and business process support functionsnnnnnnnnnnIT SecurityPhysical and electronic protection of data: access control,intrusion detection, virus protection, certification, audit,incident response, security engineering, development andimplementation of security policies and proceduresnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnSystems ManagementManagement of technology assets and processes,business systems planning, financial and contractsmanagement, audit, compliance, methods, processes andquality assurance functionsnnnnnnnnnnnnnnProject Office DirectorBusiness Process ManagerProject Management Program ManagerIT Program ManagerProject Management Specialist, SeniorProject Manager GeneralistBusiness Process SpecialistProject AnalystProject Management SpecialistProject Lifecycle SpecialistChief Information Security OfficerInformation Security Architect, MasterData Privacy OfficerInformation Security Risk ManagerSecurity ArchitectInformation Security Administration ManagerInformation Security Specialist, SeniorWeb Abuse Specialist, SeniorInformation Security Administrator, SeniorInformation Security Assurance SpecialistSecurity Analyst, Distributed SystemsInformation Security SpecialistSecurity Administrator, SeniorWeb Abuse SpecialistInformation Security AdministratorSecurity AdministratorChief Information OfficerAudit Specialist, SeniorIT Audit ManagerMethods & Procedures ConsultantOutsourcing ManagerQuality Assurance ManagerStrategic PlannerAudit SpecialistBusiness Continuity SpecialistMeasurement SpecialistQuality Assurance Specialist, SeniorStandards & Procedures SpecialistTechnical WriterQuality Assurance Specialist14

nnnSocial Networking ServicesDevelopment, Implementation and Management of online/web service sites, platforms and applications that focuseson building and maintaining of social networks or socialrelations among individual or nnSoftware TesterStandards & Procedures Specialist, JuniorWeb Systems AdministratorRelationship Director- SNSSales & Marketing Director - SNSUser Support and Operations DirectorData Services ManagerOnline Advertising ManagerOnline Marketing ManagerRelationship Manager – SNSSocial Media ManagerData Services Engineer, SeniorProduct Manager - Service Platform OperationsProduct Manager - User OperationsSolutions Consultant - Media SolutionsSoftware Engineer, Senior - Mobile ApplicationsSoftware Engineer, Senior - php, ajax, web2.0Software Engineer, Senior- Web ApplicationsSocial Media ProducerSite Reliability Engineer, SeniorUser Interface (UI) Engineer, SeniorData warehouse Operations EngineerData Services EngineerEnterprise Services Representative - SNSFlash Developer - GamesNetwork Operations Center EngineerOnline Advertising Support / Sales RepresentativeOnline Marketing SpecialistProduct Specialist - Service Platform OperationsProduct Specialist - User OperationsSales Development Specialist – SNSSoftware Engineer - Mobile ApplicationsSoftware Engineer - php, ajax, web2.0Software Engineer - Web ApplicationsSocial Media Research AnalystSocial Media SpecialistSite Reliability EngineerUser Interface (UI) EngineerUser Support and Operations SpecialistWeb Developer - ApplicationsWeb Developer - Data ServicesWeb Developer - Graphical User In