Electronic Data InterchangeEDI 214Carrier Shipment Status MessageVersion 006010Document Version: 1.2

214 Carrier Shipment Status Message – IntroductionLogico uses the EDI 214 in order to track the shipment from the origin (ship-from) location to thedestination (ship-to) location. The EDI 214 must contain the status information of the shipmentincluding current location and any exceptions (OS&D, behind schedule, etc.).Functional AcknowledgementLogico will respond to each EDI 214 with an EDI 997. Logico requires that the carrier receiveand reconcile all EDI 997’s. In the event that a 997 is not received within one hour of the 214transmission, contact Logico operations to verify that your EDI 214 has been received andprocessed.Valid ValuesThroughout this specification various element definitions may contain a list of valid values(codes). If a list of codes is provided in this document, or if the user is directed to a relevantappendix, that is to be interpreted to mean that only those codes will be considered valid andany other codes will cause the file to be rejected.EDI 214 Example:This example is a status message transmitted for a load which contains two shipments (BOLs)that were picked up at the same location at the same time. Notice how the message has two LXloops (one for each shipment id / bill of lading) where the shipment id, bill of lading, quantity andweight are different from one another.Pickup (2 1142*U*00601*000001200*1*T* 010 ST*214*12000001 B10*112233*317749*XXXX LX*1 L11*614587*SI L11*123456*BM L11*1*QN AT8*FR*L*22065*14025*18 AT7*AF****20190411*1400*LT MS1*JEFFERSONVLLE*IN*USA*****47130 MS2**55122*53 N1*SF*Company X*94*1009 N3*701 LOOP RD N4*JEFFERSONVLLE*IN*47130*USA G62*86*20190411*D*1400*LT N1*ST*VOSS IND N3*12534 EMERSON DR N4*BRIGHTON*MI*48116*USA

G62*****LT LX*2 L11*614588*SI L11*123457*BM L11*2*QN AT8*FR*L*5874*502*8 AT7*AF****20190411*1400*LT MS1*JEFFERSONVLLE*IN*USA*****47130 MS2**55122*53 N1*SF*Company X*94*1009 N3*701 LOOP RD N4*JEFFERSONVLLE*IN*47130*USA G62*86*20190411*D*1400*LT N1*ST*XXX Company N3*123 MAIN ST N4*NOVI*MI*48375*USA G62*****LT SE*35*12000001 GE*1*1200 IEA*1*000001200

214Not Define:Pos OOP ID LX100LX200L11400Q7500700K1AT8Transportation CarrierShipment Status MessageSegment NameReqMax UseRepeatInterchange ControlHeaderFunctional Group HeaderM1Must UseM1Must UseRepeatNotesSegment NameReqMax UseTransaction Set HeaderBeginning Segment forTransportation CarrierShipment StatusMessageInterline InformationMM11Must UseMust UseO12UsedSegment NameReqMax n Set LineNumberBusiness Instructionsand Reference NumberLading ExceptionStatusRemarksShipment Weight,Packaging andQuantity DataLOOP ID AT7800AT7Shipment StatusDetails900MS1Equipment, Shipment,or Real PropertyLocation1000 MS2Equipment orContainer Owner andTypeLOOP ID N11300 N1Party IdentificationM1Must UseM999Must UseO10UsedOO1010UsedUsedM1Must UseM1Must UseO2Used105M1Must Use

1500160017002100N3N4G62SESummary:PosIdNot Define:GEIEAParty LocationGeographic LocationDate/TimeTransaction Set TrailerSegment NameFunctional Group HeaderInterchange ControlTrailerMMMMReqMM2111Max Use11Must UseMust UseMust UseMust UseRepeatNotesUsageMust UseMust Use

ISAInterchange ControlHeaderPos:Max: 1Not Defined - MandatoryLoop: N/AElements: 16UsedTo start and identify an interchange of zero or more functional groups and interchange-related controlsegments.Element Summary:RefIdElement NameReqTypeMin/MaxUsageISA01I01Authorization Information MID2/2Must useQualifierDescription: Code to identify the type of information in the AuthorizationInformation.ISA02I02Authorization Information MAN10/10Must useDescription: Information used for additional identification or authorization of theinterchange sender or the data in the interchange; the type ofinformation is set by the Authorization Information Qualifier (I01).ISA03I03Security InformationMID2/2Must useQualifierDescription: Code to identify the type of information in the Security Information.ISA04I04Security InformationMAN10/10Must useDescription: This is used for identifying the security information about theinterchange sender or the data in the interchange; the type ofinformation is set by the Security Information Qualifier (I03).ISA05I05Interchange Sender IDMID2/2Must useQualifierCodePurpose32U.S. Federal Employer Identification Number(FEIN)ZZMutually Defined02SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code)Description: Qualifier to designate the system/method of code structure used todesignate the sender or receiver ID element being qualified.ISA06I06Interchange Sender IDMAN15/15Must useDescription: Identification code published by the sender for other parties to use asthe receiver ID to route data to them; the sender always codes thisvalue in the sender ID elementISA07I07Interchange Receiver IDMID2/2Must useQualifierDescription: Qualifier to designate the system/method of code structure used todesignate the sender or receiver ID element being qualifiedISA08I08Interchange Receiver IDMAN15/15Must use

A15I15ISA16I16Description: Identification code published by the receiver of the data; Whensending, it is used by the sender as their sending ID, thus other partiessending to them will use this as a receiving ID to route data to themInterchange DateMDT6/6Must useDescription: Date of the interchangeInterchange TimeMTM4/4Must useDescription: Time of the interchangeInterchange ControlMID1/1Must useStandards IdentifierDescription: Code to identify the agency responsible for the control standard usedby the message that is enclosed by the interchange header and trailerInterchange ControlMID5/5Must useVersion NumberDescription: Code specifying the version number of the interchange controlsegmentsInterchange ControlMN09/9Must useNumberDescription: A control number assigned by the interchange senderAcknowledgmentMID1/1Must useRequestedDescription: Code sent by the sender to request an interchange acknowledgment(TA1)Usage IndicatorMID1/1Must useDescription: Code to indicate whether data enclosed by this interchange envelopeis test, production or information'P' for Production, 'T' for Test.Component ElementM1/1Must useSeparatoDescription: Type is not applicable; the component element separator is adelimiter and not a data element; this field provides the delimiterused to separate component data elements within a composite datastructure; this value must be different than the data elementseparator and the segment terminator

GSFunctional GroupHeaderPos:Max: 1Not Defined - MandatoryLoop: N/AElements: 8UsedTo indicate the beginning of a functional group and to provide control information.Element Summary:RefIdElement NameReqTypeMin/MaxUsageGS01GS01Functional IdentifierMID2/2Must useCoderDescription: Code identifying a group of application related transaction setsGS02GS02Application Sender’s Code MAN2/15Must useDescription: Code identifying party sending transmission; codes agreed to bytrading partnersGS03GS03Application Receiver’sMAN2/15Must useCodeDescription: Code identifying party receiving transmission; codes agreed to bytrading partnersGS04GS04DateMDT8/8Must useDescription: Date expressed as YYYYMMDDGS05GS05TimeMTM4/8Must useDescription: Time expressed in 24-hour clock time as follows: HHMM, or HHMMSS,or HHMMSSD, or HHMMSSDD, where H hours (00-23), M minutes(00-59), S integer seconds (00-59) and DD decimal seconds;decimal seconds are expressed as follows: D tenths (0-9) and DD hundredths (00-99)GS06GS06Group Control NumberMN01/9Must useDescription: Assigned number originated and maintained by the senderGS07GS07Responsible Agency Code MID1/2Must useDescription: Code identifying the issuer of the standard; this code is used inconjunction with Data Element 480GS08GS08Version / Release /MAN1/12Must useIndustry Identifier CodeDescription: Code indicating the version, release, subrelease, and industryidentifier of the EDI standard being used, including the GS and GEsegments; if code in DE455 in GS segment is X, then in DE 480positions 1-3 are the version number; positions 4-6 are the releaseand subrelease, level of the version; and positions 7-12 are theindustry or trade association identifiers (optionally assigned by user);if code in DE455 in GS segment is T, then other formats are allowed

Pos: 100Max: 1Header - MandatoryLoop: N/AElements: 2*See ASC X12 Nomenclature, to review the transaction set structure, including descriptions ofsegments, data elements, levels, and loopsUsedTo indicate the start of a transaction set and to assign a control number.STTransaction Set HeaderElement Summary:RefIdElement NameReqTypeMin/MaxUsageST001143Transaction Set tion Carrier Shipment Status MessageDescription: Code identifying a Transaction SetST002329Transaction Set ControlMAN4/9Must useNumberDescription: Identifying control number that must be unique within thetransaction set functional group assigned by the originator for atransaction set.

B10Beginning Segment forTransportation CarrierShipment StatusMessagePos: 200Max: 1Header - MandatoryLoop: N/AElements: 5UsedTo transmit identifying numbers and other basic data relating to the transaction set.Element Summary:RefIdElement NameReqTypeMin/MaxUsageB10001 127Reference IdentificationMAN1/80Must useDescription: The carrier assigned reference number.The carrier PRO number (CN).Must match the value transmitted on the EDI 990 L11 001.B10002 145Shipment IdentificationMAN1/30Must useNumberDescription: Identification number assigned to the load by the tendering party thatuniquely identifies the load from origin to ultimate destination and isnot subject to modification.The Logico Load ID.Must match the Load ID issued on the EDI 204 B2 004.If load was not tendered by Logico, set B10 002 B10 001B10003 140Standard Carrier AlphaMID2/4Must useCodeDescription: Must match the SCAC issued on the EDI 204 B2 002.B10005 128Reference ier Assigned Reference NumberDescription: ZH The interline carrier PRO number.If either B10 005 or B10 006 is present, then the other is required.B10006 127Reference IdentificationXAN1/80UsedDescription: The interline carrier PRO number.If an interline carrier is being used then you must report the interlinecarrier pro number here with a ZH qualifier.

MS3Interline InformationPos: 300Max: 12Header - OptionalLoop: N/AElements: 5UsedTo identify the interline carrier and relevant data.Element Summary:RefIdElement NameReqTypeMin/MaxUsageMS3001 140Standard Carrier AlphaM/ZID2/4UsedCodeDescription: SCAC for the interline carrier.Must NOT be equal to SCAC transmitted in EDI 214 B10 003.MS3002 133Routing Sequence CodeMID1/2Must useCodePurpose11st Carrier after Origin Carrier22nd Carrier after Origin Carrier33rd Carrier after Origin Carrier44th Carrier after Origin CarrierDescription: Code specifying the relationship of a carrier to a specific shipmentmovement.MS3003 19City NameX/ZAN2/30UsedDescription: Free-form text for city name.The city where the interline transfer occurred.If MS3 001 is present, then MS3 003 is required.MS3004 91TransportationOID1/2UsedMethod/Type CodeCodePurposeLTLess Than Trailer Load (LTL)LContract CarrierDescription: L TruckloadLT Less Than TruckloadMS3005 156State or Province CodeCID2/2UsedDescription: Code specifying the Standard State/Province as defined byappropriate government agency.The state/province where the interline transfer occurred.If MS3 003 or MS 005 is present, then the other is required.

LXTransaction Set LineNumberPos: 100Max: 1Detail - MandatoryLoop: LXElements: 1UsedTo reference a line number in a transaction set.Element Summary:RefIdElement NameReqTypeMin/MaxUsageLX001554Assigned NumberMN01/999Must useDescription: Number assigned for differentiation within a transaction set.The first LX 001 value must be 1 and subsequent LX 001's mustincrement by 1.Each LX Loop may contain only one set of detail segments within it(with the exception of the L11 segment).Each LX Loop must contain, at a minimum, two L11 segments.

L11Business Instructionsand Reference NumberPos: 200Max: 999Detail - MandatoryLoop: LXElements: 2UsedTo specify instructions or reference numbers pertaining to the specified stop (shipment) on a load.Element Summary:RefIdElement NameReqTypeMin/MaxUsageL11001127Reference IdentificationMAN1/80Must useDescription: The SI was issued on the EDI 204 S5 Loop, L11 001 (SI qualifier) and ismandatory for all status messages where a load tender was issued.The QN was issued on the EDI 204 S5 Loop, S5 001 and is mandatoryfor all status messages.The BM must be provided on the AF (Departed Pickup Location withshipment) status message.L11002128Reference IdentificationMID2/3Must useQualifierCodePurposeBMBill of Lading NumberSIShipper's Identifying Number for Shipment (SID)QNStop Sequence NumberDescription: SI The Logico Shipment Identifier.BM The shipper's bill of lading number.QN The stop sequence number.

Q7Lading Exception StatusPos: 400Max: 10Detail - OptionalLoop: LXElements: 3UsedTo specify the status of the shipment in terms of lading exception information.There can only be one Q7 segment per LX Loop.The Q7 segment is only required if the carrier is reporting a lading exception (overage, shortage, ordamage).Element Summary:RefIdElement NameReqTypeMin/MaxUsageQ700133Lading Exception CodeMID1/1Must useCodePurposeAAll ShortDDamagedOOverageDescription: Code indicating the condition of the shipment.Q7002211Packaging Form CodeMID3/3Must llTBNTote BinDescription: Code specifying the packaging form of the lading quantity.Q700380Lading QuantityMN01/7Must useDescription: Number of units of the lading commodity expressed in the packagingform code.

K1Pos: 500Max: 10Detail - OptionalLoop: LXElements: 2RemarksUsedTo transmit information in a free-form text format for comment or special instructions.There can only be one K1 segment per LX Loop.Element Summary:RefIdElement NameReqK100161Free-form InformationMDescription: Free-form text.K100261Free-form InformationODescription: Free-form text.TypeANMin/Max1/30UsageMust useAN1/30Used

AT8Shipment Weight,Packaging and QuantityDataPos: 700Max: 10Detail - OptionalLoop: LXElements: 5UsedTo specify shipment details in terms of total weight, and total quantity of pieces and handling units.There can only be one AT8 segment per LX Loop.The AT8 segment must be included on AF (Departed Pickup Location with shipment) status messages.Element Summary:RefIdElement NameReqTypeMin/MaxUsageAT8001 187Weight QualifierMID1/2Must useCodePurposeFRFreight WeightDescription: Code specifying the type of weight.AT8002 188Weight Unit CodeMID1/1Must useCodePurposeKKilogramsLPoundsDescription: Code specifying the weight unit.AT8003 81WeightMRD1/10Must useDescription: Numeric value of weight.The total weight of the shipment.AT8004 80Lading QuantityMN01/7Must useDescription: The total number of units (pieces) for the shipment.If unknown, set equal to the number of shipping containers/handlingunits (AT8 005).AT8005 80Lading QuantityMN01/7Must useDescription: The total number of shipping containers/handling units (e.g. pallets,racks, etc.) for the shipment.

AT7Shipment Status DetailsPos: 800Max: 1Detail - MandatoryLoop: AT7Elements: 5UsedTo specify the status of a shipment, the reason for that status, the date and time of the status, and thedate and time of any appointments scheduled.There can only be one AT7 segment per LX loop.At a minimum, X3, AF, X1 and D1 statuses must be provided for every shipment (bill of lading).Carriers must also report in-transit updates (X6) at a minimum of every one hour for any load with atransit time greater than or equal to two hours.Any shipment that will be delivered after the scheduled delivery date/time, as specified on the EDI204, MUST be reported ASAP with an SD status indicator (AT7 001).Element Summary:RefIdElement NameReqTypeAT7001 1650Shipment Status Indicator MIDCodePurposeA9Shipment DamagedAFCarrier Departed Pickup Location with ShipmentD1Completed Unloading at Delivery LocationSDShipment DelayedX1Arrived at Delivery LocationX3Arrived at Pickup LocationX6En Route to Delivery LocationP1Departed Terminal LocationX4Arrived at Terminal LocationDescription: Code indicating the status of a shipment.AT7002 1651Shipment Status orCIDAppointment ReasonCodeCodePurposeB1Consignee ClosedB5Held for ConsigneeB8Improper Unloading Facility or EquipmentBBHeld per ShipperBERoad ConditionsBSRefused by CustomerD1Carrier Dispatch ErrorP2Waiting InspectionA5Unable to LocateAFAccidentAIMechanical BreakdownAOWeather or Natural Disaster RelatedASHold Due to Customs Documentation ProblemsAMShipper RelatedMin/Max2/2UsageMust use2/2Used

AT7005373AT7006337AT7007623Description: Code indicating the reason a shipment status was transmitted.If the shipment is being reported as delayed (AT7 001 SD), then AT7002 is required.DateMDT8/8Must useDescription: Date expressed as YYYYMMDD.The date of the event that is being reported on the status message.TimeMTM4/8Must useDescription: Time expressed in 24-hour clock time (HHMM).The time of the event that is being reported on the status message.Time CodeMID2/2Must useCodePurposeLTLocal TimeDescription: All times must be presented in the time zone which corresponds tothe location specified in the associated MS1 segment."LT" is the only valid value for this element.Logico takes an "all times local" approach and will interpret thedate/time presented in AT7 005 and 006 as being expressed in thetime zone that corresponds to the location being reported.

MS1Equipment, Shipment,or Real PropertyLocationPos: 900Max: 1Detail - MandatoryLoop: AT7Elements: 8UsedTo specify the location of a piece of equipment, a shipment, or real property in terms of city and state,or longitude and latitude, or postal code.There can only be one MS1 segment per LX loop.Element Summary:RefIdElement NameReqTypeMin/MaxUsageMS1001 19City NameMAN2/30Must useDescription: The name of the city where the status event being reported occurred.MS1002 156State or Province CodeMID2/2Must useDescription: The state/province where the status event being reported occurred.MS1003 26Country CodeMID2/3Must useDescription: ISO-3166 three character code.The country where the status event being reported occurred.MS1004 1654Longitude CodeX/ZID7/7UsedDescription: Code indicating the longitude in degrees (3 positions), minutes (2positions), and seconds (2 positions).The longitude where the status event being reported occurred.MS1005 1655Latitude CodeX/ZID7/7UsedDescription: Code indicating the latitude in degrees (3 positions), minutes (2positions), seconds (2 positions).The latitude where the status event being reported occurred.MS1006 1280Direction Identifier CodeCID1/1UsedCodePurposeEEastWWestDescription: Code identifying geographic direction of the longitude.Can only be E (East) or W (West).If either MS1 004 or MS1 006 is present, then the other is required.MS1007 1280Direction Identifier CodeCID1/1UsedCodePurposeNNorthSSouthDescription: Code identifying geographic direction of the latitude.Can only be N (North) or S (South).If either MS1 005 or MS1 007 is present, then the other is required.MS1008 116Postal CodeOID3/15UsedDescription: Code specifying international postal code.The postal code where the status event being reported occurred.

Canadian postal codes must have a single blank space between thefirst three characters and the last three characters (e.g. N7M 5J9).

MS2Equipment or ContainerOwner and TypePos: 1000Max: 2Detail - OptionalLoop: AT7Elements: 3UsedTo specify the owner, the identificatio