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COVID-19 (FAA Website Updates)FAA Site to lookup Prohibitions, Restrictions and NoticesAIP: ENR 7.3 Special Procedures for In-Flight Contingencies in Oceanic AirspaceInternational AviationTrack User Guide for DispatchersAustralian Organized Track System (AUSOTS) - Operational ConceptSample OceanicChecklistFuel Planning: ICAO Fuel Requirements, Annex 6, Part 1 and Part 2 (link to purchase) SKYbrary: Fuel-In-Flight Management (Normal Operations) Skybrary: Fuel - Regulations 14 CFR Part 91, §91.167 14 CFR Part 121, §§ 121.639, 121.641, 121.643, 121.645 14 CFR Part 135, §135.209, §135.223 AC 91-70B, Oceanic and Remote Continental Airspace OperationsPBCS Operations(RNP 4, RCP 240, RSP 180,Latency Monitoring)Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) began on March 29, 2018. See thefollowing documents: AC 90-117 ICAO Doc 4444 Data Link Compliance Guide B036/B054 Compliance GuideCold Weather Operations: Cold Temperature Restricted Airports, InFO 15002 Cold Temperature Operation, AIM Altimeter Setting cific viationFlightPlanningARINC 424ConventionFederal AviationAdministration3

Oceanic ErrorsGross Navigation Errors (GNE)Large Height Deviations (LHD)Erosion of Longitudinal Spacing FAA Order 7110.82, Reporting Oceanic Errors SAFO 13004 PARMO Documentation En Route Monitoring Agency (EMA) Handbook FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 7 Investigation Chapter 3Investigating Oceanic Errors Incidents, FAA Order 8020.11 and FAA Order 2150.3 InFO 21001, New Oceanic Contingency Procedures, Effective November 5, 2020.EmphasisMenuEmphasisItemsOceanicErrorsPacific viationFlightPlanningARINC 424ConventionFederal AviationAdministration4

Pacific FlightIPACGISPACGAsia and Pacific (APAC) OfficeOakland CenterICAO Doc 9750, Global Air Navigation PlanSKYbrarySKYbrary Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM)Cross Polar Working Group (CPWG) (See Polar Navigation)Honolulu Control FacilityFAA: Western-Pacific RegionOverview of Oceanic and Continental Remote NavigationAsia/Pacific Regional Air Traffic Flow Management (ICAO)Asia/Pacific Region ATM Contingency PlanEmphasisMenuEmphasisItemsOceanicErrorsPacific viationFlightPlanningARINC 424ConventionFederal AviationAdministration5

Strategic Lateral Offset Procedures(SLOP) United States Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP),See ENR 7.1, Section 8 ICAO Doc 4444, Air Traffic Management (Link to Purchase) Seechapter 16. Advisory Circular (AC) 91-70EmphasisMenuEmphasisItemsOceanicErrorsPacific viationFlightPlanningARINC 424ConventionFederal AviationAdministration6

44 AIP: ENR 7.3 Special Procedures for In-Flight Contingencies in Oceanic Airspace44 ICAO DOC 4444 PANS-ATM (Link to Purchase)Chapter 15: Procedures Related To Emergencies, Communication Failure And Contingencies44 ICAO Annex 2 (Link to Purchase)Chapter 3: General Rules44 SKYbrary: Emergency Decent: Guidance for FlightCrews44 Airborne Weather Radar Limitations44 InFO 21001, New Oceanic Contingency Procedures,Effective November 5, 202044 Emergency Assistance Guidance from Air TrafficControl Order JO ic viationFlightPlanningARINC 424ConventionFederal AviationAdministration7

Volcanic Links World VAAC Map SKYbrary ATM Volcanic Ash Contingency Plan Template Washington DC Volcanic Ash Advisory Center1. Current Volcanic Ash Advisories2. Volcanic Ash Advisory Archive3. Volcanic Ash Forecast Transport and Dispersion Wellington Ash Advisories VAAC Buenos Aires Tokyo VAAC Anchorage Volcanic Ash Advisory Center ICAO: Doc 9974 ANB/487 Volcanic Ash Reporting Form in the AIMCurrent Volcanic Eruptions Solar and Space Weather Current Space Weather Conditions, Alerts, Watches, and Warnings Space Weather Solar Wind cific viationFlightPlanningARINC 424ConventionFederal AviationAdministration8

Weather Abbreviations ( Asia/Pacific Regional Sigmet GuideSurface Weather Observation Stations ASOS/AWOSAviation Weather Center (NOAA)Aviation Weather Center International Flight Folder ProgramAlaska Aviation Weather Unit (AAWU)AIM: Thunderstorm Flying (See 7-1-29)AC 00-6, Aviation WeatherAC 00-24, ThunderstormsAC 00-30, Clear Air Turbulence Avoidance.AC 00-45, Aviation Weather Services.AC 00-54, Pilot Windshear Guide.AC 00-57, Hazardous Mountain Winds.RVR Status MonitorFAA Weather CamerasNAV Canada Weather CamerasNAV Canada Aviation ic Org.DocumentsFor weather deviation procedures, see ICAO Doc 4444 (Link to ionFlightPlanningARINC 424ConventionFederal AviationAdministration9

AIRMETS ANDSIGMETSFlight Planning InformationFAA WebsiteFAA Form 7233-4ICAO Doc 7030 (Link to Purchase)Useful Links ICAO Flight Planning Reference Guide Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) Section 1, Paragraph 5-1-9 Flight Plan Filing (SKYbrary) Filing for data link operations (See AC 90-117) Flight Planning for Oceanic and Remote Continental Airspace (See AC 91-70) Distance From To (use Google Chrome) Sunrise, Sunset, Solar Noon, and Solar Position SkyVector Aeronautical Charts Great Circle c viationFlightPlanningARINC 424ConventionFederal AviationAdministration10

Oceanic Waypoints ARINC 424 Shorthand System NAT doc 007, (North Atlantic Operations and Airspace Manual), chapter15 “Prevention of Deviations fromTrack as a result of Waypoint Insertion Errors” to “ review the 15.2,"The Solution" Half Degree Discussion IATA Informational Paper - ICAO ARINC 424 Shorthand System Code7700 NAT OPS Bulletin 2018 003, Waypoint Insertion/Verification SpecialEmphasis ItemsEmphasisMenuEmphasisItemsOceanicErrorsPacific viationFlightPlanningARINC 424ConventionFederal AviationAdministration11

Click to View Items FAA Pacific Charts Polar Navigation Route Guidance Pacific Routes RVSM Pacific FIRS Oakland Anchorage Fukuoka NadiAirspaceFederal AviationAdministration12

Polar Navigation AC 120-42B: Extended Operations (ETOPS) and Arctic AirspaceMenuPacificChartsPolarNavigationPolar OperationsAC 135-42: Extended Operations (ETOPS) andOperations in the North Polar AreaAC 91-70B: Oceanic and Remote Continental Airspace OperationsB036/B054 Compliance Guide14 CFR Part 121, Appendix P, Requirements forETOPS and Polar OperationsCross Polar Work Group (CPWG)AERO 16, Boeing: Polar Route OperationsSKYbrary: Grid NavigationPolar Route Asia Pacific Turbulence MapsNOAH: Aurora-30 Minute ForcastIDS Canada-Italy Artic Science and TechnologyCollaboration Workshop c FIRsAntarcticaOakland FIR Anchorage FIR Fukuoka FIRNadi FIRFederal AviationAdministration13

CEP Flight Planning Guidance (Route system fromHawaii to California) Order JO 7110.65, Air Traffic Control Order JO 7350.9, Location Identifiers PACOTS NOTAM RetrievalNote: Select ARTCC Notices, TFRs and Special Notice Pagetab, select ZAK (KZAK) Oakland OCA/FIR, then select ViewNotices (includes TFRs) tab. PACOTS are found in this NOTAMsection. Anchorage ARTCC - Resources for Pilots & Dispatchers Track Advisory User's Guide for Dispatchers AUSOTS - Australian Organized Track Structure AC 20-150, Airworthiness Approval of Satellite Voice(SATVOICE) Equipment Supporting Air Traffic Service(ATS) ionRouteGuidancePacificTracksRVSMPacific FIRsOakland FIR Anchorage FIR Fukuoka FIRNadi FIRFederal AviationAdministration14

Links:AirspaceMenuPacificCharts Pacific Organized Track System PACOTS Flight Planning Guidance AUSOTS - Australian Organized Track RVSMPacific FIRsOakland FIR Anchorage FIR Fukuoka FIRNadi FIRFederal AviationAdministration15

FAA RVSM Page AGHME Locations and Operating Status Monitoring AC 91-85 14 CFR Part 91, Appendix G RVSM Approvals and AGHMEMonitoring Status Results SKYbrary RVSM Documents NAARMO FAQ RVSM Documentation (ADS-B)AGHME uidancePacificTracksRVSMPacific FIRsOakland FIR Anchorage FIR Fukuoka FIRNadi FIRFederal AviationAdministration16

ICAO GISNACC Current FIR eGuidancePacificTracksRVSMPacific FIRsOakland FIR Anchorage FIR Fukuoka FIRNadi FIRFederal AviationAdministration17

Oakland Oceanic Pacific Organized Track System KZAK Oceanic ATC Operations Central East Pacific (CEP) Routes Guidelines (PDF) Guam Area Preferential Routings (PDF) High Altitude User Preferred Routes (PDF) Oakland ARTCC Oceanic Points of Contact (PDF) Oakland Oceanic Control Area/Flight Information Region (OCA/FIR) (PDF) Oakland Oceanic CPDLC (PDF) Pacific Organized Track System (PACOTS) Guidelines (PDF) User Preferred Route (UPR) Flight Planning Guidelines (PDF) Informal Pacific Coordinating Group teGuidance Informal South Pacific Coordinating Group (ISPACG) Oceanic Workgroup Meeting (OWG)PacificTracksRVSMPacific FIRsOakland FIR Anchorage FIR Fukuoka FIRNadi FIRFederal AviationAdministration18

AirspaceMenuPacificCharts Anchorage Weather Alaskan Region Airports Division Anchorage ARTCC - Resources for Pilots & Dispatchers Anchorage Air Route Traffic Control Center Fact Sheet FAA Regional Offices and Aeronautical Center Anchorage ARTCC - Resources for Pilots and Dispatcher Alaskan Flight Service Stations Anchorage Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZAN) ZAN User Preferred Routings (UPR) Guide FAA, Flying Alaska MPacific FIRsOakland FIR Anchorage FIR Fukuoka FIRNadi FIRFederal AviationAdministration19

Japan Airspace Safety Monitoring Agency Civil Aviation Bureau (MLIT) Japan Meteorological Agency Aviation Weather Center, SIGMET Pacific Flight Information Region (FIR) and Control Area Data Link Operation and PBCS Implementation teGuidancePacificTracksRVSMPacific FIRsOakland FIR Anchorage FIR Fukuoka FIRNadi FIRFederal AviationAdministration20

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) Conditions at NFFN(Nandi, Fiji) High Frequency Management Guidance Material for theSouth Pacific Region Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji ICAO Current FIR Status Fiji Airports PBN Implementation Barriers and Solutions for SmallStates - uidancePacificTracksRVSMPacific FIRsOakland FIR Anchorage FIR Fukuoka FIRNadi FIRFederal AviationAdministration21

Click to View ItemsUnited StatesFlight Standards OpSpec Cross Reference (1) OpSpec Cross Reference (2) OpSpec Cross Reference (3) OpSpec Cross Reference (4) OPSPEC Guidance 14 CFR Part 91 14 CFR Part 121 14 CFR Part 135 Advisory Circulars TSO FAA OrdersICAO International Civil Aviation Organi-zation International Web SourcesPilot Resources Pilot ResourcesReferencesFederal AviationAdministration22

Certification and Application The Generic Process for Certificating Organizations Airworthiness Certification Process Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS) Examiner and Inspector Handbooks and Manuals Online Resources: Resources for MechanicsOceanic and Remote Continental Compliance Guide (B036 andB054)Data Link Communication (A056) Compliance Guide WebOPSS, DCS, eAIM, OAPS Overview WebOPSS TrainingFAA Inspector Guidance:FAA Order 8900.18900.1 ContentsGeneral Handbook InformationGeneral Information and the Certification ProcessPreparation of FAA Operating CertificatesCertification, Air Carrier and 91K: Gen. InformationAir Operator and Air Agency Certification and Application Process for 14 CFR 91K, 121, and 135Phase91 kLinkLink5LinkLinkLinkSatellite and Performance Based Navigation Satellite Navigation - GPS/WAAS Approaches Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Implementation and UsageFlight Technologies and Procedures Division: Flight OperationsGroup1. Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Guidance & Approval2. Satellite Based Navigation (SatNav)3. Data Communications (DataComm)Part 125, Introduction to Part 125 Related TasksPart 125, Conduct Certification of a 14 CFR Part 125Operator4. Oceanic and Remote Airspace (Special Areas of Operation)ReferenceMenu91.703InspectorOpSpecX-Ref. 1OpSpecX-Ref. 2OpSpecX-Ref. 3OpSpecX-Ref. 4OpSpecsPart 91Part 121Part sFederal AviationAdministration23

1 2 3 4Operation Specification Cross Reference (Page 1 of 4)SpecialOperationsPart 125(Ops Spec)Part 91(LOA)Part 91K(MSPEC)FPLField10aWPart 121(Ops Spec)Part 135(Ops Spec)Other Approvals & 046/D098B046/D092AC 91-85CPDLCA056A056A056A056A056AC 90-117GPSN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AOrder 8900.1, Volume 4, Chapter 1 section2, 4-31 orFPL Field10bFPL Field18--J1-7,M1-3,P1, P2G----G, Z-NAV/SBAS-B1 or B2SUR/260b-U1 or U2SUR/282BAeronautical Information Manual (AIM)Chapter 1 – Air Navigation (see 1-1-18).GPS withWAASN/AN/AN/AN/AOrder 8900.1, Volume 4, Chapter 1 section2, 4-32 orN/AAeronautical Information Manual (AIM)Chapter 1 – Air Navigation (see 1-1-19).ADS-B Out(Domestic)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AADS-B InspectorOpSpecX-Ref. 1OpSpecX-Ref. 2OpSpecX-Ref. 3OpSpecX-Ref. 4OpSpecsAC 20-165 and TSO-C166AC 90-114AC 20-165 and TSO-154AC 90-114Part 91Part 121Part sFederal AviationAdministration24

1 2 3 4Operation Specification Cross Reference (Page 2 of 4)SpecialOperationsPart 121(Ops Spec)Part 135(Ops Spec)ADS-CA056A056A056A056A056NAT HLAUnrestrictedB036 B039B036B036 B039B036B036 B039B036B036 B039B036B036 B039B036RNP 10,Single LRNSB054B054B054B054RNP 4B036B036B036RNP 2B036B036B036RNP -Ref. 1OpSpecX-Ref. 2OpSpecX-Ref. 3Part 125(Ops Spec)OpSpecX-Ref. 4Part 91(LOA)Part 91K(MSPEC)Other Approvals & ApprovalReferencesAC 90-117FPLField10aFPL Field10b-D1,G1X-B036 provides the basic requirements for RNP10R-B054B054 provides the requirements for RNP 10 usingR-B036B036B036 provides the basic requirements for RNP10R-B036B036RNAV/RNP 2OpSpecsPart 91and RNP4 using dual Long Range NavigationSystems installed and operational. Additional OpsSpecs may be required depending on the airspaceor special area of operation to be flown:Central East Pacific (CEP): B037North Pacific (NOPAC): B038Areas of magnetic unreliability: B040North Polar: B055Other Areas: Check B050 for applicabilitya single Long Range Navigation System in thelimited areas defined.and RNP4 using dual Long Range NavigationSystems installed and operational. Additional OpsSpecs or LOA may be required depending on theairspace or special area of operation to be flown:Central East Pacific (CEP): B037North Pacific (NOPAC): B038Areas of magnetic unreliability: B040North Polar: B055Part 121Part sFederal AviationAdministration25

1 2 3 4Operation Specification Cross Reference (Page 3 of 4)RNAVB034Part 135(OpsSpec)B034RNAV 5B034B034B034Note 1Note 2B034RNAV 2B035B035B035Note 1B035B035RNAV 1C063C063C063Note 1C063RNP 1C063C063C063RNP ARApproachC384C384RNAV ionsReferenceMenu91.703InspectorPart 121(Ops Spec)OpSpecX-Ref. 1OpSpecX-Ref. 2Part 125(Ops Spec)Part 91(LOA)Part 91K(MSPEC)B034Note 1Note 2B034B034Other Approvals & ApprovalReferencesB034 authorizes an operator to conduct instrument flight rules (IFR) Class I Navigationusing an Area Navigation (RNAV) system. Foroperations outside the U.S. including the Gulfof Mexico Q-routes, the relevant area must beauthorized in B050 in conjunction with B034.RFPLField10a-FPLField10bFPL Field18PBN/B1-B6R-PBN/B1-B6US Domestic Operations: AC 90-100RNote 3,4-C063AC 90-100AC 90-105RNote 3,4-Note 1C063C063AC 90-105G,RNote 4-PBN/D1,D2or D4Note 3,4PBN/D1,D2or D4Note 3,4PBN/O1 orO2C384C384C384AC 90-101G,R-PBN/T1 orT2C052Note 1C052AC 90-105G,R-PBN/S1Note 5OrdersICAODocumentsOpSpecX-Ref. 3OpSpecX-Ref. 4OpSpecsPart 91Part 121Part 135ACsTSOsInt'lWebPilotResourcesFederal AviationAdministration26

1 2 3 4SpecialOperationsRNAV (GPS)Approach(LNAV, LNAV/VNAV usingBaro-VNAV)LPVapproach(APV withSBAS)Part 121(OpsSpec)C052C052B030 forAlaskaonlyOperation Specification Cross Reference (Page 4 of 4)Part 135(OpsSpec)C052C052B030 forAlaskaonlyC052Note 1C052AC 90-105FPLField10aG,RC052C052Note 1C052AC 90-107B,G, ZPart 125(Ops Spec)Part 91(LOA)Part 91K(MSPEC)Other Approvals & ApprovalReferencesFPL Field10bFPL Field18-PBN/S2Note 6-Note 7NAV/SBASNotesNote 1: Some Part 91 operations outside of the Domestic US NAS require an LOA, for others it is optional. Consult the Foreign State AIP for further information regarding operational requirements.Note 2: : Notice 8900. 539 decommissioned the template for Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 91 Letter of Authorization (LOA) B034. The LOA provided U.S. part 91 operatorswith confirmation of Area Navigation (RNAV) system capability to fly on Precision RNAV (P-RNAV) or Basic RNAV (B-RNAV)/RNAV 5 routes and procedures, predominantly in European airspace.Note 3: In addition to PBN/ information, NAV/ information may optionally be filed in order to indicate RNAV capability by phase of flight (departure, en route, arrival). This allows a filer to request RNAVprocedures for only specific phases of flight. The AIM Section 5-1-9 contains instructions for filing RNAV capability in NAV/. Remember that when including NAV/, enter ‘Z’ in Field 10a.Note 4: When filing a PBN/ code for RNAV or RNP, Field 10 must contain consistent capability information as follows:If PBN/ indicates GNSS (e.g. C2) Field 10a must contain ‘G’If PBN/ indicates DME/DME (e.g. B3) Field 10a must contain ‘D’If PBN/ indicates VOR/DME (e.g. B4) Field 10a must contain ‘D’ and (‘O’ or ‘S’)If PBN/ indicates DME/DME/IRU (e.g. D4) Field 10a must contain ‘D’ and ‘I’Note 5: Insert S1 in PBN/ for those aircraft that have an RNAV system approved for RNAV (GPS) or GPS approaches IAW AC90-105, Appendix A.Note 6: Insert S2 in PBN/ for those aircraft that have an RNAV system approved for RNAV (GPS) or GPS approaches IAW ACcapability for vertical guidance approved in accordance with AC 90-105, Appendix B.90-105, Appendix A, and a barometric vertical nav